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Dangers Section


Dangers Section


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  • Dangers in the Forest   (and Yosemite National Park).

    Dangers in the Government   (at the highest levels).

    Dangers in Corporations    (Monsanto, etc). 

    Dangers in Vaccinations    (Flu, Gardasil, etc). 

    Dangers in the Media         (Newspapers, Magazines,

                                                     TV News, Live Coverage, etc).

    Dangers in the "Experts"          (Some are Liars, Idiots, and

                                                           Paid Shills). 

    Dangers in the Universities    (Some are Liars, Idiots, and

                                                           Paid Shills). 

    Dangers in Weed Killers that kill the land.

    Dangers in Insecticides that kill the Bees.

                                                     (Yes, we NEED the Bees!!!!)

    Dangers in the Aluminum Dust that kills Everything.

    Dangers in the Government's HAARP Machine

             that can control the Weather.

             Angels don't play this HAARP.

             It's not far from being a Doomsday Machine, as in

             the movie "Dr. Strangelove". 

             POE.  Peace On Earth.  Literally.  Maybe.

    Dangers in the Fake Weather News, altered by the

            Godless Bastards to hide the true facts. 

            Hotter in places, Colder in places, Fires in places. 

            (They own the Weather Channels.  

              Gee!!  I wonder why!!).

    Dangers in "Scary Reports" that aren't true.

    Dangers in "NO REPORTS" that should be headlines.

    Dangers in Voting Fraud (sometimes massive) with rigged

             Voting Machines, Ballots counted in secret, etc.

    Dangers in Political Conventions where the popular

           Candidate "somehow" doesn't get the nod. 

    Dangers in Political Conventions where CANNED

           APPLAUSE is used by the Television Network to

           cover up all the "Booooos". 

    Dangers in Political Rallies where the Opposition hires

          THUGS and PSYCHOS to cause trouble and beat up

          people, sometimes advertising in Craigslist, usually just

          paying Scum on the street to bring all their Scumbag friends. 

    Dangers in Political Rallies where the Television Networks

          don't show the audience that the Room is TINY, and 

          only about 15-20 people actually showed up.  

    Dangers in the constant Lying by certain Politicians and

          Candidates, but believed by the vast majority of people

          because they don't know what's True and what's False.

    Dangers in the Lying by certain Politicians claiming that

          Election Fraud has never happened in the USA, when

          DOZENS and DOZENS of examples have been documented,

          even with Paper Ballots, in recent Elections, where the most

          popular Candidates barely moved the needle when all the

          so-called "Votes" were counted. 

          (And with Electronic Voting Machines as well, with

          hundreds of thousands of votes suddenly and visibly

          shifting to another candidate, using Secret software which

          no one was allowed to examine.

          And the Bozos actually PERMITTED it.

          It's all documented and even REPORTED on the Mainstream

          News - partly because huge numbers of votes suddenly

          SHIFTED on  ****LIVE TELEVISION****.  

          Judy Woodruff pointed it out (as one example).

          She was baffled.

          They HAD to report it  because we all SAW it, if we were

          watching the Election coverage!! 

          "ADD N to Candidate X,  SUBTRACT N from Candidate Y. 


          Not to mention other cases of millions of Dead People, and

          others, all registered to vote.)

    Dangers in the death of Common Sense and Logic.

    Dangers in the rise and praise of Utter Stupidity. 

    Dangers in the rise in the number of Lunatics.

    Dangers in the rise of Passivity of the People.

    Dangers in Law Enforcement where KNOWN CRIMINALS

           aren't charged and arrested.

    Dangers in Law Enforcement where KNOWN CRIMINALS

           are "PARDONED" by the President, and never arrested. 

           (Nixon, Marc Rich, etc).

    Dangers in Law Enforcement where KNOWN CRIMINALS

           are released after a few hours or a few days. 

    Dangers in the Judiciary where some Judges are on the take,

          and mysteriously find the Perp "innocent".

    Dangers in Law Enforcement where no Autopsy is ordered

         for a mysterious DEATH, or the Autopsy results are sealed

         In Perpetuity, and NO ONE is allowed to view the report. 

    Dangers in Law Enforcement where the Honest Medical

         Examiner is sent to a Psychiatric Hospital for the rest of

         his life (Thomas Noguchi - worked on Marilyn Monroe,

         and other famous people, now rotting in an Insane

         Asylum because he revealed certain Anomalies.). 

    Dangers in the lack of our Manufacturing Base, with fewer

         Jobs in the USA, a lower standard of living, and a cash

         outflow from our country to foreign countries, and the

         prospect of being cutoff from supplies that we need.

    Dangers in FROZEN BRAINS, where people believe things

          that aren't true, refuse to think about the Rationale of their

          beliefs, and despise anyone who turns on a light, preferring

          to hide in the Darkness of their Total Irrationality.

          Brains of SOLID  ICE.

          I'm told that modern "Liberals" just "UNFRIEND" you on

          Facebook,  when you turn on the Light of Rationality

          (Thinking), and never speak to you again.

          Some of these Uncivilized Ice Brains, who dislike people

          who aren't "Tolerant", cannot Tolerate the Intolerant,

          showing their massive HYPOCRISY.  

          They TOO are INTOLERANT - possibly even more-so than

          the so-called "Intolerant" Person.

          It's Hilarious!! 

          They're just a bunch of Half-Wits. 

    Dangers in attacking the Police and Military, while assigning

          them additional and impossible duties, while crippling

          their ability to do their jobs, endangering all of us. 

    Dangers in our Government where they try to deprive us of the

         ability to defend ourselves, while simultaneously crippling

         the Police and the Military.

    Dangers in our Government and Candidates where they accuse

         the innocent and honest candidate of the VERY CRIMES

         that THEY are committing!!

         Like a Bank Robber accusing the Judge of robbing that Bank.

         What is this???  Some type of Psycho Warfare??  Psywar?? 

         Mirror Warfare??  Inverted Warfare??  Klown Warfare??

         Incredible.  Some of these people have hands so dirty (and

         bloody) that they will NEVER be able to wash away their

         Guilt and Crimes, and they have the Multi-Stupid Gall to

         try to pin it on the innocent, as if we're all so naive that we

         can't see their childish attempts at a pointless and crude

         "self-defense" - if you can call it that.

         That's what rotten stupid Kids do.

         And some Candidates.   


    Dangers in a HUGE PACK OF LIARS in our Government

         and in our Mainstream Media.  SCUM!!!!









    CORRUPT PEOPLE!!!!    










    With a couple of outstanding exceptions....!!  :)




    Alex Jones is NOT a Danger to our country.

          He's a GREAT PATRIOT and CRUCIAL to our Country!!!!! 

         Alex can be kind of hard to take (voice, clarity), but he

         is RIGHT and he is ACCURATE. ..

         When he appeared on Late Night television, a few years ago,

         he was actually sick. He did a fairly good job, nevertheless.

         He told his wife, "Honey, I've GOT to go to New York and

         do this interview."  It almost killed him. 

         When he got back home (after sleeping on the airplane,

         sleeping in his Hotel Room, etc), his wife drove him to the

         Doctor's Office, the Doctor gave him a prescription for

         Antibiotics, told him to get it filled immediately, and said

         if he had delayed for 1 more day, "We might not be having

         this conversation." 

         I mention this only if you happened to see the interview.

         He was deathly ill.

         He went anyway.  He did a good job - not quite as well as

         he wanted to do, but a good job nevertheless.

         And the idiots on the set - off to the side - laughed at every

         single sentence Alex uttered, as if Alex were some kind of

         idiot or Wacko. All it did was show how incredibly

         IGNORANT they were.

         They're probably not laughing now since the Host was later

         fired.  Even England, his home country, didn't want him


         Alex is a Good Man, a Decent Man, a Strong Man, a BRAVE

         Man, a Smart Man, a Determined Man, an Honorable Man,

         and a Passionate Man.

         We're VERY LUCKY to have Alex Jones!!



         Addendum to Alex Jones:

         Paul Watson (staff member) is better.

         Another staff member (David Knight?) is also better.

         Alex Jones is passionate, but he gets too wound up, and

         ALSO interrupts his other announcers frequently. 

         Not good!!  It sounds like a stupid CNN Free-for-All.

         (A stupid CNN Free-for-All at the News Desk, where

         everyone is talking at the same time, is one of the reasons

         I no longer watch CNN.  They often behave like children.)  

         Many people have commented: "Alex: Shut UP!!" 

         I agree. He can be very rude, and it makes the story by the

         other announcers difficult to follow.

         Paul Watson really knows his stuff, and makes his points

         with clarity - occasionally repeating the point in a complex

         story so that we don't drown in the details, and miss or

         forget what the point of the story is.

         Alex isn't a very good "Leader".

         A good Leader steps back and lets OUTSTANDING Staff

         Members do their jobs (not Rookies on camera for the first

         time).  Even Rookies probably shouldn't be interrupted.

         Alex could always add or correct points after they've finished.

         The two mentioned announcers are Seasoned Pros, and deserve

         to be shown normal courtesy.


    Just for the record....:

    1.  I am NOT Suicidal.

    I feel happy and fortunate to be alive.

    I recovered almost completely from my Stroke of 2010,

    and at one point was walking around the Park 3-5 Laps

    and sometimes 10 Laps, several times per week.


    2.  My heart is in good shape.

    Yes, I smoke, but I also exercise and take plenty of

    Vitamins and Minerals - including Magnesium which is

    Heart Healthy.

    I also take 1 Aspirin per day - Bufferin (with Magnesium

    in it).


    3.  I eat raw fruits and vegetables often.


    4.  I am a careful driver.


    5.  I do not drive my car at 80 mph.


    6.  My car is in good shape.


    7.  I do not drive to lonely places, and get out and walk around.

    And I don't park my car on bridges and stare into the water,

    or jump off.

    (I used to do Volunteer Writing for SAVE - Suicide Awareness

    Voices of Education, run by Lonnie Schnitzer's Son.

    I know about Suicide, and it's Tragic for all.)


    8.  I almost never pick up hitch hikers, and haven't done it

    in 20 years.


    9.  I do not - and have never - belonged to any Gangs or Cults

    of any kind.

    I do not have any tattoos.

    I looked into Scientology many years ago, but found it to be

    way too Stupid and Creepy.

    A girlfriend got me to attend some Eckankar Church "Service",

    and I bought some tapes at her suggestion, but I found the whole

    thing to be Vapid. Empty and Pointless. Fake.

    The poor girl was searching for a Meaningful Foundation, which

    she had apparently never had in her life.


    10.  I do not practice any "weird" ceremonies or occult nonsense

    of any kind.

    I'm not interested, and the people sound demented.

    I am not a Devil Worshipper.

    (I think I bought a book on the subject, years ago, but I never

    got around to reading it. Too busy with other things.)


    11.  I'm still a Mozart fan, and have a Mozart website.

    There's nothing weird about that, and Mozart was not a Giggling

    Fool as depicted in the movie "Amadeus".

    They were trashing an Icon of Western Civilization with that


    I've made some Mozart discoveries, and that's mainly why the

    website exists. Some other topics exist to preserve information

    gleaned from conversations of long ago.


    12.  We went to the Moon 10 times, and Landed 6 of those times.

    (The other 4 trips were "Orbiting Only".)

    The "Faked Moon Landings" Folks are Idiots or Bad Guys,

    trying to strip NASA (and America) of its rightful pride.

    They have no Pride of their own, don't know what it is, and are

    Juvenile and Ignorant, still living in their Mom's basement,

    apparently believing that they're actually educated Adults.

    The Fox Television Special that claimed we didn't go to the Moon

    but faked it on a Hollywood Soundstage was TRASH, and every

    single one of their pathetic "claims" can be overturned - usually

    with "the swat of a mosquito" or a Photograph.

    NASA is not an organization of Fakers, unlike these nasty Idiots.


    13.  There are no People known as the "Elohim People".

    It's another Cult centered around a failure to read Hebrew

    correctly. I am not Jewish, but I know about the

    "Majestic Plural" grammar in ancient Hebrew - a somewhat primitive

    language, like all the ancient languages, with no Capital Letters.

        Little Boss: boss.

        Big Boss: bosses.

    "Big Boss" (bosses) is "Majestic" or Important.

    Thus, the "Majestic Plural". 

    Verbs and pronouns clarify the meaning.

    There are no "Elohim People" (Majestic Plural).

    (Singular: Eloha.  Plural: Elohim.  Majestic Plural: Elohim.) 

    It's just a phrase for a Stupid Cult to rally round, believing

    that there was some unknown, special, ancient group of people

    worthy of studying and emulating.

    Maybe some similar People existed, but they weren't the "Elohim". 

    "The Elohim People" are just imaginary - an imaginary concept.

    They don't exist.

    I don't do Cults.




    I'm not Crazy, and I'm not a Quack.

    I know what truly Crazy people and Quacks say and sound like.

    Most of the time, they're EASY to spot.

    (One exception: Ralph, who used to live across the street.

    He was kind of a Goofball, and I thought he was a bit nuts.

    When he told me that the Japanese were producing American

    C-47 aircraft during WW2 (for their own use), I thought he had

    flipped his lid. So I checked, just for the fun of it.

    Oh my God:  Ralph was RIGHT!!  They had purchased a License

    from Douglas Aircraft in the 1930's to build them, before we

    were at war with Japan. 

    Ralph's claim didn't actually sound "Crazy" - just very unlikely

    and kind of ridiculous - and very weird.  But not Impossible.      

    So, it pays to check.

    Ralph was kind of a Goofball, but he wasn't Crazy.)


    I know a lot of "Stuff" that I'm not supposed to know, but some

    others know far more than I do.

    I shouldn't be a target, but you never know.

    The Bad Guys have weapons and other devices so advanced, most people

    wouldn't believe they exist. But they do.

    Most people "Have No Idea".

    Most people think that all that James Bond stuff was just fiction.

    Hollywood fiction.  Think again. 


    They're trying to reduce the world's population by killing people

    and making others sick.

    And killing the Bees (vital to Food Production).

    And ruining the Soil with Monsanto Weed Killer.

    And reducing nutrition with GMO Foods.

    AND they're killing Doctors and Reporters who look into these

    subjects, or find cures for Cancer and Autism.

    Or look into Vaccinations.

    Or find the REASON for all the Cancer and Autism.


    These murdered Doctors and Reporters are MARTYRS.

    And it's been going on for Decades in various forms.


    None of these Doctors have harmed a SINGLE CHILD.

    NOT ONE!!

    The Martyred Doctors were NOT QUACKS!!

    But the Bad Guys have harmed the Kids!!

    The Bad Guys Lie CONSTANTLY, and the stupid Mainstream

    Media believes them!!

    With no Evidence!!


    You think I'm crazy, don't you.

    Civilian Woman, Berlin, 1944:

    "Our Leaders wouldn't LIE to us....".


    They're putting EXACTLY the same stuff in the water as they

    added to the water at Auschwitz and other camps.

    It helps to keep the people more placid.


    Who are the "Crazy" ones??

    Who are the Bad Guys??


    Many of them are probably thugs hired by Monsanto and

    Drug Companies.

    All of them are Godless Bastards, and they really exist.

    I NEVER used to use the word "Evil"....

    Too judgemental, Biblical, etc.

    But the time is long overdue: These people are Pure EVIL.


    Some People who "Commit Suicide" are actually Murdered.

    Some People who "Die of a Heart Attack" are actually Murdered.

    Some People who "Fall off a Building" are actually PUSHED.

    Some People who "Fall out of a Window" are actually PUSHED.

    Some People who "Jump out of a Window" are actually PUSHED.

    Some "Aircraft Accidents" are actually Murders. 

    Some "Car Accidents" are actually Murders. 

    Some "Good Organizations" are actually littered with Murderers. 

    Some "Good People" are actually Murderers.


    Admiral James Forrestal was PUSHED out of a window.

    So they gave him a Hero's Funeral and named an Aircraft Carrier

    after him.

    "The poor, "Depressed", "Suicidal" Admiral. Such a Pity.

    And he was such a nice man, too.  It's so sad that he suddenly

    became depressed and Suicidal. He had so much to live for.

    If only he hadn't jumped out of that open window in his Hospital

    Room, he would have lived a longer life. 

    He was actually fit as a Fiddle.

    And if he hadn't tied that bathrobe Tie around his neck before

    jumping, he could have yelled, or something.

    He sure must have been depressed.  Such a Pity."      


    "These Clowns don't mess around."

                                 Ex-CIA Agent. 


    Are the Police really investigating ANY of these Murders????


    If I end up dead under strange circumstances, I was Murdered.

    Murdered by the Evil Godless Bastards in the CIA, or who run the

    Drug Companies or Monsanto, or work for the FDA, or work

    for the Bankers, or belong to some stupid Cult or Gang.

    The Bad Guys are GARBAGE.

    Ultra Nasty GARBAGE. Low Lifes.



    Do something about it if it happens!!

    Otherwise, YOU may be next!!

    And they will kill ANYONE!!

    From Kennedy, to JFK Jr, to Sonny Bono, to Paul Wellstone.

    To THOUSANDS of people.


    If I'm threatened, I will broadcast it.

    This is not a JOKE or a PRANK, and I have not lost my Mind.

    Yes, I've taken Certain Precautions.  Invented, Copied, and Improved.

    Guaranteed to make things backfire in their faces.

    But you never know. The Slime might try.


    Thank you.

    Dave Morton



    Held Accountable??  NOBODY!!

    All the Thieves, Spies, Murderers, Imprisoners, and Miscellaneous

    Garbage are still walking Free, smoking their cigars, drinking

    their whiskey, Lying constantly, and WRECKING the USA.

    Including wrecking YOU.

    Ha ha ha!! Who cares???

    Ha ha ha!!

    Damaging your Kids, too.

    Ha ha ha!! Who cares??

    Have you ever CLICKED on WikiLeaks??

    They might ARREST you!!

    And they will probably INTERROGATE you!!

    Have you ever deleted your Browsing History??

    Aha!! They might ARREST you!!

    Heil Hitler!!


    The best Spy organization in the world, the East German Stasi,

    has been enormously impressed with the NSA!!

    They were just AMAZED!!!!

    (Stasi was better then the Soviet KGB.)


    EDWARD SNOWDEN is NOT a Traitor.

    He's a Hero!!

    He's a warm, smart, centered, grounded, patriotic, funny guy,

    who ended up marooned in Russia because the US Stupid Dept

    [the State Department] REVOKED his Passport while he was

    in transit. It's not his fault.

    But Russia is actually the only safe place in the world where

    he can live, right now, anyway.


    Did Snowden reveal any valid US Top Secrets??

    NO!!!! He did NOT!!!! 

    Ed Snowden did NOT reveal any sensitive US Top Secrets!!

    Such as Military Secrets (as OBozo has done!!!!).

    He revealed that the US Gov is SPYING on its own citizens,

    every day, without Warrants. Ordinary citizens.

    Regular Citizens.  Normal Citizens.  Innocent Citizens.


    Not just Criminals and Suspects. That's fine with me - and him. 

    The US Gov is spying on almost EVERYBODY!!


    And he revealed that the NSA spies on our Allies.

    Such as Angela Merkel's cell phone calls (Germany). 

    He added:  "If we're listening to Angela Merkel's phone calls,

    who ELSE are we listening to??"


    So he revealed two secrets of ILLEGAL ACTIVITY by the

    US Gov.

    Not Military Secrets, etc.


    He told the American People and the World what kind of

    ILLEGAL ACTIVITY the NSA is up to.

    That probably also alerted foreign "Good Guys" that their

    calls with Americans were Tapped - Recorded - Filed -

    Analyzed - Studied.


    Then, OBozo LIED on National Televison and said:

    "We're not listening to anyone's phone calls."

    What a Joke.  What a Liar.

    And what did OBozo DO about it??  NOTHING.

    That's because he's an Idiot and a Liar and a Traitor.

    Libs: That's who YOU Elected!!!  A BOZO TRAITOR!!


    And, of course, the US Gov was concerned ONLY with catching

    Snowden, the Patriot - not with stopping the ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.

    And the so-called "Whistleblower Protection" DOES NOT EXIST.

    It's a Myth and a Farce.

    It also doesn't protect Contractors, which Edward Snowden was,

    and MANY NSA employees are.

    It pertains only to EMPLOYEES (not Contractors), but even the

    Employees aren't protected.

    NO Whistleblowers are protected!!

    The US Gov LIES about everything.

    Edward Snowden told the TRUTH.

    He's a Decent, Honorable, Brave Man.


    The Idiots who criticize Snowden don't have a CLUE!!

    Sorry, but that even includes DONALD TRUMP, last I heard.

    He's WAY out in Left Field to be criticizing Ed Snowden.

    Remember, Mr. Trump: They're listening to YOUR phone calls, too!!

    And your FAXES.

    And your EMAILS.

    Before, During, and After your Campaign, Mr. Trump.

    Ed Snowden tried to tell you!!

    And your Employee's Phone Calls, Mr. Trump.

    And your Friends' Phone Calls....

    And their FAXES.

    And their EMAILS.

    And your Wife's Phone Calls.

    And your Wife's Friends Phone Calls, etc.

    And your Kids phone calls.

    Ed Snowden tried to tell you, Mr. Trump!!

    What do they DO with all that info??

    You might be in danger, Mr. Trump.

    I think you're a Good Guy, but what if you made a couple

    of Teeny Weeny Mistakes in your Life, Mr. Trump??

    What then?? 

    Snowden was trying to do YOU and ALL of us a favor. 


    Snowden is head-and-shoulders above Paul Revere, George Washington,

    Abraham Lincoln, and all the rest.

    They were all Brave and Honorable Men, but Snowden is BRAVER!!

    And just as Honorable!!

    He risked his Life and Lost his country.

    He wasn't even safe in Hong Kong!!

    They were looking for him, and would have found him, in time.

    Snowden is one of the Bravest and most Honorable people I have

    ever heard of!!


    If you think it's OK that the NSA is listening to YOU, just leave the

    microphones where they are, that we've placed in your Bedroom,

    in your Bathroom, in your Living Room, in your Kitchen,

    in your Office, in your Car, in your Garage, and everywhere else. 

    If you don't have anything to hide, you shouldn't mind. 

    And don't delete your Browser History!!

    And don't talk to any Reporters!!

    And don't listen to any Foreign Broadcasts!!

    Sieg Heil.


    (Hopfully, we hav the rite adress wen we raid your home at 2 oclock

    in the mornig.  Sometims we ,ake mistaks!! So wat!! Who cars!!

    The Furer will fiz it!! In a Prefect worl, this wooden hapen!!)  







    These Godless Bastards are trying to kill us and to make us sick.

    Others are trying to steal every last dime we have.  

    Others are trying to strip us of all our power and freedom, to

    eliminate the Country known as the United States of America,

    and create some kind of "Trade Zone" under the control of some

    Trade Zone Czar, or the United Nations, with no voice whatsoever

    in its policies or Leaders, followed by Political Amalgamation, still

    with no voice - no Vote - for We the People. 

    We would all be SERFS!!  ZEROS!!  NAMELESS CARBON UNITS!!


    Why??  Because these Godless Bastards are POWER FREAKS

    who like to control PEOPLE.  Not machines. Not computers.





    You:  PEONS!!

    You:  Someone to ABUSE, day and night.

    You:  Someone to hurt and torture!!

    Them:  POWER FREAKS!!

    Them:  PSYCHOPATHS!!  

    Them:  SOCIOPATHS!!  

    They're Sociopathic Psychotic Power Freaks!!

    They're Mentally Ill beyond description - almost beyond belief!! 

    They're SICK and TWISTED!!

    They were abused by people when they were young,

    and they're going to get EVEN!! 

    Get EVEN with the WORLD!!

    Get EVEN with YOU!!


    They're all Wacko CHARLES MANSON'S. 

    They're all Wacko SONS OF SAM. 

    They're all Wacko BOSTON STRANGLERS.

    They're all Wacko ED GEIN'S (Wisconsin).

    They're all Wacko NORMAN BATES ("Psycho") from the Bates Motel. 

    They're all Wacko GREEN RIVER KILLERS. 

    They're all Wacko "DEATH COSTUMES"  ("Brazil", 1958) - but REAL Killers.   

    They're all Wacko MIRANDA'S (later killed in a Knife Fight in a Bar). 


    Yes, Ernesto Miranda was found Guilty of:





       CAR THEFT.


    And he was defended for FREE by the ACLU and others!!

    (I used to contribute money to the ACLU, until I finally realized that it wasn't only "Justified"

    Cases that they were handling, but also completely Unjustified Cases, where the Suspect was

    clearly guilty, but just couldn't afford to hire a Lawyer.  As the years went by, their actions

    became more and more BRAINLESS and PRO-CRIMINAL.

    Instead of helping out some deserving people who had been framed, or whose charges had

    been illegally increased, or who had been sentenced to 20-30 Years for making an illegal

    Left Turn, they were assisting REAL CRIMINALS, getting perfectly valid charges mysteriously

    DROPPED, reducing sentences to a few months instead of a few Decades, keeping them out

    of Prison forever, making everyone feel sorry for the CRIMINAL instead of feeling sorry for

    the VICTIM or VICTIMS, etc, etc.

    Note that most Criminals, if caught and convicted, are Tried in Court on only a FRACTION

    of their Crimes.

    For every Crime they're Convicted of, they're often done TEN or TWENTY or more Crimes

    that never see the Light of Day in the Courtroom.

    Courts are too BUSY.  SWAMPED with Cases!!)  

    Another man (not Miranda) murdered a woman, and was caught with the Bloody Knife and

    Her Bloody Clothing!! 

    Caught Red-Handed!!!!

    But the Police forgot to read him his "Miranda Rights", so he was RELEASED. 

    He beat the Murder Charge because they didn't tell the Poor Baby that they might

    use his statements against him (Oh Horrors!!) and that this Piece of Crap was

    entitled to a Free Lawyer, paid for by the US Taxpayers.

    So they let the Piece of Crap go free because the stupid Libs said that the

    Police weren't being Fair to the Murdering Piece of Crap. Thank you, Libs.

    You made sure that the Dead Woman never got justice by Executing the

    Murdering Piece of Crap who Murdered Her.

    He was RELEASED!!  Released by pressure from the Stupid Libs on a Stupid


    You made sure that other Murdering Crap is free to go on murdering people.

    Even killing some Liberals!!  Like Liberal Women!!  And Children!!

    And Teachers!! And Nurses!! And Moms!!

    All because of you.  If they don't read the "Rights" to Murdering Pieces of Crap,

    the Murdering Pieces of Crap are set Free - Free to go out and Murder some more

    decent Citizens.  Like You.  And Me.  And your Kids.  And your Parents. 

    And your Friends. And Teachers. And Nurses. And Moms. DEAD. 

    Dead Friends. Dead Teachers. Dead Nurses. Dead Moms. ALL DEAD.

    Partly because of YOU - if you're a Bleeding Heart Liberal.


    That poor woman that the guy Murdered never received "Justice" because of the

    Bleeding Heart Liberals who got him RELEASED because the Cops didn't tell

    the Poor Baby that he could remain silent, refusing to tell them his name, his address,

    etc, and that he was entitled to a FREE Lawyer.

    Oh, Horrors!!  They didn't read him his "Rights for Pieces of Crap who Just

    Murdered a Woman, and was caught with the Bloody Knife and her

    Bloody Clothing."

    (Not only that: These days, I think they have to read his Piece of Crap Rights

    in Spanish, if he doesn't speak English!!)

    The Poor Piece if Crap Murderer!!  "Fair Play For Murderers!!".

    "Fair Play For Pieces Of Crap Murderers Of American Females!!".

    "Female Libs For Murderers of Females!!"  Yay!!!!!

    Make America a Gigantic Morgue Filled With Dead Females!!  Yay!!!!!

    And Dead Kids!!  And Dead Moms!!  And Dead Parents!!  Yay!!!!!

    And Dead Nieces and Nephews!!!!!  And Dead Aunts and Uncles!!!!!  Yay!!!!!

    Brought to by:  Modern Stupid Liberals!!!!!  Yay!!!!!

    And even the Modern Stupid Liberals will be DEAD!!!!!  Yay!!!!!

    Raped and Murdered by the Piece of Crap Scum the Libs Love!!!!!  Yay!!!!!

    Free Yuppy Coffee served at all Cemeteries and Hospitals!!  Yay!! 

    Free Discount Coupons available at all Cemeteries and Hospitals!!  Yay!!

    Free Game Pieces available at all Cemeteries and Hospitals!!  Yay!! 

    Win Free Prizes at all Cemeteries and Hospitals!!  Yay!! 

    Win a Free Autographed Picture of the Freed Murderer!!  Yay!!

    Win the Bloody Knife!!  Yay!!

    Win the Dead Woman's Bloody Clothing!!  Yay!!

    Win a Large Plaque that says:  "I'm a Smart Liberal, and I Protect Murderers and Hate Cops!!".  Yay!!

    Win a FREE TOMBSTONE!!!!!!!

    Win a Tombstone that says:  "I Was a Smart Liberal, and I Protected the Murderer and Hated Cops!!".  Yay!!

    Win Little Tombstones that say:  "My Dead Kids Loved the Murderer and Hated The Cops!!".  Yay!!)

    Let's all head for the Yuppy Coffee Shop and hang around our Stupid Liberal Yuppy Friends,

    who all think they're Oh So Smart, and Oh So Much Better Than Everybody Else, and think that

    they've Arrived because they drink Expensive Coffee and Expensive Unusual Coffee,

    some of them Dumb as a Doorknob and Ignorant as a Chinese Peasant, similar to the French Aristocrats

    before they were all decapitated in 1789, holding onto their Snuff Boxes, and tossing Coins out the

    window of their Carriage as payment for the Dead Little Girl they just killed with the Carriage as it

    blasted ahead at full speed through the crowded streets of Paris - smart enough to count money and

    play Croquet, but not smart enough to see the wreckage they leave in their Wake, ruining neighborhoods,

    ruining Lives, ruining entire Countries.

    Some of them.    

    And WAY too Arrogant and Ignorant to believe TRUTH and FACTS, with Fossilized Brains, long ago

    turned into STONE.


    (Murderers) Multiplied by MILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    If I end up dead under strange circumstances, I was Murdered.

    Murdered by the Evil Godless Bastards in the CIA, or who run the

    Drug Companies or Monsanto, or work for the FDA, or work

    for the Bankers, or belong to some stupid Cult or Gang.

    Or murdered by hired killers working for the US Gov.

    Get Mad, and Get Even!! 

    Get Even with the ones who did it!!

    At least THAT would be fully Justified!!

    It's not Immoral to protect yourself and your Family.

    It's your DUTY - and MINE.


    Don't buy into some kind of "Passivity" concept where striking back

    is some kind of Sin or Immoral Act.  BALONEY!!

    (By the way, Moses and Jesus never taught that. They weren't Insane.

    They didn't preach "Sacrifice" - especially for some weird Principle

    of Non-Violence against Murderers who walk around killing the good

    People of Society, leaving a trail of dead bodies behind them. 

    That's Baloney. And Insanity. 

    The Book of Matthew was "Edited" and Revised by someone to make

    it appear that Jesus was often a Wimp and an Idiot, causing confusion

    for the Reader, and asking the Church for interpretations, making the

    Readers dependent on the Church, with the Books or Mark, Luke,

    and John derived mostly from the Edited Matthew.

    Jesus was Pragmatic and had Common Sense - things mostly missing

    from the Edited version of Matthew.

    He never stated that you need to throw away your brains and act like

    some kind of Fool or Half-Wit in order to lead a good Life, nor

    sacrifice your Life, your Health, or your Treasure for some

    incomprehensible, perverse, and self-defeating, sabotaging Principles.

    "Turn the other Cheek." What does that mean??  It means:

    "Walk away from trouble.  Turn your cheek and your body, and

    walk away from trouble. Don't be stupid. Be smart. Don't invite

    trouble into your Life." It's an old Aramaic Expression.     

    It doesn't mean: "Hit me again on the other cheek." That's Perverted.

    But sometimes you have to kill Spiders, Snakes, and Murderers for

    your own protection, and for the protection of those around you.

    If you want to throw away your Life for no good reason, go ahead.

    But don't use popular Western Religion as your excuse.

    Neither Moses nor Jesus taught such Nonsense.) 

    It's Immoral if you DON'T try to strike back and clean this dangerous

    Garbage from our Society - if you can do so safely, and not endanger

    your Family and Friends.

    By being Passive and doing nothing, you're endangering yourselves

    and your Family and all of Civilized Society.


    Ed Snowden has had a HUGE positive effect on people, including people

    and governments around the world!!

    He is now viewed as a HERO by most people - and they're right.

    People are waking up to governmental malfeasance, and they are

    NOT PLEASED with it!!!!

    Snowden slowly changed from a Traitor to a HERO, in People's Minds,

    as people slowly began to realize what a good thing he did, at GREAT


    Ed Snowden is truly a GREAT MAN and a COURAGEOUS MAN,

    and more and more people are waking up to it every day.


    Today, he his quite happy and comfortable, has always known that

    he did the right thing, has no self doubt, is VERY thoughtful and DEEP,

    and has many friends and supporters in Russia - both Russians and

    "International" friends who visit him - Americans, Brits, and many others. 


    Will Snowden ever return to the States??


    He knows that his chances of getting a FAIR TRIAL are almost ZERO.

    Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers, Vietnam, Whistle Blower) did NOT

    receive a Fair Trial, years ago, or anything even CLOSE to it.

    He got off on a mere technicality in the Trial. It was a Close Call. 

    Ellsberg exposed the sham of the Vietnam War, and the many LIES

    told by the US Gov.

    Trusting in the US Gov to give you a Fair Trial for being a Whistle

    Blower is like trusting Jaws to be in a Good Mood after eating too

    many Fishing Boats, but promising not to eat you for dessert.   


    And of course, the Bastards didn't clean their own House and admit

    that Ellsberg was right. Instead they tried to prosecute Ellsberg for

    revealing that they were Lying, Criminal, Scumbag, Godless Bastards. 

    Shoot the Messenger!!  It's worked so well in the past ("Just ignore

    all those planes on the Radar Screen, and don't bother me any more....")

    that they felt they should try it again. 

    After all:  He revealed Top Secret Information!!  He must be a

    Bad Person!!  Never mind that the American People were being

    defrauded, and that our soldiers were dying and being wounded,

    and that we were spending Billions of Dollars on this thing!!

    This war that we LOST!!  That's beside the point!! (cough) 


    (Ironically, the US Government CAUSED the conflict in Vietnam

    by moving thousands of North Vietnamese into South Vietnam.

    They caused a war, which is what they wanted. Wars are profitable.

    Bankers and Industrialists LIKE wars!!

    But they and the Government HATE Whistleblowers!!!!

    "Business As Usual" is often based on Corruption - sometimes with

    attendant Deaths and Injuries, and always with Theft in some form.

    Whistleblowers EXPOSE that Corruption.

    Naturally, they're HATED by the Bad Guys.) 




    I'm not making any predictions, here.

    BUT,  If I end up dead under strange circumstances, I was Murdered.

    Find the Godless Bastards who did it, and see that they're Executed.

    I'm pretty sure that God does not like Godless Bastards.


          Dave Morton

          October, 2016