Public Service Information











The Fake "Science" Committee.



Pronounced  "Psy-Cop".

Now called CSI.

They renamed it a few years ago.

I still call it CSICOP.  

Most people know it as CSICOP.  












CSICOP means: 

"The Committee for the Scientific Investigation

of Claims of the Paranormal".    But it's all BS.




Actually, CSICOP is:

"The Low-Class Goon Squad Of Thugs, Weasels, Creeps, And Sociopaths". 




The Top Leadership consists of Clowns

and Pigs.


Their main founding member

(Phil Klass) was a Pig and a Murderer. 




Their list of "Fellows" is a Joke.

A Gigantic Lie!! 

Most of the people on the list don't even

know they're on it!!



Their small membership is dwindling rapidly, because

the average member is finally catching on to their Fakery

and LIES - and their WEASELRY and behavior.



The Average Member was CONNED!!  

CSICOP LIES all the Time!! 



CSICOP  *PRETENDS*  to be part of Mainstream Science,  

representing Calm, Rational, Intelligent, Experienced Scientists. 

The OPPOSITE is true!!

NONE of the Managing Executives are Scientists!!!!


NONE of the Advisors are Scientists!!!!


NONE of their "Fellows" are involved in the Group!!!!


The group is run by CLOWNS AND WILD PIGS AND



One of their current or recent leaders is a SCREAMING

LUNATIC, documented by a former Member!!!! 



If you see a Quote in the Newspaper from CSICOP/CSI,

it's a Quote from a CLOWN or a WILD PIG.








Flying Saucers/UFO's:

UFO's (Flying Saucers) were openly discussed and written about in the 1950s by College Professors.

Not anymore.

It's very RARE to see a Professor risk his career or throw it

away in defense of that subject, these days.    



They were even seen by THOUSANDS of people in

Washington DC in the 1950's.

They were even photographed by the HUNDREDS over

Washington DC in the 1950's.

And CHASED by Air Force Jet Fighters!!

And REPORTED in all the Newspapers.




And Phil Klass, the Garbage Government Agent Murdering Pig, drove one Professor to commit Suicide in 1971. 

That's Murder.

(Or he was actually Murdered.)

(Dr. James McDonald, University of Arizona). 




James McDonald:  PhD.  Professor of Physics.


Specialty: Weather.

Masters degree in Meteorology from MIT, 1945.

Also worked for Naval Intelligence during WW2. 

World Famous in Meteorology circles.

Personality:  Very pleasant. Civil. 

Married, 6 children.

Home town:  Duluth, Minnesota.

Harassed by Phil Klass, the CSICOP Pig.

Died:  1971.  Gunshot wound to the head.

Suicide??  Murder??  No one knows for certain.



As one Lady said of Phil Klass (the CSICOP Pig):

       "As far as I'm concerned, Phil Klass pulled the

         Trigger on McDonald."  


       "As far as I'm concerned, Phil Klass pulled the

         Trigger on McDonald."  


       "As far as I'm concerned, Phil Klass pulled the

         Trigger on McDonald."   

I agree completely.

If it was Suicide, it was caused by Phil Klass.

If it was Murder, it was caused by Phil Klass.

(The Lady is a top Researcher.)  



And as Stan Friedman (Nuclear Physicist) said of Klass: 

        "He was a nasty, underhanded man."

        "He was a nasty, underhanded man."

        "He was a nasty, underhanded man."

That's an understatement.  (Friedman is too kind.) 


PK = Phil Klass.   (PIG Klass??)

PK was part of the Loud Debunker crowd, and worse,

working for the Government, doing despicable things to

good, normal, decent, honorable people.

Phil Klass was DESPICABLE!!


He constantly HARASSED researchers, often writing

letters to their Bosses at Colleges and Universities, saying what Kooks and Idiots they were.

Saying that these PhD's were "Tinfoil Hat Types", and

unfit and unqualified to hold their positions.


But they WERE Fit!!  And QUALIFIED!!



HIGHLY Qualified!!

Harassed by Phil Klass, the Pig!!!!!      

Stabbed in the Back by Phil Klass, the Pig!!!!!   

Careers Ruined by Phil Klass, the Pig!!!!!   




Many strange "Suicides" are actually Murders.

No way were they Suicides.

AND.....  A Suicide Note is NEVER found.

People who commit Suicide normally leave a

note behind.

None of these people did.

They were Murdered.




Phil Klass - the Main Founder of CSICOP: 


"The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of

Claims of the Paranormal". 

Actually, "The Low-Class Goon Squad of Thugs, Weasels, Creeps, Sociopaths, etc". 


It's been renamed "CSI" which probably stands for

"The Committee that Slings Insults". 


Klass was one of the founders of CSICOP - a cultish


HIDDEN AGENDA, who use VIOLENCE and THREATS, PROPAGANDA, BANALITY, INTIMIDATION, RIDICULE, RUDENESS, SLANDER, DEGRADATION, LIES, QUACKERY, DECEPTION, and PUBLICITY STUNTS,  who don't investigate ANYTHING, even though they claim to, and bash Researchers and others every chance they get.


They did ONE investigation (total) years ago, which backfired, so they blamed and harassed the CSICOP Researcher Scientist who did the work - outstanding work - and then booted him out of CSICOP. 

Dennis Rawlins, Professional Astronomer, was the Researcher.

The Scientist was one of the original members of the group,

who believed in their publicly stated principles.

He found out the Hard Way that it was all a sham.


He wrote a rebuttal of CSICOP's  Shenanigans called

"Star Baby" - a strange title, but hilarious in its endless

accounts of all the hoops CSICOP jumped through to get

him to retract his findings, harass him, impugn his character, threaten him, demean him, spy on him, scare him,

squash him, invalidate him, bully him, insult him,

embarrass him, ridicule him, etc, etc.


That paper alone reveals probably around 90 percent of what CSICOP is really about, and what kind of people run it.

They're NOT Scientists, and they don't do ANY Science.

Ex-Member Dennis Rawlins was the only Scientist who did any "Science", for ONE project, and he became a Persona non

Grata - an Unwanted Person, immediately.  

"Star Baby" tells the whole story.


They have a kind of "Hive" Mentality of Protection in Doing What All the Others Are Doing - Don't Stand Out - Don't Make Waves - Don't Have Independent Thoughts -

Don't Disagree - Don't Point Out Flaws - Don't Mention New Research - Don't Question Assumptions - Don't Demand Evidence - Don't Accuse a Liar of Lying - Don't Mention Omitted Counter-Evidence - Don't Think - Don't Talk -

Don't Speak Up - Don't Ask Questions - Just Shut Up.

And....  Attack and Degrade anyone who disagrees with CSICOP.   



Their Public Persona of "Calm, Rational Thinkers" is the

opposite of their actual functioning, which more closely resembles Angry Clowns and Mad Dogs on Bad Drugs Bent on Revenge (for some unknown reason).



CSICOPians pretend to be part of the Scientific Community,

but in fact are Slippery Imposters, Censors, Thought Police,

Internet Trolls, Wikipedia Vandals, Wannabe's, Nitpicking

Quibblers with no valid Points, Egomaniacs, Criminals,

Psychopaths, and Sociopaths.



Their Primary purpose is to supply the News Media with Garbage - Falsehoods - Lies.  

The News Media is misled and duped into thinking that these Clowns are Serious Investigators of the Paranormal (loose definition), when they don't investigate Anything.

They just Debunk everything that smacks of "Unusual".

Or at least they TRY to Debunk it.


So when the "Honest News Media" (presumably) wants

a Scientific opinion of some unusual story, they contact

the Mad Dogs at CSICOP (although CSICOP often contacts

THEM first), and are fed Insane Trash and Lies, possibly

with some character assassination thrown in for good measure ("The Scientific Community is well aware of this

Pseudo "Scientist" and his Perversions, and we hesitate to

comment on such nonsense issued by a Mentally Corrupt,

Mentally Incompetent, Sick individual, who should be under Professional Care or locked away in the Bastille, but

we will say this:  His amateurish Hocus Pocus of strained

"Logic" and obviously faked photographs might fool a

Non-Scientist, but when you examine his data and photos

carefully, you find 3rd-Grade Level Math mistakes, and

a Plastic Model of a Flying Saucer purchased at a Hobby

Store, and part of the Price Tag still stuck to the underside.

Don't waste your time with this juvenile charlatan.

PS:  Do you happen to have his Phone Number??"  


[Above:  Typical CSICOPian TRASH, sent to the News Media.

Invented by the author.  FICTIONAL but typical.]



The Mainstream News Media usually has NO IDEA that

it's being badly misled, that the Scientist is a perfectly

normal and decent person, well-liked and well-respected

in his Field, has published dozens of erudite Papers on

technical and Difficult topics in Professional Journals, 

is often asked to speak at major Scientific Conferences -

sometimes as the Keynote Speaker, has impeccable  Credentials, etc, etc, and certainly did NOT make any

Math mistakes in his claim, or purchase a Plastic Model

of a Flying Saucer and photograph it, etc, etc.


But the CSICOP Clowns and Pigs will utter these Banal

LIES about the poor man - who could sue CSICOP for Slander, but would have to spend much time and energy - and money -- as the case winds its way thru the Courts, partially corrupted by the Corrupt Government, diverting his attention, time, and energy from his work. 

Therefore, he might not sue the CSICOP Clowns, Pigs, Slime,  Mad Dogs, and Sociopaths.


(Phil Klass DID lose a $1,000 bet with Stan Friedman over

a UFO documentation issue, and PK paid Friedman, BUT

he almost certainly used Government funds to do it - your

Tax Dollars.  I seriously doubt that he paid it out of his own

pocket.  Pigs have no integrity, and they don't have Checking Accounts.) 





Their list of "Fellows" is a joke, with the Big Names taking

no part at all in the  functioning of the Cult, and are probably

not even aware that they have been named as "Fellows" of

that Gang of Stupid Arrogant Neanderthal Bullies. 


Many of the "Fellows" are long deceased, and probably never knew they made the List. 


One of CSICOP's responses to a man offering to exchange  Newsletters (Alternative Medicine) was so Vile,


That's right:  An Absolutely VILE and UNPRINTABLE

response by CSICOP to a friendly offer to exchange Newsletters, at no charge to either party.

A Newsletter of "Alternative Medicine" (Scientific, not

Woo-Woo) featuring Natural Cures and Treatments at

much lower cost, and usually with no negative side effects.

But they raked the poor man over the coals so badly, it was

like watching an unfortunate animal accidentally caught by

a vehicle or a Streetcar, dragged for blocks over a bumpy

street of bricks until dead.

HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   OBSCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




This is CSICOP - the gang of brutal thugs pretending to be

a group of Calm, Rational, Scientists!!!!

Hard to believe - right??

Yes, it IS hard to believe, but it's TRUE.

I've seen them in operation, and I've read about what they

have done to Good, Decent People.

If I were King of the World, I would execute their Top "Leadership" (Gag Me!!).

They richly deserve it.


Not the innocent members who don't realize what kind of   

putrid organization they've joined, but the Top Howling Monkeys who kill with words and RUIN careers. 

Not the "Fellows" who probably don't even realize that they're on the List, but the Murdering Scum at the Top.


They are uncouth, foul-mouthed Slime who would embarrass even a drunken Sailor. 


Don't pay any attention to these Slimeballs, and don't give

them any money!!  They'll probably just use it to attack some decent person - maybe even another Scientist doing good work. And he might kill himself after being put thru their Psycho-Meatgrinder from Hell.  Or murdered. 


CSICOP (CSI) was primarily the creation of Phil Klass. 

The Clown Cops.  The Thought Police.  The Violent Goon Squad posing as a Scientific Organization, with most Scientists and News Media people unaware of its TRUE nature, and its TRUE Agenda. 

Pathetic.  And a Danger to the World!! 



(We also know that PK was seen in a Highly Classified

Top Secret area of a Government facility, once.

The Hypocrite was caught!! 

But the person who spotted him (a top Researcher) didn't

say anything or do anything.....  That could have led to

some very serious problems for the man.

He told a friend, and swore him to silence on his identity.

He HAD to - for his own survival.)


(It's called CSI, now.

But a pile of Trash by any other name, smells as rank.

"The Evil that Men do lives after them. The Good is oft interred with their Bones."  What Bones??

Do Slimy Bottom-Feeders have any Bones??)


This is PK's baby.  This is part of his legacy.

He should have been burned at the Stake many years ago.


So when I get extremely angry at some of these people,

please understand that SOME of the Garbage I'm referring

to are MURDERERS. 

And others make us SICK. 

Some ruin CAREERS (as PK did repeatedly). 

Some LIE daily, making it almost impossible to know who the Bad Guys are, and where the Dangers are located.  

And some Attack, Ridicule, and Demean perfectly good

people, sometimes Scientists, with no Evidence that the

victims deserve it, and try to destroy them.


I've seen it, and I KNOW one of the victims (a VERY sharp



That's right:  I know one of CSICOP's victims who was

trashed by some CSICOP-ian Idiot.

I read CSICOP's article of trash, and it was PATHETIC.

Full of falsehoods and ad hominem attacks.

The CSICOP guy acted like a Wild Pig.

The victim wrote a thoughtful rebuttal which they refused

to print, of course.

CSICOP:  "Wild Pigs".  Just one more definition of their membership.  


My Viewpoint is fully justified, and I can prove it.  


(I'm certainly not the only one in the world who knows

that CSICOP is an organization of Wild Pigs.

CSICOP is dedicated to debunking UFO's and any Alien Life, but does a really Pathetic job.

And their so-called "explanations" are so weak, ridiculous,

irrational, simple-minded, and Scientifically impossible,

that calling their staff members and others "Wild Pigs"

is more of a COMPLIMENT than an insult.

At least Pigs are said to be smart animals, so I've heard.


Pigs and Clowns and Sociopaths, etc??


But a BETTER description might be: 

CSICOP-ians are more like POISONOUS SLIME.  )  



A note on Carl Sagan.

He was a student at the University of Chicago.

Classmate at Chicago:  Stan Friedman, Nuclear Physicist and

UFO expert.

Professor of Astronomy at Cornell.

He had many other interests including the Search for Extraterrestrial Life (SETI) - also known as "The Silly Effort to Investigate".


(I agree.  Hey:  They're already visiting here. We don't need

to look Billions and Billions of Miles away for ET.

If you want to do that, fine.  But why not study the ones

who have already visited here??

Oh wait:  I forgot!! 





Alien Bacteria is CONTROVERSIAL!!


And "Alien Life Visiting Here" is even MORE CONTROVERSIAL!!


Oh how RASH of me!!  How TINFOIL of me!!

Please, God:  Make me NORMAL!!

Make me even STUPIDER!!

Take away my MEMORIES!!

Take away all the Photos and Movies!!

Take away all the REPORTS!!

Take away all the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE!!

Take away my TINFOIL HAT!!

I want to be GOOD!!   I want to be NORMAL!!

The Earth is FLAT!!!!

The Moon is made of GREEN CHEESE!!!!

And I will swear that NO ONE from India is here!!

Because India is just TOO FAR AWAY!!)


He was associated with NASA for years.

He did an outstanding job of popularizing Science.

He was a good man, unable to successfully buck the System, like most of us - for the most part.


He was DENIED membership in the National Academy of

Sciences apparently because of the jealousy of other "Scientists" over Sagan's attempts to popularize and explain Science to the Public.  How "Commoner" of him!!

Explaining the Arcane to the Unwashed!!   Oh no!!

Can you Imagine???  Denying Carl Sagan a membership in

the NAS???  The Mind Boggles!!


He got into a Heated argument with Edward Teller who called Sagan a Propagandist over his "Nuclear Winter"

Theory and Nuclear War.


I have no idea who was right.

But if no one is left alive on the Planet, and Nuclear Radiation is everywhere, killing and Mutating the remaining

Plants and Animals, what difference does it make if there's

a "Nuclear Winter" or not???


Did the Deck Chairs on the Titanic FLOAT for a little while,

or did they SINK within 5 Seconds of hitting the water??

Did the First Class Deck Chairs stay afloat a bit longer than

the Second Class Deck Chairs, thus being extremely Politically Incorrect, denying Equal Flotation Rights to all Passengers??

Did the First Class Passengers live for a few more Seconds??

The World demands an ANSWER!!

We need a PROTEST MARCH!!!!


And we need an Answer to the "Nuclear Winter" Question!!

Will Life resume or not???

Will any Fish survive???

Will the Insects be created again within a Billion years???

Will there be MOSQUITOES again??   

The World demands an ANSWER!!

We need a PROTEST MARCH!!!!


Carl Sagan:   CSICOP Member and Astronomer.

Died a few years ago in 1996. 


Carl Sagan was Neutral towards UFO's and sometimes

Pro-UFO, early in his career.


Then he received a SEMI-THREAT from Donald Menzel of

Harvard saying that his career wouldn't advance very far

unless he took an ANTI-UFO stance in his writings.

Menzel had Power, and he was also connected to a number

of Powerful People (in MJ-12).


Sagan changed his tune to an Anti-UFO viewpoint, and

his career advanced dramatically.

This is one of the ways the Scumbags control Academia

to a great extent, as well as many other segments of our

Society.  Control via Threats.


Academic Freedom??  What a Laugh.

The Scumbags have them by the Throat.


Sagan switched sides again to Pro-UFO on his Deathbed.  They couldn't control the last hours of his life, and he had nothing to lose. 


That's right.

Carl Sagan was  *** PRO-UFO ***  on his Deathbed, just as

he had been, early in Life and early in his Career.

He had been Faking it all those years in order to have a

better Career.

Books, a TV Series, Speeches, Travel, Flying First Class, Invitations, treated like a Celebrity -- mostly for going along

with the Liars and Fakers like Donald Menzel and Phil Klass -- men with Power and Influence. 

He had a wonderful Career - based partly on LYING.

He told the truth about Astronomy (I suppose), but LIED

about UFO's - Flying Saucers.

He CAVED IN to having more Money, Success, Influence, Power, etc - until the very End, when he told the Truth.


So much for Honesty in Academia.

The Scumbags have the Sagan's and other Professors by

the Throat.


Please keep that in mind when you Quote a "Professor".

If he seems to be Smart and Normal:

Look for the DEEP THUMB MARKS on his Throat!! 


If he "Died" unexpectedly - apparently from "Suicide",

join the search for his "Suicide Note"!!

Join with the Millions of People searching for the Man's

"Suicide Note", in a Decades-old Endless Search for the

"Suicide Note" he must have left SOMEWHERE!!



In a Spare Tire??

Buried under a Tree??

In an empty Coke Can??

In some Ice Cubes??

In a Bee Hive??

Of Killer Bees??  


Please bring closure to this "Suicide" Mystery of the

Professor who obviously killed himself, somehow.


(Needless to say, it wasn't Suicide.)