Fee Schedule - May, 2008




Whenever possible, I will quote you a flat fee for your project.


The fees listed below are rough guidelines; each project must be

estimated and quoted individually.



Project                          Estimated Fee (Before Discount)

--------------------             ------------------------------- 

Full-page ad                     $500-$1,500  

Fractional-page ad               $200-$500

Advertorial                      $400-$500/page

Annual report                    $2,000-$6,000 

Feature article                  $750-$1,800 

Booklet                          $600-$1,200 

Brochure - tri-fold              $100-$300/page

Business plan                    $2,000-$5,000

Case history                     $500-$1,000  

Catalog                          $200-$300/page or $30-40/item

Data Sheet                       $200-$300/page

Direct-mail package,              

  to generate leads              $1,000-$2,000

Direct-mail package,

  mail order                     $1,500-$4,000

Editing                          $40/hr 

Video or slide presentation      $75-$150/minute

Instruction manual               $40/hr or $75/page 

Labels/packaging                 $200-$750/package or label, depending on size

Newsletter                       $200-$300/page

Postcard                         $250-$500

Press release                    $150-$400

Proofreading                     $20/hr

Proposal (business or grant)     $40/hr 

Radio commercial - 30 seconds    $200-$300

Report                           $40/hr

Sales letter                     $350-$1,000 

Software documentation           $40/hr or $75/page    

Speech - 20-minute               $1,000-$2,000

Technical/scientific papers      $40/hr

TV commercial                    $350-$1,000

Web site content                 $200-$300/page

White paper                      $2,000-$4,000



Hourly Rates For Tasks (when an hourly rate is quoted)


Writing, meetings, consulting, editing, travel time,

  telephone discussions, e-mail, etc:  $40/hr

Editing consists of proofreading, re-arranging

sentences, rewording sentences, etc.



Introductory offer: For new customers, I will do your first project

at half my normal fee or hourly rate.


Example: Tri-fold brochure (6 pages), quoted at a flat fee of

$100/page x 6 pages = $600.

Minus 50% for first project = $300.