Yes, We Went To The Moon!


          This Is An Article About The Ridiculous Claim By Anonymous Kooks,

            Bozo's, Losers, Liars, And Fools, That We Never Went To The Moon  

                                   (With People - Astronauts)     




              Bozo sez, "We never went to the Moon!!

                                All the Klowns know that!!"

              Bozo is still in Kindergarten, and unable to read.

                       IQ:  5.   Mental Age:  5.   Crayons:  5. 

                                   Everything Else: 4 1/2. 



   Astronauts from the Earth went to the Moon TEN (10) times

   and landed SIX (6) times (regardless of what the clowns say). 


        Orbiting only, on 4 trips, and Landing on 6 trips. Total trips: 10.


        If you think we Faked it:

        Wake up and smell the Coffee - not the "Hypnotic Dummy Drugs".


        If you think we Faked it:

        Snap out of your Dream where any silly idea makes sense.

        (I see an elephant eating a car. Now it's on the roof, and it's climbing

        onto a camel. The camel says "Where to??"  And the elephant says

        "Take me to the typewriter store."

        .....You're probably having a dream. Not a problem.)  


        If you think we Faked it:

        You're in a dream, numb, passive, and unable to think, unable to use

        Common Sense, once in a while, unable to question the "movie" being

        shown to you, unable to check the facts regarding cameras, film,

        shadows, pictures of the Earth, the Flag hardware and design, what

        can happen in a vacuum, what can happen in low gravity, the huge

        number of people involved in the Moon missions, the lengthy training,

        the repeated testing of equipment, the Moon rocks and soil samples

        (cores) brought back which were sent to Labs all over the world, the

        motives of the Losers and Bozo's, the totally unbelievable situation that

        no one questioned the Moon Landings for over 40 years, including the

        thousands of people involved, then suddenly, it was claimed that they

        were all faked,  ***ALL***  Faked, over 40 years later.  Incredible.   

        You can do better than that.


        Dreaming is fine - unless you're awake. 


        By the way, Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon, slugged a guy

        who told him that he never went to the Moon.  Good for Neil!!

        The creep deserved it.  The guy could have at least ASKED Neil

        Armstrong what he thought of that glob of trash television program,

        rather than assuming it was right, and 10 years of reports from NASA,

        and years of hard work by Neil and other Astronauts were fiction.


        I suppose Neil could have claimed that his punch was a Fake. Why not??

        "I didn't hit that creep, your Honor. He's Faking it.

        And he printed that hospital bill on his computer.  I wasn't even there.

        Besides, I hurt my hand."  (Just kidding.)

        Neil Armstrong didn't deny it, of course, but it would have been funny

        if he had. A Denial to a Denier.  What's fair is fair.     



          We did not FAKE IT - which would have been a huge job, and probably impossible!!

          How would you fake hundreds or thousands of things from Space, or on the Moon,

          or even on the Earth?? Low gravity, no gravity, no Air, radio signals from the Moon,

          television from the Moon, a space ship "gone" somewhere but not in Earth orbit.


          All the satellites and orbiting debris are tracked 24 hours per day. 

          Where did it go?? To the Moon, of course. 


          Not to mention risky that someone would blow the whistle - like the Soviet Union.

          Not to mention stupid and unnecessary.

          Not to mention that very few people - if any - would have agreed to Lie about going

              to the Moon, if we hadn't done so.

              Most Americans are not Liars. 

              It's doubtful that ANYONE would have lied about it.


          It would also have been a disgrace to President Kennedy's memory - the man who

              established the goal - to Lie about achieving it.   


          We didn't Lie, and we didn't FAKE it because most Americans have Integrity, and

              because the many teams of people who worked on the project were very smart and

              hard working -- working on the project for almost 10 years, building on rocketry

              experience of 15 years, and utilizing German rocket engineers and scientists who

              had an additional several years of experience (about 20 years, total).    


          Do you really think that you could convince hundreds or thousands of people to Lie

          about the trips to the Moon?? Not a chance.

          With all of that expertise, experience, technology, desire, motivation, Will, ideal location

          for launching and testing rockets, and money, we did it.  


          Really. Yes, I'm sure. I'm positive.

          And I watched most of the Landings and activity on television, as they occurred, as well

          as television images beamed from the orbiters as they circled the Moon, or returned to Earth. 

          Images of the Earth from the Moon. 

          Images of the Earth from Space.

          Images of the Earth and the Moon, together in the same pictures.


          Fox News: Have you no Shame?? Have you no Integrity?? Scrape off your slime, Fox.

          Are you just clowns?? Bozo's??  Fools??  Dupes??

          Debunkers of the Moon Landings: Have you no Shame?? Have you no Integrity??

          Have you no Self-Respect??

          Have you no sense of Responsibility??

         Aren't you accountable to the People of the World??

         Aren't you accountable to the American People?? 

         Aren't you accountable to the 400,00 or so people who worked on the Apollo Program??

         Aren't you accountable to the Astronauts who worked hard, and risked their lives to go to the Moon??

         Aren't you accountable to the Truth??

         Aren't you accountable to Yourselves?? 

         Are you Insects??  Scum??  Worthless Weeds??  Trash??  A Disease??  An Infection??           

         It sounds like you are.....   Are you?? 

         Is that what you want to be, instead of Honest and Decent people?? 

         Is Honesty and Decency too boring?? Too Vanilla??

         How about the Electric Chair?? Would that be exciting enough for you?? 


         (Maybe they're not clowns. Maybe they're just ACTING like clowns...)

         Scrape off your slime, Deniers, Debunkers, Liars, Bozo's, and Fools. 




         It's important that we understand the truth about the trips to the Moon so we can properly

         evaluate the attempts at debunking the facts. 

         Remember, the Soviets also tried to get there, but were stymied by repeated equipment failures

         and the high cost.

         During the Space Race, Russian rockets were not noted for their reliability.


         There have been so many missions to the Moon, manned and unmanned, landing, impacting, 

         orbiting, and fly-by's, with at least 6 countries involved, that it's hard to keep track of all of them.


         The following is a Listing of MANNED flights ONTO the Moon (Landing) or AROUND the

         Moon (Orbiting)  from any country.

         In the arena of "Moon flights", both types count - Landing and Orbiting.

         Landings always included an Orbiter, circling the Moon with 1 crew member on board,

         while the other 2 crew members explored the Moon for a few days, then blasted off from the

         Moon, and linked up with the Orbiter, which then returned all 3 to the Earth, landing the

         Space Capsule by parachutes in the ocean, and picked up by a Navy helicopter - all carried

         on television as it happened.  

         The Rovers, listed here, were electric cars, driven by the Astronauts on the Moon.


         Remember, these missions were PRECEDED by manned spacecraft orbiting the Earth,

         and splashing down in the ocean (American), or landing on the ground (Soviet), such as

         the flights of John Glenn and Yuri Gagarin. 


         Thus, we had already accomplished half of the Moon mission years before we sent the

         first Orbiter around the Moon in 1968. 

         And the Soviets reached the Moon with an unmanned craft in 1959!!

         Then they made an unmanned soft landing on the Moon in 1966.


         The USA sent 3 (THREE) Manned Orbiters to the Moon prior to landing. 

         They circled the Moon, and returned to Earth.


         President Kennedy established the goal of landing on the Moon in 1961.

         It took us 7 years to send the first Orbiter to the Moon (1968), and 8 years to Land on

         the Moon (1969) for the first time. 

         Progress was steady, and the work was intense during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. 


         Manned Flights to the Moon - Landing or Orbiting Only:


                            Type                                Launch-Date            Name           Country

       ===================    ===========   ========  =======       

   1.  Orbiter                21 Dec 1968   Apollo-8    USA 

   2.  Orbiter                 3 Mar 1969   Apollo-9    USA 

   3.  Orbiter                18 May 1969   Apollo-10   USA 

   4.  Lander                 16 Jul 1969   Apollo-11   USA  

           (Landed on the Moon on 20 July 1969)

   5.  Lander                 14 Nov 1969   Apollo-12   USA  

   6.  Orbiter                11 Apr 1970   Apollo-13   USA  

          (Spacecraft problems. No Landing. Orbited Moon and returned.)  

   7.  Lander                 31 Jan 1971   Apollo-14   USA  

   8.  Lander/Rover           26 Jul 1971   Apollo-15   USA  

   9.  Lander/Rover           16 Apr 1972   Apollo-16   USA  

  10.  Lander/Rover            7 Dec 1972   Apollo-17   USA  



      (Every Landing also involved a Moon Orbiter, circling overhead,

       while 2 other Astronauts were on the Moon.

       They used the Orbiter to return to Earth.)   


       Manned Landings:                    6  

       Manned Orbiters (no Landing):       4  

       Total Manned Landings and Orbiters: 10   (Trips to the Moon) 

       Span of time for Trips to the Moon: 4 years  (1968-1972)   

       Years to get there from 1961:       7 years  (1961-1968)

       Years to Land from 1961:            8 years  (1961-1969)     

       Time remaining in the decade:       5 months (until 12-31-1969) 


       Unmanned American Landers: 5  

       Countries which have sent unmanned craft to or around the Moon:

          USA, Soviet Union, Europe (ESA), Japan, India, China. 

       First country to reach the surface of the Moon:

          Soviet Union, 1959, Lunar impactor (intentional crash).  

       First country to land a spacecraft on the Moon (soft landing):

          Soviet Union, 1966.   

       First country to put a satellite into Earth orbit:

          Soviet Union, 1957.

          (I saw it pass overhead in the early morning hours of

           October, 1957, and heard it another day on my shortwave  

           radio as it passed overhead, beeping at 20 megacycles,

           fading as it sped away at almost 18,000 mph, orbiting

           the Earth every 90 minutes.)


          The USA had a lot of catching-up to do, and with the help

          of Dr. Werner von Braun and many others, we embarked on a

          high-priority program to get into space with satellites, and

          then to travel to the Moon with unmanned and manned missions.       

          Spacecraft sent to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Asteroids, and other 

          locations followed.


          I watched several of the manned and unmanned landings

          on the Moon, live on television.

          Neil Armstrong said, "That's one small step for A man,

          one giant leap for Mankind."   

          IE, one small step for Neil Armstrong as he stepped

          off the Lunar Lander (the LM).

          His voice-activated microphone didn't pick up the "A",

          making it sound like "One small step for Man...".

          It wasn't his fault that the sentence we heard didn't

          make much sense, but amazing that we were watching and

          hearing him and his other crew member from 240,000 miles

          away - give or take a few thousand miles.

          Yes, we went to the Moon Ten (10) times and landed Six times.


       Soviet Intentions Regarding Manned Lunar Spaceflight:

          The Soviet Union did try to put Cosmonauts into orbit

          around the Moon, and to Land a Cosmonaut on the Moon,

          but a series of problems with the equipment and the

          steep costs, eventually ended the programs in the 1970's.

          They may try again, and in 2012, have said that they will. 





          The claims that we never went to the Moon are laughable in their ignorant nonsense, and constitute

          "CULTURAL VANDALISM", as James Oberg of NASA, put it.


          I would add that the debunkers are THIEVES who only know how to steal - not how to create.

          Kind of like INSECTS. BURGLARS. Disgraceful and criminal.

          The debunkers are also PATHETIC LOSERS who haven't accomplished anything worthwhile in

          their entire lives, trying to make it appear as if the USA hasn't accomplished anything, either. 

          That would make the USA a Pathetic Loser, standing next to other Pathetic Losers.


          When you think of the Debunkers, think of THIEVES and PATHETIC LOSERS.

          It's the rape of pride and self-esteem by those who apparently don't have any, and haven't figured

          out how to acquire it, living in mental and emotional squalor.   

          They're the "mean kids" who break other kids' toys, and who will never amount to anything.


          (For some reason, they ignore the Space achievements of the Soviet Union and other countries.

          Let's face facts: The Soviet Union has been a leader in Space. And China has recently done

          some impressive work by putting Landers on the Moon. But the debunkers focus on the USA.) 


          They simmer and plot against the successful people, jealous of their accomplishments, and

          try to destroy their achievements.  

          They are snarky, "Little People" filled with resentment and jealousy.  

          They might be Communists, and they might be a collection of little people trying to bring  

          down or damage the United States by damaging our pride, our self-confidence, our self-esteem,  

          our legends, our history, our heroes, by instilling doubt, by ravaging any patriotism we 

          might have, and so forth. It's the attempted rape of success by pathetic losers.

            Losers who have Nothing to Lose because they are Nothing.  

         Someone needs to say it, and defend the great accomplishments of some great people!! 

         Just stating NASA's great accomplishments, and explaining the idiocy of the Losers' arguments,

         isn't enough. We also need to have some idea of the Losers' motives, and who they are.  


         (Americans always like to be "nice" and not criticize others. But I guarantee you, these people

         aren't Nice!! They're trying to rip the heart out of this country!! They're Monsters!!

         They not only DESERVE to be criticized and exposed, they NEED to be criticized and exposed

          in order to stop the spread of this insanity, sickness, infection, and corruption!!) 

         The people making the claims don't have a clue about physics, low gravity, a vacuum, etc.

         They didn't prove that we never went to the Moon: They proved that they're IDIOTS and

         MONSTERS and Pathetic Losers. 


         QUESTION regarding a claim: 

         * The Deniers/Debunkers claim that Earthlings DIDN'T HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY to

            go to the Moon, in the late 1960's.

            Therefore, a trip to the Moon was impossible.

            REALLY????  How would THEY know if we had the technology??? 

            They are incredibly stupid and ignorant. 

            What a laugh!!

            The LAST person I would ask about technology would be a Denier.

            WHAT TECHNOLOGY???

            WHAT WERE WE MISSING??

            What did we need??  Radios??  Electric lights??  Powerful rockets??  Space suits??

                Telephones??  Radar??  Trajectory calculations??  A Moon Lander??

                An orbiting space craft (manned satellite)??  Computers?? (We had them - big and small).

                Telescopes??  Solar cells??  Batteries??  Hammers??  Simulators for the Landers??

                Paper??  Notebooks??  Pens and Pencils??  Rocket fuel??  Clocks and Watches??

                Pressurized cabins for the Landers and Orbiters??  Food in tubes??  Water in tubes??  

                Still Cameras??  Movie Cameras??  Television Cameras??  Tang??  Common Sense??

                Maps??  Map Lights??  Space craft Heat Shields (tested years before with manned orbiters)??

                Crayons (cough)??

                Oxygen tanks on space suits (for breathing)??  Wheels (Rover)??  A Steering Wheel (Rover)?? 

                Oh wait: I don't think the Rovers (electric cars) had Turn Signals!!

                And there were no roads and traffic lights on the Moon!! Hmmmm..... How could they drive??

            What technology were we missing??  Tell us!!  

            When did we develop it??

            What was the solution to the problem or problems?? 

            We're waiting......

            Earth to Deniers: Come in Deniers. What technology were you referring to??

            Do YOU, Dear Reader, know what technology they're talking about??

            It's just another empty claim made by Liars and Losers. 

            They throw a claim out there, and hope that someone bites.


            You know, the Deniers don't have necks....

            And they only have 1 Ear....

            And they have oily, scaly skin.....  

            And they don't have Thyroid Glands or Pituitary Glands.....

            And they have webbed toes....

            And they don't have any bones in their feet....

            And they always wear black gloves, for some reason.... 

            And they have Numbers instead of Names....

            And their only friends are Blow-up Dolls.....

            And they were expelled from Kindergarten, never to return to school..... 

            They're pretty creepy!!



         FACTUAL EXAMPLES - not Baloney: 

         * Hypergolic rocket fuel, used for the Moon Lander, explodes on contact when the 2 liquids contact

            each other, and it doesn't produce any flame in the rocket exhaust because it's not burning.

            It was an ingenious invention, and it worked very well.

            Hypergolic:  Dependable. Simple. Works every time. No "burning". No flame. 


         * The Van Allen Radiation Belts are not as bad as depicted, and were traversed at very high speed

            in a spacecraft travelling thousands of miles per hour. 

            Like jumping or diving thru a hoop of fire:  You might get singed, but you won't get burned.


         * Non-parallel shadows can be seen even on the Earth with uneven ground - not just on the Moon.

            They're everywhere!  Are ALL Earthly shadows of telephone poles parallel?? No.


         * There were multiple light sources on the Moon from the Sun, reflections of sunlight from the Lander,

            reflections of sunlight from the ground and rocks on the Moon as well as from nearby hills,

            mountains, and crater rims, and even from their white space suits.

           The space suits were almost like mirrors. Very bright. 

           The light sources sometimes created shadows going in ALL DIRECTIONS. 


        * The strange belief that Moon dust, in an airless environment on the low-gravity Moon, would behave

           exactly the same way as it does on Earth with lots of air and a much higher gravity, with Moon dust

           swirling around and ending up on the Moon Lander's landing pads.

           The Moon dust headed for the hills when blasted by the Lander's rocket engine.

            Blast!!  Gone!!  Gone into the wild gray yonder. 


        * Yes, they took pictures of the Earth from the Moon and when orbiting the Moon.

           They're FAMOUS and we've all seen them.  They even took shots of an "Earthrise" as Earth rose

           up into view from BEHIND the Moon, with the surface of the Moon in view, as the spacecraft

           orbited the Moon. 

           Big Moon with lots of craters, smallish Earth. Together. In the same picture. Wide angle. 

           AND... For Apollo-11 - the first Landing - they DID take 2 pictures of the Earth from the Moon.

           ON the Moon. The Debunkers claim they didn't - lying, as usual.

           See Apollo-11 photos AS11-40-5923 and AS11-40-5924. 

           The Lander is at the bottom of the frame, and the Earth at the top.

           These pictures can be viewed online, along with thousands of others.  

           There are many more Earth/Moon photos from other Landings and Orbitings.

           You've already seen some of them.

           The Debunker Bozos know it. They're just hoping that you've forgotten.  


        * The Debunkers claim that there should be plenty of stars visible in pictures with the sky in the frame.

           Wrong and Ridiculous.

           The contrast was FAR too great for the film to register the stars with all the "daytime" brightness

           of the Moon, and the Astronauts had to "stop" the lens WAY down to a tiny opening.

           You can't pick up little stars on film with all that contrast, any more than you can take a camera

           outside at night and take a picture of the stars with the lens stopped down.

           Try it. Set your camera lens to F22 at 1/60th of a second (or F11 and 1/250th) and MANUAL

           at night. No flash. No Automatic adjustment.

           It won't work. 

           Moon Camera used by the Astronauts: Hasselblad 70mm with film. 

           (There was also a 16mm camera on the Lander). 

               Moon camera settings: 

               Shutter Speed:  1/250th sec  (fixed)

               Aperture:          f/5.6  -  f/11  (variable) 

               NASA's recommendation:  F 5.6 for shadows, F 11 for objects in Sunlight.

               Astronauts sometimes bracketed important shots 1 stop above and 1 stop below to

                   ensure good results. . 

               Shutter speed: Quite fast   (1/250th sec).

               Focusing: NEAR, MEDIUM, and FAR.  

                  With high F stops, most objects appeared in focus (not blurry) due to the depth of field effect.

               Aiming:  Approximate with the chest-mounted camera, but always on-target or close enough.

                            Some shots didn't have the object perfectly centered, but they were adequate. 

               Practice: Many hours, including pictures of the families, picnics, estimating distances, etc.    

               Accuracy: Fair to Good to Excellent.

                              The accuracy of the photography improved with every mission due to more training

                              and feedback from crews from previous missions. 

              Editing/Cropping:  For poorly framed photos of an Astronaut with the black sky in the background,

                         NASA simply added more "black" above the Astronaut's head, centered the Astronaut

                         in the photo, trimmed away some of the sides and the bottom, and released that version

                         to the world press, but we can see both versions, today. 

                         Cheating?? No. The sky was black in the picture due to the fast shutter speed and small

                         aperture, so adding some black above an Astronaut's helmet to center the picture was

                         reasonable and fair. Not a problem.

              Apollo-11 Photos taken (first Moon landing):  1,407 photographs. Color and black and white. 

                        One thousand four hundred and seven photographs.


       * The silly claim that the American Flag planted on the Moon on the Apollo-11 mission was waving

          in the wind.

          The Flag on Apollo-11 (the first human landing on the Moon)  was made of nylon cloth, and had

          a HORIZONTAL CROSS-BAR to hold it more or less straight out, rather than hanging limp.

         The vertical pole and horizontal bar were both made of aluminum tubing. 

         The top part of the flag had a full-length pocket, and the pocket was slid onto the horizontal arm,

         with short sections of "bunching-up" which caused hills and valleys or "waves" in the cloth.

         This was done intentionally to make it look like a waving flag with "waves" in it. 


         After the Astronauts had attached the top part of the Flag to the cross-bar and locked it into place,

         they extended the vertical pole, and pounded the assembly into the ground with a hammer.

         There was a red ring on the pole 18 inches from the bottom, which indicated the depth they should

         pound the pole into the ground. As far as we know, they were successful in reaching an 18-inch

         depth for the vertical pole. 


         After all that pounding, the entire unit was rocking back and forth for a little while, which some

         people mysteriously thought was caused by wind created by cooling fans in a movie studio, even

         though photos had shown the 2 Astronauts assembling the Flag, and pounding the unit into the

         ground with a hammer, evidently ignoring all that pounding, and also ignoring the horizontal

         cross-bar from which the Flag was hanging, and other missed clues.


         It wasn't the WIND that held the Flag horizontal, it was the aluminum CROSS-BAR, clearly

         visible in all the pictures, including the assembly.  

         It wasn't the WIND that caused hills and valleys (waves) in the Flag, it was the BUNCHING-UP

         of the Flag on the cross-bar. 

         It wasn't the WIND which caused the Flag to rock back and forth for a bit, after being pounded

         into the ground, it was the POUNDING into the ground that did it - motion which stopped after

         a few moments.

         It wasn't the miraculous cooperation of the WIND which caused every picture of the Flag to

         miraculously have the same folds, creases, bulges, hills, valleys, and "waves" as every other

         picture of the Flag, it was the cross-bar, the bunching-up of the Flag, and the LACK of Wind

         which caused the Flag to seem to be FROZEN IN PLACE.


         NO FLAPPING of the Flag!! Why no flapping?? Because there's no WIND on the Moon.

         Why no wind?? Because there's no air on the Moon.  Duh...

         The "Wavers" are going to have a lot of trouble getting promoted to First Grade with their

         "Wind" theory.

         Flag Facts for Apollo-11 - possibly all the Apollo missions, except for one where they couldn't

              get the cross-bar properly attached, and the Flag hung down, limp:      

              *   An aluminum CROSS-BAR holding up the Flag.

              *   BUNCHING-UP of the Flag on the Cross-bar.

              *   A Flag FROZEN IN PLACE in every picture - every picture of the Flag is the same.

              *   NO FLAPPING of the Flag (see Frozen in Place). 

              *   A little bit of rocking back and forth after the assembly was POUNDED into the ground.      


         Amazing. Also basic and simple. Kids - you can try this at home!!


          The "Waving Flag" charge - a flag waving in the breeze of fans cooling the studio - is the dumbest 

          Moon Fable of them all.

          The "Wavers" seem to like Kindergarten-level spooky stuff and "My Dad can beat up your Dad,

          so there.", and "I know everything because I watch TV, so there.".


          After the Apollo-11 pictures of the setup of the Flag were taken, there were at least 7 more

          pictures taken of it (probably more than 7).

          Moon to Debunker - Come in, Debunker. Do you read me?? Over. 


          And how DUMB would fakers have to be, to not notice that their cloth flag was waving in the wind??

          "Uh, gee, I guess we forgot to check to see if the flag was waving in the wind...  Hey Leon, did we

          check for the flag waving in the big breeze of the fans??"  "I dunno.... I can't remember..."

          "Me neither. Did anybody check??"  "I dunno... Maybe not...."

          "We shoulda had some kind of Quality Control, or something..."  "Yeah. We shoulda."

          "I don't think anybody checked those things - like the Flag waving in the breeze."

          "Yeah - and nobody told US to check it..."   "No. I didn't hear nuthin..."

          "No. Me neither......."   "It ain't OUR fault!!"   "No way Jose!!"

          "Somebody else musta screwed up."  "Yeah. One of the Faker dudes musta forgot."

          "Yeah. They had almost 10 years to get the Flag part right, but they messed it up."

          "Them Faker dudes ain't too swift."   "You got that straight, Jack."

          "How dumb can you be to have a Flag flapping in the wind on the Moon??"

          "REAL dumb!!"  "Dumber than US!!"  "Yeah. Dumber and real Dumber!!"

          "Yeah. Dumb Fakers and Dumber Fakers. Real Dumber!!"

          "All them NASA Faker Dudes are really Dumber than Dumber!!"

          "How Dumb can you be??? A Flag WAVING on the Moon???"

          "It just shows how Dumber they were!!"



          So we got a supposedly faked landing on the Moon, with a flag supposedly flapping in the wind 

          because  nobody checked things like Flags flapping in the wind. 

         Those Dumb Faker Dudes.....

         All that money, all that time and effort, all the movie sets, all the people, all the skills, all the talent,

         and they blew it because they forgot to check for obvious things like a Flag waving in the breeze

         from the big cooling fans on the set. Sure.

         Welcome to "Morons from Outer Space!!  NASA at work!!".   Sure.

         This is total insanity.

         The Flag was NOT "waving in the breeze" (Duh).

         Fakers didn't "forget to check the wind from the powerful cooling fans" (Duh).

         Fakers did not fail to notice that the Big Flag was waving in the breeze (Duh).

         Fakers did not forget to review the film of the fake landing to see if they missed anything (Duh).

         That's because there was NO FAKE LANDING MOVIE.




         If you believe the Debunker's nonsense, you'll probably waste money on buying a bridge.

         See the "Bridge for Sale" ad, further down.


          Etc, etc. Incredible.


          Note: The Apollo-12 Flag is hanging limp due to attachment problems. 

          Why isn't it waving in the Wind???????  Flapping in the breeze??????

          Maybe it's on the Moon....  D'ya think???


          The debunkers make it sound like going to the Moon would be like landing on Jupiter, or landing

          on the Sun. The Moon is just another "little planet" (a moon of the Earth), 3 or 4 days away at

          high speed. Faster than an ocean voyage to some distant country, which can take a week or two.



      * Additionally, I don't recall President Kennedy PROMISING that we would go to the Moon.

         He set it as a **GOAL** for the USA to send a man to the Moon, and return him safely to the

         Earth before the end of the decade (the 1960's). 

         He knew what goal-setting could do for people and for a country. A very wise man.


          A couple of actual comments in the late 1950's from people I knew:

          1. Secretary: "We'll never get to the Moon because the Pope is going to open a letter next year

              proving that we would not be allowed to go there, or God won't let us go there, or something."  

              I guess he never opened the letter.

             And her belief system was totally upside down. She believed in the unknown contents of an

             unknown letter which turned out to be completely wrong, but didn't believe in the ingenuity

             of a large group of smart, hard-working people to achieve a difficult but reasonable goal. 

            Why did people have this mystical belief in the impossibility of something that should be do-able??


         2.  Grocer - an old man from the Old Country: "We'll never get to the Moon because there's no

              air in Space for the propellers to grab onto."

              He was a nice old man (Mr. Radow), and he was Thinking! He was right about the air: There

              isn't any of that in Space - or on the Moon. But rockets don't use propellers. They use rocket

              fuel, and they carry it in tanks as part of the craft - like a gas tank in a car.   

              The formula for rockets is:


             F=MA.    Force = Mass  times  Acceleration.


              That's what makes the rocket go -- exhaust gasses pushed out the nozzle at high speed.    

              Force = the rocket's push --- its thrust.

              Mass = the exhaust gasses --- the fuel. 

              Acceleration = Speed (or how much faster you made it go).

              Pounds of Force = Pounds of Mass  times  Speed (how much faster it's going -- Acceleration). 

              Mass = often a fairly small number.   Acceleration = always a big number. 

              Weight of the rocket = Less and Less as it uses up fuel.

                                             = Less and Less as rocket stages drop away.

              Efficiency of the rocket = Better and Better as the Air thins out, and best in Space.

                  For example, rocket motor efficiency is greater at 40,000 feet than at Sea Level.

                  Efficiency is greater at 60,000 feet than at 40,000 feet. 

                  Efficiency is even better in Space than at 60,000 feet. 

                  This is because the Air of the atmosphere interferes with the speed of the rocket exhaust.

                  With less Air (or no Air), the exhaust can travel faster. 

                  Exhaust traveling faster = A higher value for Acceleration, producing more Force (thrust).


              The huge Saturn-V rocket, 363 feet tall, used for manned trips to the Moon, generated

              7.7 million pounds of thrust at takeoff with its 8 rocket engines.  


              Earthly example of basic rocketry:

                      Sit in a small boat in a lake and throw a rock towards the rear, into the water.

                      (Sit in the rear of the boat so you don't hit the boat with your rock).

              Result: The boat will move forward.

                  The ROCK = Mass.   The SPEED you throw the rock = Acceleration.

                  The THRUST pushing the boat forward - Force. 

                  Source of the energy = Breakfast. 

                  ROCK  times  SPEED of the thrown rock = The THRUST to push the boat forward a little bit. 

                  Voila!! Rocket power!!  F=MA.

                  No flames (in this case), no propellers, no Air used by propellers, etc. 

                  Works in Space, too!!


         3.  Some Other People: "It's just impossible."  Why??  "It just is. I don't want to talk about it anymore.

              We'll never get there. That's all I'm going to say."

              That's about all he COULD say. His well was dry. He drained out all his knowledge. 

              No reason, no explanation, no nothing. Just emptiness with phony Certainty.

              Kind of like Space. Or SPAM. 

             And there were quite a few of those people in the 1950's and 1960's - people who somehow

             "knew" that we would never land men on the Moon, but refused to say how they knew it.

              They didn't understand how rockets work, some thought that the Moon had no gravity because

              it had no air, some thought that the Astronauts wouldn't be able to breathe on the Moon due

              to the lack of air, some thought that the Moon was just too far away (a 3 or 4 day trip by rocket),

              some thought that "we're not supposed to go there", etc, etc.

              They were probably perfect candidates for believing the propaganda that "we never went there".


          Why do people hunger for "the REAL story"??

          Probably because we ARE often lied to by today's government and corporations.

          And we want the truth.


         Actually, going to the Moon would have been EASIER than trying to fake it six (6) times - and

         faking the Moon Rocks (VERY different from Earth rocks), faking (??) the Laser reflector they

         left on the Moon which reflects Laser beams from the Earth, faking the picture of the Earth taken

         from the Moon, faking the radio transmissions to tracking stations around the world involving

         multiple countries and thousands of people - radio transmissions always coming from the direction

         of the Moon, the enormous risk of being caught in a lie due to a single slip-up, the certainty that the

         Soviet Union and some other countries would have immediately exposed the Fake if it had been one

         since we were in a "Space Race" with the Soviets, etc. 


         Many of these things would have been very difficult or impossible to fake.

         And with a peak of 400,000 people involved in the Apollo Moon Program, at one time or another,

         you would think that several thousand of them would come forward to confess that "We faked it."

         Oddly enough, they didn't.


         (One (1) Rocketdyne employee did come forward, at some point, and claim that we could not have

         gone to the Moon, but he was using a "Blackboard" argument, was out of his depth in that subject,

         and was completely unconvincing. He acted more like he was being paid to be a Denier, or was

         just trying to get his 15 Minutes of Fame, excited to be on TV. Very strange. Useless and pointless.

         Too weird to count as a serious Denial.)  


         Not to mention the terrible loss of life of 3 Astronauts, training on the ground in a space capsule.

         All the Astronauts probably would have quit on the spot if it had all been for a Fake Moon Landing,

         unwilling to risk their lives for a fabricated piece of propaganda (a fake Moon landing).   




         Hundreds or thousands of hours of training for a Fake mission??? After 3 Deaths??? Not a chance.


         I have pictures of the burned out capsule where the 3 men died. Horrible.

         Also, I have pictures of the caskets and the procession to Arlington National Cemetery where the

         3 Astronauts were buried. Quite sobering.


         All these Naysayer Attackers have done is to demonstrate that they don't know much of anything

         about the Moon, Space, Rocketry, Photography, Physics, Research, Logic, Google, etc. 


         OR --- they're just flat-out lying.  


         Why would someone tell these gargantuan Lies about our Six Landings on the Moon??

         ANSWER:  To destroy our legends and beliefs, confuse us, attack our minds and our sanity, to

         make us doubt ourselves and make us uncertain, to attack our pride and confidence, and so forth.


         But all the Debunkers, who haven't accomplished anything important, can certainly feel free to

         write to me (or NASA) and tell me what you haven't done, today - or ever. 

         You could say something like, "NASA never sent men to the Moon - or around the Moon, and

         I've never accomplished anything worthwhile. So there."

         (By the way, accomplishing something worthwhile usually takes lots of hard work.)


         Yes, we went to the Moon. And although it was very difficult, it was far, far easier than trying to

         fake six landings, plus faking the Moon rocks, plus faking a Laser reflector placed there, plus faking

         a beautiful photograph of the Earth taken in Space from near the Moon, plus faking all the radio

         transmissions from the direction of the Moon, plus faking radar images from Earthly radar stations,

         plus faking all the photos taken on the Moon, plus tricking the Soviets and many other countries who

         would have blown the lid off of our attempted ruse, etc, etc.  


         NASA and all the companies involved did a superb job!!

         Thank you NASA.

         Thank you JPL. 

         Thank you Huntsville. 

         Thank you Thiokol, Hasselblad, Astronauts, President Kennedy for creating

         the National Goal,  and all the others!! 

         It had been a goal to land humans on the Moon for Centuries, and we did it!!

         We went to the Moon, and we can be proud of our great accomplishment.

         NASA did it. America did it. Thousands of us participated in some way.

         You can be proud!! We can all be proud!!  We achieved the dream of the Centuries!!





      If you lost some of your pride and sanity 

      because of the Deniers,  and want to restore it,

      remember this:


      We went to the Moon TEN TIMES - Orbiting and


      We landed on the Moon SIX OF THOSE TIMES!!


      You have a right to be proud of the good people of

      the Earth who did it, and you can hold your head high!!


      Your Pride, Self-Esteem, Sanity, Reasoning Ability,

      and general Mental Health should be restored within

      the next few minutes, and your brain should begin to     

      operate normally, again. 



      We went to the Moon  10  TIMES!! 

      We landed on the Moon  6  TIMES!!


      We have:

      * Testimony from hundreds or thousands of people,     

      * Thousands of photographs,

      * Hundreds of hours of video,

      * Moon Rocks (very different from Earth rocks),

      * Core samples of the Moon,

      * Experiments left on the Moon (a Laser reflector, etc),

      * A couple of cars (Rovers) left on the Moon,

      * Landers left on the Moon, 

      * Flags left on the Moon (now probably white rags from

         all the UV light),

      * Pictures of the Earth from orbiting the Moon,

      * Pictures of the Moon and the Earth together,

      * Pictures of the Earth taken from *ON* the Moon

          with the Moon's surface in the foreground, etc.    


      You should be getting back to normal, now.





      The Flag pictures are posted here because it was a

      major issue with the Debunking TV program, where

      they claimed that the Flags were waving in the wind

      from studio fans, because the trips to the Moon were

      all faked in a Hollywood studio, and they, uh, forgot

      that there's no Air on the Moon, and uh, left the fans

      running, which then, uh, caused the Flags to flutter

      in the breeze created by the, uh fans, uh accidentally. 


      Oh no!! What a bunch of dummies!!

      NASA forgot to turn off the fans on the soundstage!!


      They not only couldn't land on the Moon, THEY 



      If you believe that, I'm sure the Bozo Debunkers have

      a Bridge for sale in Brooklyn, and some swampland, er,

      moist land in Florida for sale at a reasonable price.


      Planting the American Flag on *every* Moon Landing 

      always seemed unnecessary and over the top, to me,

      but the Astronauts did it with pride and gratitude

      towards their country, which I understand.  

      The USA funded the planning, development,

      construction,  testing, flights, as well as the huge complex

      of launch facilities at Cape Canaveral, and Mission

      Control in Houston, etc, as well as the earlier work

      which led to the Apollo Program - the Moon Program. 


      (Other countries also participated, and may have added

      their own funding to the project.)


      The Bozo Debunkers then attack the "Flag" pictures

      ("waving", they say), which is a thinly veiled attack on

      the U.S. for a GREAT and stupendous accomplishment,

      shared and enjoyed by the entire world.

      Have you forgotten??  The whole world was watching!!


      So, I'm exposing the utter nonsense of the Bozo Debunkers

      for what it is, as well as other nonsensical claims (such

      as "no pictures of the Earth taken from the Moon" -  

      I've posted 2),  as well as a Fake version of history for a

      bit of humor,  as if the Fakery were real.



      If you still want to believe that we Faked all those

      Landings, I can fix you up on a date with Bozo the Clown

      or his Weird Sister, spending an evening at KlownLand,

      with drooling, obnoxious clowns, chanting slogans like,

      "No Moon Trip!!  No Round Earth!! 

      No Round Clowns!!  Big Flat Moon!!  Big Flat Shoes!! 

      And where's all the Green Cheese??" 

      And so forth. 


       Anyway, enjoy the pictures from the 1960's and early






             Cape Canaveral. A small portion of the Cape, showing the huge Assembly Building, the packed

              parking lot,  and some connecting roads.  




               Apollo-12.  2nd Landing on the Moon. 

               The Flag hung limp because of problems attaching the Horizontal Cross-bar.

               The Cross-bar was used to hold up the Flag.

               No Air, no fans, no wind, and no waving.  Reason: It's on the Moon. 

               Probably not necessary to plant another Flag on the Moon, but it was done with pride and

               gratitude by the Astronauts for the people and Country who had worked so hard and spent

               all that money to send them there.  They were saying, "Thank you!!" to everyone, and the

               Flag represented the People and the Country who had done the work and paid the bills. 

               There you go. No breeze. No Flag waving. 




              Apollo-11.  July 1969.  First Landing on the Moon. 

              Flag with Horizontal Cross-bar properly attached. The flag is bunched up on the bar,

              causing contours (waves) in the Flag.

              All the pictures of the Apollo-11 Flag are identical.  It was motionless, and the contours in the

              Flag are always the same in every picture. 




                Apollo-17.  Photo AS17-137-20957.  Moon with Earth in the background, taken on the Moon. 




               Apollo-17.  Astronaut,  Nylon Flag,  Horizontal Flag Cross-bar,  Moon,  Earth in background.  




             Apollo-17.  Astronaut,  Nylon Flag,  Horizontal Flag Cross-bar,  Rover (Car),  Lander,  Moon.




            Apollo-17.  Earth from Space. 




            Apollo-11.  July, 1969.

           The rocket portion of the Lunar Lander approaches the Orbiter for the return to Earth.

           At this point, both space craft are orbiting the Moon - the Lander and the Orbiter.

           The Lander and Orbiter will hook up, and the 2 men in the Lander will transfer into the Orbiter.

           Only the Orbiter with its tough heat shield will return to Earth with the 3 crew members.





           Here's the FAKE version of history for those who can't stand the Truth, and would rather

           believe the Deniers, Debunkers, Thieves, Liars, Losers, and Bozo's. 












      "It was just waaaay too kompelkated, y'know.  Nobody new how to get there.

      Nobody ever could ever have done that ever never. Nobody kould hardly ever do that.

      No way. They didn't even no where the Moon wuz.

      And its way to far away like maybe 100 miles. 

      And rockets hadn't been invented yet. 

      And they didn't even have cell phones or Speed Dial. 

      Or texting, like when I txt my frnd. 

      Or Facebook. Or MySpace. Or Kool Blogs.

      The US kouldn't do it, so they faked it. Just like eye do all the time.

      They HAD to. Otherwise Mexico wood have done it." 






    1961: "Send LBJ to the Moon,     Updating VIP's on Fake Moon             Fake Rocket engines.

    and leave him there!"                    Landing project.  LBJ dozes off.          Edible Cardboard.

    (Good idea.)                                  Couldn't understand it. (True). 

    (Should be true).                           JFK in middle.  

                                                         Robert McNamara at right (glasses). 




        Fake launch complex.                      Fake launch crew.                   Von Braun and JFK dancing.

     (Will be a housing project).




   Fake low-gravity training on        Training: "Standing Around".                  Candy rocket.

    Fake jet on ground.                                                                           Filled with 174 million M&M's. 



Fake planning session with Astros.   Fake launch pad on salt mound.         Von Braun watching TV.




             Fake planning session.                Fake Hasselblad camera.                 Fake liftoff of Fake rocket

                                                                                Hollow inside.                                    on a Fake mission

                                                                                                                        to the Moon.





     Fake Crowds (hired Actors) watch Fake mission to the Moon.         Werner von Braun shows Fake




 Fake picture of the Moon from Space.        Fake pickup in the ocean.           Wives go along with the gag,

                                                                                                                       proud of their Faker husbands.



  Von Braun pretends to inspect      Controller watches Fake liftoff        Navy Aircraft Carrier assists

  a Fake camera.                              from the Moon.                              in pickup of Fake Moon craft.   




  Red Carpet treatment on board    Top Navy Brass host Fakers,      Astro tells mom "It was all a Fake."

  Carrier for Fakers.                         as they cut a Fake Cake.            She replies, "I'm not your mom...

                                                                                                          I'm just a Fake." 


 All right. That's enough Fake news. Thank you for watching.

 Yes, we went to the Moon 10 times, and Landed 6 times.

 We didn't Fake it.

 Is it that difficult to believe it??  To be convinced by the evidence??

 But if you want to believe in Fairy Tales with a really warped view

 of reality, go ahead.

 Better to believe in Unicorns for a fantasy outlet.

 They're harmless and fun, I've heard.  

 Then you can have your real Space Program, and Unicorns too,

 tossing aside the nonsense of the "Fake Landings on the Moon" 

 that will just make you stupid, deranged, and depressed, acting

 like a Fool.






         A few of the debunker's lies about our landings on the Moon ARE difficult to figure out, or

         they use arcane knowledge that the average citizen simply doesn't possess. And they use that to their

         advantage. After all, how many people know about the actual level of danger from the Van Allen

         Radiation Belts?? Or the range of sensitivity of the film used?? Etc.


         Not to mention the fact that some people (with the Evidence!!) are saying that NASA covered up

         some things in the photos taken on the Moon. Apparently, NASA didn't realize that certain "things"

         were there and would show up in photos. Astronaut and Moon traveler Alan Bean said that he saw

         some "things" and took pictures of them. I've seen the pictures. China's recent Landers have also

         photographed some things in hi-res color, and verified what Alan Bean said he saw. 

         So the situation is complex, with NASA playing both the Good Guy (landing men and machines

         on the Moon), and the Bad Guy (covering up some of what was seen and photographed). 


         Even China is acting strangely regarding what its intentions were and what it's found, pulling the

         plug on publicly available information, and claiming that their multi-million dollar cameras have

         unexpectedly failed during this multi-billion dollar project due to (gasp) "over-heating" because

         maybe they "forgot" to test the cameras for that. Oh, gee whiz. Perfectly understandable that

         hundreds or thousands of skilled engineers would "forget" to test electronic components for the

         buildup of heat and maybe fail just when they were most needed. After all, who would think to

         test for something that complicated and unexpected in these multi-million dollar cameras, on this

         multi-billion dollar mission, thus ruining most of the mission and wasting most of the billions of

         dollars, and severely damaging China's pride and reputation??


         Aw, shucks. What bad luck. They learned the hard way that electronic equipment gets hot -

         especially on the Moon. Maybe the Moon is hot....

         Who knew?? 



         I'm trying to sell a bridge to China, located in Brooklyn. The bidding is up to $125 already,

         but I'm hoping the Chinese government can offer more - say $150. It's been in the family for

         millions of years, but I'm willing to part with it for the right owner who has always wanted to

         own a bridge.  


         If YOU would like to own the Brooklyn Bridge, please contact me at:

                I Want to Own a Bridge

            % We Never Went to the Moon

                 PO Box Zero Point Zero Zero Zero One Seven Tip Toe Tulipville  

                 I Know Everything 'Cause I Watch Lots of TV, So There  

                 Lemming Nose Ring, Brooklyn, NY  543210


         Please enclose 3 box tops and $499,97 in cash, or as much as you can afford.

         I will send you your official certificate of ownership of your very own bridge,

         along with a nice, new Nose Ring made of genuine polished iron!!!

         Then you can stand on your bridge and shout, "We never went to the Moon!!

         And I say that as the new owner of the Brooklyn Bridge!!"