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JFK Assassination Section


JFK Assassination Section


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  •      JFK Info follows this Intro. 


  •  How to put it??? 

     Look at these Predictions and Complete Misunderstandings at how

     things work: 


     "The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a novelty - a fad.

     1903. Horace Rackham, the President of the Michigan Savings Bank, advising Henry Ford's

      lawyer, not to invest in the Ford Motor Co.


     "Rail travel at high speed is not possible because passengers, unable to

     breathe, would die of asphyxia.

     Dr. Dionysys Larder (1793-1859), professor of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy,

     University College, London. 

     (Speeds discussed:  12-20 MPH.  No Roof, no Walls on the Passenger Cars.)


    "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.

     1977.  Ken Olson, President, Chairman, and Founder of Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC),

     maker of big business mainframe computers, arguing against the PC in 1977.


    "Edison's Electric Lamp is a completely Idiotic Idea."

    1878.  Sir William Preece, Britain's Chief Engineer.

    (It was already lighting the Night Sky in Menlo Park, USA.

    But, of course, all the local "Scientists" (cough) refused Edison's invitation to see how

    he had lit the streets around his Lab in Menlo Park with his Electric Lights.

    After all:  The Pope himself had refused to look thru Galileo's Telescope to view the

    Moons of Jupiter (proving Galileo right by his Refusal - why Refuse if G was Wrong???

    --- DO Refuse if G was Right --- and prove yourself to be a Jerk and a Liar, and

    AFRAID to be proven Wrong).

    Only Jerks and Liars and Scumbags Refuse to look at the Evidence, afraid of being

    Wrong, afraid of the STRENGTH of the Evidence that the Claimers have [such as

    Light Bulbs Everywhere!!], and THINK that their Refusal to look at the Evidence

    somehow NEGATES it. )

    The only exception would be that they're busy, or the Evidence is too far away,

    the guy is obviously a Genuine Crackpot, etc, etc.

    A Refusal also states the degree of Pompousness and Ignorant Arrogance that one has,

    being "Too important" (cough) to look at the Evidence.

    What a LAUGH!! 

    Arrogance doesn't bother me if one has EARNED it!!

    Pompousness is just a Fictional and Inflated view of one's own Importance,

    Knowledge, and Intellect. 

    So why would those Pompous "Scientists" waste their time viewing something

    that was Impossible, according to them??)


     Everybody thinks they're an Expert.

     Even the "Experts". 

     So many people live in a BOX - a Little House, a White Picket

     Fence, with "NORMAL" things surrounding them.

     And Everybody thinks they know EVERYTHING!! 

     And Everybody thinks that Everything is NORMAL!! 

     And Everybody thinks that NOTHING is Abnormal or Unusual!! 




     There are STILL some people who think we didn't go to the Moon,

     that it was all FAKED on a Hollywood Soundstage, and seem to

     believe that we made only ONE claim in 1969 with Neil Armstrong

     and the Boys, but that ONE claim was actually a FAKE, it was all

     Faked on a Hollywood Soundstage, and nobody went to the Moon.

     And that one of the "Proofs" is that we did it only once (Faked it

     only once) in 1969, so there. 

     Some seemingly "Rational" people are saying this. Gag me!!!!


     Do you realize how RIDICULOUS their claims are????????

     We went to the Moon TEN (10) TIMES, AND LANDED SIX (6)


     Timeframe: 1969-1972.

     Photos:  Tens of THOUSANDS of Photos!!

     Movies:  Many HOURS of Movies!! 


     First Manned Orbit of the Moon:  1968.  LIVE TELEVISION.

            Around the backside of the Moon for the first time in History.

            Then back to the Earth. 

            Christmas Eve, Dec 24th, 1968, Live on Television.

            I watched it.  

     Moon Rocks Brought Back:  HUNDREDS OF POUNDS.

            From one or more trips. 

     Moon Rocks Donated to Universities around the World:


     Experiments Placed on the Moon:  Multiple, and sending back

            Signals to the Earth - such as Moon Quakes and Laser

            Reflectors, etc.

     Spaceships and Astronauts Tracked and Monitored:

            Multiple Stations around the World.

     Pickup in the Ocean:  Seen in Person by THOUSANDS of Navy

            Personnel, as the Space Capsule descended by Parachute into

            the Ocean, and the Astronauts were picked up by a Navy


            Seen on Television by MILLIONS of people.

            (Multiple trips, multiple times).

     Delivery to the Navy Ship: Seen in Person by HUNDREDS of Navy


            Seen on Television by MILLIONS of people.

            (Multiple trips, multiple times). 

     Effort to Fake Everything:  IMPOSSIBLE.

           *  Faking ZERO GRAVITY for Hundreds of Hours.

           *  Faking transmissions from the Moon, as it changes location

               continuously with the Earth's Rotation. 

               Directional Antennas needed to be pointed AT the Astronauts

               on the Moon.

               Therefore, the Earthbound Directional Antennas needed to

               continuously MOVE with the position of the Moon.  

               If the Astronauts weren't there, how would NASA pick up

               their Voices??

           *  Faking Hundreds of Hours of Televised activity, from Space,

               from Orbiting the Moon, from walking on the Moon,

               from Landing on the Moon, from linking up with the Orbiter,

               from driving the Rover across the Moon, etc. 

           *  Faking THOUSANDS of Photographs.

           *  Faking Hundreds of Pounds of Moon Rocks. 

               How would you DO that???

           *  Faking Chromosomal Damage from the Van Allen Radiation


           *  Getting people like Dr. Werner von Braun to agree to FAKE

               the Moon Missions. 

               He WANTED us to go to the Moon!!  

               It was a Life-long Dream and Goal of his!!  

           *  Getting the Astronauts to agree to FAKE multiple Manned

               Missions to the Moon for TEN (10) Trips.

               That's 30 Astronauts plus Backup Crews. 

               No Self-Respecting American would do such a thing.

           *  Getting 400,000 people to agree to FAKE multiple Manned

               Missions to the Moon. 

               400,000 people worked on the Moon Project (Apollo).

               No Self-Respecting American would do such a thing.


     This whole thing is a Farce and a Red Herring.

     We went to the Moon TEN (10) TIMES, AND LANDED SIX (6)

     TIMES from 1969 to 1972!!!!! 

     We went to the Moon TEN (10) TIMES, AND

     LANDED SIX (6) TIMES from 1969 to 1972!!!!! 

     All the Apollo Missions (Moon Missions) were broadcast around the

     World on LIVE TELEVISION!!!! 

     From Space, from the Moon, from Cape Canaveral, and from Houston

     (Ground Control). 


     No one died in Space, but several Astronauts died on the Ground

     during testing of the Space Capsule.

     If anyone was Faking it (they weren't), those Deaths would mark the

     end of any Fakery!!

     They would say:  "People are DYING for a Fake Moon Landing???

     Count me OUT!!!   I QUIT!!!   Those Guys were my FRIENDS!!

     I'm not going to participate in this Deadly Nonsense any more!!"

     But nobody Quit.  That's because the Project was REAL.  


     The Point:

     1.  Some people don't believe the TRUTH.

         *  Yes, we went to the Moon.

             TONS of Evidence for it.

             Haven't these people looked at the EVIDENCE??? 

         *  Yes, JFK's Assassination was a Conspiracy. 

             TONS of Evidence for it.

             Haven't these people looked at the EVIDENCE???


     2.  Some people believe LIES.

          *  "We never went to the Moon".

          *  "We made one FAKE creation of the Moon Landing".

          *  "Oswald did it - the Lone Nut".

          *  JFK's Assassination was not a Conspiracy. 


     3.  Some people believe UTTER NONSENSE.

          *  Like "One Fake Attempt at a Moon Landing in 1969."

             Hello????  Anybody home????  

             We made TEN (10) trips to the Moon and SIX (6) Landings.


             I watched almost ALL of them on Television, and I've looked

             at HUNDREDS of pictures!!    

         *  Like "Conspiracies are almost unheard of".

             News Flash:  Conspiracies happen ALL THE TIME.  

         *  Like "Oswald did it."

             He did????  Prove it!!  There's NO PROOF that he shot JFK. 

             Who used the MAUSER???  

             Why were Mac Wallace's Fingerprints found on some 6th Floor

             Book Boxes??

             Mac Wallace was LBJ's Hit Man, and he used Mausers.

         *  Like "Oswald was a Lone Nut." 

             But he had no HISTORY of Craziness, no Motive to shoot JFK,

             he had worked for the CIA and the FBI, he owned a CIA

             "Spy Camera" (a Minnox with a low serial number), no one saw

             him in that window with a Rifle, the Rifle hadn't been fired in

             AGES, he had been eating lunch downstairs in the Domino Room,

             his Fingerprints were not found on the Rifle, he didn't own that

             Rifle, etc, etc, etc.

             If he was a Nut, why did he work for the CIA and the FBI??

             Do the CIA and FBI hire NUTS???  CRAZY people???

             If he fired that Rifle, why is it filled with Rust and Corrosion??

             If he owned that Rifle, why is there no RECORD of who sold

             it to Oswald, who owned it before Oswald, and what happened

             to it after it landed on the New Jersey Dock??

             By Federal Law, they're supposed to LOG and TRACK those

             things. Yet there's NO PAPER TRAIL of "Oswald's Rifle".

             The claim that Oswald purchased the Rifle from Klein's Sporting

             Goods of Chicago with a Magazine Ad is ridiculous because Klein's

             never HAD that Rifle in stock.

             For that matter, NOBODY had that Rifle in stock.

             It DISAPPEARED after arrival at the Dock.

             It was apparently STOLEN off the New Jersey Dock.

             Meaning:  The Warren Report is a BIG FAT LIE.



     So we have a situation where some people don't believe that we landed

     on the Moon, and some people believe other types of UTTER


     LIES and UTTER NONSENSE about the Moon Landings and JFK's

     Assassination, thinking that "Oswald did it".


     If you don't believe that we landed on the Moon, you're a perfect

     candidate for believing that "Oswald did it".


     Conspiracies DO happen!!  They happen all the time!!

     But the Moon Program was not a Conspiracy!!

     It was not a $5 BILLION DOLLAR Conspiracy by NASA and

     400,000 workers plus THOUSANDS of Reporters!!


     The Kennedy Assassination WAS a Conspiracy!!

     It's not a "THEORY". 

     It was thoroughly planned.

     It really happened.  





  •  Topic:


     President John F Kennedy.

     Mid-November, 1963, at Columbia [ALLEGED]:


        "There's a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman,

        and child.

        Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot."


        7 days after President Kennedy made this statement, he was

        Assassinated.  Dead.


     NOTE: This "Quote" is apparently FAKE - invented, according to

     a student who was studying at Columbia at the time, and according

     to others who say that no one knows when or where he said it.

     Some others say that if he said it, he must have been speaking of

     Communism, which is extremely doubtful, since J Edgar Hoover was

     aware of such a Communist plot years earlier, and was fighting the

     Commies as well as the Crooks.

     Additionally, we first heard of this "Quote" in the 1980's - not in the

     1960's when one would expect it to be widely publicized in order

     to point the Finger of Guilt of JFK's Murder in the right, general



     In any event, the statement is CORRECT even if JFK never said it!!

     And there is a Mountain of evidence for it, even though JFK probably

     did not make that exact statement!!


     JFK almost certainly did NOT say it Publicly, and probably did NOT

     say it Privately, and we really don't know if JFK knew about the

     massive conspiracy to enslave us all.

     But we know for certain that JFK would have fought HARD against

     it, if he had known, and might have been doing so when he was killed.


     And he might have been fighting them behind the Scenes!!

     There's evidence that he WAS fighting them behind the Scenes!!

     And that's evidently one reason why he was killed.   


     That statement by Kennedy is HARDLY EVER QUOTED.

     [.... Probably because he evidently never said it.] 

     All you ever hear from the Bozos in the Mainstream Media is:

     "Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy.  He was just a Lone Nut."

     It was an "Isolated Event".  

     Gag me!! 


     JFK evidently found out!!

     But WHO was behind this Plot??

     WHO did he discover??

     Answer:  He discovered the same people who KILLED him.

                    (Most likely). 


     Who killed Kennedy??

     Answer:  The Enslavers. And some others who hated Kennedy.


     Who are the Enslavers??

     Answer:  The Scumbag Globalists and War Mongers.

                     And the Bankers.


     Kennedy shouldn't have revealed his Information!!

     Kennedy shouldn't have revealed his Plans!!

     (I don't know if he revealed his Information or Plans.)


     Do you think that perhaps those same Bad Guys were behind JFK's

     Assassination??  Gee. What a tough question!!


     Trump is trying to expose this same plot AND Dismantle it!!

     He needs to be VERY careful. 


     How could the Anti-Kennedy and Anti-Trump people be Good if they

     don't want us to know who's behind the Marches and the myriad other

     events intended to harm and cripple the Administration?? 

     Grass Roots people might START organizing a March or a Group, but

     Big Money FINANCES them and gets things rolling and completed.

     Who are the Big Money people??  (George Soros and others).


     Kennedy wasn't supposed to win. But he did.

     Trump wasn't supposed to win.  But he did.


     Kennedy was ANTI-Globalist.

     Trump is ANTI-Globalist.


     Kennedy was ANTI-War-Mongers.

     Trump is ANTI-War-Mongers.


     Kennedy was HONEST.

     Trump is HONEST.


     Kennedy was full of ENERGY.

     Trump is full of ENERGY.


     Kennedy was ELOQUENT.

     Trump is ELOQUENT.


     Kennedy was SAVVY and NAIVE.

     Trump is NAIVE and SAVVY. 


     Kennedy was a KIND man.

     Trump is a KIND man. 


     Kennedy was a GOOD man.

     Trump is a GOOD man.



     Kennedy was a POLITICIAN (a good Politician).

     Trump is a BUSINESSMAN (a good Businessman). 


     (By the way, Good people like Kennedy and Trump almost NEVER talk about

     the Good Deeds they do for people. They just DO them.)


     All of the Idiots marching against Trump are marching FOR the Enslaving Globalists.

     All of the Idiots marching against Trump are marching FOR the WAR MONGERS.

     All of the Idiots marching against Trump are marching AGAINST KENNEDY.

     All of the Idiots marching against Trump are marching FOR KENNEDY'S KILLERS.



     The Anti-Trump Idiots are being USED by the Bad Guys.

     The Anti-Trump Idiots are being USED by the War Mongers. 

     The Anti-Trump Idiots are being USED by the Globalists. 

     The Anti-Trump Idiots are being USED by Kennedy's Killers. 



     The War Mongers got the Feminists cranked up to a Fever Pitch against Trump.

     The Clueless Feminists are working for the War Mongers!!!!

     The Clueless "Celebrities" are also working for the War Mongers!!!!


     They didn't turn the People against Kennedy: They KILLED him.

     Then they REPLACED him. 


     They replaced him with Scumbag Lyndon Johnson.   

     They replaced him with Scumbag Richard Nixon.   

     They replaced him with Scumbag Gerald Ford.   

     They replaced him with Scumbag Jimmy Carter.   

     They replaced him with Scumbag George Bush.   

     They replaced him with Scumbag GW Bush.    

     They replaced him with Scumbag Obozo - the muslum Communist.   


     They're trying to kill Trump just as they killed JFK.

     Be careful, Mr. President.

     Remember what they did to Kennedy!!






    Dallas, Texas.

    Friday, November 22nd, 1963:

    That's the date Kennedy was Murdered.

    The date our Country was stolen from us by CRIMINALS.


    They didn't just steal a man's Life.

    They stole our COUNTRY.


    And they MURDERED about 150 additional

    People to keep them Quiet.


    And the Murders are CONTINUING!!


    We are now Officially....





    with Loaded Guns, Handkerchiefs,

    Sloganeering, Marching, Screaming,

    Busting Windows, Damaging Property,

    Civil Unrest,

    Dead Leaders, Dead Employees,

    Sidelined Candidates, a Dead Economy, 

    Dead Minds, Dead Water, Dead Food,

    and Corrupt Officials.

    Perhaps Trump can fix it.


    The Annual Bilderberg Conference:

    Most of the Bilderberg Attendees just want to



    Even though they sometimes meet in the USA,

    90 Percent of them are NOT Americans.


    (2017: Meeting at a Swanky Hotel in Chantilly Virginia.

    HUNDREDS of Guards around the Hotel.

    For its first 20 years, no one had even HEARD

    of it. 

    For many years, most people didn't even

    BELIEVE there was such a thing.

    The Garbage Mainstream Media DENIES that

    it exists.  

    The Garbage Mainstream Media REFUSES

    to cover it.


    The "Alternative Media" has covered it for

    YEARS - with Video and Photo Proof of Dozens

    of Limousines arriving, Hundreds of Guards

    Posted around the Building, Helicopters overhead,

    Areas Outside ROPED OFF and GUARDED,

    Lists of Attendees Purloined - All Big Names,

    like Henry Kissinger, etc.

    But NEVER MSM - never the Mainstream Media

    -  CNN, etc.  Not a PEEP!! ) 


    I wouldn't complain if they were just working on

    their Businesses, and keeping them profitable. 

    But they're not.


    They're doing that AND trying to Screw You, and

    Control You, and keep you Dumbed Down, and

    keep you Unhealthy, and keep you Powerless,

    and keep you Ignorant, and Dissolve the Borders

    of ALL COUNTRIES including the USA.


    The "European Union" (EU) is a Real-Life

    example of that, and they're trying to Homogenize

    it even more.

    The "Euro" Currency is another example of

    Homogenizing Europe.


    Did Trump ever attend any Bilderberg meetings??

    I don't know.  He might have.

    If he did attend, he attended as a Sleeper Cell,

    most likely, then turned against them. 

    Too bad.  Who cares?? 

    They deserve whatever Poison they get.

    The New World Order Scumbags want to

    CONTROL YOU and steal your money!!


    The "Globalists" want to CONTROL YOU,

    take away your Freedoms, and DISSOLVE the

    United States, making it a BIG BLOB with

    Wealthy Criminals in control!!


    They want to destroy our SOVEREIGNTY!!


    What does that mean??

    It means that SOME GROUP OF FOREIGN  SCUMBAGS would be telling YOU what you

    are PERMITTED to do, and what you are

    NOT permitted to do.


    Some DIRTY PAKISTANIS would be telling

    YOU and ME and YOUR KIDS what you

    are PERMITTED to do, and what you are

    NOT permitted to do.


    Your Power would be diminished to the level 

    of a CHILD'S POWER.

    Your Voice would be diminished to the level 

    of a CHILD'S VOICE.


    The "Neo-Cons" want Perpetual WAR!!

    The Neo-Cons want to destroy nations and rebuild

    them as Socialist countries.

    It doesn't work!!  Duh............ 

    It has NEVER worked!!

    It WILL NEVER work!! 

    But these Idiots continue to claim that it

    WILL work - Someday. Next year.

    5 years from now. 10 years from now.

    500 years from now.

    5,000 years from now.

    50,000 years from now.

    500,000 years from now.

    25,123,456,789,321,097 years from now.


    With the Globalists:

    Mexico would become part of the USA. 

    Panama would become part of the USA. 

    Uruguay would become part of the USA. 

    Venezuela would become part of the USA. 

    Afghanistan would become part of the USA. 

    Somalia would become part of the USA. 

    Nigeria would become part of the USA. 

    Liberia would become part of the USA. 

    Chad would become part of the USA. 


    Dirt-and-Dirt would become part of the USA. 

    Dirt-and-Crud would become part of the USA. 

    Bonga-Bonga would become part of the USA. 

    Booga-Booga would become part of the USA. 

    Cannibals would become part of the USA. 

         (Yes, they still exist in Africa.) 

         (Yes, they have plenty of food to eat.)

         (Yes, they sell Body Parts.)

         (Yes, they kill for Body Parts.) 



    With NO BORDERS.



    And EVERYONE can move HERE!!

    And get FREE Handouts!!

    And get FREE Housing!!

    And get FREE Money!!

    And get FREE Medical Care!!

    And get FREE Dental Care!!

    And get FREE Education!!


    Even the CANNIBALS!!

    And the Cannibals would get Free Food: YOU!!


    You would have NO VOTE!!    

    You would have NO SAY!!    

    You would have NO VOICE!!

    You would have NO INFLUENCE!!

    You would have NO POWER!!


    Remember:  You're just a CHILD!! 

    You would be a HELPLESS CHILD!!


    In Europe, if you complain, they FINE you

    huge amounts, and send you to Prison!!    


    In Europe, if you complain that the muslums

    are GARBAGE, they FINE you huge amounts,

    and send you to Prison!!    



    Kennedy was MURDERED because he saw

    the EVIL, he saw the Handwriting on the Wall,

    and he apparently figured out who was behind

    it.  So they killed him, although it was probably

    in the works Weeks or Months before he made

    that statement, and killed for Multiple Reasons

    by Multiple Groups. 


    God Speed, President Trump.

    God Speed!!


    President Trump:

    Be Safe, be Well, keep Fixing things, and

    keep draining the SWAMP!!




    You may not be interested in Politics, but

    Politics is interested in YOU!! 


    You may not be interested in Politics, but

    Politics is interested in YOU!! 


    You may not be interested in Politics, but

    Politics is interested in YOU!! 



    (I HATE Politics!! 

    So many of the Politicians and their Lackeys are SWAMP CREATURES.

    My only "Interest" in Politics is in Self-Defense -

    PROTECTING myself from the "Politicians" -

    and other UN-ELECTED SCUM. 

    PROTECTING myself from the "SWAMP CREATURES".) 















                         JFK's Assassination



        Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry, 11/24/1963,

        2 days after Kennedy was shot:

       "We don`t have any proof that Oswald fired

        the rifle, and never did. 


       Nobody`s yet been able to put him in that

       building with a gun in his hand."

       Jesse Curry

       November 24th, 1963

       2 days after Kennedy was shot.




       The Dallas Police Chief.

       Interrogating people for 2 Days.     

       No proof that Oswald fired that Rifle.

       No proof that Oswald was in that Building

       with a Gun in his hand.


       IE, whoever shot Kennedy, it wasn't Oswald.


     (And no Photos of Oswald in the Window, either.)


     That figures. 

     For one thing, "Oswald's Carcano Rifle" was full of

     RUST and CORROSION, according to the FBI Report!!

     Even the Firing Pin was Rusty!!

     It hadn't been fired in AGES!!

     "Oswald's Rifle" hadn't been fired in AGES!! 


     And Oswald didn't own it.

     And Oswald's Fingerprints weren't on the Rifle. 


     And NO ONE saw Oswald in the window.


     And no "Carcano" bullets were found in JFK's Body.

     Or in Governor Connelly's Body (wounded). 

     Or in the Limo. 

     Or in the Grass.

     Or on the Street. 


     Did the Warren Commission ever produce "Carcano Bullets"

     from Kennedy's body??  Or the Upholstery??  Or the Grass??

     Or the Street??  Or from Governor Connelly's Body??

     Show me the Photographs.      



     The 6th Floor Carcano was NOT the Murder Weapon!!

     And it was the "WRONG MODEL" - different from what the

     Warren Commission claimed.

     The WC said it was a Model "123XYZ" (invented Model), but

     the actual model was a Model "456ABC" (invented Model). 

     Pretty SLOPPY for identifying the Murder Weapon!!

     And Klein Sporting Goods never SOLD a Rifle with that

     Serial Number to anyone. 

     And Klein Sporting Goods never RECEIVED a Rifle with that

     Serial Number.

     And the Warehouse never SHIPPED that Rifle to Klein's or

     anywhere else.  

     And the Warehouse never RECEIVED that Rifle from the

     New Jersey Port.


     That Rifle was STOLEN from the dock at the New Jersey Port

     (Harborside Terminal). 

     Who would steal a Rifle from a Dock??

     Jack Ruby the Gun Runner and LBJ Employee, perhaps??

     Did LBJ tell Jack Ruby to steal that Rifle?? 


     LBJ KNEW Jack Ruby!! 

     Jack Ruby worked for LBJ at one time!!!!

     As Jack Ruby publicly stated:

     "Ask the Man in the White House." 


     Someone PLANTED that Rifle in the Book Depository.

     Who would PLANT a Rifle in the Book Depository??

     Jack Ruby the Gun Runner and LBJ Employee, perhaps??

     Mac Wallace, perhaps - the LBJ Employee??


     And no Amateur or Professional Assassin would ever use a

     Carcano .22  "TOY RIFLE" with old, unreliable, underpowered,

     scarce, hard to find, WW2 Ammo to shoot at a moving target, 

     moving away in 3 directions (AWAY, LEFT, DOWNHILL), and

     shooting thru a Tree Limb, and with a Scope that hadn't been

     sighted-in with 10 test shots after being assembled, and was so

     far out of alignment that the FBI had to use shims to bring it into



     Yet they claimed that OSWALD used a WW2 Italian Mannlicher

     Carcano Rifle to shoot President Kennedy, known to the Italian

     Army as "The Humanitarian Rifle" because it never hit anyone



     It's a .22 for shooting Birds, Squirrels, and Rabbits if they're

     standing still !!


     Using a Carcano would be like entering a TRICYCLE in the

     INDY-500 RACE.



     The Carcano: 

     It's a .22 TOY RIFLE!!


     If you own a Carcano, you probably

     ride a TRICYCLE, too!!


     Carcano Ammo was Old, Degraded,

     Unreliable, Under-powered, and almost 

     impossible to find in Dallas/Fort Worth.

     Ammo not produced by Winchester since


     (Winchester and the US Government were

     helping the Italian Resistance during the War

     by producing Carcano Ammo.) 


     Just right for a TOY RIFLE!!   


     They would use a High Powered Rifle such as a German Mauser

     or a Winchester 30.30 or 30.06 and MULTIPLE shooters from

     MULTIPLE Locations. 

     (Lyndon Johnson's Personal Assassin, Malcolm Wallace,

     preferred Mausers.  They found a Mauser on the 6th Floor, at

     the other end from the Fake "Sniper's Nest".

     And they found his Fingerprints on some boxes, identified as

     his years later.)


     This "Oswald Did It" theory is PREPOSTEROUS!!

     "Oswald" is completely irrelevant. 



     JFK - Summary 1.

     Yes, It Was a Conspiracy and Oswald didn't do it. 

     Oswald was a "PATSY" - someone to take the blame,

     just as he said.

     Oswald was a PACIFIER.  

     Someone to Pacify the People that the Perp had been caught. 

    And Oswald was a DECOY.

    Someone to divert our attention from the Guilty.

    And very Dead so he couldn't talk.  



         Patsy.  Pacifier.  Decoy.




    "I didn't shoot anybody. I'm just a Patsy."

    He gave away part of the plot on television.

    It's surprising that he said that on TV.

    But maybe the Bad Guys weren't able to keep the

    Reporters away.... 

    Maybe the Bad Guys hoped we would FORGET what

    Oswald had said.  Or not understand it.

    ("What does he mean by 'A Patsy'???")

    Oswald knew what he meant, but we didn't.

    We didn't have the Big Picture.

    Oswald had Most of the Big Picture to get his



    But part of it was a LIE.

    They left out the part where he's SHOT and Killed,

    instead of "Released from Jail after a few Days".

    And when they catch the Real Killers.

    A "Mafia Patsy" would be Dead in a few Days.

    Maybe even Dead the SAME Day as the Murder.    

    Oswald didn't live long - shot 2 days later.


    Almost shot the SAME Day in the Movie Theater.

    (That's PROBABLY where Oswald was supposed to

    be killed - so he couldn't say ANYTHING!!

    Killed in the Movie Theater during a Struggle!!

    Even with the Lights On in the Theater, it would be

    very difficult for most people in the audience to clearly

    see who did what.  Oswald was sitting BEHIND most

    of them in the Balcony.)     


    The government criminals blamed it all on

    some guy named Oswald or Osgood or

    Waldo or somebody.


    Oswald was Dead at Age 24.  


    The JFK article won't save your life, but it will

    tell you who DIDN'T do it, and partially

    who DID do it. 


    (It was a "Mafia Style" Professional Hit, complete

    with a "Patsy" to blame and kill, pacifying the people,

    even though he didn't do it.

    It was "Guilt by Suspicion", and "Dead Men Tell

    No Tales", not "Guilt by Proof" and a Real Trial. 

    "Dead-Oswald" couldn't defend himself.

    Both Mafia Style Murders.  And CIA Style Murders.) 


    Our country was STOLEN from us, and Kennedy's

    Assassination might have been the first step.

    Kennedy wasn't supposed to win the election, and

    he wouldn't cooperate with the Bad Guys.

    And he did other things that enraged them - maybe

    doing some things on purpose. 

    So they killed him.  Murdered him.

    Kennedy was a good man. His killers were Scum.


    The notion that "Oswald did it" is just

    Laughable.  Ridiculous.


    Even the Warren Commission was just a phony tool

    to try to pacify the American public.

    Most of the testimony was altered prior to being

    published in the "Warren Clown Report".

    Don't bother reading it....

    Dozens of people who gave testimony to the FBI and

    the Warren Commission have said:

    "I didn't say that.... I was MISQUOTED!!". 

    And the FBI pressured people over and over, week

    after week, to change their testimony. 


    Includes a list of 78 of the 100-150 people who have been

    murdered in connection with JFK's murder. 

    People who "saw too much", people who "knew too much",

    people who planned to talk to the Press, people who

    knew Oswald as a quiet, gentle man, people who heard

    about the plot, people who knew Jack Ruby, people who

    interviewed Jack Ruby, etc.


    "Drove off a cliff."  "Car blew up."  "Suicide."

    "Fell off a building." "Car accelerator stuck." 

    "Killed during a Robbery."  "Ate some bad Seafood."

    "Ate some bad 'Mushrooms'."  "Fell off a bridge."

    "Took way way too many Sleeping Pills." 

    "Cause undetermined."  "Cause unexplained."

    "No Autopsy performed."  "No Autopsy ordered." 

    "Hard to say."  "Nobody knows."  "A Big Fat Mystery."

    "We forgot to do an Autopsy.",

    "We forgot to call the Coroner.",

    "The Coroner had a Cold that day.",

    "The Coroner was having a Bad Hair Day.",

    "The Coroner was on Vacation, again.",

    "The Coroner Lost the Autopsy Report, again.",

    "Plane crashed."  "Plane disappeared."  "Plane blew up."

    "Plane was flying upside down."  "Couldn't find the Airport."

    "Freezing Drizzle."  "Rain."  "Clouds."  "Night time."  "Dark."



    "Heart attack."   "Heart attack."  "Heart attack."    (Age 40 or 50). 

    "Cancer."            "Cancer."            "Cancer."             (Age 40 or 50). 

    "Suicide."           "Suicide."          "Suicide."

    "Drove off a cliff."    "Drove off a cliff."    "Drove off a cliff."

    "Drove into a Wall."  "Drove into a Wall."  "Drove into a Wall."



    "Attacked by a Gerbil."    "Attacked by a Dinosaur."

    "Attacked by an Antelope."   "Attacked by a Whale." 

    "Furnace blew up."  "Stove blew up."  "Water Heater blew up",

    "Light bulb exploded." "Struck by Lightning."  "Hit by a Meteor." 

    "Hit by a plane." "Hit by a Satellite."  "Hit by a Hula Hoop." 


    Did "Dead-Oswald" kill them??

    Oswald has been *DEAD* since November 24th, 1963,

    Sunday morning.  (How convenient.) 

    Kinda hard to go around killing people if you're already

    dead yourself.....  

    WHY did they die?? 

    Who killed those people in 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968,

    1969, 1970, etc???


    People in other countries already know this.

    And they know that Oswald did NOT do it.

    Italians and Mafia types recognized it right away.


    ONLY Americans were saying:  "Gee, that Oswald dude must

    have done it 'cause he looked sorta Sneaky, y'know??"

    ONLY Americans still think that Oswald did it.  

    ONLY Americans think that "Guilt by Suspicion"

    is valid Evidence and Proof. 


    ONLY Americans think that SPAM is valid Evidence and Proof. 


    It's a Witch Hunt - as old as the hills.

    And just as Stupid.

    And the Bad Guys are STILL killing people!!

    If Oswald didn't kill those 100-150 people, who did??  

    If Oswald was dead 2 days later, who killed those 100-150 people??

    How could Dead-Oswald kill all those people??

    Answers please.....  We're waiting.....

    Let's have your answers, Oswald Theorists....


    Oswald Theorists:  Who killed all those people over the years??

    Who killed 100-150 people??

    (Some say "200 people").  


    For the Oswald Theorists:

    Yes, It Was a Conspiracy.

    Of course it was a conspiracy -- "A Secret Group Effort".

    A Covert Operation.

    JFK was killed by a conspiracy.

    It's not a "Theory". 

    The only "Theory" is The Oswald Theory.

    Conspiracy means "A Secret Group Effort".

    Two or more people.

    It happens every single day, everywhere, all the time -

    even where you work. 

    It's happening right now. Everywhere, all the time.

    It's very common. 



    *  JFK - Summary 2.  

       Oswald didn't do it. Not a chance.

       So many additional deaths. Oswald didn't kill all those people.

       How could he???  He was dead.    

       Oswald was killed on Sunday, November 24th, 1963.

       The murder of Robert Kennedy, Senator Paul Wellstone,

       Senator Sonny Bono, JFK-Junior - Kennedy's son, Hale Boggs,

       Dorothy Kilgallen, Marilyn Monroe, Mary Jo Kopechne,

       Hank Killam, Betty Mooney, Roger Craig, Grant Stockdale,

       Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, Lee Bowers, Louis Lomax, etc, etc, etc.

       All had some kind of connection with a "Kennedy" assassination -

       good, bad, indifferent, determined, witnessed, room mate,

       landlady, cab driver, acquaintance, relative, knew too much,

       testified, saw something odd, interviewed Ruby, etc. 

       All killed. 


       They even killed Jack Ruby.

       They even killed Robert Kennedy - Bobby.

       They even aborted Ted Kennedy's hopes for becoming President by

       killing Mary Jo Kopechne, and blaming it on Teddy. 

       (Teddy wasn't even there.  He was asleep in the hotel. They used his

       car, and drowned her.  The Bastards. ) 

       And they even killed JFK-Junior - Jack's son, years later. 

       That stopped any "Kennedy Family" investigations into Jack's

        murder, using the power of the Presidency, or the power of the

        Kennedy name. 


        (They even tried to kill a friend of mine (a JFK researcher), and he

       barely managed to escape with his life. These people are Garbage -

       heartless killers, murderers, Scum, Putrid Rot, Stinking Crap. 

       They've been known to kill an entire planeload of people on an airliner

       just to kill one person on that plane.

       I usually refer to them as "The Bad Guys".  But a more descriptive name

       would be "The Putrid Rot" or "The Stinking Putrid Rot" or

       "The Garbage Disposal Running in Reverse".)  


       Don't be an "Oswald Theorist". 

       Don't add to the "Giant List of the World's Duped".

       It was a "Covert Operation" by a Cabal of Kennedy Haters --

       well funded, well organized, well planned, and well covered-up

       with high-level agents in all the major media companies, directing,

       mis-directing, ignoring, and propagandizing whenever necessary -

       sometimes immediately, sometimes weeks, months, or years later.   


       With large pictures of Oswald - "the Lone Sniper".

       (Who needs a trial when you own a newspaper or magazine??)


       Large pictures of "The Sniper's Nest".

       (Who needs proof when you own a newspaper or magazine??)


       Claims of Oswald's rifle expertise.

       (Who needs accuracy when you own a newspaper or magazine??

       Oswald was a poor shot.) 


       Pictures of "Oswald" holding the "Sniper's Rifle".

       (Who needs the truth when you own a newspaper or magazine??

       Someone pasted Oswald's head on a photo, and it was the wrong model

       of the Rifle - not the Rifle that was found in the Book Depository.)


       Poison Darts to disable Guard Dogs for a while??

       Undetectable Poison?? Heart attack poison?? Umbrella Dart Guns??

       Too Fantastic???  Think again.....


       People who say "Oh, that's ridiculous." don't have a clue. 

       How would THEY know if it's ridiculous???

       Does the PTA order Covert Missions to eliminate enemies?? 

       Do they use a Scrambler on their phone at work??  At home??

       Have they ever worked for the CIA?? 

       Have they ever been an "Agent"??

       If you were a Covert "Agent" sent out on a mission, wouldn't you want

       to have something like a Poison Dart to use if you needed it??    

       Silent??  Quieter than a Gun??


       You'd never be suspected??

       And you'd probably never get caught?? 

       If you can imagine it, they've probably done it - even back in the 1960's.

       These things really DO exist and are used whenever necessary.


       Face facts: We really DON'T know what's possible, what they've done,

       what they're doing right now, etc. 

       We don't have a CLUE or even a Hint of a Clue as to what they use. 

       When someone says "Oh, that's ridiculous." they'll probably get plenty

       of support from their friends because THEY don't have a clue, either!!


       Don't be a "Carol Burnett Housewife Spy" (in a movie) conned by a

       Used Car Dealer into thinking she was some kind of Spy (cough) in a

       movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, with Spook Gear no more advanced

       than a Doorbell or an Electric Toothbrush, and "secret plans" that could

       be found in the Yellow Pages or a box of Cookies.      

       That's not the Real World of Spooks, CIA, FBI, high-tech Gear, methods,

       camouflage, Covert Operations, etc, etc. 


       If you're a "Carol Burnett Housewife Spy" trained in dialing a telephone

       and reporting on Strange Trees, or just an Ordinary Citizen with a Cat

       and a White Picket Fence surrounding your house, you'll just have to

       take my word for it that advanced devices like Poison Darts really exist,

       and have existed for years.


       It sounds like "James Bond Stuff" because it ***IS*** James Bond Stuff

       in the Real World - not the Movie World. 

       That's what these people do for a Living in the Real World.  


       Special Equipment that you saw in a James Bond movie many years ago,

       now exists in Real Life.  AND..... Some of it probably existed DECADES

       ago in the world of "Real Spies".


     That Equipment Really Exists!!

     And Those People Really Exist!!


       Real Spies don't exactly live an exciting life like James Bond, most of the

       time.  Far from it, for the most part.  But they have their moments, AND

       they have access to some high-tech equipment. 

       If it sounds "really advanced" and like something from a James Bond

       movie, it MIGHT actually exist, and probably DOES exist.  


      (I ran into an "Agent" in Washington DC, once, and he gave me a ride

      back to my hotel.  He drove his car like James Bond - with me in it.   

      Mamma Mia!!  These people really exist.) 


      By the way, E Howard Hunt, of "Watergate Burglar", was involved in

      JFK's murder. He admitted it. 

      And the "Watergate Cubans" were involved in JFK's Murder, according

      to Richard Nixon. 

      That's why they DESPERATELY tried to keep the lid on the Watergate

      Break In:  It might expose the "JFK Cubans", they might Talk, and then

      everything would UNRAVEL!!

      Even Nixon could be implicated in JFK's Murder because he KNEW

      about it, even though he wasn't actively involved in it.

      Nixon always used a Code Phrase for JFK's Murder:  "That Bay of Pigs Thing".   


      Hunt's son, St. John Hunt, had a low opinion of his father.

      He said his dad thought of himself as James Bond, single, no family,

      mobile, cool, etc, and he treated his family with disregard and contempt. 

      He didn't participate in family activities, family picnics, etc. 

      The family was just "Mom and the kids"  -  no father. 

      And the marriage was just "The wife"  -  no husband.

      He was no "husband" or "father".

      After all, James Bond didn't have a family....

      As I recall, E Howard Hunt murdered his wife - St. John's  mother. 

      These people are Putrid Rot.

      It was people like this who Assassinated JFK. 

      (James Bond was a decent guy.  E Howard Hunt was a bastard - Putrid

      Rot. Much worse than people ever realized.

      And James Bond would NEVER have done what Putrid Rot E Howard

      Hunt did.  Son "St. John Hunt" has spilled the beans on his "Father",

      and EH Hunt made a deathbed confession about certain things that

      was recorded - TAPED.  It's sickening. I've heard it.


           James Bond in the movies:  Good Guy. Decent Man.

           St. John Hunt:  Good Guy.

           Mrs. EH Hunt:  Good Mom. Murdered.

           Multiple Innocent People:  Murdered by EH Hunt. 

           E Howard Hunt:  CIA. Putrid Rot and Murderer. 

                Also participated in JFK's murder.


           Bad Organization:  The CIA, sometimes the FBI under Bulldog-face

                Transvestite J Edgar Hoover (formerly Lyndon Johnson's neighbor

                 before Johnson became VP and later Prez.

                 Bulldog Hoover (gag me) had his people alter testimony,

                 lean on witnesses, etc.) 

                 "Sorry Sir, no dogs are allowed in the restaurant. You'll have to take

                 him outside.  Oh, I'm sorry. That's Bulldog Hoover....". 


          The Mafia:  Part of "The Mob".  Partner of the CIA.  


               (Strangely enough, a couple of top Mafia bosses were murdered

                after Kennedy's murder.  Maybe they knew too much....

                Maybe they were thinking about talking in order to take the

                pressure off from Bobby Kennedy, who was investigating Mafia

                activities in this country....).   


          President Truman after retirement:  "If I had known what the CIA

               would become, I never would have authorized its creation.")


          The reason that EH Hunt and others broke into the Watergate complex 

              and were nosing around the HQ of the Democratic National

              Committee offices (DNC) is that they were afraid that the DNC had

              some incriminating evidence on the murderers of JFK, and they

              wanted to steal it.  

              Gee. That would mean that they, or their bosses, were involved in

              JFK's Murder. Steal and hide the evidence!!

              Gee. That might implicate Putrid Rot EH Hunt - one of the burglars.

              And the Cubans.  

              A band of Thieves and Murderers.

              Hardly a "Third rate burglary" as Criminal Richard Nixon put it.


              And who showed up at their Hearing after they were caught??

              Country Club Lawyers - high priced lawyers who said to a reporter,

              "I'm not here."  More Magic.

              Magic Bullets, Magic Rifles, and Magic Lawyers.

              And Nixon's Magic Tapes with an 18-1/2 minute gap, somehow

              accidentally erased about 5 times in the same section by his

              secretary, done with her Magic Foot. 

              Nixon was made President because he would take orders - unlike


              All Putrid Rot and accomplices to Murder (except the secretary). 

              How many murders??  100-150 Murders.

              You may be next.  And your kids. 


              Everyone was feeling sorry for John Mitchell, Nixon's Attorney

              General, because his wife, Martha Mitchell, appeared to be a wacko,

              claiming that she had been abducted from her home, one weekend,

              given a sedative shot in her buttocks, and kept locked up for a few

              days to keep her silent about some shady shenanigans in Nixon's


              Poor John. Poor Suffering John Mitchell. 


              Years later, they admitted that it was all TRUE.  Martha Mitchell was

              telling the truth, and she was NOT a wacko. They really DID kidnap

              her, and really DID give her a shot in the buttocks to keep her quiet,

              etc, etc.

              And all the other things she had been claiming for years were

              ALSO TRUE.  Some received prison sentences.


              But Gerald Frog, former VP and now Prez, Pardoned Tricky-Dick

              Nixon in case he was sentenced to Prison for any known Crimes.

              Gerald Frog was also on the Warren Commission which pretended

              to investigate JFK's murder. 


              At least Frog had the decency to admit, MANY years later, that

              they all knew that Oswald didn't do it, but felt forced to say he did.

              What a guy!!  What a Frog!!





          (Good Guy).

          (Setup, Framed, Fall Guy, Decoy, Patriot). 


          "The Lone Nut"???   Give me a break!!

          That's a Ludicrous Fairy Tale for the Naive. 

          It's "The Crazy Lone Nut Fairy Tale" for the Average American!!!

          It's SPAM.

          He didn't do it. 


          Oswald was given a "Suspicious Background", prepared like stuffing a

          Turkey for his future role, BUT he didn't realize how they planned the

          story to end - with him being killed.  


          Oswald was actually working for the FBI (and probably for the CIA), and

          was part of Military Intelligence at the time of his death - just as he had

          been when he was in the Marine Corps (connected with the CIA), making

          and RECEIVING calls in Jail from Military Intelligence after he was arrested

          for supposedly shooting Kennedy in Dallas.


          Yes, Oswald was a Spook, and had been one for years.  

          It's not a THEORY!!

          It's not a WILD CLAIM!!

          Oswald was a SPOOK, and we have the PROOF!!    


          The JFK Assassination was handled by Murdering Professionals - Pros

          who knew how to take care of business, and CONTINUED to silence

          the voices of 100-150 additional people who knew too much, over the years. 

          Pros who rarely smile or laugh.  Pros who are deadly serious.

          Pros with no sense of humor.  Pros with the look of Death when they look

          at you.  Pros who will kill everyone on an airplane just to kill ONE person.

          Pros who will kill dozens of motorists on a busy street just to kill ONE person.

          Pros who will kill ANYONE if the Top Boss approves of silencing someone.

          And the Top Boss almost always says:  "Approved. Make it a wet one."

          Or sometimes a Silent one.  Or sometimes an "Accident". 

          Or sometimes a "Suicide" by a Normal, Happy, Productive, Contented person.  

          Don't ask. You don't want to know.



  • Lyndon Slimeball Johnson.

  • (Bad Guy).

  • (VP). 

  • Creep, Criminal, Liar, Murderer, Scumbag, Slime.

  • Texas Gangster.

  • Texas Globalist.

  • Texas Warmonger.   

  • He was one of the Prime Movers of JFK's Assassination.



  • The Soviet KGB came to the same conclusion DECADES ago!!

  • The KGB said: 

  • "Johnson did it" in a Secret Report. 



  • (Oddly enough, the KGB didn't trust the Warren Report.)

  • Many others were involved, but LBJ got the ball rolling, and

  • stayed on top of it while President.  Possibly afterwards, as well.

  • He had Mafia connections.

  • Desperately tried to hide his Mafia connections and his Criminal

  • activities and connections. 

  • Also knew Jack Ruby who did "Jobs" for LBJ.

  • Why was his role not investigated??

  • Many reasons.  For example:

  •      It was Hard to Believe, No One WANTED to Believe It,

  •      People Ended Up Dead,

  •     A Desire to Hold the Government Together Even If It Was Corrupt

  •     ("A Corrupt Government is better than NO Government....."),  etc. 

  • He was VP only because McBooby Kennedy (the Loose Cannon)

  • arranged it by accident, without any authority.

  • We got Scumbag Johnson as VP by accident because of Halfwit McBooby.

  • The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Loose Cannon (McBooby).      



  • Jim Garrison.

  • (Good Guy).

  • District Attorney of the New Orleans Parish, Ex-FBI, WW2 Pilot, elected to

  • that position 3 times by the Public, very smart, very insightful,

  • ruined by Clay Shaw, by the Mainstream Garbage Media Scumbags and the Establishment in New Orleans, as well as whoever ordered the Murders of

  • witnesses for a trial of Clay Shaw, who were unable to testify because they

  • were now DEAD.


  • Garrison:  

  • "This country will not survive as a Republic if the Congress and the

  • Presidency continue to fool the People, and continue to postpone

  • telling them the truth [about JFK's murder]." 

  •       Garrison pointed out MANY things that most Americans don't seem

          to be aware of, such as where Oswald worked and hung out, when

          he lived in New Orleans.

          To wit, Oswald worked in the HEART OF SPY COUNTRY Offices - a Cluster

          of offices in New Orleans, all related to spying, with Clay Shaw being a

          CIA Agent. 

          And with the Office of Naval Intelligence located across the street.

          Etc, etc, etc, etc. 



        Creep Clay Shaw: 

          (Bad Guy).

          Clay Shaw ordered the Murders of Witnesses for a trial of himself, who were

          then unable to testify because they were now DEAD. 


          And to top it all off, Clay Shaw, prominent New Orleans businessman, who

          looks like a Twisted Piece of Demented Swamp Creature in his Police Mug Shots,

          and was charged by Jim Garrison with the homicide of JFK (involved as a

          Financier and one of the major players), was apparently ALSO a serious abuser

          of kids - as in "Horrible Stuff". 

          I don't think we know exactly what he did to the kids, and I don't want to know.


          From the Little I know about Clay Shaw's activities with Little Kids:

                It sounds worse than the worst. 



                Sick and Twisted.

                Abusive beyond description. 

                Evil beyond comprehension. 

                Not "Love" or Attraction or even Perversion, but CRUSHING POWER.




                Inverted behavior, with his Brain wired Backwards. 


          This is Information apparently suppressed for DECADES.

          But now we know some of it.


          Jim Garrison was certainly on the right track.  

          In fact, this Horrible Stuff that Clay Shaw was involved in might be one of

          the main reasons that the Top Level "Oswald Theorists" fight Tooth and Nail

          against revealing information about the JFK Assassination. 

          Namely, How many OTHER people were involved in the Horrible Stuff??

          Who were they??  Who ARE they??  Who were their Successors??  


          But Clay Shaw's community status caused most people to think that Jim Garrison

          was wrong, crazy, and abusive - just the OPPOSITE of the true situation. 


          IE, they say this: 

                Oswald did it!!  Oswald did it!!  Oswald did it!!

                Don't listen to Jim Garrison  (who was actually a GOOD Guy)!!

                Pay no attention to Claw Shaw  (who was actually a HORRIBLE ROTTEN man)!!


          The Result:  All the Child Abuse by Clay Shaw (and others??) gets covered up.

          Oswald is used as a Patsy and a Decoy for JFK's Murder, and he's also used as

          a Cover for Clay Shaw's Child Abuse - AND MAYBE BY OTHERS!!


        The COVER-UP protected Clay Shaw's Child Abuse!!

        The COVER-UP protected the Child Abuse by OTHERS!!

         (Who??  I don't know.

         But Clay Shaw would not have been the ONLY one involved

         in those Activities.) 


        Light?  Medium?  Heavy?  Horrible?  Gruesome Horrible?

        Gruesome Murderous Horrible?


      Gruesome Murderous Horrible.


      Child  *Abuse*  by Clay Shaw. 

      Child  *Torture*  by Clay Shaw. 

      Child  *Murder*  by Clay Shaw.

      Child  *Sacrifice*  by Clay Shaw.



      Gruesome stuff by Clay Shaw. 

      Psychopathic stuff by Clay Shaw. 




      That's why they covered up Clay Shaw's

      murder of JFK: 

      To cover up the Horrible Child Abuse

      by Clay Shaw.


      AND to cover up his participation in

      JFK's Murder.


      AND to cover up the participation of

      *OTHERS* in Horrible Child Abuse


      Child SACRIFICE!! 



      That's also why they Demonized

      Jim Garrison.  To get him off the trail of

      investigating Clay Shaw.   


        (As I recall, they tried to KILL Jim Garrison several times!!) 


      These Scumbags were DESPERATE!!

      The Jim Garrison's weren't Quitting

      and they weren't going away!!


        Satanic Child Sacrifice??


        It was certainly the Equivalent of SATANIC.

        That's what Satanists do. 



        Why:  Because they're TWISTED, and for BLACKMAIL




        This is apparently a Large part of the SWAMP that

        Trump plans to Drain, and IS draining, by arresting these

        Murdering, Psychopathic Creeps - the ones who have replaced

        the long-dead Clay Shaw's of this World.


        These "Child Sacrificers" are certainly living in a "Swamp",

        and apparently, they're part of the SWAMP Trump was

        referring to.

        They've been killing Children for Decades, and they helped

        to kill Kennedy. 

        They've been Untouchable for Decades.

        But there's a New Sherriff in Town!!     


        No wonder the Elites hate Trump!!

        He's ARRESTING them!!     



        Creep Liar Michael Moron Moore: 

          (Bad Guy).

          Michael Gag Me Moore is not only UGLY and STUPID and ABRASIVE and

          HYPOCRITICAL, but he is also an Ugly Stupid Abrasive Moronic LIAR!! 

          He makes wild claims about Britain and the EU, and how Britain supposedly

          Regrets Leaving the EU.  

          Actually, Britain is VERY HAPPY about Leaving the EU!!

          The few idiots in Britain (very few) who voted to remain in Britain want to

          hold another election - NOT THE ONES WHO VOTED TO LEAVE!!

          A few years ago, he dragged Killary-Krap over the Coals on Television.

          He got it right!! 

          Then, during the 2016 Election, he suddenly praised this Sick Sociopathic

          Murdering Krap to the Skies, as if "she" (It) were some Angelic Superwoman.


          Who's paying this UGLY and STUPID and ABRASIVE and HYPOCRITICAL

          and LYING Piece of Soiled Garbage??

          By the way: The UGLY and STUPID and ABRASIVE and HYPOCRITICAL

          and LYING Piece of Soiled Garbage is a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE $$!!

          That's right:  Michael Gag Me Moore is VERY VERY WEALTHY!!

          Another Wealthy Leftist Lying Hypocritical Sack of Garbage!!  

          "Sicker and Stupider and Uglier Together!!".    




        The Pope and the Vatican (2016): 

          (Bad Guys).

          Extremely Wealthy Child-Molesting Hypocrites who have done LITTLE or

          NOTHING for Humanity, and are STILL doing LITTLE or NOTHING for

          Humanity, yet claim the "Moral High Ground" (GAG ME!!!), while they rake

          in HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER WEEK, yet contribute

          NOTHING towards solving the problems they Rant about!!!

          Nor were ANY Child-Molesting Priests Defrocked and Booted Out!!  NONE!!  

          How many Refugees has the Vatican taken in??  ZERO  (0.000000). 

          They receive enormous DONATIONS from Parishioners, and PROFITS from

          their many Investments in Western Companies using Capitalism and Hard Work.


          to the World, while allowing Scumbag Child Molesters to remain employed by

          the Catholic Church!! 


          (Using "Holy" books, changed from text that actually made some sense in their

          original forms, but Edited and Corrupted by the early "Church" into

          dehumanizing, crushing NONSENSE, for the most part, and a totally artificial

          structure, with its pointless "Mysteries", "Interpreters", and ridiculous claims,

          such as "Papal Infallibility", where Questioning a Basic Tenet is a sign of a lack

          of Faith or something, rather than a Curious Mind....)


          The Pope is one of the greatest HYPOCRITES in the World, Straining at Gnats,

          while giving Vicious Animals a Free Pass, and attacking Capitalism - his source

          of INCOME and an excellent cure for Poverty, while endorsing Communism -

          a proven Prescription for Poverty. 

          Vatican City is the richest Country ON EARTH!! - helping no one but themselves.

          And the Pope deserves no more respect than a Camouflaged Jungle Predator.

          He's just another Leftist Communist Hypocritical Murdering Raping

          Child-Molesting Lying Thieving Piece of CRAP - much like the Scumbags who

          killed Kennedy. 

          Today's Pope (2016) is one of the most EVIL men on the Planet!! 

          If President Kennedy were alive today, he would be SICKENED and APPALLED,

          perhaps never attending another Catholic Mass (in order to show his displeasure

          with the Pope of today), and would probably consider converting to a different


          Note:  Italy is part of the European Union (EU).

                      Rome is part of the European Union (EU).  

                      Vatican City (in Rome) is a State (a Country), and is NOT part of Italy,

                      or Rome, or the European Union (EU). 

                      Gee.  I wonder why???

                      Should the European Catholics of the EU take their orders or suggestions

                      from an EXEMPT Country???      

                      Should the American Catholics take their orders or suggestions from an

                      EXEMPT Country???      

          Note:  The Vatican Museum is a traditional meeting place for SPIES.

                      So much for Religion.



        Off Topic:  Driver's License: 

          (Bad Guys).

          Don't check the "Organ Donor" Box on your Driver's License.

          If you're in an accident, or in surgery for some reason, there's a chance that

          they will HARVEST YOUR ORGANS AND SELL THEM for a lot of money -

          if they're in good shape, and let you DIE on the Operating Table.

          Delusional??  No. It's already happened.

          If it's YOU who died, of course, you will never know it.

          If it's a FRIEND or RELATIVE who died, you will still never find out.


          Has it happened to me (Friend/Relative)??  I don't know.

          I don't think so.

          BUT........  They REALLY wanted to remove my Gall Bladder for about $25,000

          some years back, just because I had a tiny Stone (BB Sized).

          They were SO ANXIOUS to take it out!!!!! 

          I said No.  Not necessary.  And a Gall Bladder is a "Good" Organ.

          It's better to have one than to not have one.

          And you can probably get rid of Gallstones by Dissolving them or Purging

          them with OTC Health Products and Food, or getting them Pulverized with

          Ultra Sound at the Hospital. 

          The Point:  Hospital Surgeons (or your Family Doctor) REALLY want to do

          Operations like this, and get a boost in Income, what with their Kids in

          College, or the Big Vacation coming up.

          Therefore, if you check the Organ Donor Box on your Driver's License, you

          are putting your Life at some risk, as your Organs may be sold for a lot of money. 

  •                   ......................



  • WHY was Kennedy killed??

  • MANY, MANY reasons.

  • One of the reasons, not often mentioned, was REVENGE.

  • Revenge by powerful people and countries.

  • Revenge by Husbands.

  • Revenge by Government Departments.

  • Revenge by Groups.

  • Revenge by people who felt Betrayed.

  • They were all strongly motivated.  

  •                ......................

  •                                  My Advice on Cuba:

  •                              CUBA:        JUST DROP IT!!!!

  •                              CASTRO:  JUST DROP IT!!!!

  •                              LET IT GO!!!! 

  •                              LET IT BE!!!! 

  •                              FORGET ABOUT CUBA!!!! 

  •                              Good grief!!


  •                              So much Nonsense, so much Anxiety,

  •                              so many Murders, so many "Disappearances",

  •                              so much Arguing, so much Ink, so many Theories,

  •                              so many Criminals, so many Scumbags,

  •                              so much wasted Money, so much Deception,

  •                              so many Fake Names, so much Lying,

  •                              so much Denial, so many Inquiries,     

  •                              so much Secrecy, so much Attention,

  •                              so much "Editing", so many Fake Documents,

  •                              so many Fake Movies, so many Ignorant Conclusions, 

  •                              so much Hostility, so much  Shouting,

  •                              so much Analysis, so much Measuring,

  •                              so much Counting, so much Asinine "Thinking",

  •                              so much Ignorance, so much Destroyed Evidence,

  •                              so much Altered Evidence, so much Planted Evidence,

  •                              so much Disinformation, so much Accusation, 

  •                              so much Misplaced Revenge, so much Corruption,

  •                              so many Lives Ruined, Etc, Etc, Etc.   


  • As one man said: 

  • "Cuba was a Thorn in our side, not a Dagger at our Heart."

  • Was  it even a THORN??

  • Let it GO. 

  • Everyone will be Happier, and be able to Live a NORMAL Life.


  • (Besides: Castro's Cuba was partly a creation of the US!!     

  • If you want to punish somebody, punish the Bozos who helped

  • Castro rise to Power!!


  • Besides:  Attacking Cuba in the early 1960's with the US Navy

  • and Air Force, could actually have led to a Nuclear War, since

  • the Russians in Cuba had Nuclear Weapons!!

  • Kennedy had his faults, but saying "No" to an American Military

  • attack of Cuba was not one of his faults.

  • It was Loose-Cannon Bobby Kennedy (McBooby Kennedy) who

  • completely messed up the Bay of Pigs Invasion - not the President.

  • JFK never promised Air Support, and everyone knew that the Migs

  • had to be taken out BEFORE the Invasion - not after!!  Duh.  


  • Do you see some of the problems this Obsessive/Compulsive

  • Delusional Psychosis with Cuba can cause???  

  • With McBooby and everyone else!!

  • Even Jack Ruby was running guns - to BOTH sides!!



  • RELAX!!  









  • This is not "Fair Play For Cuba".

  • This is "Stop The Insanity", etc.

  • I DON'T CARE about Cuba!!!!



  • And get back to LEGAL.

  • Attacking Cuba because it has the wrong Political System is not

  • exactly legal.

  • That opens up the USA to attack by all Communist Countries -

  • and other types. 

  • Also true for Killing Castro.  Not exactly Legal.

  • And VERY dangerous to the USA.


  • There were other reasons Kennedy was killed, but Cuba was a

  • big part of it, involving the Cuban Exiles and the CIA. 

  • The Mafia had a legitimate gripe: Their Hotels and other assets

  • had been stolen by Castro.

  • And Corporations had their assets confiscated by Castro.  

  • They had a right to reposes them.


  • But.....  Operating a business in a foreign country is risky.....

  • And it's not the job of the US Government to solve every Company's

  • problems - especially in a Foreign Country, and especially if it means

  • that the US has to ATTACK and INVADE that Country, evict the

  • Foreign Leaders from power, and help to establish a new government.

  • That's called WAR.  And it's dangerous and expensive.


  • The US did a LOT for the Cuban Exiles - giving them a Sanctuary,

  • housing and feeding them, giving them planes and ships, giving

  • them military training,  etc, etc. 

  • McBooby Kennedy fouled up the Bay of Pigs invasion (which should

  • have worked), and he should have donated his Salary to assist the Exiles

  • whose invasion of Cuba he totally messed up.

  • President Kennedy took the blame for it, but it was really his Brother,

  • the Half-Wit Loose Cannon McBooby Kennedy who wrecked it. 


  • We've done enough for the Exiles.

  • Cuba is NOT our Responsibility.

  • We don't OWE the Exiles anything. 

  • We never OWED the Exiles anything. 

  • They owe the US for their Sanctuary and everything they've been

  • given, free of charge, by the US Government and Private Charities.

  • And they owe the American People Billions of Dollars for helping

  • to kill Kennedy - OUR President. 

  • Pay up, Cuban Exiles!!  Then Leave!!

  •                  ....................


  •      At least the killer of the King in "Hamlet" had a Conscience

  •      over his "Murder Most Foul", even if his heart refused to budge.


  •      "Try what Repentance can.  What can it not??

  •      Yet what CAN it, when one cannot Repent??"


  •      "My words fly up.  My thoughts remain below.

  •      Words without thoughts, never to Heaven go."

  •                  ....................


  •      But these Murdering Monsters have RARELY shown any Remorse

  •      or even a Conscience over JFK's Murder.

  •      It too was a Murder Most Foul, reaching FAR beyond JFK with over

  •      100 additional Deaths, and mostly all un-avenged.


  •      In November of 1963, a "King" was Murdered, a Country was Stolen,

  •      over 100 additional people were murdered in the years following,

  •      the Government floated ridiculous "Theories", the Media has acted

  •      like Lapdogs of the Government Liars and Morons, and I don't recall

  •      anyone going to Prison for this horrendous situation except for poor

  •      Jack Ruby, basically a Good Guy, who was ordered to shoot Oswald

  •      by the Bad Guys.


  •      And supposedly, anyone who thinks that the notion of a Conspiracy

  •      is Crazy and Wacko....  Sure.... 

  •      The Sane, Patriotic, Honorable Man, Lee Harvey Oswald was Framed,

  •      but those who think so are labeled "Conspiracy Theorists", when,

  •      of course, the so-called  "Conspiracy Theorists" have plenty of Evidence

  •      that it WAS a Conspiracy, and that Oswald was FRAMED. 

  •      But the "Oswald Theorists" have NO EVIDENCE that Oswald did it.

  •      Surprised??  There's not a bit of evidence that Oswald did it. 


  •      Oswald, the 24-year-old married man with 2 kids, had a LOT to lose!!

  •      And he didn't shoot President Kennedy. 


  •      The concept of a "Conspiracy" (Covert Operation by a Group of Bad Guys)

  •      is not a "Theory" in this case.  It's a FACT, easily provable in dozens of ways.

  •      You could be HALF ASLEEP and Prove a Conspiracy - if you know the facts,

  •      or simply pay attention to some of the statements made and photos taken

  •      in the first 3 days of the Assassination, and certainly statements made during

  •      the following year.


  •      Statements by people such as J Edgar Hoover, and photos such as "The Rush

  •      to the Picket Fence" and "The 3 Tramps" who were nabbed from a Railroad

  •      Boxcar, certainly indicate that the situation was a Confusing Mess, with few

  •      citizens and Police heading for the Texas School Book Depository to nab

  •      the 6th Floor Shooter. 


  •      Why were the crowds heading in OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS, with only a

  •      FEW heading for the Book Depository???? 

  •      Most headed to the LEFT (the Picket Fence), and a few headed to the RIGHT

  •      (the Book Depository).   WHY???

  •      Who was that man in a suit walking quickly thru the Parking Lot?? 

  •      Who was that man in a suit in the Parking Lot who flashed a Secret Service

  •      ID card?? 

  •      (There were no Secret Service Agents stationed in the Parking Lot).  

  •      Who was that man in the Parking with rough hands and dirt under his

  •      fingernails who flashed a Secret Service ID card??  

  •      Why was a huge cloud of smoke rising up thru the trees by the Grassy Knoll

  •      just after the Motorcade passed by??


  •      Why was the Railroad employee with the best view of the Parking Lot

  •            Murdered 3 years later??

  •      Why was Dorothy Kilgallen Murdered in 1965?? 

  •      Why was Dorothy's friend Murdered 2 days later??

  •      Did Dorothy and her friend know President Kennedy?? 

  •      Why was Dorothy Kilgallen found on a bed, in the wrong bedroom,

  •      fully dressed, reading a book upside down that she'd already read,

  •      with the Air Conditioning on, on a Cold day in November, without her

  •      Reading Glasses, with a huge lethal mixture of Sleeping Pills in her stomach,

  •      never prescribed by her Doctor??   

  •      Why were Dorothy Kilgallen's "Ruby Interview" notes stolen??

  •      Why was her backup copy stolen at her friend's house??



  •      The people who shout and scream that "Oswald did it!!!!" are PRO-ACTIVE

  •      Oswald Theorists.  If you're an ORDINARY CITIZEN who thinks that Oswald

  •      did it, I'm not including you in the Group of shouting and screaming

  •      Oswald Theorists. You're trusting of people who should NEVER be

  •      trusted again.


  •      The Pro-active ones are NUTS.  Waaaay round the Bend!!

  •      For that matter, why SHOUT and SCREAM the "Obvious"??

  •      Why not shout:  "GRASS IS GREEN!!!  THE SKY IS BLUE!!!".

  •                                    "WATER IS WET!!!"   "ROCKS ARE HARD!!!" 

  •      Instead they shout:  "OSWALD DID IT, AND IF YOU CANT SEE THAT OR


  •      IDOT AN A SICKOPATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". 


  •      And why don't they EVER supply some evidence that "Oswald did it"??    

  •      (Why do you think??).


  •      Note that the percentage of Oswald Theorists was *NEVER* very high, even

  •      from DAY ONE, and it's been declining ever since.


  •      Prior to every JFK Anniversary, the Liars in the Government and the Media

  •      run a series of Slick "Oswald Did It" Specials, NEVER EVER examining the

  •      evidence, just Pushing Thick Pabulum filled with Lies and Assumptions and

  •      Omissions, etc, etc, across the Air Waves, grossly Transparent, shoved down

  •      our throats, looking like Moldy Bread, and sounding more like

  •      "Flat Earth Theorists" every year. 


  •      Mainstream Media Propaganda (cough):

  •      "Yes, the Earth is Flat, and Columbus proved it, sailing back home with his

  •      tail between his legs, and got a severe reprimand from the Duke of Greenland

  •      and President Washington, as well as the Native Americans in Iceland!!" 

  •      It's so grotesque that I can't watch more than 5-10 minutes TOTAL of this

  •      junk, and turn off the TV set.


  •      With the JFK Assassination, the programs are similar.

  •      How can anyone WATCH this Garbage??


  •      Even a Dummy like Me can figure out that this is "Professional Propaganda",

  •      produced by "The Ministry of Propaganda" (cough), with skillful writers and

  •      photographers, Hired Amateur Actors, Fake Tears, Heavy-Hitting Narratives,

  •      repeated Themes, etc, rolled up into a SLICK PACKAGE to make it appear

  •      as if "The Television Documentary Executives and the Historians all agree

  •      that Lee Harvey Waldo was the Slippery Little Man (and Communist) who

  •      wantonly Assassinated this President, because he was Crazy - a Nut Job, and

  •      we have a TON of Evidence to back it up - such as handing out Flyers in

  •      New Orleans called "Fair Play for Cuba".  And don't forget that he spent time

  •      in Russia!!  And he MARRIED a Russian girl!! Just more Evidence to add to

  •      the Pile that he was the Sole Assassin of Kennedy!!  The Bad Man Jack Ruby

  •      killed Oswald, thus depriving America of knowing the Full Story of WHY

  •      this despicable sub-human Murdered Kennedy, acting ALONE, with that

  •      Snooper's Rifle in his Snooper's Nest, where he worked.

  •      Witnessed by Millions of People in Dealey Plaza.

  •      All chanting "Get Oswald!!  Get Oswald!!", as the Police rushed to the Building.

  •      But the Evil Assassin had already Fled, hiding in a dark Theater, and murdering

  •      a Policeman on the way. 

  •      Here's the Funeral, and the Eternal Flame, and footage of people crying, and

  •      kids, and Moms, and ordinary People, and Delivery Men, and Bus Drivers,

  •      and hours of Footage of Stuff like that. 

  •      Thank you for watching."

  •      Sure.....

  •      High Grade  Crappola from the Mainstream Media.

  •      Joseph Goebbels (Third Reich Propaganda Minister) would be proud!!       


  •      Evidence?????????

  •      Oh golly.  I guess they couldn't fit it into the Program. 

  •      "We had to trim it for the Commercials, and that Evidence Stuff ended up on

  •      the Cutting Room Floor, and was accidentally thrown away. 

  •      And we accidentally lost the Copies of the Evidence. 

  •      And we accidentally lost the names and phone numbers.

  •      And the Dallas Police accidentally lost the interrogation tape of Oswald.

  •      But it's all in the Warren Report." 

  •      Sure.


  •      Do you respect and trust the Warren Commission??

  •      Do you respect and trust the Warren Report??

  •      Gag me!!!!!!  

  •      3 of the *SUSPECTS* were involved with the Warren Commission!!

  •      *  Lyndon Johnson (Commission setup).

  •      *  Allen Dulles (ex-CIA - on the Panel - involved in the murder!!). 

  •      *  J Edgar Hoover (the FBI did most of the Interviews).

  •      *  (And some of the others couldn't be trusted.) 


  •      It should have been called:

  •      "The Dulles Commission" and the Report called

  •      "The Dulles Report" or "The Boring Dulles Report"!!

  •      Not "The Warren Commission".   Not "The Warren Report". 


  •      Allen Dulles (CIA) ran the WC. 

  •     Allen Dulles showed up for every meeting of the

  •     Warren Commission.

  •     Earl Warren rarely showed up. 

  •     Dulles was the Power in charge of the Warren Commission. 


  •      Allen Dulles convinced Earl Warren that Oswald was the Lone Assassin,

  •      and that there was no need to investigate further!! 

  •      Don't work hard. Don't call good witnesses. Don't ask good questions. 

  •      Don't follow up on any leads.  Just hold "meetings". 

  •      And if you get into trouble explaining things, just resort to "Magic".

  •      Magic Bullets, Magic Rifles, Magic Stairs, Depository Fairies, Rifle Fairies,

  •      Bullet Fairies, etc. 

  •      The Johnson-Dulles-Hoover Team will assist you whenever you need it.


  •      Did Herman Goering serve on the Judgement at Nuremburg Panel??

  •      No. 

  •      Did Heinrich Himmler serve on the Judgement at Nuremburg Panel??

  •      No. 

  •      Did Adolph Eichmann serve on the Judgement at Nuremburg Panel??

  •      No. 

  •      So WHY was Allen Dulles on the Warren Commission??  


  •      The Warren Report ($3,000 and no Index) is just worthless TRASH filled

  •      with LIES and pointless Filler.   

  •      A member who publicly disagreed with it was MURDERED (Hale Boggs). 

  •      The only other member who did so, died 3 years later.  Murdered?? Maybe. 


  •      One of these years, I expect them to say:  "Okay, we Lied. It was actually the

  •      Book Depository Mascot Dog "Kane", known as "KANE-INE", and adopted by

  •      Oswald, who Accidentally shot President Kennedy.


  •      [Ruby:  A very decent Man who treated his Girls well, and was Forced to kill

  •      Oswald - his Friend.  Truly a TRAGIC story.

  •      He and Karen Carlin, one of his Dancers, had more Courage and Patriotism

  •      than in all of Washington DC.  And of course, they both paid for their good

  •      deeds, or Ordered Deeds, with their Lives.]


  •      Just wait.  They'll probably invent some ridiculous idea combined with a

  •      Fake "Confession" of some kind, but the Real Perps will NEVER be fingered

  •      by the Government, because some of the Real Perps WERE IN the Government,

  •      and the residents don't have the Guts to identify them. 


  •      And *SOME* of this has been known by the Citizens since the very Day

  •      Kennedy was killed!!!!

  •      No, we didn't know the whole story, and we didn't know who DID shoot

  •      JFK and covered it up, but we knew that the case was FILLED with strange

  •      ODDITIES from the very first day.  Oddities within 2 hours OR LESS, followed

  •      by more that day!!!! 

  •      About 8 ODDITIES on the FIRST DAY!! 


  •      You would expect Police statements and procedures to be at least Somewhat

  •      Normal (not BIZARRE), and you would expect an Assassin to try to Escape or

  •      to Brag about his Crime (Oswald did Neither), and you wouldn't expect the

  •      Secret Service to DEFY the Law and steal Kennedy's Body (but they did), 

  •      and you wouldn't expect a man with 14 Years of experience selling Firearms

  •      to make a MISTAKE in identifying a Rifle which has its name stamped on

  •      the Barrel in LARGE LETTERS (but they said he did), etc, etc. 

  •      The day was FILLED with Odd, Strange statements and actions!!


  •      Some of the people seemed strangely INCOMPETENT.

  •      Some of the people acted like CRIMINALS (which they were). 

  •      Some of the people acted like CHILDREN or RETARDED ADULTS.

  •      Some of the people acted like they owned a CRYSTAL BALL. 

  •      Some of the people acted HAPPY and Unconcerned.  


  •      It was a BIZARRE Pot of Inedible Goulash that we were being served

  •      that day, where nothing seemed to make Sense.

  •      Everything was Disconnected, Illogical, Irrational, and Weird.

  •      It was a Weird Movie of disconnected, irrational Events. 

  •      And that spells "Half-Baked Plans" - not the normal flow of Events.

  •      And that spells "Controlling Events as Much as Possible".

  •      And that spells "Covert Action by a Group"  since multiple people

  •      would need to be involved. 

  •      And that spells "Conspiracy".


  •      Oswald wasn't even INVOLVED in half of this Nonsense.

  •      There was the "Oswald Nonsense" and the "Non-Oswald Nonsense".

  •      To a great extent, it was "The Day of the Clowns" - which it should NOT

  •      have been.  

  •      We didn't know WHO was pulling the strings, or WHY, but it was clear

  •      that SOMEONE - or a GROUP - was trying to control the events, partially 

  •      Succeeding, and partially Failing. 


  •      By Sunday morning, after Oswald had been shot and killed at the Police

  •      Station , there was NO DOUBT that we were faced with a MASSIVE effort

  •      to ruin Kennedy's Plans, and to avoid capture and Identification. 

  •      Just HOW massive, we didn't know.

  •      Now we know:  The Takeover of the Country. And it's MASSIVE!!

  •      The Effort has been MASSIVE, and the money spent to do it has probably been

  •      MASSIVE, as well!!

  •      But with some well-heeled Bankers and others, Money was never a problem.   


  •      We will look at some of these issues.   


  •                 ......................................................................

  •      "It looked like a Convention of Soldiers of Fortune."

  •      "It looked like Lansdale's work." 

  •      "The World will never know my reasons...." (Jack Ruby)

  •                 ......................................................................




  •                        Oswald:  The Accused Shooter.

  •                        Oswald:  The Happy Shooter. 

  •                        Oswald:  The Smiling Shooter.  

  •                        Oswald:  The Magic Shooter.  

  •                        Oswald:  The Smart Shooter.  

  •                        Oswald:  The Stupid Shooter.  

  •                        Oswald:  The Tricked Shooter.  

  •                        Oswald:  The Betrayed Shooter.

                           Oswald:  The Betrayed Patsy.

                           Oswald:  The Mysterious Non-Defector.

                           Oswald:  The Commie Cuban Conundrum.

                           Oswald:  The McBooby Kennedy Poison Pill Patsy.

                           Oswald:  The Lone Nut.  

                           Oswald:  The Lone Magic Nut Goodie.  

                           Oswald:  The Lone Dummy. 

                           Oswald:  The Important Little Nobody.  

                           Oswald:  The Little Nobody Magic Nut.  

                           Oswald:  The Little Nobody Who Owned a CIA Spy Camera

                                             that only CIA people could purchase.  

                           Oswald:  The Little Nobody Who Knew People in Military Intelligence.

                           Oswald:  The Little Nobody Who Spoke Fluent Russian. 

                           Oswald:  The Former Radar Operator Who Tracked U-2 Spy Flights.  

                           Oswald:  The guy who always ate his Lunch Downstairs.     

                           Oswald:  The Ex-Marine Who Couldn't Shoot Straight.   

                           Oswald:  The Funny Guy Who the Neighborhood Kids Adored.   


         If Oswald, the "Lone Nut", shot President Kennedy, why would thousands

         of documents be locked up and classified as TOP SECRET for reasons of

         "National Security"??? 


         What is so SECRET about some Crazy Guy who flipped out and shot the



         What is threatening to National Security about a "Lone Nut" and

         "No Conspiracy" as the Government claims??  


         How can a DEAD "Lone Nut" threaten National Security??

         It's Ridiculous!!

         Perhaps "CIA Security"???


      Crazy Guy Shoots Kennedy!!

      Uses Toy Rifle!! 

      Files Marked Top Secret!!



      Crazy Guy Shoots Kennedy!!

      Bullet Fairy Helps!!

      Rifle Fairy Helps!!

      Film at 11!!



      Nut Goodie Shoots Kennedy!!

      Uses Magic Bullets!!

  •   And Magic Rifles!!

      Film at 11!!





      Lonely Nut Shoots Kennedy!!

      Drinks a Coke!!

      Goes to a Movie!! 

      Spam Proves Guilt!!

  •   And Magic Rust!!

      And Stuff!! 

      Film at 11-92 1/2!!


  •                                                   ...........................



         The JFK Assassination for Lone Oswaldos:  Oswald Done Did It!! 

         You too can be a Lone Dummy!!  

         You too can be an Unimportant Expert Lone Dummy Magic Nut Goodie!!  


         (Oswald was not really a Dummy. He was very smart.  That's why he was

         a Radar Operator in the Marine Corps, working for the CIA, tracking U-2

         Spyplane Flights.) 



         Special Discounts for FLAT-EARTHERS!!!!

         Special Discounts for OSWALD THEORISTS!!!! 


         Comes with a Free "WALDO  DOOD  IT!!" Button!!

         Comes with a Free "HAPPY  SHOOTER!!" Button!!


         Comes with a Free "I  BELIEVE  IN  MAGIC  BULLETS!!" Button!!

         Comes with a Free "I  BELIEVE  IN  MAGIC  RIFLES!!" Button!!

         Comes with a Free "I  BELIEVE  IN  MAGIC  STAIRS!!" Button!!

         Comes with a Free "I  BELIEVE  IN  FAIRIES!!" Button!!

         Comes with a Free "I  BELIEVE  IN  DEPOSITORY  FAIRIES!!" Button!! 

         Comes with a Free "I  BELIEVE  IN  RIFLE  FAIRIES!!" Button!! 


         Find out how the BULLET FAIRY helped Oswald!!

         Find out how the RIFLE FAIRY helped Oswald!!

         Find out how the ESCAPE-PLAN FAIRY helped Oswald!!



         Learn all about INVISIBLE INK!!

         Learn all about TOY RIFLES!! 


         Learn all about the DEPOSITORY FAIRY!! 


         Learn how the Marines recruit WILD AND CRAZY RIFLEMEN

              on purpose!!

         Learn all about this Nutty Ex-Marine who worked for the CIA,

             but shot the President anyway!!

         Learn all about Government Clowns!!

         Learn all about the Warren Clown Commission!! 

         Learn all about how Assassins Always Get Caught Watching a Movie!! 




         (Why is Oswald so IMPORTANT if he was just an UNIMPORTANT

          LONE NUT???? 

          Why does the Government spend so much time on "Little Lee Harvey Oswald"

          if he was just an Unimportant Little Nobody - and a NUT besides??

          A CRAZY guy.  Really??  What's his history of Craziness?? 

          A LONE Nut.  A Loner type??  Maybe.  It's implied.... 

          But something isn't adding up!! 

          The Important Unimportant Lone Nut????

          "Yes, we've spent MILLIONS of DOLLAR$$S proving the "Obvious",

          that this UNIMPORTANT LONE NUT GOODIE DID IT!!"    

          This is another one of the MANY ODDITIES in this case). 



         Enter our "Run up to the 6th Floor, Sight-in the Scope with 10 Shots,

         and Shoot the President 3 Times (or More - Jackie heard 5 shots) then

         Run Down to the 2nd Floor Lunchroom and Buy a Coke and Remove

         the Bottle Cap and Start Drinking It"  Race!! 

         Then run down the stairs to the outside, run in front of Kennedy's

         Limo, and shoot him in the throat.

         Then run up the Grassy Knoll, jump the Fence, and shoot him again!!

         Then run back up to the 6th Floor and add Rust and Corrosion to the

         Firing Pin and Firing Chamber.

         Then coat the Rifle in Oil, all over, and ditch the Oil Can.

         Then wipe all the Oil off your hands and run back down to the 2nd Floor


         Then pick up your Coke, and drink some of it!! 

         Then wait for the Cop to arrive and ask to use the Phone. 

         Loads of Fun!!  

         Warren Commission Time:  Less than 1 Minute.

         Beat the Current Leader of 15 minutes 27 seconds!! 

         Or MORE!!

       Confused Operators are standing by now!!



         Supposedly Used a Piece-of-Junk, Inaccurate, Rusty,

  •      Corroded, Foreign, Toy Rifle to Assassinate the President,

  •      amazingly hitting him 3 or 4 times with 3 shots,

  •      in the Front and the Back, and wounding Governor

  •      Connally with a Magic Bullet all over the place. (??) 


  •      With the Toy Rifle set to "Automatic" (Machine Gun),

  •      although there's actually no such setting on that Rifle.

  •      You'd need help from the Rifle Fairy for that!!   

  •      With Magic Bullets and Magic Rifles.  


  •      Oswald:  The 10-year-old boy who shot the President,

  •      then ran away and "Hid" in a nearby Movie Theater.

  •      What a Plan!!!  What a story!! 


  •      Learn what one Bystander meant when he said:

  •           "It looked like a Convention of Soldiers of Fortune."


  •      Learn what one Bystander meant when he said:

  •           "It looked like Lansdale's work." 


  •      Learn how Army Intelligence explained to the Dallas PD

  •            that "Alex Hidell" (an Oswald ID) was really "Lee Harvey

  •            Oswald". And they had his current address. 

  •            But they had his name messed up. 

  •            They had him listed as "Harvey Lee Oswald".

  •            Oh well.  Close enough for Government work. 

  •            The Dallas PD figured it out.

  •            Gee.  How did Army Intelligence know that???  

  •            This "Nobody" - this "Lone Nut" with no arrest record

  •            (except for Disturbing the Peace in New Orleans for

  •            handing out Leaflets), was known to Military Intelligence!! 


  •      Learn how the Crazy Lone Nut tried to contact someone

  •           in MILITARY INTELLIGENCE from Jail, when they

  •           allowed him to make some Phone Calls.  

  •           By name.  By phone.  With the phone number from

  •           Directory Assistance discovered years later - saved by

  •           the Jail Switchboard Operator who placed the call.

  •           The call was to "John D. Hurt" in North Carolina.  

  •           Apparently blocked by a couple of "Government Men"

  •           who showed up to listen(??) to Oswald's phone calls

  •           in another room, according to the Operator. 

  •           (It was a Jail, so listening to, or blocking phone calls

  •           from Prisoners, may have been SOP.

  •           It probably WAS Standard Operating Procedure to listen in

  •           on Prisoner's Phone Calls or BLOCK them, if desired.) 



  •      Learn how Oswald's crazy Friend, Jack Ruby, shot him!!

  •           (Ruby and Oswald knew each other.

  •           How?  Why?  We don't know.

  •           Possibly for gun-running to Cuba by Ruby to topple Castro.

  •           This was actually a very sad and tragic situation for both

  •           Oswald and Jack Ruby.   

  •           Jack Ruby suffered horribly, and Oswald was killed.

  •           Then Ruby died 3 years later of Cancer - far too young.

  •           Sorry.  No more jokes about Jack Ruby.

  •           They forced him to murder his own FRIEND!!!

  •           The previous attempt to kill Oswald was bungled.

  •           So they had to use Ruby to do it.

  •           Ruby had a Conscience, was basically a good guy, and

  •           suffered horribly for killing Oswald.

  •           Say what you will about Jack Ruby.

  •           He was in GREAT EMOTIONAL PAIN for Days before shooting

  •           Oswald, and probably for Years afterwards.

  •           Ruby and Oswald were FRIENDS, and Jack Ruby was Forced to

  •           shoot and kill his Friend - no doubt with heavy threats made against

  •           his employees, relatives, etc, if he didn't do it.

  •           Rest in Peace, Jack.)  


  •      Learn what Marina Oswald meant when she said publicly:

  •           "I was filled with Guilt  [for what I did to Lee's reputation]."   

  •           (Ruby and Marina both suffered for what they did to Lee -

  •            while alive [Ruby], and after he died [Marina].)



  •      Learn how over 100 people accidentally died later,

  •           all killed by Dead Oswald!!  (Cough). 

  •           Isn't that amazing???!!!  

  •           Killed by a Dead Man, somehow (cough)??? 

  •           Witnesses, people involved, Researchers, News Media

  •           People, Reporters, Warren Commission People, etc. 

  •           Dead from Suicides, Heart Attacks, Dumb Accidents,

  •           Flying Upside Down, Got Lost, Rotten Peanut,

  •           Drove Off a Cliff, Fell Off a Tall Building,

  •           Drove Into a Wall at 80 Miles Per Hour, 

  •           Sudden Cancer, Reckless Driving, Car Blew Up, Bad Luck,

  •           Bad Vibes, Bad Anchovies, Bad Dogs, Moldy Cheese,

  •           Fweezing Dwizzle, Jumping Trees, Exploding Frogs, etc,

  •           all after Oswaldo was LONG DEADER THAN A DOOR

  •           NAIL OR A COFFIN NAIL, yet somehow murdered all

  •           those people, or simply encouraged them to jump off a

  •           tall building, or drive 80 mph, or drive off a cliff, or come

  •           down with fast-acting Cancer, or make their car blow up,

  •           or fly upside down, or eat Bad Anchovies, or something,

  •           through Pseudo Contra-Magical Anti-Possible Dead

  •           Inverted Warping Honking Geese Thoughts.  


  •           (Note: Nobody knows where Oswald is buried despite

  •           a headstone and coffin in a Cemetery.

  •           A CIA Agent confessed years later: 

  •           "We don't know WHO we've got down there."

  •          A Power even greater than the CIA - or WITHIN the CIA -

  •          did some VERY weird things with "Oswald's" body - or

  •          whoever it is.

  •          Or a CIA Secret Team did it, and the average CIA Agent

  •          wasn't told about it. Bizarre. Disgusting.

  •          For that matter, who's buried in Kennedy's grave??

  •          Probably JD Tippit - the Rogue Cop and JFK lookalike.   

  •          Jackie Kennedy opened the coffin and said:

  •          "That's not Jack."

  •          She was ignored.  Who was it??  Probably Tippit.

  •          Bizarre.)



  •                     JFK/Tippit Composite.

  •       By Robert Morningstar, JFK Researcher.

  •       John F. Kennedy / Officer JD Tippit,

  •       of the Dallas Police Department. 

  •       Not identical, but amazingly close.

  •       Tippit is probably buried in JFK's Grave.

  •       (Oswald supposedly shot Tippit - the

  •       JFK Double. He did not.  2 other people

  •       did it.) 

  •       Tippit was an important part of the Plan.

  •       They had a Double available, and they

  •       used him.   


         "Oswald did it!!"

         "Oswald did it!!"

         "Oswald did it!!"

         "Oswald did it!!"


  •                                    ........................


  • WHAT did I know, and WHEN did I know it??


    I lived through the Kennedy Assassination, along with millions of others.

    These were some of my thoughts at the time.

    (See also the ODDITIES Section.) 


    I knew that something VERY STRANGE was going on when they killed

    President Kennedy.

    This event didn't feel like simply the murder of a President, but more like

    the murder of a PHILOSOPHY and an Entire COUNTRY, in a way that

    I didn't understand.

    It was the murder of a Way of Life.

    An Optimistic, Happy, Energized, Smart, Good, Decent, Benevolent

    Way of Life. 


    Additionally, it seemed VERY STRANGE that they focused on Oswald

    within the first hour, or so, and CONTINUED to focus on him, as if they

    already knew who shot Kennedy. 


    The Mauser (a German Army Rifle) was found in the Book Depository

    within perhaps 20 minutes(??) or so.  

    A Search Party found it on the 6th Floor, but at the "Elevator" end of the

    Building.  Not the so-called "Sniper's Nest" end of the Building.   


    Then the Mauser was changed by the Rifle Fairy into a Carcano - an

    Italian Mannlicher-Carcano, because someone had made a MISTAKE

    in identifying the Rifle, they said.  (???) 

    A MISTAKE???  Kind of Odd.....

    (A Mauser says "MAUSER" on the barrel in big letters.

    A Carcano doesn't say anything that's legible.)

    (See all the Oddities in the "ODDITIES" Section.) 


    There was a stream of STRANGE News items that day, many of them

    delivered to the Public within a few Hours of the Murder.

    And over a 3-day period (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), MANY Oddities

    occurred or were stated by the News Anchors.

    It was BIZARRE!!

    I was numb.  I think many others were, as well. 

    Numbed by Kennedy's death, and numbed by the strange statements

    and developments (Magic Rifles, etc).


    But I knew FOR CERTAIN that there was some kind of "Frame-up"

    activity going on - Framing this Oswald guy for reasons unknown,

    when the FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, said that:

         "Oswald was the Assassin, and he acted Alone.

         There was no Conspiracy."


    Stated by Hoover within MINUTES of Kennedy's murder, according

    to Mark Lane - Author and Friend of President Kennedy.


    (Even if Mark Lane got it wrong, and Hoover made that statement within

    Minutes of Oswald's CAPTURE - less than 2 hours after the shooting, it's

    STILL Bizarre and Preposterous.

    Either way - within MINUTES or a couple of HOURS after Kennedy's

    Assassination - Hoover was Lying.

    No Department on Earth can react THAT Quickly.

    Time needed:

    1. HOURS or DAYS to determine if Oswald was the Shooter.

    2. MONTHS to determine if Oswald acted alone.)   


    Somehow, within only a few minutes, the FBI knew for certain that

    Oswald did it, and that he had no accomplices. No helpers. No

    Group of people supporting him in various ways, or pushing him

    to shoot the President.

    This was supposedly all Oswald's idea, he bought the Rifle, he bought

    the Ammo, he pulled the trigger, no one knew he was going to do it,

    no one helped him, no one paid him, no one instructed him, no one

    Coached him, etc.

    It was a One-Man operation.

    Somehow, All Known within a few minutes by the FBI.


    Hoover's statement was PREPOSTEROUS, unless Oswald confessed.

    But Oswald didn't confess. 

    The FBI HAD TO FIGURE IT OUT - or Lie about it.

    Hoover was Lying through his Teeth and his rubber face.

    And I knew it right away - along with millions of others.

    But there it was.

    Hoover, the Director of the FBI, a Government Agency, was LYING

    to the Public. 

    Lying as if he was reading from a SCRIPT, but had jumped the gun, 

    and read the Script FAR too soon.  MONTHS too soon!!

    Hours before they could conclude that Oswald was A Shooter, and

    Months before they could conclude that Oswald had acted alone.

    Hoover BLEW IT!!!  He SPILLED THE BEANS!!!!


    (Mark Lane called Jean Hill in Dallas, whose name had been mentioned

    in the newspaper as a close Eyewitness who said that shots came from

    behind the wooden Fence.

    She coined the phrase "The Grassy Knoll".

    She told Mark Lane that at least one of the shots came from behind the

    Fence on the Grassy Knoll, after explaining what "The Grassy Knoll"

    was, and that it was the shot that killed him.

    She didn't know about the Shooter in the Drain opening, and others, but

    she clearly knew about one or more shooters behind the Fence.

    In fact, 2/3 of the many people interviewed by Law Enforcement in Dealey Plaza

    said that at least one shot came from behind that wooden Fence.) 


    What did I know, and when did I know it??

    I knew that the Government (FBI) was involved in killing JFK (or

    covering it up - or BOTH), and I knew it within a few Minutes or

    Hours - between about 1:00 and 2:30 Friday afternoon.   

    Millions of other people probably knew it, as well, or suspected it.

    (So SOON??  Yes.) 

    J Edgar Hoover was the source of the Information.

    (Hoover spilled the Beans by accident.) 

    Hoover was careless with his comments, and gave it away.

    He stated OBVIOUS LIES.

    Sickening, but true.

    This one was more than just another one of the many Oddities. 

    This one was a LIE (actually, 2 Lies). 


    (The FBI was definitely involved in the cover-up, and was involved

    in the Assassination, to some extent.

    I don't think any FBI men did any shooting.

    As I understand it, an FBI man was harassing Marina prior to the

    shooting of Kennedy, and Oswald was very upset about it, and angrily

    told an FBI Agent to leave his wife alone.

    This may have been a "Psy-Ops" action on Oswald by the FBI -

    rattling Oswald and putting him in a bad mood. 

    Hoover would have been very aware of it, and probably ordered it.

    I did not realize, back then, that Hoover was a genuine Criminal

    in ways unrelated to the Kennedy Assassination.

    But when Hoover accidentally spilled the Beans regarding Oswald,

    long before he could have known it (if Oswald was guilty), I knew

    Hoover was an Accomplice to Murder.

    He wasn't announcing Information gleaned (Guilty and Acted Alone):

    He was announcing a phony Personal Profile and a Planned Attitude

    towards Oswald.

    He was announcing "The FBI Version of the Murder" to some extent,

    and how the FBI would investigate the Case, namely by investigating

    Oswald and no one else, in terms of shooters and helpers, since Oswald

    had supposedly "Acted Alone".

    Announcing Oswald's Guilt and the narrow scope of any forthcoming

    investigations within Minutes, practically shouted:  "This was a Conspiracy

    involving multiple people, and your FBI Director knows it, but we're

    not going to Investigate it properly. Instead, we're going to blame it all on

    Oswald, and suppress any evidence showing that he wasn't involved, or

    that others were involved."


    Why??  Because he had to be Lying about Oswald being the Assassin

    and acting alone since it would take quite a while to determine these


    These were OBVIOUS LIES.

    Reverse the 2 claims to turn them into Truth:

    1. Oswald was the Assassin ==> Oswald didn't do it.

    2. Oswald acted alone ==> Multiple people were involved.


    And a narrow scope of an "Investigation" (with Lying) is exactly what


    The FBI Agents created 2 sets of 202 Reports (Interview or Analysis

    Reports): The Real ones (True ones) and the Fake ones (False ones).   

    The Warren Commission received only the Fake ones, to my knowledge.)


    From that point on, the question became WHO did it, and WHY.

    And who was INVOLVED.

    All of the "Oswald did it" nonsense was just that:  Nonsense.


    Hoover was just another transparent accomplice to Murder.

    And he had a motive: He was afraid that Kennedy might

    replace him as Director.  That was certainly a possibility.

    It's well known that Hoover resorted to BLACKMAIL in order to

    remain in power.

    And anyone who would resort to the Blackmail of Presidents

    and any other high officials, would certainly not have a problem

    with helping in the cover-up of JFK's Assassination.



  •                                    ........................



  • A quote from a website, quoting the FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover:  


    J. Edgar Hoover, of all people, defined this mentality when he said,

    "The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy

    so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."

    He was talking about Communism, of course.....


    The Plot to kill Kennedy was similar to the above situation. 

    It was monstrous, huge, complicated, deadly, and expensive, and a few

    American stragglers still cannot believe it existed - handicapped by coming

    face-to-face with a Conspiracy so monstrous they cannot believe it existed. 

    (And still does exist!!).


    Hoover knew the Psychology of "Disbelief"!!

    He had worked with Disbelief for YEARS in combating Communism.

    People tend to automatically reject the Reality of a Monstrous Conspiracy!!

    It doesn't seem POSSIBLE.

    And if we allow ourselves to believe that it might be POSSIBLE, we want

    it to go away!!  To disappear!!  To Evaporate!!

    Note that Hoover was speaking of something "Monstrous" AND

    a "Conspiracy".

    Nobody wants to believe that Monstrous Conspiracies exist!!

    I don't blame them!!

    But they DO exist, and Hoover was well-acquainted with Communism,

    having fought against it for Decades. 


    There's the Psychology!!  Hoover nailed it. 

    My version:  "A Wall of Disbelief". 

    But a Wall of Disbelief is not an act of Strength or Knowledge, in this case.

    It's a Wall sometimes made of FEAR coupled with understandable

    WEAKNESS (How do you fight it??). 

    At other times, the Wall of Disbelief might be made of "FALSE CONFIDENCE"

    or "HOPE or "IGNORANCE", believing that a Conspiracy COULDN'T

    exist, when it clearly DOES exist. 


    Hoover was speaking of  "The Will to Disbelieve" - a common

    Human failing that the Monstrous Bad Guys have used against us, where

    we erect a "Wall of Disbelief" - something we should not do so that we

    can better protect ourselves.


    "The Will to Disbelieve" is probably related to:

    "The Sleeping Pill of Apathy".   


    Most of the effort went into the Cover-Up which was FAR greater than

    the effort to assassinate the President, and also involved ignoring all

    kinds of facts that leaked out, both rapidly and slowly.

    It was just too big to contain.


    But even with dozens of inconvenient Facts leaking out over the years,

    SOME people retained their Naivete, believing that the ex-Marine

    Patriot and decent man, Lee Harvey Oswald, had inexplicably shot

    President Kennedy for no reason at all, except that he was supposedly

    a "Nut" with no history of Craziness whatsoever, but had received an

    Honorable Discharge from the Marine Corps, had tracked secret U-2

    Spyplane flights on Radar over the Soviet Union (a CIA Program),

    had supposedly shot Officer JD Tippit (but with no evidence), had

    supposedly taken a Pot Shot at General Edwin Walker and missed (!!!),

    but with no evidence, and that the massive Warren Commission study

    of Kennedy's Assassination had somehow proven that he shot Kennedy,

    although it took 8 men, 10 months, and 888 Pages to prove a simple

    "Homicide by Firearm" with nothing but SUSPICION instead of evidence,

    but would have fit into a TEASPOON if it had existed, and could have

    been done in a few HOURS if the evidence had existed, and could have

    been typed up by Midnight that night (Friday Night).   


    "Massive Evidence" (cough)??

    All you need is a Teaspoon to hold any "Oswald" evidence, but there

    isn't any evidence.  It doesn't exist.


    And using Silly Logic of implied Guilt ("He ran away (??) so he must

    be guilty...."), but not emphasizing that he "ran away" to a MOVIE

    THEATER a few miles away, sitting alone in the Balcony, rather than

    heading for Mexico, or Canada, or New Orleans, where he would be

    much harder to catch, and he didn't even have a Getaway Car, instead

    taking a BUS and a TAXI part of the way, and even stopping at HOME

    to get a jacket and possibly a pistol, and WALKING part of the way, etc, etc. 


    I think if he had ordered a Pizza and gone Roller Skating after supposedly

    "Shooting the President", the Warren Commission would have tried to

    make it sound perfectly reasonable or highly Suspicious, dwelling for

    several chapters on what kind of Pizza he ate, and what music was playing

    at the Roller Rink where he went Roller Skating, always on the lookout

    for "subversive" music, such as music by the Russian Tchaikovsky,

    and tunes such as those from the Nutcracker Suite - a Christmas favorite

    of Children and Adults (and Communists??). 

    (Tchaikovsky was NOT a Communist.)


    "Yes, after shooting the President, Oswald then went Roller Skating as

    they played "The Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy" and "The Waltz 

    of the Flowers"  - and maybe "The March of the Toy Soldiers" from

    the Nutcracker Suite over the loudspeakers - 

    with Oswald Pantomiming every Piece and every Phrase, from Fairies

    to Flowers to Toy Soldiers, stretching, emoting, dreaming, becoming,

    being -  even trying to act like a No-Nonsense Little Soldier - a TOY

    Soldier - strict, straight, and following orders, smartly marching around

    the Room with an imaginary Wooden Rifle (or Skating around the

    Rink), to a piece written by a Russian Composer, as everyone knows,

    which is why he selected that particular Roller Rink.

    And as everyone knows, every Russian is a Loyal Communist, and hated

    Kennedy and his wife, but loved the short and dumpy Peasant

    Nikita Khrushchev (the Shoe Banger at the UN) and his ugly wife, who

    once ate the flowers at a State Dinner, thinking they were a Salad.  

    Just more evidence that Oswald was a Traitor, and shot the President."

    [End Fiction.]


    [Eating the Flowers is true!! Mrs. Khrushchev actually did that, once

    at a Big, Important State Dinner. 

    The other guests attempted to cover-up her faux paus by also eating

    THEIR Flowers, so she wouldn't be embarrassed!!  What a Night!! 

    And Nikita Khrushchev was a stupid Peasant.

    It was only by stealing American and German technology that Russia

    was able to recover from WW2 and produce some decent products,

    but most Russian products were junk.

    If Oswald was enamored with the Soviet Union, he was stupid and nuts.

    Oswald was neither stupid nor nuts: He was a Spy.

    And he married the beautiful Marina!!  Nice move!!

    He married the beautiful Marina, but he was a stupid Lone Nut??

    It doesn't compute.]


    [Roller Skating:

    Fictional Nonsense that the Warren Commission would be inclined to

    create, since they didn't seem to think it was the least bit odd that Oswald

    didn't head for the Hills (Mexico, New Orleans, etc) with a Getaway Car

    or a Small Plane, but instead traveled only a few miles by Foot, Bus, and

    Taxi, stopping at Home on the way, and went to a Movie, sitting alone

    in the Balcony, wearing a light-colored Jacket and a White T-Shirt, captured

    by the Police in only 1:40 (1 Hour and 40 Minutes).

    Some people say he was on the first floor of the Movie Theater.

    If true, it doesn't change anything significantly, since the 900-Seat Theater

    was mostly empty anyway, with about 20+ people (??), around lunch time

    on a Friday afternoon, to watch a War Movie or two - a Double Feature with 

    Van Heflin in both movies.  AND he ran in without paying, alerting the

    Ticket Girl and the Manager!!

    Well, I guess that's just more proof that he shot the President: He went to a

    Movie after shooting the President!!

    Those Warren Clowns and the Department of Special Brains are such clever


    They KNEW that going to a Movie PROVED that Oswald shot Kennedy!!

    Just another gigantic chunk of Evidence in the Massive Evidence that Oswald

    shot Kennedy. 


    Shoot ==> Movie ==> Guilty!!  It's obvious!!


    Let's hear it for the Warren Clowns!!


    Sometimes I get a Dairy Queen, sometimes I go Roller Skating, sometimes

    I order a Pizza after shooting a President.

    Oswald went to a Movie. It's obvious that he shot the President.

    The Warren Clowns figured it out!!

    Let's hear it for the Warren Clowns!!


    And YOU TOO might be charged with shooting the President if you

    leave work early and go to a Movie!!

    And the new "President" will lock up the evidence for 70 YEARS!!

    Just like "President" Johnson did.

    (Or possibly Earl Warren, for 75 years. One or the other.]



    And after all, even though Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev admired

    Kennedy, as did all the Soviets and most Americans, surely there must be

    some sneaky Commies out there (Oswald???) who had decided that

    "Kennedy must Die", even though Oswald admired Kennedy too.

    Who needs evidence???

    Just use half-baked Suspicion!!

    "He went to a Movie!! That no good Lout!! Obviously trying to Hide!!

    Obviously Guilty!!" 

    And IGNORE contradictory evidence.

    Ignore evidence that a GROUP of Right Wing extremist AMERICANS

    killed Kennedy!!  Not Oswald.

    Ignore the Fact that there was NO EVIDENCE that Oswald shot Kennedy.


    Ignore evidence that MOST OF THE SHOTS came from somewhere else -

    not the Depository Building.


    (What Smoke in the Trees on the Grassy Knoll??

    What Flock of Birds flying out of the Trees??

    What Smoke coming from the Drain Opening on the Curb?? 

    What Hollow, Ringing sound after one of the shots??

    What smell of Gunpowder on the Grassy Knoll??

    What people lying on the Grass??

    What Rifles found behind the Fence?? 

    What people standing and talking behind the Fence the day before??

    What Drain Opening in the Parking Lot behind the Fence?? 

    What crowd rushing up the Grassy Knoll??

    What Motorcycle Cop driving up the steps of the Grassy Knoll??

    What Yellow Lines painted on the Elm Street Curb??

    What Motorcade Stops on Elm Street??

    What car speeding away from the Parking Lot, filmed by a Newsman??   

    What (lack of) evidence that Oswald fired that Carcano Rifle??

    What (lack of) evidence that Oswald handled that Carcano Rifle??      

    What (lack of) evidence that Oswald ordered that Carcano Rifle??

    What (lack of) evidence that all the shots came from behind??

    What saved bullets from Kennedy's body and the seats?? 

    What evidence that the Carcano was the Murder weapon??

    What rusty Toy Rifle?? 

    What Mauser??

    What wrong Carcano Rifle Model?? 

    What wrong Carcano Serial Number?? 

    What missing Rifle Paper Trail??

    What Lack of Evidence against Oswald?? 

    What evidence that Oswald was a 'Nut'??  

    What Alibi with a Witness, with Oswald eating Lunch??

    What Low-Powered Rifle??

    What Missing Fingerprints on the Carcano?? 

    What Testimony by Karen Carlin that Jack Ruby knew the entire

         Plot before it transpired, and that Oswald would be framed??

         (Note: Ruby and Oswald were friends. Therefore, Ruby was

          ordered to kill his FRIEND - a horrible state of affairs.

          That's ONE of the reasons why Jack Ruby was such a nervous wreck

          for 2 days, unable to eat, barely able to talk, unable to sleep, quiet,

          sullen, moody - totally out of character.

          And he MIGHT have been the one who called the FBI, warning

          them that Oswald would be killed, to tighten the security around

          Oswald and prevent Ruby from getting close enough to shoot

          Oswald.  The Dallas PD never got the warning.)   

    What Mis-Quotations of Witnesses??  

    What Eye Witnesses??

    What Fake FBI 202 Reports??

    What Original FBI 202 Reports??

    What Meddling by Hoover??

    What Accessories After the Fact??

    What Evidence Tampering?? 

    What Witness Harassment??What

    What Locked-up evidence??

    What Innocent-Until-Proven-Guilty Status??

    What Fair Trial??

    What Trial?? 

    What Murdered Witnesses??

    What Banana Republic??

    What Slime??

    What Pristine so-called Gun Sack with not a Dent or an Oil Stain on it??

    What Interrogation Stenographer?? 

    What Interrogation Recording?? 

    What Doctor's Autopsy burned notes?? 

    What Zapruder film editing??

    What Other film editing??

    What Other film cropping??

    What Fake Secret Service ID Cards?? 

    What Fake Secret Service Men in Dealey Plaza?? 

    What phone calls by Oswald to Military Intelligence??

    What phone calls to the FBI by someone??

    What Walkie-Talkie Radios?? 

    What Radio Man on the Bridge?? 

    What Fake Police Uniforms rented from a Costume Shop??  

    What Boxcar Tramps??   

    What theft of Kennedy's body at Parkland Hospital??

    What Dead Witnesses??

    What Dead Dancers??  

    What Illegal Lineups?? 

    What Chain of Custody for Evidence??

    What 20-year-old Carcano Ammo?? 

    What KGB Report that fingered Johnson?? 

    What Personal Assassin??  

    What Police protection for Oswald?? 

    What Anonymous Tip of Oswald's Future Slaying?? 

    What ex-CIA officials in Dallas??

    What Advocate for Oswald at the WC meetings?? 

    What Illegal Questions by the Warren Commission??

    What Outline of Work for the Warren Commission that blamed ONLY

          Oswald, and never considered any other Shooters??   

    What threat by LBJ to Earl Warren to find Oswald guilty - and ONLY Oswald??

    What Fired CIA Director who was on the Warren Commission?? 

    What Fired CIA Director who refused to be Fired, and setup his House

          as the new Headquarters of the CIA??  

    What Fired CIA Director who watched his sister drowning?? 

    What Vice President who was about to be investigated by Congress for

         corruption, and also had ties to the Mafia??

    What order by LBJ to transfer Oswald in the Daytime instead of the

         Middle of the Night, as planned??  

    What Vice President whose Grandmother predicted that he would

         end up in Prison?? 

    What Vice President who had his sister killed??


    What Loudmouth Bullies keep Banging the Drums daily, that

         "Oswald did it,  Oswald did it,  Oswald did it,  Oswald did it"

         and yelling 

         "Yer all Stupid Idiot Krazy Idot Psychopaths Stupid dots if you think

          Oswald's Dog wasn't in Ruby's Boat and didn't shoot Tupput",    


          "Ignorant Gullible Silly Crackpot Round-Earth Duds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!##" ???


         And WHY??   

         Why SHOUT what they say is Clear and Obvious??? 

         If it's Clear and Obvious, why not just SAY it??  And PROVE it?? 

         Crazy, Man.


         These are the Oswald Theorist Bullies - Insane beyond all hope.


         Are they Patients in Psychiatric Hospitals??

         Are they Teens on Drugs??

         Are they Disturbed Children??


         Some of these Oswald Theorists are WAAAAY out there, Round the Bend,

         and bang the Wacko CLAIM Drum instead of the EVIDENCE Drum ---

         something that should be a LOT easier and largely unnecessary.   


         Show us your Evidence, Dude.    

         (They don't HAVE any evidence that Oswald did it. That's why all they can

         do is shout and scream and drool.

         As if anyone would take them seriously for 1 microsecond.

         Maybe their fellow Insects take them seriously....). 

         Don't drool on the keyboard, Dude.

         Your Mom (or the Nurse) might get irritated with you.

    Etc. Etc.)


    These people were angry, desperate, well-funded, well-staffed, and

    determined, and had no intention of getting caught.

    They were willing to do almost ANYTHING and kill ANYONE - even

    killing JFK's son, years later when he was about to publish some articles

    in his magazine "George" that would have exposed the guilt and character

    of some Slimeball World "Leaders" connected with the JFK assassination

    and other murders. 


    Even killing everyone on an Airliner to retrieve 1 Folder.

    Killing the murderer's WIFE!!

    Who was his son's only ACTIVE Parent!!

    A Good Mother who apparently raised the kids ALONE, because the

    CIA Father couldn't be bothered with kids.....

    Then the CIA Father killed HER and everyone else on an Airliner

    to retrieve 1 Folder that she was carrying - walking thru the crashed

    plane with all those dead bodies, finding the wife's body, finding

    the folder, and removing it quickly.

    (This was E. Howard Garbage Hunt of Watergate Infamy and JFK

    Assassination Infamy). 

    With no remorse whatsoever.

    From Hunt's deathbed confession to his son, which the son taped, and

    has played on the air.

    These people (not the son) are Utter Garbage!!!!

    (Can you imagine discovering that your Father Murdered your Mother??

    Plus everyone else on the Plane??

    All to obtain a folder she was carrying, that would incriminate a bunch

    of Bad Guys - being carried (couriered) to some Good Guys because she

    was a GOOD PERSON??

    And she was his only Parent, in effect??

    And he's telling you this on his Deathbed with almost no time left to

    shoot him??

    These were some of the Scumbags who killed Kennedy, AND 100-150



    JFK's assassination was ALSO a "conspiracy so monstrous".

    Desperate men with Power, Money, Experience, Skill, Hatred, Greed, Fear,

    "Justification", Contempt, and Determination will do Desperate Things. 

    They did.


  •                                    ........................



  •    xx

  •  Brief History and Some Causes


  • President Kennedy was murdered for multiple reasons.

    His death was caused PARTLY by Meddlers, taking unauthorized

    action behind his back (or doing dumb things before his first


          Meddler 1.  Joseph P. Kennedy - his Aging Father.

          Meddler 2.  Bobby Kennedy - his Half-Wit Brother.

          Meddler 3.  The US State Department.

          Meddler 4.  The CIA. 


    (There were MANY OTHER CAUSES besides the Meddling,

    including his views on Vietnam, Treasury Bills, the CIA,

    invading Cuba, higher taxes for Oil Companies, etc). 


    Meddlers are a CURSE wherever they exist.

    Here are some of the MEDDLER reasons, in Kennedy's case.



          ---- MEDDLERS ----



    Four Meddlers:



    1.  Joseph P. Kennedy (Father).

    He told the Mafia before the election:

          "Vote for Jack, and he'll leave you alone.

            He'll look the other way." 

    They voted for Jack, but Bobby Kennedy prosecuted the Mafia like

    Gang Busters!! They were betrayed.

    (Was the Father Senile???  Maybe...

    He had a stroke a couple of years later, but was acting weird even

    before that.)  

    Joseph Kennedy also told Jack: 

          "You can do anything you want,

            and get away with it."  

    Terrible advice.  Insane advice.

    Jack may have taken his Father's advice.

    Maybe that's why Jack Kennedy acted so carefree much of the time. 

    President Kennedy took his job VERY seriously. But he also acted

    carefree, happy, content, confident, untroubled, and having a good

    time as President. 

    We loved it!!  His staff loved it!!  World Leaders enjoyed his company!! 

    The News Media loved it!!

    We were all Energized by his presence!!  We felt Wonderful!! 

    But it's possible that he was a bit careless in his Private Life. 

    Being carefree, happy, confident, etc, are all fine, but no one should

    think that they can do anything they want, and get away with it. 

    (He also should have put a Leash on McBooby Kennedy - his

    Loose-Cannon Not-Too-Swift brother!!). 

    Very sad. 


    2.  McBooby Kennedy

         (Bobby Kennedy).

    Offered the VP slot to Lyndon "Cornpone" Johnson, acting on his

    own initiative, without JFK's knowledge or approval, thus harming the

    Kennedy Administration, and helping to RUIN this country.


    He also completely FOULED UP the Bay of Pigs invasion of

    Cuba by Cuban Exiles.  

    (McGeorge Bundy did it, but probably on orders from McBooby.)

    That action caused endless problems for JFK and the USA.


    He also apparently setup an Anti-Castro Task Force to take

    action against Castro or Cuba for a 2nd attempt. 

    Lee Oswald was a member of that Team.

    The man who SUPPOSEDLY shot Kennedy - the man who was

    FRAMED - came from McBooby's Assault Team.

    Oswald was a Poison Pill Patsy, and McBooby was partly responsible

    for it, apparently by inadvertently letting Oswald's name be known to

    nefarious individuals.  


    To repeat: 

        Lyndon Johnson as VP came from McBooby.  

        The "Bay of Pigs" foul-up came from McBooby.

        Plan-B to attack Cuba again or kill Castro came from McBooby.

        Oswald's name most likely came from McBooby's Personnel list.     


    "Oswald as the Patsy" came from somebody else who knew Oswald's

    name - probably someone in the CIA. 

    But McBooby made it possible - made it so much easier.


    Can you imagine:  "President McBOOBY"??? 

          Fouling up Everything???

          Invading FLORIDA??   

          Invading SOUTH DAKOTA??   

          Claiming the NORTH POLE for the USA?? 

          Building Runways for SANTA CLAUS??

  •       Claiming CANADA as the 99th State??   

          Building a Submarine base in NEBRASKA?? 

          Offering to make McGeorge McBUNGLER a General -

                 in the Cuban Navy??  

    McBooby Kennedy (Bobby Kennedy) and McGeorge McBungler

    (McGeorge Bundy) were Dumb and Dumber!!

    Even Dumber than ME!!!! 

    And they both worked for the US Government!!

    In HIGH Positions!! 


    Bobby Kennedy and McGeorge Bundy.

    McBooby and McBungler: 


    And they worked for the Government.

    In High Positions!!


    (McBooby:  "That little Beady-Eyed guy sitting

    in the corner."  -- according to one source, planning

    the Bay of Pigs Operation.

    He wasn't actually part of the Bay of Pigs discussion

    and planning.

    He just sat in the corner - "That little Beady-Eyed guy

    sitting in the corner." and apparently THOUGHT he

    understood the Plan and the Logistics.  He didn't.

    And he was a few Bricks short.  Not too swift.)  


    My and


    3.  The Stupid Department.

    Helped to put Castro in power. 

    Most of our Cuban problems were caused by the Stupid Department

    and McBooby Kennedy (and McGeorge McBungler.)




    4.  The Central Insanity Agency 


    Out of control.

    Liars. Murderers. Black-mailers. Criminals. 

    Willing to kill ANYONE.

    Their solution for every problem is to kill the guy. 

    They even killed one of their Directors!!

    And they killed Kennedy.

    It was a good idea for a Department (The Central Intelligence Agency),

    but it spiraled out of control Long Ago. 

    Decades ago.

    Partnered with the Mafia, probably beginning with the Castro Regime

    in Cuba.

    Now it's the "Central Insanity Agency" of Criminals - the CIA. 

    And their partner is the Mafia. 

    When people speak of the CIA or the American Government,

    they're also referring to the MAFIA as part of American Government

    and the CIA, probably without meaning to.






    Kennedy's Mistakes that I know of.

    Things that angered people, things that enraged people, and

    things that hurt his Administration. 

    1. Treating McBooby Kennedy as a member of his team before

         the election, adding him to his staff after the election, and

         including him in important meetings.

         (One member  of the Bay of Pigs Planning Team referred to

        McBooby as "That beady-eyed little guy sitting in the corner."

        McBooby was at the meetings, but not part of the Planning

        Group. McBooby thought he had the knowledge and

        authority to override the decisions of the group. Why??)  

    2. Promising Gen. Ed Lansdale a high position in Vietnam, then

        not giving it to him. 

        Lansdale was Air Force/CIA.

        (Shouldn't have been offered.

        Lansdale was an Assassin. Perhaps Kennedy found out later,

        and had second thoughts. But he should have been placated

        with SOMETHING.  Maybe a middle-level position in Vietnam.

        But nothing was forthcoming after a year, and Lansdale was

        doing a Slow Burn.  Two Mistakes by Kennedy.

            1. Offering a high position to Lansdale.

            2. Not giving Lansdale anything.)

    3. Insisting that NASA work with the Soviets on the Manned

        Moon Mission.  It would have stripped NASA of its rightful

        pride in landing a Man on the Moon by its own efforts (no

        Project Partners), could have caused endless finger-pointing

        if there were problems, they would have had to deal with

        meetings, memos, and documentation in 2 languages with

        slowness a certainty, misunderstandings possible, etc. 

        The concept was "Cooperation instead of Saber-Rattling", but

        it was the wrong project. 

    4. Not explaining that the US shipments of food and medicine

        to Cuba were Ransom Payments for the captured Cuban exiles -

        not "Gifts to Cuba" as some people thought.

    5. Apparently blaming the CIA for the entire failure of the

        Bay of Pigs invasion, when it was all McBooby's fault.

        What did the CIA do wrong??

        Apparently, Allen Dulles lied to JFK, but what was the lie??

        Dulles was Garbage, but what did the CIA do wrong??

    6. Being obsessed, or cooperating with the obsessed, on getting

        rid of Castro. Pure Insanity. Very difficult to do.  

        As someone said:  "Cuba was a Thorn in our side, not a Dagger

        at our heart."   But the Mafia wanted their Casinos back. 

        Their cause was legitimate since Castro STOLE the Casinos and

        all the wealth related to them.  It was a mess.

    7. Declaring a Soviet movement of ships to be an Act of War if they

        crossed a Line in the Ocean, to Cuba with Missiles. 

        Normal governmental fumbling and SLOWNESS of translation,

        messengers, etc, caused the Soviet ship to accidentally cross the

        line before turning back.

    8. Having Afternoon Meetings with the Wives and Girlfriends of

        men who could ruin him, if they wanted to.

        (Jackie knew. And so did JFK's father. And so did the Secret


    9. Adding the first Black man to the White House Secret Service.

        Unwise and unnecessary. It just stirred up trouble and hatred of JFK

        within the Secret Service. 

        And it helped to get JFK killed.

        Every original Secret Service man assigned to the White House said

        they would not take a bullet for JFK.  And they didn't.

        The right-seat Limo man could have protected JFK, but did not.    

    10. Campaigning in Dallas for a 2nd Term.

          Dallas was a hotbed of anti-Kennedy feelings.

          Kennedy knew it, and he was warned not to go there by

          one of his staff members.

    11. Not using the Bubble Top on the Limousine in Dallas.

        The Secret Service started to mount it, but were waved off.

        It was Kennedy's decision to not use it.

        It would have Helped, and it MIGHT have saved his life.

        Impossible to know what would have happened.


    Kennedy correctly tried to keep us out of fighting a War

    in Vietnam. 

           "A Jungle War is Unwinnable".  

           "In the end, it's THEIR War."

    But that angered the Industrialists and the Bankers. 

    (M-16 manufacturers, Lenders, etc).

    And probably some people in the Pentagon who may have

    wanted the chance to prove how modern weapons of War

    could easily obliterate the Viet Cong.


    After 10 years or more, they STILL hadn't succeeded.

    And they never did.

    Kennedy was RIGHT and all the rest were WRONG.


    But maybe they didn't WANT a winnable war....

    Maybe they WANTED the war to go on and on.... 


    Endless War is good for some businesses.

    Vietnam was ENDLESS WAR - just what the Criminal

    Scumbags wanted.

    (Pay no attention to all those Dead American Soldiers, and

    all those Wounded American Soldiers, and the High Cost,

    and the separation from families, and the POW's, and the

    MIA's (Missing In Action) with the Agony of families, not

    knowing if their Son/Husband/Father is Dead or Alive.

    Just honor the Dead, and everything will be fine.  Cough....) 



    Kennedy's Problems and Mistakes were Mostly related to:

        * Cuba and Castro.

        * Vietnam.

        * Russia.

  •     * General Curtis LeMay (SAC War Hawk).

  •     * Idiotic moves by the Stupid Department.

        * McBooby Kennedy and his Meddling. 

        * Joseph Kennedy and his Meddling.

        * The CIA.

        * The Mafia.

        * The Cuban Exiles.

        * The Bankers.

        * The Industrialists. 

        * The Oil Companies.

        * Lyndon Johnson.  

        * The John Birch Society (Right Wing)?? 

        * Some Southerners?? 

        * Some Segregationists?? 

        * The Secret Service.  

        * Hirings of people.  

        * Firings of people.  

        * Promises not kept.   

        * Hasty decisions.   

        * Misunderstandings.

        * Some afternoon meetings with certain women.  

        * His campaign for a 2nd Term (4 more years). 

           (This was probably the Straw that broke the Camel's Back.

             He only had 14 months left in his 1st Term, and the Bad

             Guys might not have killed him if he had planned to be

             a One-Term President.

             With a 2nd Term looming, and with Weasel Johnson as

             VP, positioned for the Presidency, they took action.)    



    Kennedy was HATED by some people.

    And some people wanted him DEAD.

    But generally speaking, Kennedy's vision and judgement

    were good - and wise.

    Other people were generally short-sighted, indifferent, 

    careless, Loose Cannons, or extremely greedy.


    Kennedy was very unlucky to be President at this time.


    They designated Oswald as the Patsy (Fall Guy) and

    killed Kennedy and many others in a Mass Slaughter

    of people over several years.

    They even killed the Patsy, which was always part of

    the Plan.  It's the "Mafia Way".

    You could be next.

  •              ....................



  •         Short version of the Summary of Some of the ODDITIES

  •         of the Assassination during that 3-day period (Friday, Saturday,

  •         and Sunday -  11-22-63  --  11-24-63).

  •         See a longer version (plus details) further down.

  •        (Some Warren Commission Oddities added.)


  •         *  FOUND FAST!! 

  •            They caught the so-called "Assassin" amazingly quickly.     


  •         * A MAUSER?? 

  •            He supposedly used a Foreign Rifle.  An odd choice...


  •         * A MAGIC RIFLE?? 

  •            The Foreign Rifle turned into a different Foreign

  •            Rifle.  A Carcano.  Strange...   


  •         * ITALIAN RIFLE?? 

  •           The new rifle was Italian.  An odd choice...


  •         * OSWALD'S BIO. 

  •           Plenty of Background Information on Oswald.


  •         * HASTY RETREAT. 

  •           Kennedy's body was immediately taken  back to

  •           Washington without an Autopsy.  Illegal and Odd. 



  •           Oswald said he was just a Patsy implying a Group Effort. 

  •           Group+Patsy.  That's a Conspiracy of some kind.   


  •         * BITTER/CALM ASSASSIN. 

  •           Oswald seemed BITTER about the whole thing, at times. 

  •          And CALM, at times.  Strange behavior...  



  •          The FBI is notified that someone will shoot Oswald during the transfer

  •          to the main Jail, about 8 hours prior to the transfer.

  •          The Dallas PD doesn't get the word. 


  •       *  NO PROTECTION. 

  •          Oswald is shot, surrounded by the Police, as predicted.

  •          What Police Protection???  What Police Department???   



  •          Jack Ruby gives 3 different, ODD "Reasons" for shooting Oswald, including

  •          saying that The World Will Never Know His Reasons.


  •       * A WARREN COMMISSION???

  •          It was CONGRESS who initially wanted a Commission to investigate JFK's

  •          murder, and Lyndon Johnson who resisted the idea!!

  •          Why did Johnson resist it?? 


  •       * A WARREN COMMISSION???

  •          Why does it take an entire Commission 10 months and almost 900 Pages

  •         to prove a simple Homicide by Firearm by an "Obvious Shooter"??  

  •         The Evidence would have fit into a Teaspoon!! And the Report is just Trash. 

  •         Why not a Trial??  Why not an Ordinary Investigation by the Police Department,

  •         the Secret Service, the FBI, etc??

  •         This "Warren Commission Process" was just Nonsensical, and not bound by any

  •         legal procedure because it wasn't a Court.

  •        And they DID get away with "illegal" procedures all the time.     

  •        Having an Official Government investigation was necessary, but it was completely

  •        mishandled. 



  •          3 of the people involved in the Warren Commission were Suspects.

  •          -- Lyndon Johnson.  President.

  •             Established the Commission. Threatened Earl Warren.

  •             Selected the Members.

  •             Hated Kennedy. 

  •             Could control the Commission if he needed to.

  •         -- Allen Dulles.  Commission Member. 

  •             Probably involved in the murder.

  •             Had been fired by Kennedy, but still in charge of the CIA, setting up his house

  •             as the new CIA Headquarters. 

  •             Hated Kennedy. 

  •             Took over control of the Commission.

  •            Attended every meeting.   

  •        --  Edgar Hoover.  FBI Director.

  •            The FBI performed investigations for the WC, and Hoover was involved in the

  •            cover-up, just as the WC was part of the cover-up.

  •            Had been Lyndon Johnson's neighbor.

  •            Hated Kennedy. 

  •            Revealed that he knew some of the plan when he said that Oswald was guilty

  •            and that he acted alone, within minutes of Oswald's capture.

  •           All untrue, and if it had been true, preposterous that he could have known it

  •           so soon. 


  •       * WHAT ADVOCATE??? 

  •         There was no Advocate for Oswald at the Warren Commission Thing.

  •         Therefore, we never heard Oswald's side of the story, etc. 


  •       * WHAT WITNESSES??

  •         Most of the Witnesses who testified to the Warren Commission were 2nd

  •         and 3rd level "Witnesses" or Non-Witnesses.  Not involved. 

  •         OR..... They saw someone else - not Oswald.

  •         OR..... They were never called to testify by the WC.  



  •         One of the "Eye Witnesses" was Half Blind due to a sandblasting accident. 

  •         The person he saw in the window (at some point) must have been a Midget

  •         or a Child.  Worthless testimony.  


  •       * WHAT QUESTIONS??

  •         Most of the Commission's Questions were just dumb.

  •         "How are you, today??  More Ice Water??"  


  •       * WHAT MOTIVE??

  •         Oswald had no known Motive for shooting Kennedy. 

  •         So they labeled him a "Nut".

  •         But he had no history of being crazy. 


  •       * WHAT EVIDENCE??

  •         There's no Evidence that Oswald shot Kennedy.

  •         Suspicion and Innuendo, but no Hard Evidence.

  •         Why did they search for him??  Why did they

  •         lock him up?? Because he left work early??

  •         EVERYBODY left work early that day. 

  •         They found a Rifle on the 6th Floor, but they found

  •         TWO RIFLES on the 6th Floor. Bizarre.

  •         They didn't seem to be looking for TWO PEOPLE.

  •         Just Oswald.

  •         Why weren't they looking for TWO SHOOTERS?????? 

  •         Maybe they had good reasons for nabbing Oswald

  •         for Questioning and locking him up for a couple of

  •        days ("Leaving Early" plus "Rifles" Equals Suspicion -

  •        plus running into the Theater - Odd),

  •        but how could they charge him with Kennedy's

  •        Murder??  What evidence did they have??

  •        They couldn't have had ANY evidence that he shot

  •        Kennedy. 


  •     But they DID charge Oswald with murdering

  •     Kennedy shortly before midnight, Friday night

  •     (11-22-63). 


  •      (I'm not sure that they TOLD him that they had charged him

         with Kennedy's murder that night.

         But they did CHARGE him, on paper.)


  •        Why charge him???

  •        Did they have any evidence?? 


  •        They probably just wanted a Confession from Oswald.

  •        A Confession from an Idiot with no Plan, who thought

  •        it would be fun to shoot President Kennedy with a

  •        Piece-Of-Junk Under-Powered Toy Rifle, with a

  •        misaligned scope, with Old Ammo, from quite a

  •        distance, with a Tree in the way, from the Building

  •        he worked in, and head for a Movie Theater, running

  •        in without paying, and "Hide" in the Balcony, wearing

  •       a White T-shirt and a Light-Colored Jacket.

  •       A Confession from the Stupidest Assassin in History.

  •       But Crazy people do Stupid things, and they didn't

  •       know how Stupid or Crazy he was at the time.

  •       He was just "The guy who worked at the TSBD".

  •       Charging him with Kennedy's Murder would have

  •       been irrational because they didn't have ANY evidence

  •       that he shot Kennedy. But they did it anyway.

  •       Maybe they had to charge him in order to Hold him,

  •       then gather the evidence later.   


  •       Why didn't they charge The 3 Tramps with Murder???     





  •                     Oswald:  The Happy Shooter


                      The Obvious Assassassassininon


                                                       Age 24



                                        "Things go better with Coke!!" 

                                        "Oh darn.  I forgot to run away!!" 

                                        Obviously Insanely Insane.

                                        Obviously a Lone Nut Goodie. 

                                        Obviously a Violent, Crazy Killer.

                                        Obviously an Assassassassininon.    

                                        Obviously Used Magic Bullets.

                                        Obviously Used a Magic Rifle. 

                                        Obviously Assisted by the Rifle Fairy and the Bullet Fairy.

                                        Must have Used the Italian JUNK RIFLE / TOY RIFLE.

                                        Shot Kennedy from all over the place!!


                                        Case Closed.  Case Closed.  Case Closed.  Case Closed.

                                        Case Closed.  Case Closed.  Case Closed.  Case Closed.

                                        Case Closed.  Case Closed.  Case Closed.  Case Closed.

                                        Case Closed.  Case Closed.  Case Closed.  Case Closed.

                                        Case Closed.  Case Closed.  Case Closed.  Case Closed.

                                        Case Closed.  Case Closed.  Case Closed.  Case Closed.

                                        Case Closed.  Case Closed.  Case Closed.  Case Closed.


                                      Why is he Smiling????

                                      Why is he apparently Calm???? 


                                     Oswald:  The Happy Shooter. 

                                     Oswald:  The Smiling Shooter. 

                                     Oswald:  The Calm Shooter. 

                                     Oswald:  The Accused Shooter.

                                     Oswald:  The Magic Shooter.  

                                     Oswald:  The Stupid Shooter.  

                                     Oswald:  The Poison Pill Patsy.

                                     Oswald:  The Betrayed Patsy.

                                     Oswald:  The Betrayed Patriot (really).






                                        Oswald:  The Happy Shooter

                                                 News Conference

                                                   Friday, 11-22-63

                              "I didn't shoot anybody.  I'm just a Patsy."


                              Oswald didn't do it, but they sure made him

                              LOOK guilty in this photo, surrounded by

                              the Police, tightly gripped in case he tried

                              to run. 

                              (He denied shooting the President.) 

                              I think he's still smiling.  Calm and relaxed.

                              What's wrong with this Picture??


                              It's still  "Oswald: The Happy Shooter".


                              Wouldn't YOU be tense and nervous if you were

                              charged with the Murder of the President, which

                              you DENIED?? 


                              Why is Oswald Smiling, Calm, and Relaxed??

                              Because he thought he would be **RESCUED** by

                              the Intelligence Community - Military Intelligence

                              or Civilian Intelligence - even the FBI or the CIA. 


                              One of Oswald's first phone calls from Jail went to a

                              man working for Military Intelligence and monitored

                              and controlled by 2 "Government Men" in the Jail. 

                              But Oswald wasn't able to reach him.

                              (John D. Hurt in North Carolina.)

                              (It's been over 50 years, and I think Mr. Hurt died many

                              years ago.) 


                              One of his phone calls might have been to a "Cutout".

                              A CIA technique.

                              "If you get a call from someone who asks to speak to

                              Theodore Q. X. Samsung, get his name and location, and

                              call this number.  He's in trouble or needs help.

                              Our man will then contact him."

                              The Agent's name and phone number are thus protected.  


                              But some OTHER Group was in charge of Oswald's Fate.

                              Possibly Rogue Elements of the CIA and the FBI.

                              And they had no intention of helping him.

                              They had no intention of letting certain phone calls

                              go through, either. 

                              They planned to kill him.


                              They had nothing against Oswald.

                              They just needed a Patsy - a Fall Guy - a Scapegoat -

                              and a Decoy for JFK's murder.

                              They got one, and they killed him.

                              The Godless Bastards killed him. 

                              Dead Men tell no Tales.     




  •                                                Oswald:  The Dead "Shooter" 

                                                The Dead Patsy/Scapegoat/Decoy.

                                                            Dead at Age 24.

                                                   Sunday Morning, 11-24-63. 

                                                       How Convenient.....

                                   And how Sad - but almost no one realized it.

                                                   Most people didn't care.

                                              Killed by his Friend, Jack Ruby. 


  • *  We were BRAINWASHED into thinking that Oswald shot

              President Kennedy. 

        We were all CONNED.

        We were all HYPNOTIZED. 

        It was all an ILLUSION.

        It was all SMOKE AND MIRRORS.

       A Psychological TRICK.

       It was all IMPLIED Guilt.

       It was all SUSPICION.

       It was all ASSUMPTION.

       Many Americans thought he must be guilty - at first.... 

       He was the LONE NUT. 

       Shooting Kennedy was Inexplicable.   

       But if he was a "Lone Nut", maybe he was just crazy.....

       No Motive.  Just CRAZY. 

       He didn't SEEM crazy.....  

       In fact, he seemed to be "Together", Sane, Rational....

       He also seemed Unconcerned about his situation, as if

              he knew SOMETHING.....  But what??? 

       Why did he say he was a PATSY (a Fall-Guy, a Decoy,

              a Scapegoat)??  

       How many people knew that Oswald and Jack Ruby were



    Oswald didn't do it, and there's no evidence that he did.  

    None. Zero.  Nothing.  Not a Speck of Evidence. 

    And no Motive.  And no Craziness, etc.

    (If he was Crazy - a "Lone Nut" - where's his HISTORY of

    acting Crazy???)


    Nothing is adding up!!

    No Evidence, no Motive, and no prior Craziness. 

    He was PRE-CONVICTED by the Media - or Someone...



    Oswald was actually "Mr. Innocent". 

    Completely and Totally Innocent.

    They ASSUMED that he was guilty.

    They IMPLIED that he was guilty.

    Then they Murdered him.

    No Trial, no Proof.

    They Murdered 2 Innocent Men:  Kennedy and Oswald.

    Then 100-150 more people.

    YOU could be next.



    *  They SACRIFICED Oswald - this Loyal American - this ex-Marine.

        This former Agent or Asset for the Spooks.

        He was the SACRIFICIAL LAMB in a Murder Plot.

        Pre-selected as the Perfect Patsy and Scapegoat.  

        And they MURDERED him. 

        The REAL objective: Eliminate JFK at any cost.

        You could be next. 



    *  What is EVIDENCE???

        What is PROOF??? 

        People MAY have forgotten what "Evidence" is

        because of the Warren Report, the TV News Programs, etc,

        blurring the line between--- 

            REAL EVIDENCE  (Good),

            BACKGROUND INFORMATION  (Mostly Useless), and

            INTERESTING INFORMATION     (Mostly Useless), and      

            FASCINATING INFORMATION    (Mostly Useless).    

    The Warren Report did NOT prove that Oswald shot Kennedy.

    That wasn't PROOF.  That wasn't EVIDENCE.

    It was JUNK!!!!

    It was LIES and JUNK.  STUFF.  STUFFING.  GLOP.   


    Background information and Fascinating information are NOT




    Why give us all the Background information and Fascinating information

    on Oswald, when all they had to do was give us the Hard Evidence?? 

    The Real Evidence?? The Proof??


    Cops and FBI:  Where's your PROOF??

    Why not just give us the PROOF??



    Because they didn't HAVE any Proof.  

    Because they didn't HAVE any Hard Evidence.

    Because they didn't HAVE any Legal Evidence.


    All they had was phony SUSPICION.  

    But SOMEBODY had a "PATSY PLAN".

    The Old, Reliable PATSY PLAN.  



    The Mafia PATSY PLAN:

         1.  SHOOT the Target  (Kennedy).

         2.  BLAME the Patsy  (Oswald).

         3.  SHOOT the Patsy  (Oswald).



    This is the Mafia Method.

    Just copy the Mafia Method for Murdering people.

    If it's done Right, it works every time.

    Substitute SUSPICION for Proof. 

    Lie wherever necessary.

    Kill everyone who knows too much and might talk.

    Threaten those who aren't buying this Nonsense.

    No Hearing, no Trial, no Evidence, no Proof.

    Setup a Fake "Sniper's Nest" with a couple of Boxes (30 seconds??).

    Create Fake History with the murder of a Cop (Rogue Cop), and

    the so-called "Attempted Murder" of a retired General.

    Control the Fake "Investigation". 

    Claim that only Crazy People think that Oswald was innocent,

    and that some unknown Group was behind it. 


    CASE CLOSED (famous Government Phrase).

    CASE CLOSED (famous Government Phrase).

    CASE CLOSED (famous Government Phrase).




    Some Side Effects:

    Create enormous DISTRUST of Government.

    Convert a decent country into a BANANA REPUBLIC, run by Slime,

    Scum, Garbage, Perverts, Thieves, Criminals, and Murderers in

    Government and Industry. 

    This is what was created beginning with JFK's Murder.

    Even the Presidential Elections have been Rigged for years - from the

    Conventions to the Ballot Box.

    And where Paper Ballots are used, the officials simply LIE about the

    results, or "Lose" Ballots, Dump Ballots into the Ocean from Navy

    voters at Sea, throw Ballots into the Trash or the Furnace from Army

    voters overseas, count Ballots in Secrecy at a Secret location, prevent

    certain Delegates from attending the Convention where the Candidate

    is chosen, ensure that the votes of certain Delegates aren't counted,

    hire Convention disruptors through Ads in Craigslist and Violence

    Organizers to yell and scream outside, then blame it on the Candidate

    that they're protesting against, etc, etc. 


    All with the cooperation of the Garbage Mainstream Media - the Liars

    and Half-Wits who bring us our "News", but who conveniently omit

    telling the Truth.

    In other words, the Vicious Animals in charge commit Hundreds of

    Federal Crimes, but the Mainstream Media Cowards and Criminals don't

    report it. 

    AND the Federal Officials who are SUPPOSED to ensure that the Voting

    process is Fair and Legal don't do a Damn Thing about all the Fraud and

    Corruption transpiring under their Noses.


    It's all run like an up-to-date Banana Republic, where everyone hates

    Generalissimo Juan the Murderer, but he's mysteriously elected, year

    after year.

    And some of the Slimy Garbage Voters think it's Funny!!

    And even think they're SMART - and SUPERIOR to all the Hoi Poloi.

    (Most of these people believe that they're Smart and Informed,

    better than the average person, and certainly NOT Criminals.

    After all, they're "Highly Educated" and "Well Informed" (cough). 

    And some of them state with pride that they're "News Junkies" (cough).

    But they ARE Criminals helping to elect other Criminals.


    They're also Accessories to Murder, with the blood of innocent victims

    in pointless Foreign Wars on their hands, initiated or continued by the

    Criminals they voted for, and need to be charged with being Accessories

    to Murder, and Imprisoned or Executed.

    At the very least, they should offer to take the place of innocent people

    Imprisoned for decades by the Garbage Government Criminals, or who

    were simply Executed by the Garbage Government Criminals.)


    From the movie "The Day of the Condor" (a story of CIA murders of

    innocent Americans):

    "They've got it.

    They've got the whole story at the New York Times.

    (I gave it to them)". 

    "Yes, but will they PRINT it??"


    From the movie "The Day of the Condor":

    The gentleman from Alsace Lorraine gives Robert Redford some sage advice: 

    "One warm Spring day, you may be walking down the sidewalk, and a

    car will pull up, and someone you know - maybe even a friend, will offer

    to give you a ride.


    Good advice!!


    Remember the MURDERS in that Movie.

    * Analysts.

    * Mail Room guys.

    * Secretaries.

    * Receptionists. 

    * Visitors.

    * Delivery Men.

    All DEAD because a Half-Wit CIA Exec discovered that one of their

    Analysts had stumbled onto a Plot in a book, that the CIA was already

    using - or something like that.

    So he ordered all of the Personnel at that Branch to be killed to

    supposedly prevent the leakage of the current Operation. 

    Murdered.  ALL of them.


    Snuffing out the Lives of Innocent People for a Convoluted, Half-Witted


    Is the story in the Movie True??

    Probably true - with some details changed.


    Why do you think the movie was made??

    To EXPOSE some of the Horrific Crap - and MISTAKES - that goes on,

    in the CIA.

    Kennedy vowed to break it up, so they killed him.

    As ONE of the reasons...... 


    "Condor" (Robert Redford) had to grab a hostage in his panic and fear,

    after seeing what they had done to the entire staff at the office, after

    he came back to the office from Lunch. 

    He grabbed her at random, at a Ski Shop, and they went to her place

    so he could hide.  ("Hiding" was the main purpose.)

    He kept a gun poked in her ribs the entire time.

    He explained what he was doing, told her he was sorry that he had to

    do it - that his life was in mortal danger, and of course, she didn't

    believe a word of it, thinking that he was some kind of Wacko, inventing

    a ridiculous Yarn about Spies and Murders and being a CIA employee

    who "Reads Books", and on and on.... 


    But after they sent a "Mailman" with a Machine Gun to her place to try

    to kill him, she finally believed him. 

    Oh my God!!!  They were almost BOTH killed!! 

    Condor was just barely able to warn her and save himself, and snuff

    the "Mailman", as bullets flew all over the place. 


    In the end, cooler heads prevailed, and the Half-Wit CIA Exec was

    rubbed out by the Gentleman from Alsace Lorraine.

    But, the New York Times would never print such a story.

    Why not??  Figure it out.


    I know.  It was "Just a Movie".  Yeah. Right. Just a Movie.

    Hang onto your guns, if you have any. 

    They're the Great Equalizer, and much more.

    Why do you think they're trying to take them away???


    Hang onto your guns, if you have any. 

    They're the Great Equalizer, and much more.


  •                                  ........................................................


  • *  We were NEVER given any PROOF that Oswald shot Kennedy - not that

    day, not the next day, not a week later, not a year later, not 50 years later.

    All we got was useless information - Background Information and

    Fascinating Information masquerading as "Evidence".


    It was all "Make Believe" Evidence. 

    Phony Evidence.

    Imaginary Evidence.

    Implied Evidence.




    Some of it was Lies, some of it was True Nonsense - irrelevant Info.


    We were told, in effect:  "Here's the Evidence!!". 


    It doesn't matter that Oswald was in the Marine Corps, or that he

    lived in Russia for a while, etc.

    It doesn't matter that he had a Russian wife.

    It doesn't matter that he passed out "Fair Play for Cuba" flyers in

        New Orleans.

    It doesn't even matter that he worked in that Building. 

    None of it was PROOF or EVIDENCE that he shot Kennedy.


    Should we arrest every ex-Marine for shooting Kennedy??

    Should we arrest millions of Russians for shooting Kennedy??

    Should we arrest everyone in the American Embassy in Russia for

       shooting Kennedy?? 

    Should we arrest everyone who worked in that Building??


    None of it was Evidence that he shot Kennedy!!

    None of it was HARD EVIDENCE. 

    None of it was REAL   EVIDENCE. 

    None of it was LEGAL EVIDENCE. 

    None of it was PROOF. 


    What about the Rifle they found??

    WHICH Rifle??

    They found TWO RIFLES!!!! 


    Did Oswald use both of them??

    Either one of them?? 

    None of them??


    Was he even ON the 6th Floor during the Shooting??

    WHERE was Oswald during the Shooting??

    (He wasn't on the 6th Floor.)

    Did he shoot JFK from the Front Steps??

    Did he shoot JFK?? 





    It was all  Interesting Information MASQUERADING as Hard Evidence. 

    It was all  Non-Evidence MASQUERADING as Real Evidence. 

    It was all  Non-Evidence MASQUERADING as Proof. 

    It was an ILLUSION.

    It was a Psychological TRICK.


    It was MIND CONTROL.


    It was HYPNOSIS.  


    The STUPIDEST BEHAVIOR for an Assassin was presented as being

    Reasonable, Clever, and Desperate due to Guilt, but the Cops we depend

    on were smarter and more determined than this rotten Assassin, who

    looked like he lived on the EDGE of Society. 

    Weird. Non-Standard.

    Not Normal.  Half a Man. 

    Probably JEALOUS of Kennedy. 

    Hanging on by his Fingernails.  Barely scraping by. 


    And the implied UNDER-CURRENT was always that:

             "Oswald did it."

    They acted as if they KNEW that Oswald did it.

    The Government and the News Anchors acted as if Oswald did it, and

    all they had to do was catch him. 

    Because he left work early??

    Because he worked in that Building??

    Or was it because they found the Mauser on the 6th Floor, even though

    Oswald wasn't on the 6th Floor during the Shooting??

    Or was it because they changed the name of the Rifle from a Mauser to

    a Carcano, and planted a Rusty and Corroded Carcano to use, but

    apparently didn't dust either one of them for Fingerprints??     



           WHAT Fingerprints??

           They didn't find Oswald's Fingerprints on the Carcano Rifle.

           And they probably didn't look for any.

           It was covered in oil, and they probably COULDN'T look for

           or find any Fingerprints.

           How could they charge him with JFK's Murder with no Fingerprints

           and no Eye-Witnesses??

           Maybe it was legal, but he could easily have beaten the Murder charge

           in Court.

           That's why they killed him and never held a Real Trial.  


    (And by the way, if Oswald had stuck around for the Employee Count

    on the Front Steps, would that prove that he did NOT shoot the


    He was drinking a Coke after Kennedy was shot.

    He COULD have stayed later....

    Did his leaving early prove that he DID shoot the President??

    It cast Suspicion, but it proved nothing.

    That's not solid Evidence.  Not solid PROOF.)



    He didn't even LEAVE at first.


    A Dallas Cop said so.

    Was THAT Suspicious???

    Suspicion should be made of Stranger Stuff than

    drinking a Coke. 


    If you drink a Coke in the Lunchroom, does that

    mean you shot the President???


    "Note to Self:  Shoot President, Drink a Coke in the

    Lunchroom, run away,  and hide in a Movie Theater

    a few miles away.

    Just run in without paying.

    Watch the movies, then go home."



    Leaving the Book Depository and heading for the Movie Theater was a

    big part of the Illusion, even though "Hiding" in a Movie Theater, sitting

    alone in the balcony, and running in without paying, are not recommended

    ways to ESCAPE and NEVER GET CAUGHT.

    That's straight from the "Assassinations 101" Course.

          Don't HIDE in a Movie Theater!! 

    (Movie Theaters have LIGHTS that can be turned on - which is exactly

    what the Cops did. They spotted Oswald right away.) 


    But no one noticed what a stupid move it was.

    The concept was:  "He ran away, so that PROVES he's guilty!!!"

    They only cared where he ran FROM!!

    No one seemed to care where he ran TO.


    No one was saying: 

    "What an IDIOT!!  The guy went to a Movie just a

    few miles away!!  And he ran in without paying!!

    And he sat alone in the Balcony!! 

    And he was wearing a White T-Shirt and a light-colored Jacket!!

    Was he TRYING to get caught???

    Why didn't he head for Mexico??

    Or New Orleans??  Or the Islands?? Or South America?? 

    Where was his Getaway Car and driver???

    What was his Escape Plan???

    How much money did he have on him??"





    Apparently, most people were thinking that Oswald's actions

    were highly Suspicious, therefore he probably shot Kennedy.


    They should have substituted words like "Stupid, Ridiculous,

    Pathetic, Impulsive, Poor Planning, Reckless, Silly, Amateurish,

    Childish, Doomed to Fail, Incompetent, Obvious, Erroneous,

    Misled (??), Retarded, Strange, Weird, Funny, Comical, Insane,

    Pointless, Thoughtless, Half-Baked, etc, etc.  


    It was more like something a 10-year-old kid would do:

    Run away and hide in a Movie Theater.


    "Hey, Billy. I think I just shot the President.  What should I do?"

    "Drink a Coke, then run away and hide in a Movie Theater."

    "I don't have any money....".

    "Just run in without paying."



    That's your Boy, Oswald Theorists.

    With the mind of a 10-year-old kid. 

    Go easy on him!!


    But the Focus was on where Oswald ran FROM (if he ran), not on where

    he ran TO.  They should have given equal time to discussing Oswald's

    destination and behavior, and how INEXPLICABLE it was!! 

    Apparently, people were Hypnotized, and not thinking.


    He was probably supposed to MEET someone there - like Friendly Cops

    or Friendly FBI Agents, and WANTED to be found.

    But that notion was never mentioned by the News people, to my



    The search for Oswald and his capture were the "Fascinating Information"

    that substituted for Proof that he shot Kennedy. 

    And many people were tricked into believing that Oswald shot Kennedy.


    All it proved was that he was really STUPID (if he was the Assassin), and

    he apparently didn't have an Escape Plan, evidently making it up as he

    went along, and making terrible choices.  His Handler probably told him

    to do those things so he WOULD be caught, but caught by the "right"

    people, and rescued.  His Handler betrayed him.


    Nobody noticed.  Nobody knew he had a Handler, and everyone thought

    that he'd just made a bad choice in choosing a Movie Theater to hide in.

    After all, Half a Man like Oswald is going to make a Mistake or two,

    slip up, and eventually get caught.

    You know:  Desperate Men like Oswald, living on the Edge of Society,

    aren't always clever enough to avoid capture for very long.

    And "Normal" people will always triumph in the End.

    All led, at the moment, by the "Law and Order" Dallas Police who collared

    the Rat - the Half-A-Man, and the dastardly Assassin of President Kennedy.


    Or were they arresting a Man with the Mind of a 10-year-old KID???

    Was Oswald a Retarded Adult??  It looked like it....  But was he??

    "We nabbed the Kid, Chief!!"

    That's what it looked like.


    But Somebody noticed a Police Car parked behind the Theater BEFORE

    the Police arrived in front and swarmed the Theater.... 

    And apparently BEFORE Oswald ran into the Theater.

    Apparently, the Police knew that Oswald would be there.

    Hmmmm.....  It was a setup.



    *  They claimed that he purchased a Rifle thru a Magazine Ad which he

    used to shoot Kennedy.  From Klein Sporting Goods in Chicago.

    Let's arrest everyone who has purchased a Rifle by Mail Order!! 

    Or in person!!  Or owns a Rifle for any reason.


          Arrest every Gun Dealer!! 

          Arrest every Gun Collector!! 

          Arrest every Target Shooter!! 

          Arrest every Deer Hunter!!  

          Arrest every Antelope Hunter!!   

          Arrest every Duck Hunter!!  

          Arrest every Cop!!  

          Arrest every Army Soldier!!  



    He did NOT buy that Rifle.

    Oswald didn't own a Rifle - ANY Rifle. 

    That claim is full of more holes than a Golf Course.

    AND it doesn't prove anything, even if it were true.      

    Buying a Rifle doesn't mean that you USED it to shoot the President.


    Klein's had NO RECORD of such a sale.

    Klein's never received or sold a Rifle with that Serial Number, and the

    gun barrel length didn't match the Magazine Ad that Klein's had placed

    in a Gun Magazine that Oswald supposedly used to order the Rifle.

    Nor did the FBI Prove that the Rifle was the Murder Weapon.

    Nor did the FBI find Oswald's Fingerprints on the Rifle.

    Nor had the weapon been fired in Ages, being full of Rust and Corrosion

    in its moving parts.


    (Did Klein's send Oswald a new Rifle, full of Rust and Corrosion, with

    the wrong length barrel, which it had never carried in its Inventory, and

    had no record of selling, and no record of receiving an order from Oswald

    or "Mr. Hidell" (his Alias)??

    The Retarded Warren Clowns said "Yes!!".) 


    Yet again, we see a "Non-Evidence" claim (and a LIE) masquerading as Evidence.  

    Oswald didn't order it.

    Klein's didn't ship it.

    Klein's never had it.

    Did Oswald STEAL it from somewhere??

    That wasn't a theory being considered....

    They simply claimed that he ORDERED it from Klein's, but Klein's

    denied it, and said that they NEVER HAD IT. 

    Did he use it to shoot the President - this Rusty, Corroded Rifle that he

    did NOT order from Klein's?? No.

    The Rifle:  Non-Evidence and a LIE. 

    Yet the Warren Clowns said that Klein's DID have it in stock, and that

    Oswald DID order it and use it!!


    That's a DAMN LIE by the Warren Clowns!!! 


    (The FBI spent an ENTIRE DAY at Klein's trying to find any record that

    Klein's had received it or sold it.  They came up empty handed.  Nothing.

    So the Warren Clowns took the Easy way out:  They LIED.

    They CLAIMED that Oswald ordered that Rifle (as "Oswald" or "Hidell")

    and that Klein's shipped it.

    It was FALSE, BOGUS junk!!  Lies. Completely untrue.

    Fiction from the Warren Clowns.

    Klein's never HAD that Rifle.

    Oswald (or "Hidell") never ORDERED that Rifle.

    Klein's never SHIPPED that Rifle.

    And Oswald never Handled or FIRED that Rifle, as far as can be determined.

    And "Hidell" couldn't pick up a Rifle at the Post Office because he didn't

    use that name when he ordered his PO Box.

    The Warren Clowns just made it all up.)



    * The Rifle that Oswald supposedly purchased was a "Toy Rifle".

    A WW2 Italian Piece of Junk. 

    A .22 Rifle for Target Practice and shooting Tin Cans at close

    range.  Not a high quality "High Powered Rifle".

    And he didn't buy it, as claimed by the Warren Commission.   

    Oswald did not own a Rifle.



    To repeat:

    The Carcano was a TOY RIFLE!!

    A WW2 Italian Piece of Junk!!


    It was a .22 for Target Practice and shooting

    Tin Cans at CLOSE RANGE. 

    AND it was a Piece of Junk!!   A JOKE. 

    It was an "IMITATION RIFLE".  Looked like one.



    Pushed by Fat Boy Dictator Benito Mussolini, who

    was noted for eating large quantities of Spaghetti and

    talking Loud - not for good judgement.


    Despised by everyone who used it!! 


    Under-Powered and Inaccurate!!


    With a Scope that was seriously out of alignment!!

    (You have to shoot at a target about 10 times to align

    the scope if the rifle was "Assembled" - and it

    supposedly was.)


    And they had the nerve to claim that "Oswald" used

    this Piece-of-Junk TOY RIFLE to Assassinate President 

    Kennedy at a distance, with incredible accuracy, hitting

    him 3 times. 

    Oswald didn't even OWN a Rifle - much less a TOY



    Klein Sporting Goods of Chicago never had it.

    Oswald never ordered it.

    Klein's never shipped it.



    *  Americans completely forgot what the objectives of the

        Government should have been.

        Our Brains were turned into Mush for a while.

        The objectives SHOULD have been:


        1.  Find Kennedy's Killers. 

             (Using eyewitness testimony, photographs, and anything else). 

        2.  Detain them.  Arrest Them.

        3.  Gather the Evidence.

        4.  Put Them on Trial.

        5.  Convict them.

        6.  Execute Them.  


    Forget about this Oswald character, unless he's one of the Suspects.

    In a Nutshell, the objective should have been:




    Then, do what you want with them.


    Or don't you CARE who murdered the Chief Executive of

    the United States??

    If you don't care, then nobody will care when YOU are Murdered.

    Or your Spouse is murdered.

    Or your Kids are murdered.

    Or your Neighbors are murdered.

    Or your Friends are murdered.

    Or your Pets are murdered.

    People will say:  "Too bad.  I don't care."

    That's what it can lead to. 


    (If any of you Oswald Theorists out there are murdered, I might say:

    "Too bad.  I don't care. Let the Warren Commission handle it."

    They'll publish a report 888 pages long, blaming Oswald.)



    They were SUPPOSED TO DO THIS!!!



    They went after Oswald and ONLY Oswald.  


    (There were LOTS of bullets flying around!!

    Possibly 7 Shooters - or more.

    Thus, the word "Killers" - Plural.)


    Instead, it was turned into a game of Hide-and-Seek with Lee Oswald,

    with the Authorities somehow "knowing" that Oswald did it.  

    But with no Proof.



    *  What is all this "Noise" about Oswald???

    Who is Lee Harvey Oswald???

    Why are they picking on Oswald???  

    What did he do??? 

    He drank a Coke at the Depository building after Kennedy was shot!!

    Arrest that man!!

    He left early and went to a Movie. 

    Oh horrors!!

    Obviously trying to Escape!!!!  Several Miles away!!!!

    Missing from the assembled group, outside the TSBD!!

    I'll bet he had already seen that Movie!!

    And he ran in without paying - like he wanted to be caught!!

    And he sat alone in the balcony wearing a white T-shirt and a light

    colored jacket, so "someone" could easily find him.

    Oh horrors!!  Arrest him!!

    Maybe everyone in a T-shirt shot the President!!

    And Arrest everyone else in the Theater!! 

    Why aren't they all at work???

    And Arrest the Popcorn Girl!!

    Maybe they ALL shot Kennedy!!


    Yes, his actions were a bit strange and suspicious, but it's

    a Leap of Logic a Million Miles Long to say:  

              "He left work early, we found 2 Rifles, he went to a Movie,

                therefore, he shot the President!!".

    Give me a break!!!


    A LOT of people left work early that day.

    Including school children.

    Did THEY shoot the President?? 

    Shots were heard from the Book Depository AT THE OTHER END of the

    Building from where they CLAIMED Oswald had setup a "Sniper's Nest".

    He wasn't even THERE.

    And no one saw him there.

    And no one shot a Rifle from there.

    And shots were fired from OTHER locations in the Dealey Plaza area.




                              The Sniper's Nest!!!! 

         *** For the First time, we reveal the Amazing

         Sniper's Nest!!  ***


         The Awesome, Amazing, Sophisticated, Scary,

         Cruel, Complex, Sneaky SNIPER'S NEST setup

         by Top Sniper Oleo Crasthive Osgood Waldo.

         It's a type made by Top Sniper's Everywhere!!


         And you can buy the PLANS and make your very

         own Sniper's Nuts!!  




     "Sniper's Nest" Planogram-1:              "Sniper's Nest" Planogram-2:

     3-Box Nest.                                               3-Box Nest.

     Deluxe Plan.                                            Deluxe Plan.

     Items: 3 Boxes.                                         Items: Other Boxes lying around.

     Setup Time: 30 Seconds.                       Setup Time:  None. 


    For Ages:  5-80.

    Endorsed by Kids and Adults everywhere.

    Recommended Experience:  Moving stuff around.

    Effort Required:  Very little.

    Planning Time:  Only 5 Seconds!! 

    Total Planning and Setup Time:  Only About 35 Seconds!!

    Final Appearance of the Nest:  Crude, Basic, Random, Vague, Dumb,

              Difficult to distinguish from normal stuff,

              but more sophisticated than our 1-Box Plan. 


    Full Plans Available for $1.99 by Postal Money Order. 

    Full Plans Available for $1.99 by Postal Money Order. 


    Just write and say:  "Please send me the Deluxe Planograms

    for the Sniper's Nuts!!  Postall Monney Order Encklosed!!"

    You must be at least 6 Years Old.

    Please allow 40-50 years for delivery.

    (Alternative Layout:  2-Box Nest. Send for Planogram. $1.23)  



    Ensuing conversation at the Book Depository:

    Frazier:  Lee, those Boxes don't go there. 

                    What are you doing??

    Oswald:  I'm Building a Sniper's Nest.

    Frazier:  A WHAT??

    Oswald:  A Sniper's Nest to shoot President Kennedy with my

                     Toy Rifle when he comes by. 

    Frazier:  You mean that Rusty and Corroded Piece of Junk that

                    you smuggled in with your Lunch, thinking I wouldn't

                    notice a 40-inch Gun Barrel??  

    Oswald:  Yeah.

    Frazier:  Well, don't line up the Scope by shooting at the Book

                   Boxes.  The Schools don't like Bullets and Bullet Holes

                   in their Books....

                   And don't shoot at the Fire Extinguisher - it will explode.   

    Oswald:  Okay. 

                    I might hit some bystanders on the Grassy Knoll instead

                    of Kennedy, but who cares..... 

    Frazier:  You might hit that Tree, but that's about all.

    Oswald:  I forgot about the Tree.....

    Frazier:  Maybe the Tree Limb deserves to die.

                    But that would take dozens of Bullets.

    Oswald:  Yeah. I'd better buy some more Ammo....

    Frazier:    I was just kidding about the Tree, Lee.

    Oswald:  Oh, I see.  Ha!!  That was a joke - right??

    Frazier:   Yes. That was just a Joke.

    Oswald:  Well, maybe someone else will shoot him.  

                     I'll just leave the Toy Rifle here and hope that other

                     Shooters have better equipment and a better View.

                     This is just a Low Powered .22 with Old Ammo.

                     It might not even shoot that far.

                     It might not even shoot at all.  

    Frazier:   Good idea, Lee.  Now you're thinking straight.



    (However, the Warren Clowns claimed that Oswald used his Toy

    Rifle (the Piece of Junk Carcano) to shoot Kennedy, shooting thru

    the Tree, with a misaligned Scope and 20-year-old Ammo, from

    the Front and Back, leaving no Fingerprints, and somehow leaving

    all the Rust and Corrosion on the moving Parts, with help from the

    Bullet Fairy who provided him with a Magic Bullet, and the Rifle

    Fairy who provided him with a 2nd Rifle (a Mauser) that miraculously   

    turned into a Carcano, although he supposedly ordered a Carcano

    (not a Mauser) from Klein Sporting Goods, and the Rifle Fairy

    turned the Mauser into the wrong model of the Carcano - not the

    model on sale thru the Magazine Ad, although Oswald was eating

    Lunch in the downstairs Domino Room, then briefly on the front

    steps as the Motorcade went by, then calmly drinking a Coke in the

    Lunchroom immediately afterwards as witnessed by a Policeman

    who ran in to use the Phone.

    Then the Warren Clowns issued an 888-Page Joke Book in 2 Volumes,

    with no Index, available for $3,000, setup by Suspect and Assassin

    Lyndon Johnson, and controlled by Suspect and Assassin

    Allen Dulles, then murdered the only non-Clown (Hale Boggs), and

    possibly 1 other non-Clown (Cooper) who died 3 years later.  

    Problem:  I'm serious.)  



    "Sniper's Nest" is just more Ludicrous Nonsense.

    Someone moved a few boxes closer to the Window and called it a

    "Sniper's Nest".

    Probably done by Mac Wallace - the Shooter at the other end of

    the Building.


    More Brain Washing.  More Mind Control.  More Illusion of Guilt.

    Nobody saw Oswald in the Window.

    And NO SHOTS were heard or seen from that Window.


    How could it be a Sniper's Nest if no Sniper shots

    came from there?? 


    Besides, if someone were shooting the Carcano Toy Rifle from that

    Window [they weren't], the shots would have sounded like a little

    .22 Rifle for shooting Tin Cans.  "Bing. Got one."


    And where did "Oswald" fire the required 10 shots to align the

    scope after assembling the Rifle??

    On the 6th Floor??  Into Book Boxes?? 


    Did Boxes of Books arrive at Schools with BULLETS and BULLET HOLES

    in them due to Oswald lining up the scope - like he HAD to do??

    [I don't THINK so....  Did the Schools report it??].


    ["Hello, TSBD?? 

    We found Bullets and Bullet Holes in the Books you sent us!!"

    We can't use these books!!

    And the children are frightened!!

    What's the matter with you???"]


    What did he use for targets??   Boxes??  Light bulbs??

    [WHAT Targets???].

    Did the Dallas Police Department - or anyone - find nearly a dozen

    bullet holes on the 6th Floor from "Oswald" lining up his scope

    after assembling the Carcano Toy Rifle??   [Never reported...].

    How could he shoot accurately if he didn't do it??   [He couldn't].

    Did he have a Silencer on the gun??  [No]. 

    Even a .22 makes SOME noise!!

    Could a .22 penetrate Kennedy's neck and exit at his throat??]

    [No way.  And the surgeons at Parkland said the throat wound was

    a SMALL WOUND OF ENTRY - about the size of a Dime, not an

    Exit wound.  An ENTRY wound - from the FRONT.

    The bullet did NOT come from behind from the "Sniper's Nest".]   

    So much for the ridiculous "Sniper's Nest".


    The "Sniper's Nest" is just stupid Crappolla - with "Oswald" assembling

    his Toy Rifle, not lining up the scope with 10 shots, shooting Kennedy

    from the FRONT for the Neck Shot, doing severe damage to Kennedy with

    a little .22 Rifle, from 80 feet away, with Old Unreliable Weak Ammo,

    while eating lunch downstairs, then watching the Motorcade from the

    Front Steps, then drinking a Coke in the Lunchroom, shooting 4-5 times,

    including twice like a Machine Gun (Ba-Bang).

    Fake Evidence presented as Real Evidence to an unknowing Public.

    We were LIED TO yet again regarding the "Sniper's Nest".


    The Mauser made a TON of Noise in the Depository Building, and

    caused Dust to fall from the overhead lights on the next Floor down,

    according to an employee working there (or watching the Motorcade)!! 

    But nobody did anything about it or even Mentioned it in the early

    days after the shooting, to my knowledge.  


    Shots were heard from the Parking Lot by the Grassy Knoll (behind

    the Fence).

    So they hauled in 3 "Tramps" they found in a Boxcar.  (Cough).

    Why didn't they Jail those guys???

    Where did they go??

    (They vanished.)


    Lee Bowers, who worked for the Railroad in the Parking Lot, saw men

    run to a car and saw it take off at high speed.

    Bowers gave an interview to a Reporter (Mark Lane) and was later

    murdered in his car.

    Yet they arrested Oswald.  Go figure.





    Oswald, the accused "Assassin", desperately trying to Escape in order

    to save his life after shooting the President of the United States, should

    have headed for:

       A Getaway Car in the Parking Lot,

       and Mexico, 

       or Houston,

       or Oklahoma, 

       or New Orleans,

       or Florida,   

       or Arizona,

       or New York,

       or Canada,

       or the Caribbean,

       or South America,

       or Panama, 

       or the Airport (escape by small plane??), 

      or the Train Station,

      or the Bus Station,

      or a Railroad Box Car (they usually leave eventually),

      or the Shipping Yards in Galveston (escape by ship), etc,

      to escape and HIDE. 


      Not the Lunchroom to drink a Coke. 

      Not a Movie Theater a few miles away.


    He didn't have someone waiting in a GETAWAY CAR in the

    Parking Lot, with the engine running.

    He didn't have a DISGUISE.

    He wasn't wearing different clothes, except for the Jacket. 

    He didn't have Hundreds of DOLLARS - or Thousands of DOLLARS -

    of Cash on him - money he would NEED at some point.  SOON!! 

    He wasn't carrying any Food or Water on him. 

    He didn't head OUT OF TOWN.


    WHY NOT??? 



    No, he went to a MOVIE just a few miles away!! 

    In Dallas!!

    And ran in without PAYING!!