Dave has a lengthy background in both writing and computers, and has been writing

    for more than 30 years as part of his work in Information Systems.


    He can write in many different styles from “technical” to “newsletter” to “advertising.” 

    His computer background is with large companies using primarily IBM mainframes

    running the MVS operating system, holding positions as a Programmer/Analyst, System

    Performance Analyst, Capacity Planner, and Manager of Technical Support.


          Highlights: His Disaster Recovery manual for B. Dalton Bookseller (1982) was lauded

          as “the best in the Dayton-Hudson Corporation”  by corporate reviewers.


    He was also a member of Project Gutenberg's Distributed Proofreaders team, for several

    months. This project involves converting printed material, often more than 100 to 200

    years old, to  modern usage, as well as proofing the OCR scans of the original pages.



    Other Writing Experience


    Worked for numerous Fortune 500 corporations and large government entities

    as a Contractor or Employee, doing writing and programming.



           Target Stores,  US Bank,  Norwest Bank,  Piper Jaffray,  General Mills,

           B. Dalton Bookseller,  Software Etc,  Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota,

           Solvay Animal Health,  and the Department of Defense (civilian contractor). 



    Created and edited Y2K documentation and status (and programming) for

          Cap Gemini America (contractors) and their client companies


    For a pharmaceutical company, updated and edited Veterinarian  protocols for

         pharmaceuticals used in treating animals, per FDA requirements.


    Wrote quarterly capacity planning reports and circulated them to management

         (VP, Director and Manager level). Reports included graphs using SAS/Graph,

         explanations, and recommendations.


   Wrote proposals for all capitalized and expensed software. Approval: VP level.


   Wrote a Technical Services Guide for the Technical Support Department.


   Planned, wrote, and supervised a “Disaster Recovery Manual” for the MIS Department.

          Feedback from Dayton-Hudson Corporate reviewers (parent corporation):

          "This is the best Disaster Recovery manual in the corporation." 


   Wrote a large user manual for cash register operations for store personnel.

          Approximately 75 pages. Revised every 6 months. Distributed to more than

          500 locations.


   Sent numerous product suggestions to IBM, all of which were incorporated into 

          their operating systems (verified by their later editions of  technical manuals

          which included the suggestions). 




          Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota (Pre-med).                   

          Numerous vendor classes, workshops and seminars from IBM, Amdahl, etc.      

          Attended STC meetings and presentations (Society for Technical Communication).      

          Attended NWU workshops (National Writers Union).




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