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Public Service Home Page

Public Service Home Page



((For Best Viewing, please enlarge to Full Screen).

((For Best Viewing, please enlarge to Full Screen). 


((CAUTION:  Occasional Profanity. Not much. RARE. But you must be 18 or Older.

 Why ANY Profanity???  Because sometimes the Rotten Bastards who are ruining this Planet

 and its People, Sickening People, Killing People, Harming People, Terrorizing People, etc,

 need to be described in the most Accurate and most Descriptive Terms Possible to get the

 Point across!!!

 Some of the Rotten Bastards are real MONSTERS!!

 Some of their supporters are Ignorant Morons and Lunatics!!

 Strong Language is sometimes called for.

 But most of these Pages contain Warnings, Explanations, Beautiful Pictures, Amazing Pictures,

 and a few Opinions.

 Most of the text does not contain ANY bad language, as one would expect.

 A lot of the Articles are simply intended to Save your Life or to Prevent Damage to you and

 to our Environment.

 Don't worry. It might be Eye-Opening.)




 Christmas Music and Renee Fleming 


 This Website

 Some Definitions - Globalist, etc.



 Meryl Streeptococcus - Retarded Lunatic - Friend of Rapists - Hijacker - Scum     

 Today's Hollywood - Retarded Lunatics - Rapists - Pedophiles - Nasty - Scum     

 Roman Raper Polanski - Drugger and Rapist - Kids - Scum  

 Harvey Weinstein the Terrible - Rapist - Women, Girls, and Boys - Scum  

 Groper Al Frankenstein - Women - Liar - Scum  

 Groper Creepy Joe Biden (OBOZO's VP) - Women and Kids  - Liar - Scum

 OBOZO - Former "President" - Traitor, Liar, Communist, Muslum, Etc - Scum

 Rep AL Green - Liar, Idiot, Garbage, Clown - Scum    

 Congress (mostly) - Lunatics, Pompous Fools, Liars, Criminals, Irresponsible - Scum 

 TV Talk Show Hosts - Liars, Idiots, Smarmy, Carping Little Nitwits - Scum

 Mainstream Media (TV and Newspapers and Web) - Liars, Criminals - Scum

 Facebook, Twitter, Google, Snopes - Liars, Censorers - Scum

 Michael Moore - Liar, Idiot, Buffoon - Scum  

 Carl Bernstein - Liar, Lunatic - Scum

 Killary - Traitor, Liar, Thief, Lunatic, Demented, Hypocrite, Rapist Defender - Scum

 Black Scum Matters - Violent, Stupid - Scum

 Antifa - Fascists, Brownshirts, Violent, Sissy Boys, Possible Killersm - Scum  

 Extreme Democrats - Liars, Lunatics, Murderers, Criminals, Violent - Scum  

 Muslums - Liars, Lunatics, Rapists, Murderers, Criminals, Violent - Scum  

 City Mayors - Liars, Lunatics, Criminals, Violent - Scum  

 Some Federal Judges - Lunatics, Cowards, Criminals - Scum 


 "A Christmas Story" Director and Son - Killed by a Drunk Illegal Mexican Scumbag.

(It's the BB Gun story.  A wonderful Movie!!) 



     Lee Harvey Oswald - Brave Hero!!  Patriot!!  Framed!!  Murdered!!

     Jack Ruby - Partial Patriot!!  Good Guy!!  Murdered!!

     Ruby's Dancers - Patriots!!  Murdered!!

     Dorothy Kilgallen - Brave Hero!!  Patriot!!  Murdered!! 

     Lyndon Johnson - Liar, Murderer, Criminal - Scum  

     Warren Commission - A Joke, A Whitewash, Mostly Cowards - Scum  

 Whistleblowers - Brave Heros!!  Patriots!!

 Ed Snowden (NSA) - Brave Hero!!  Patriot!!

 Wikileaks - Brave Heros!!  Patriots!!

 Project Veritas - Brave Heros!!  Patriots!!


 President Trump - Brave Hero!!  Patriot!!

 Trump's Wife (Melania) - Beautiful, Nice Person, Speaks 5 Languages!!  Patriot!!



 WW2 - Pearl  Harbor     WW2 - Japan      WW2 - A-Bombs

 Roswell - 1947    United Nutballs    Moon Landings     Chemtrails 

 Asteroid Eros    Mars Moon Phobos     Mars - Inca City    Mars - Tube City    Mars - Junkyard

 Bigfoot    UN: Golden Rice    Daylight Savings  

 Mold   Flu Shot   Gardasil   Big Pharma   Seafood/Mercury   Scientific Integrity    Current Idiots    Lyme Disease

 National Death Parks    Woods    Charcoal Grills 

 Alcoholic Reporters    Mainstream News    Daylight Savings Time

 Wikileaks and Emails     Mozart - Deep Thinker   




 My Background

 Alex Jones

 JFK - Dallas



 This Section (Public Service) deals with some of the important

 Issues of our Day, including Issues that occurred Decades

 ago, but are still relevant today.


 Bonus Topic:  Audio Files of Christmas Music.


 (CAUTION:  Christmas Music!!) 

 (CAUTION:  Christmas Music!!) 


 (CAUTION:  Accurate and Truthful Information!!) 

 (CAUTION:  Liars Exposed!!) 

 (CAUTION:  Scumbags Exposed!!) 



                                   Last Updated:  December, 2017.

                                   Mostly Summer, 2017.  





       A Few of the Topics on Other Pages (click):


  *  Some Christmas Music    (and Wonderful Renee Fleming)


  Leftists Commies Greenies Rioters Criminals Congress Judges


  *  Trump-Dems-Libs-muslums-Russia-China 


               *   My Background          


               *   Alex Jones:  Calm Down!!  We GET It!!


               *   Kennedy Assassination  


               *  DANGERS!!


             *  CSICOP/CSI:  Totally Fake Science    (Totally Corrupt)


Other Articles  

(Click above, or click the articles below)


*  Note on the Dark side of Bigfoot.              (Be Careful!!!)

*  The Dangers of Mold.                (Doctors were not aware)

*  Poisonous Seafood and Mercury.   (Seafood has Mercury)

Scientific Integrity Has Vanished.           (We are screwed)

*  Current Idiots of the World, Making People Sicker -

       Bill Gates and "Mrs. Feelingsings" (cough).

*  Lyme Disease.                     (Created by the Government)

                  (Plum Island is located next to Lyme Conn.)



Mysterious Disappearances      (Missing 411)  

               Why are these people Disappearing???

               Very Serious and NOT a Joke or a Mistake.   

               America's Death Parks.  America's Auschwitz. 


Pearl Harbor Warning in November 1941

       *  A-Bombs - WW2.  Yes, Necessary.

       *  Japan's Superb Readiness for an Invasion - 1.

       *  Japan's Superb Readiness for an Invasion - 2.


Roswell - 1947      (They weren't "Balloons")

The Flu Shot kills another Kid.  Age 3. 

           ***DON'T*** Get a NAZI Flu Shot.     (Dangerous Shot).

           NAZI Gardasil:  DANGER.                   (Dangerous Shot). 

           Lawsuits and NAZI Drug Companies. 

                                                           (They're Legally Immune!!).

*  Alcoholic Reporters.  CNN, etc.

*  Mainstream News:  An Arm of the Government.

*  United Nutballs: Golden Rice Ripoff And Double Boondoggle. 

*  Ebola: Oh oh.....

*  Abolish Stupid Daylight Savings Time.

Wikileaks and Emails

Mozart - Deep Thinker.  


Moon Landings.   (1969-1972.  Some Great Color Pictures!!).

                                                      And..... Some Info on some Early Computers.


Asteroid Eros with a "Hollywood Movie Set" sitting on it!! 

Asteroid STEINS and Mars Moon PHOBOS. 

Mars Moon PHOBOS.  An Artificial Planet. 


Mars:  Inca City!!

Mars:  Tube City!!

Mars:  Modern Junk at Twin Peaks!!



Chemtrails - Aluminum Dust - Dead Earth.   

Dead Earth.




If you learn ONLY ONE THING from this Website, it

should be this:

Don't believe ANYTHING you Hear or Read from:

*  The Mainstream Television News.

*  Mainstream Internet News.

*  Mainstream Newspapers and Magazines.

*  Mainstream Talk Shows. 

*  Mainstream Comedy Shows spewing Political Crappola.

*  Colleges and Universities.

*  Most Democrats.

*  Some Republicans. 

*  Many Mainstream Doctors and Scientists.


Take EVERYTHING they say with a Large Grain of Salt,

or as a Bald-Faced LIE!!!


They MIGHT tell the Truth, but it's DOUBTFUL!!! 


The TRUTH in those Hell Holes is very SCARCE.

Some Truth sneaks in, but much of the reporting on

major stories is just BS.  False.  Fake News.


The "Truth" may appear with a major SLANT towards INSANITY and STUPIDITY. 

"Since it was 72 Degrees, at the time, and a Nice Day,

it's obvious that Global Warming caused that Old Man's

Heart Attack, as well as Donald Trump."



They changed the phrase "Global Warming" to

"Climate Change", then blame "Global Warming" on every

Hot Day in Phoenix, and all the Hurricanes, then claim

that a Cold Snap in the USA is not "Global" (true), and

that "Climate Change Deniers" are too stupid to understand

that Global Warming can bring Bitter Cold, even though

NO ONE is Denying Climate Change.

And they claim that Extreme Cold is the result of Extreme Heat.  So there.

Yeah, right.


"It's COLDER here, because it's HOTTER there!!" they say.

Well, then it's not GLOBAL!!

It's LOCAL!!

Duh........   LOCAL WARMING somewhere else!! 

Duh........   LOCAL COOLING  HERE!! 



It's called "A COLD SNAP!!" 

It's called "A COLD SNAP!!" 

It's called "A COLD SNAP!!" 



I hope we don't get Global Cooling!!!

Can you imagine how HOT the Summer's would be???












The thoughtful people ALWAYS called it "Climate Change"

because the Climate changes, and has been changing for

BILLIONS of Years!!!! 


In the 1970's and early 1980's, we had some BITTER COLD

Winters in the USA, and the Climatologists were predicting

another ICE AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Global COOLING!!

I was there, and I remember it well!! 


Later, they changed Horses and called it

"Man Made Global Warming". 

Too much CO2 in the Air from Modern Civilization .

(CO2 is a WEAK and LEAN Greenhouse Gas!!

Water Vapor is MUCH more important!!

But these Einstein's blame CO2.)   


Al Gore said that the North Pole would be WATER part

of the year by 2013.    (2008 + 5 Years = 2013). 



That's odd..... The Poles are FILLED with Billions of Tons

of ICE and SNOW all year round!!  More than ever!! 

Al Gore was WRONG!!  AGAIN!!!


A Penguin stares at a crack in the Ice.

OH NO!!!!!!  A CRACK IN THE ICE!!!!!


What will the Penguin DO?????

Will he be smart enough to walk around it????

Will he dive into the Ocean and SWIM around it???

Will he stare at it Forever????? 

Oh HORRORS!!!!!!

Stop driving your Cars, and save the Penguins!!!!

Walk to the Grocery Store when it's 10 Degrees below Zero!!


Then they called it CLIMATE CHANGE!!

Then these Morons called the Global Warming Deniers

"Climate Change Deniers".

That's like saying "He's a Day and Night Denier.".


And these Einstein's forgot to factor-in that big yellow

Ball in the Sky called the SUN.

The Sun VARIES in its Heat Output.

More Heat from the Sun = A Warmer Globe.

Less Heat from the Sun =  A Cooler Globe.

It's related to SUNSPOTS.

And they've been counting Sunspots for HUNDREDS

of years!!

And they've found that the Heat Output is related to the Number and Size of Sunspots. 


Most of the people involved in the Mainstream News, and

in the "Pro Global Warming" debate, are LIARS and  SCUMBAGS.


The Pakistani at the UN in charge of "Climate Change"

was a Choo Choo Train Engineer before moving to the

UN, and became a Writer of Porn Novels after he left.

Wow!! What Qualifications!!!

A "Climate Change Expert"!!! (cough)

Dictating RULES and GUIDELINES to the USA.     


Take EVERYTHING with a Large Grain of Salt, evaluate

it, and seek out other sources of Information to evaluate.


Traditional Science:  Should be Trustworthy as taught

(Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc). 


Determining what the Truth is, and who the Truth Tellers

are, is not a matter of simply getting a recommendation

from a Friend or a trusted Expert.

It's a START!!   But then comes the Hard Part, sometimes.

EVALUATE the Content, and the Evidence, and the

Logic, and the Common Sense (usually - although Life

on the Moon with a couple of Astronauts can be a tad

confusing, with no Air, less Gravity, etc), evaluate the 

Intelligence of the Presenters, and the STYLE of the presentation.


Evidence  Evidence  Evidence  Evidence!! 

Without Evidence, it's just a CLAIM.  Or a THEORY.


Maturity and Calmness:  It's not a good test.

Many Liars are frantic!!  But not all.

Many Truth Tellers are Calm.  But it depends on the subject. 

Trained Liars are Calm. 

Truth Tellers are USUALLY Calm.

An Immature Wild Man can be extremely Annoying

and difficult to listen to (!!!!!!!!!), but once in a while, such

people turn out to be right.

They're not Grown Ups, for some reason.  

They're not Mature Adults, for some reason.

They often behave like ANGRY CHILDREN!!


But if you can tolerate them for a while, listen to the

CONTENT of their Statements, listen for the EVIDENCE,

and pay attention to others who are saying the same thing.

ESPECIALLY the Real Experts!!

People who were THERE!!

People who obviously really know what they're talking


Real SOURCES!!!!


For that matter, I'm not much of a Source, but in SOME

cases, I WAS THERE!!!

And I know FIRST HAND some of this.

Other people know FAR MORE than I do, and many of

them are Eyewitnesses.

But I can vouch for SOME of the Information on this

Website as being definitely True. 

Sorry.  No Details.


But don't believe MOST of what the Mainstream News

pumps out.

Most of it is HOGWASH!!!!


Once in a while they will finally admit that the MOUNTAIN

OF EVIDENCE against someone might be, could be,

somewhat important, subject to 299 years of "Investigation",

Possibly, Maybe, as a small pile of Dirt, although it's hard

to say, and we must not jump to conclusions after only

1 or 2 years of Evaluation by our best Clerical Filing Clerks,

who might make a mistake here and there...........


What BS from the Mainstream News!!!!

It's a MOUNTAIN!!!!

And they're full of HOGWASH!!!

CNN, MSNBC, and all the others!!!!


Even SNOPES is GARBAGE for Important things!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, and by the way, your TAX DOLLARS help to support

the Scumbags at CNN, Amazon, the Washington Post,


Amazon gets PAID by our Government for every package

they mail!! 

The CIA recently gave Amazon a 600 MILLION DOLLAR

CONTRACT for Propaganda!!!!

The Robot "ALEXA", sold by Amazon, is linked in with

the CIA!!!  And it even SPIES on you!!!!

If you don't believe it, just remember that Scientific American

Magazine took FIVE YEARS (1908) to finally admit that

Yes, the Wright Brothers flew an Airplane IN 1903!!


(By 1908, the WB had made many improvements, several

more Models, and even flew a Passenger for an Hour!!

Scientific American was WAY behind the Curve!!!!

FIVE YEARS behind the Curve!!!!)


Did you know that Alexa orders products from Amazon

without your Permission??

Did you know that Alexa LISTENS to you??

And REPORTS it??      

Did you know that Alexa is a TROJAN HORSE SPY??

Did you know that Amazon is a SLAVE FACTORY of

Underpaid, Overworked, Sweating, Dirty, Untrusted,

Fearful, Pressured, Unhappy, Injured Workers -- many of


Yes, DIRTY!!!

Yes, ILLEGAL!!!   


Oh, and by the way, Garbage George Soros, the NAZI

Collaborator from WW2, gives HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS

of DOLLARS to support all kinds of HATE GROUPS like

Antifa, Black Scum Matters (Thugs!!), KILLARY, etc.


And he will pay the Mainstream Media for any Lawsuits

they lose - which could be MANY!!

Garbage Soros has WEAPONIZED the Media and the

Anti-Trump Groups with his vast Fortune of Blood Money!!



The Mainstream Media and all the other DIRTBAGS have

turned this Country into a BANANA REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump is trying to Fix It!!!!!! 




Short Overview of the Political Situation.

December 2017.



So far, Donald Trump is the Greatest President America has

ever had!! 



Trump is BRILLIANT!!

Trump is CREATIVE!!

Trump is GOOD and DECENT!!

Trump is WONDERFUL!!

Trump is FUNNY - and sometimes that's misinterpreted as


Sometimes his Joking attitude should be dismissed as Humor,

sometimes he's completely Serious, and sometimes he's

Half Serious. It all depends on the Subject and the Statement.

(Some Democrats tend to have a Diminished Sense of Humor

and don't always realize that Trump is sometimes Just Joking.

Or Joking AND being Serious.)   

He's one of the Smartest People in this Country!!


He's also one of the greatest PATRIOTS in this Country!!

His Agenda is being Blocked and Thwarted and Diluted

on a Daily basis by Traitorous Demosnots - including

Traitorous Leftist Judges, and RINOS in Congress -

Democrats who claim to be Republicans.

Talk about a SWAMP!!!!!

Those Anti-Trump people are STUPID NASTY LUNATICS!!

IMMATURE GOONS, unfit to wash the Feet of the President!! 


Remember:  Some of the so-called "Republicans" in Congress

are NOT Republicans!!  They're DEMOCRATS!!

They're called RINO's.

"Republicans In Name Only". 



Someone told me that Trump is a constant, deliberate Liar!!

Huh???  Ridiculous.

As usual, no examples or evidence were provided.

Just another Accusation thrown out - possibly to satisfy their

Carping, Tiny, Jealous, Little Personalities.  

That's because Trump Bashers are Retarded, Ignorant, Nasty,

Crazy, Gullible, Infantile, etc.

I have NEVER seen ONE OUNCE of Evidence of the Accusations

made against him - Accusations of Criminal Behavior, Lying,

Immoral Behavior, Cheating, etc.

No Evidence Provided = WORTHLESS JUNK!!!



The Lying, Thieving, Assaulting, Murdering, Raping, Dishonorable,

Traitorous, Moronic, Sneaky, Slimy Democraps say that Trump is

"Immoral" because he used to grab the Pussies of Rich or Famous

Women )Actresses, etc), and that they didn't seem to mind.

Trump said:  "They LET you do it!!". 

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

No SEXUAL Fun for Trump allowed???

Instead of having some Fun, he should have been HURTING PEOPLE??

Instead of having some Fun, he should have been HARMING THIS COUNTRY??

Instead of having some Fun, he should have been a TRAITOR LIKE


Instead of having some Fun, he should have been PRETENDING


Instead of having some Fun, he should have been HIRING THUGS


Well, too Bad, Demosnots!!

Trump had his Fun!!

And it was with ADULT WOMEN - not Little Girls, or Little Boys,

or Teenage Girls, or Irritated Women!!

You know - like Creepy Joe Biden (Democrap - "Irritated Women" and

Little Girls), Big AL Frankenstein (Democrap - "Irritated Women"),

Harvey Weinstein (Actors, Actresses, Kids, Men, "Irritated Women",

Terrified Women, possibly *Terrified* Kids - Kids Yes,

Terrified Kids Maybe), etc.





Someone told me that Trump has declared Bankruptcy numerous

times.  Evidently, that's True - SORT OF. 

He owns, and has owned, MANY Companies.

I don't recall how many.

SOME of them FAILED!!

He declared Bankruptcy FOR THE FAILED COMPANY - not

Personal Bankruptcy.

So yes, he has apparently declared Bankruptcy numerous times,

Legally, using advice from his Lawyers, using the Laws enacted

by Congress, and Rules made by the IRS, for some Failed Companies

he owned.

What a horrible man!!!  Obeying the Law!!!

Following the Laws enacted by Democrats and Republicans!!

He should have been an Ordinary Democrat Criminal getting

MILLIONS in Payoffs - like KILLARY - instead of a Bankruptcy

Filer - LOSING MONEY on his Investments!!

He should be burned at the Stake for Obeying the Law, taking

his Lawyer's advice, Losing Money, instead of MAKING those

Companies turn a Profit!!!! 

And he could have AFFORDED to do it with all the Billions of

Dollars he's made with Profitable Companies!!!

How many Bums and Losers have declared Bankruptcy??


How many Successful People have declared Bankruptcy??


That no good Rich, Successful JERK!!! 

Using the Law to HELP himself!!

The Law is supposed to HURT US!!!  TO MAKE US POOR!!

And it usually DOES!!!!

Good old Loophole Larry - Dynasty Donald - Tireless Trump!!


I HATE successful people!!  Just like you do!!!!

Someday, if I work harder, I'll be UNSUCCESSFUL!!

Someday, if I work harder, I'll be a LOSER!! 

Someday, if I work harder, I'll have to Declare my Company BANKRUPT!! 

Someday, if I work harder, I'll be DIRT POOR!!

Hey wait a Minute:  I AM Dirt Poor!!

Never Mind..............!!    



Someone implied that Trump wanted to be President for the

Power or the Money or the Prestige - or all the above.

IE, the Big Promotion to President with all its Perks. 

Huh???  Ridiculous.

Trump already had plenty of Power, Money, and Prestige.

He was already Wealthy and Powerful.


What additional Prestige???

The Mainstream News Media bashes him DAILY!!!

Sometimes even HOURLY!!!


Sometimes CONSTANTLY - All Day Long!!

Where's the Prestige in that???

He DID get the satisfaction of Winning the Election!!

But that would last probably just a few Days or Weeks....

(And for the Inauguration, many of his Enemies had Seats

near the Speaker's Podium!!)   

After that comes 4 YEARS of Hard Work!!! 


But suppose he DID want the imaginary Prestige??

So what???

Is there something WRONG with that??

Oh wait: It was a Democrat who was Bashing Trump,

saying he wanted the Power, Money, and Prestige of

the Presidency, as if it was a CRIME and a MORTAL SIN

to want "Big Things" like that!!


Never Mind...............!!


(Note:  Some people in this World "Think Big", and want

to build Skyscrapers, Create Big Companies, be the CEO

or President of a Large Company, etc.

We're lucky they exist!!  They create Jobs, Products,

Services, Innovations, TAX PAYMENTS to the Governments,

usually contribute large sums of money to CHARITIES,

etc, etc. 

There are also some Companies run by CRIMINALS.

The Criminals should be Arrested and Locked up!!

The head of AMAZON, for example.  He's SLIME!!

And the US Federal Government PAYS Amazon for every

Package they mail!!  $1.48 per Book or other Product.

And they hire ILLEGAL ALIENS!!

And they work them half to DEATH!!  



Your Tax Dollars at Work!!


Trump is not like that AT ALL!!

Democrats:  If you want to Bitch about an EVIL man

(besides George Soros and others), put the Spotlight

on AMAZON!!)  



Being the President is a HUGE SACRIFICE for Donald


*  He didn't need the Long Days of work.

    He works about 16-20 Hours per Day. 

    He could have worked a Light Schedule, managing

    his properties, or RETIRED, and let others do all the


    Trump became President at age 70 (approx). 

    John F Kennedy was 43.    


*  He didn't need an Intense Campaign with the hassle of

    traveling from City to City for about a Year, and the

    Televised Debates, and the Convention, and the separation

    from his Family when he was on the Road, etc, etc. 


*  He didn't need the CONSTANT CRITICISM from the

    Mainstream Media, from Talk Shows, from "Comedy"

    shows, from "Protestors", from Politicians, etc.


*  He didn't need the Constant LIES from the Mainstream

    Media.  And the INSULTS, the SMEARS, the SMARMY

    DIGS, the INNUENDO, etc.

    All the Garbage from the Smarmy Little People. 


*  He didn't need the FAKE NEWS from CNN, MSNBC,

    the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc. 

    And the MISSING NEWS from these Swampy Companies.

    They DON'T REPORT many of the Stories involving Trump!!

    MISSING NEWS might be an even Greater Crime than

    publishing FAKE NEWS!! 


*  He didn't need the Money (he's VERY Wealthy).

    Note:  He donates his Entire Salary back to the Government.

    Cost to the Government for Salary:  ZERO.

    Trump is working for FREE.  No Salary.

    Other Perks (Meals, Plane, etc):  Yes. Of course.    


*  He didn't need the house - The White House.

   Trump Tower - his home in New York - is LAVISH!!

   Probably NICER than the White House.

   Moving into the White House was a STEP DOWN for

   Trump, and he delayed it for several weeks. 

   Melania Trump (Wife) said that the Children's Bedrooms

   STANK!!!!  She refused to move into the White House

   until the Kids' Bedrooms were cleaned, and to be with

   Barron Trump, their son (Age: About 12) , to help him

   make the transition.

   Her Priority (rightfully so) is taking care of Barron who

   was injured by a Vaccination.  


*  He didn't need the Prestige of the Office.

    He doesn't care what people think of him.

    He's his own Man.  


*  He didn't need the Power of the Office.

   He had plenty of Power as the Owner and Manager of his

   many Hotels and Golf Courses.   

   He's far more interested in making money and enjoying

   Life than wielding "Power".


*  He didn't need the Airplane - Air Force One.

   He already owns 3 Airplanes (as I recall) - 2 of them Jets,

   and 1 of them is a Large Boeing 757 - a Jumbo Jet.

   His 757 is about the same size as Air Force One (a 747).     


Donald Trump ran for President because he's a PATRIOT!!

And was willing to make the SACRIFICES necessary to

Campaign, and to do the Job of President, working LONG

HOURS - sometimes until 2:00 AM - instead of spending

his time Relaxing or Playing Golf all the time.


What this Campaign and Presidency has shown is what

SCUMBAGS many Democrats - and some Republicans -

really are!!!!!!

I had no idea!!!!!!


Attacking a Good, Decent, Hard Working, Sacrificing,

Brilliant, Creative, Honest, Moral, OLD Man, who's just

trying to Make America Great Again, get rid of all the

horrible CORRUPTION - including Child Trafficking by

Americans and Foreigners, Treasonous Corruption, and

Theft and Murder and Election Rigging and Non-Prosecution

and Investigation of Crimes by the FBI and Department

of Justice, inventing "Crimes" against him, hiring THUGS

to Beat Up people at Trump Rallies, hiring THUGS to

Beat Up people at the Inauguration, pounding his

Character into the Ground because he had some fun with

some Wealthy Women and Hollywood Types - not the

slightest bit Immoral, marks people who do it as Stupid,

Nasty, Smarmy, Slimy, Corrupt, Rotten Little Insects

with no Integrity.


And that makes them HYPOCRITES as well.

Incorrectly and VICIOUSLY attacking Trump for some

kind of perceived "Immorality" (GAG ME!!!!) by invading

his Privacy with a Directional Microphone, then committing

CRIMES and telling LIES based on some innocent Locker

Room Talk with the Guys, claiming the "MORAL HIGH

GROUND" when they're a bunch of Low-Life BASTARDS


Pretty Pathetic.


I've seen Videos of some of these "Morally Outraged"

CREEPS, and their Personalities and Appearance are

enough to make one Vomit!!!!

You couldn't Pay me enough to work with them, interview

them, or get within 1,000 Feet of them!!

These Anti-Trump "Holier Than Thou" Low-Life Scumbags

are so REVOLTING, that every moment near one of them

would be like a DAY IN HELL.

They're the stuff one scrapes off one's Shoe. 


What have THEY done for the Country??

What have THEY accomplished for the Country??

What have THEY Sacrificed for the Country??

How much time have THEY thought about the Problems

and Solutions for the Country??

What have THEY done to Drain the Swamp??   

What have THEY done to Make America Great??

Voted for Killary???

My point exactly!!


Maybe they can't stand the BRIGHT LIGHT of Trump's

Goodness, scurrying like COCKROACHES to hide in

the Dark, and Bitching about that Light bulb!!


How about a Quote from one of Killary's "RATF****RS" -

a guy who hired THUGS to Yell and Beat Up Trump Fans

and Inquisitive People, attending a Rally to find out who

this Trump Fellow was:

He said, on Videotape:

"We've got to Win this MOTHERF****R!!!".

What a Team, eh??  What a Team of Killary "RATF****RS"!!

And that Queen of Krap was almost our President!!!

What a Close Call!!


(Fortunately, in one case, the Men in the crowd beat the

Crap out of the HIRED THUG when he started yelling

Obscenities in their faces or hitting them.  Or both.

I don't recall which it was.

The Piece of Garbage was left Bleeding and Moaning

on the Ground.  You Reap what you Sow.)


(The Nixon people used to play Dirty Tricks on Candidates

and others, but nothing as bad as Hiring Thugs!!

Politics is just a Pit of SLIME!!)   





As of this writing, I have some concerns about President Trump.

Trump is not doing some of the important things he said he would

 do, or implied he would do to a number of SUB-HUMANS

who were wrecking our Government while enriching themselves.


Some examples of the Sub-humans:

1.  Killer Killary,  Huma Magazine,  John Podesta

(the CANNIBAL - one of Many), Foreigner Obozo, 

Rahm Enema Emanuel, Anthony Wiener-Guy, and

MANY other Democrap TRAITORS, have not yet

been Arrested or Executed.

(By the way, Rahm Emanuel's Treacherous "Fast and Furious"

Program, to give Mexican Drug Lords and other Criminal Mexican

Scum, High Powered Weapons to shoot and kill our Border Guards,

had a SECONDARY PURPOSE:  It gave our ENEMIES, such as


in MUSLUM COUNTRIES ,High Tech, High Powered Weapons

to SHOOT AND KILL our Soldiers in AFGHAN and LIBYA and

IRAQ and IRAN!!!


our American Ambassador in Libya to be EXECUTED by the Bad Guys

(Muslum Scum), who then Sodomized the Ambassador's Dead

Body), and RAIDED the Embassy and STOLE thousands of CLASSIFIED

DOCUMENTS, revealing Spies and Helpers who were immediately

Executed if caught (if they hadn't already escaped from Libya).


Killary and Enema did this because Ambassador Stevens had

DISCOVERED the Weapons Conduit to the Garbage Muslums in

Libya - our ENEMIES!!!!

And Good Guy Stevens was starting to ask Embarrassing Questions.

Questions involving SERIOUS TREASON by Killary and Enema!!!

Questions involving the SLAUGHTER of our Troops with AMERICAN

WEAPONS!!  (We have the Photos of the Weapons discovered by

American Troops, risking their LIVES, but BETRAYED by Killary and

Enema - and other Democrat Traitorous SLIME.)


Rahm Enema is now the Mayor of Chicago, where the daily Shootings

recently claimed about 4,000 Lives (FOUR THOUSAND LIVES) 

PER YEAR in a recent year (2016 or 2015).

Car Jackings by Blacks are also VERY HIGH!!!! 

It was a Typical Year for MURDERS, but a bit higher than average.


Even my AUNT, who was a strong Liberal/Democrat, and a Nice Lady,

passive, pleasant, good-hearted, smiling, friendly, cheerful, etc,   

who worked at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry in the 1950's (NINETEEN FIFTIES), Non-Racist, liked everybody, and who sometimes

had to take the Freeway to Indiana, told me that the trips were

DANGEROUS because there would be Traffic Jams on the Freeway,

the Traffic would have to Stop (Stop and Go), and that drivers had to

LOCK THEIR CAR DOORS because the Blacks would run over to the

cars and try to OPEN the Car Door, pull the Driver out of his Seat,


Other times, they would drop ROCKS and stuff onto the Cars from the


Things are even WORSE with Rahm Enema - the Gay Mayor.


The TRAITOR Mr. Enema LOVES Foreigner Traitor Obozo!!

The TRAITOR Mr. Enema HATES President Trump!!



The TRAITOR Mr. Enema has decreed Chicago to be a GUN-FREE ZONE!! 

Chicago - a Murder Capital: A GUN-FREE ZONE!! 

About 4,000 Murders per Year by GUN!! 


The TRAITOR Mr. Enema has declared Chicago to be a "Trump-Free Zone"

but not a "Murder-Free Zone", or an "Illegal Immigrant-Free Zone" or

a "Criminal-Free Zone".

There's MUCH MORE!!!  And it's ALL BAD!!!    




Do you have ANY IDEA what MASSIVE CRIMES Killary has


Do you realize how she AIDED and ABETTED our Enemies to


MILLIONS of Dollars $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$???

HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



Do you realize how she IGNORED all Security instructions given

her as "Secretary of State"???

Plus Child Trafficking???

Plus Money Laundering???

Plus Tax Evasion???

Plus deleting 30,000 Emails shortly before being Investigated by

the FBI??  And "Acid Washed"  (all traces deleted).  

Plus stealing the Democrap Nomination from Bernie Sanders??

Plus putting Classified Emails on Huma's Laptop Computer??  

Plus putting Classified Emails on Tony Wiener's Laptop Computer??


Girlfriend HUMUNGUS did NOT have ANY Security Clearance!!

Anthony Wiener (now in Jail) did NOT have ANY Security Clearance!!

And NONE of those Emails should have been on LAPTOP COMPUTERS!! 


Do you realize that she put YOUR Future at risk, the future of

YOUR KIDS at risk, the Future of YOUR Friends and Relatives at

risk, the Future of YOUR Neighbors at risk, the Future of


at risk, the Future of OUR COUNTRY at risk (Buildings, Houses,

Stores, Food, Water, Medicine, Cars, Gasoline, Phones, Health,

Life, Death, etc)???   

Killary needs to be EXECUTED!!!  

She needs to FRY in the SAME Electric Chair like Julius and

Ethel Rosenberg - the Atomic Bomb Spies of the 1940's who gave

our Nuclear Secrets to the Russians.

And some of the others ALSO need to FRY in the Electric Chair.

Dust off the HOT SEAT!!!!!


Why has this not yet happened???   (December 2017)


2. Trump's Attorney General is an UTTER MORON and a TRAITOR!!


Consider Arresting him for SEVERE Dereliction of Duty.

Or Impeach the AG!!!

(December 2017)   


3. Some of the Federal and State Judges are UTTER MORONS



Consider Arresting them for SEVERE Dereliction of Duty.

(December 2017)   


4. All of the LIARS about Trump need to be SUED for Slander!!

 (December 2017) 



then EVICTED!!

Or put in Tents, outside, in the Cold.

No Medical or Dental Care.

The Children need to be EVICTED!!

All Illegal Aliens need to be Humanely STERILIZED in Prison.   

 (December 2017) 


6. The ILLEGAL ALIENS caught crossing need to be

SHOT ON SIGHT rather than CHASED!!!

Warning signs need to be posted every 100 Feet.

The Dead Bodies need to be thrown back to Mexico.

(Some of them might not be Mexican, but that's Mexico's problem.)

(Some of them are MUSLUM TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)       

(December 2017) 


7. All Immigration into this Country must END!!!

(December 2017) 


8. Antifa is a TERRORIST organizaton.

All Antifa members need to be JAILED for TWENTY YEARS!!

(December 2017) 


9. Muslumism is a TERRORIST organizaton and a Violent GANG.

All muslums need to be JAILED for LIFE !!

(December 2017)


10. All SIGNAGE and INSTRUCTIONS in Spanish must be removed.

Press 1 for "GET THE HELL OUT!!".    

(December 2017)


11. ALL FUNDING for the United Nations must end.   

(December 2017)


12. The UN must be EVICTED from the USA. 

All UN "Diplomats" and Staff (Spies and Thieves) must exit the USA

within 3 months, or face Arrest.    

(December 2017)


13. All Government Employees who don't follow the President's

Directives will be imprisoned for 1 Year.      

(December 2017)


14. Top Executives at Google, Facebook, and Twitter need to be Arrested

and Imprisoned.

Google Promotes or Demotes Websites found in its search, based on

their WARPED view of the World by "Social Justice Warriors" - ignorant

and stupid people who care not at all for the Truth or Knowledge.

(The Truth is a BLINDING LIGHT to Google Employees, who scurry away

from it like Cockroaches.)

Their "Fact Checking" Feature, to "Assist" the user in determining if

the Website contains Fake News, is a Snopes-Like JOKE!!

(Snopes is a JOKE for major Stories and Ideas.)

They also have a List of People - apparently Patriots and Good People -

who aren't allowed in the Building.

If the people Banned were Liars, Criminals, Violent People, etc, I would

agree with them.  But some of them - or all of them, are NOT!!

Yet THEY SPY on us!!  They come into our homes ELECTRONICALLY!!    

Google's Motto of "Don't Be Evil" implies that there is a "normal"

alternative available to Employees and perhaps Users - namely, "BE EVIL".

That never occurred to me, but it occurred to THEM!!!!

Google Management has followed the "BE EVIL" Alternative on a Daily

Basis.  And it's ILLEGAL as well as IMMORAL.

Google is a Company of many Criminals and Garbage people, with some

sharp Software and Hardware Engineers who provided the technology

for Google to do what it does, before it devolved into a Swamp.

But Management and many of the Non-Tech Employees are TRASH!!! 

Not only the EVIL Top Execs need to be Arrested, but Dozens of Evil

Middle Management Scumbags ALSO need to be Arrested.  

Example (one of Dozens or Hundreds):  A Google Employee who sexually

identifies as a "yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin" and "an expansive

ornate building" gave a Talk at a Company Event. 

He called his Speech "Living as a Plural Being".

(Not as a Male, or a Man, or a Person.  And apparently feeling that he

needed to explain his "Gender" (cough). And looking like a BOY -

or a GIRL. Not a MAN. 

After all - why act like a Man when you can be an Insect and a Building,

choosing from thousands of possible Genders, none of which are

REAL or even POSSIBLE.  Just IMAGINARY!!  Like a 4-Year-Old might

imagine something at Bedtime Story Time!!) 

The Point of that Example: These people are TOTALLY screwed up, and

that includes the Company Culture!!

"INSANE" might be a better word.  And IMMATURE.  And STUPID.


And apparently GENDERLESS.  

They are all LEFTISTS - LIBERALS at Gurgle.    

(December 2017) 


All Imprisonments need to be located at Guantanamo.


Electric Chair Executions should be done with LOW VOLTAGE Chairs

so that the Lights won't Dim in nearby Neighborhoods.

Gruesome, but they deserve it.

They should also be FILMED and shown on Television late at night,

to serve as a warning to other TRASH.  

Free Popcorn should be available for the Witnesses.

Pleasant Music could be played at the same time.

Or Funny Cartoons could be played at the same time, while people LAUGH.

Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Mickey Mouse, The Road Runner, etc.

After all:  Why be unhappy that some HORRIBLE MURDERING TRASH

is being Executed??? 





George Soros, the Billionaire NAZI Collaborator,

MURDERER, THIEF, WRECKER of Economies and Lives,

is one of the most EVIL men on the Planet,

trying to Cripple the USA,

trying to Cripple American's Health,

trying to make the USA dependent on him and his

EVIL Gang Members, 

funds the Violent Antifa,  

funds the Violent muslums, 

funds the Violent Black Scum Matters, 

funds various other Anti-American Groups,  

helped to fund Killary's 2016 run for President,

and needs to be Arrested and Executed.

His son also needs to be Arrested and Executed.

His Top Employees also need to be Arrested and Executed.   





Psychopath and Sociopath Krooked Killary was either

prodded into running for Prez by the Bad Guys or

endorsed and assisted by the Bad Guys (Globalists,

Communists, New World Order Scum,

George Soros, Government Criminals, etc) after she decided

to Run for Dictator,

because they knew that they could CONTROL her, and

that she would PROTECT them from Investigations into

Illegal Activities - Activities which are LEGION and



She had DIRT on THEM, but they had DIRT on HER!!

She would PROTECT them, and they would PROTECT



Killary has a track record of MURDER, CORRUPTION,






As the First Bitch, under Bill Klinton, she ordered the

Secret Service to remain Out of Sight at the White House

so she wouldn't have to SEE them, unless they were

actually Guarding her on some trip!!

Inside the White House:  BANISHED!! 

This was reported by Ex-Secret Service Personnel.  


A number of people who have known Killary have said:

"There is something Seriously Wrong with her Mental

State.", and they've said it for Years. 

They've said it for DECADES!!    


She's also Physically Ill with MANY Maladies of

"God Knows What" problems, including Parkinson's

Disease, Lung Problems, Holes in her Tongue, Walking

Problems, etc.  


She is "One of Them" - part of the Gang, and would

definitely protect her fellow Gangsters, as well as herself,

if she were wheeled into the Oval Office.

And the Criminality would continue unabated. 


People who voted for Killary didn't have a CLUE who they

were voting for.

Those Voters were CLUELESS and apparently hadn't done

ANY Research!!


All they needed to do was to look at Killary's Record as an

Attorney at the Rose Law Firm!!   HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who did she Defend??    (The Rapist).

Who did she Attack??     (The 12-year-old Girl Victim - bruised and battered).

And the Klinton Record in Arkansas when Bill was Governor.

Or when Bill was President.

Or when Killary was "Secretary of State" (Gag me!!). 


Who did what???

Who did the Screaming??

Who THREW things, like expensive Lamps and Vases??

Who STOLE a lot of Furniture??   TWICE??

Who was Vince Foster??

Was Vince Foster Left Handed or Right Handed??

How did Vince Foster shoot himself in the Back of the Head??

How did Vince Foster shoot himself in the Back of the Head

multiple times?? 

Was Vince Foster Happy or Depressed??

What was Vince Foster's relationship with Killary??  

Was Vince Foster's unusual Death Investigated??   

Who was Ron Brown??

Was that Plane Crash properly Investigated??

Was the DEATH of a Patriot Secretary properly Investigated??

Was the Secretary Murdered??  (Yes).

How many BODIES are Piled Up in the Klinton Body Count??

Who did it??  Bill or Killary or Both??

They say it was Killary!! 


Can you IMAGINE????

The Klinton's MURDERED a whole bunch of Good People!!!

It's called "The Klinton Body Count"!!!

And they GOT AWAY WITH IT!!!








In the Presidential Campaign of 2015/2016, Killary was Focused

on HERSELF  ("Stronger Together").

Trump was was Focused on AMERICA ("Make America Great

Again" and  "Drain the Swamp")!! 

Her Slogan wasn't that bad, but Trump's was so much BETTER!!

He was Focused on the GOAL of restoring America's Greatness

and getting rid of the Corruption - not on himself!! 

He was Focused on the JOB!!


They say that Trump is an Egomaniac and a Narcissist.

That's true, to some extent.

So what?? 

ALL Presidents and Important Politicians are Egomaniacs 

and Narcissists to some degree. 

But he knows how to Focus on the GOAL, not on HIMSELF!!

It was KILLARY who focused on Herself!!

It was a "Power For Killary" objective!!

Trump's objective was "Power for America and Americans"!!

And "Rebuild the Crumbling Infrastructure"!!!

(58,000 Bridges are designated as UNSAFE by Bridge

Engineers!!!!!!  That should worry us ALL!!)


What did Killary say about our crumbling Infrastructure??


What did Killary say about Making America Great Again??

She said:  "Was it EVER great???"

What is she Smoking????

What Good could she possibly DO as President??? 

Good grief!!   


Killary:  Me Me Me!!  Her Her Her!!   NO PLANS.

      (No PLANS except to Nuke some Country!!  ANY Country!!)  

Trump:  America America America!!  PLANS.

      (Trump MIGHT have to Nuke North Korea!!

      But NK is a HUGE THREAT due to OBOZO and KILLARY!!

      They SOLD High Tech Missiles and Technology to NK

      and to Red China!!

      And the Missile Man Kim is CRAZY and THREATENING!!

      He threatens the USA with Total Destruction almost every WEEK!!)   



                RISK WW3!!  


               DRAIN THE SWAMP!!    


(Trump might have to Nuke North Korea because of all the Technology

Killary and others sold them - for A-Bombs and Missiles.

Missile-Man/Button-Boy Kim is NUTS!!!!)


Trump and Killary had OPPOSITE Goals!!

Mostly only the Little People voted for Killary.

The Little People who felt Powerless and wanted REVENGE!!!!!

Last time, they elected an AMERICA-HATING  FOREIGN 

HALF NEGRO to destroy America, and now they wanted a


to finish the Job!!  


The people who voted for Trump wanted a Great and Good

America!!  And wanted to FIX it - REPAIR it!!

The people who voted for Trump were the SMART PEOPLE!!



MUCH SMARTER than the Killary Voters!! 


The Trump Haters and Trump-Fan Haters were Garbage like

"Black Scum Matters" who BEAT UP WHITE WOMEN outside

the Entrance to the Inauguration!!

Even kicking them as the Women lay on the ground, according

to one WHITE WOMAN who was Beaten Bloody by "Black Scum


We have the Video Tape of the Lady, moments after she was beaten

by these PRE-HUMANS, with Blood on her Face and Clothes.

How did they escape from the ZOO??


They tried to block Alex Jones from entering, even though Alex had

a Ticket - a VIP Ticket for Seating in the VIP Section (Front Rows).

Alex Decked a few of the Scum in order to get in.

The Black Scum Half-Negro Traitor "President" OBOZO had issued

orders to the Chief of Police in DC to NOT INTERFERE with Violent

"Protestors" at the Inauguration, and allow the SCUM to Attack

Trump Fans and Audience Members outside the Gates, waiting to

get into the Inauguration Event.

This was YOUR "PRESIDENT", Demosnots!!

Issuing orders to permit Violence against Inauguration Audience

members, including the Beating Up of White Women.


Some of the Attendees were Democrat REPORTERS.

I wonder if some of THEM were beaten up by Black Scum Matters

when they tried to Enter the Event??? 

Why has OBOZO not been Arrested and Imprisoned for his CRIMINAL

ACTIONS of January 20th, 2017 ????????????      


(Morality???   Trump is Moral, and the Trump Voters are Moral. 

More Moral than KROOKED KILLARY (and OBOZO) by a Country


The Trump Voters were not "Deplorables", as Krooked Killary

called them!!

It was just the Reverse - as Usual!!)       




SATANIC  EVIL  MONSTER  KILLARY wasn't elected!!   





Better than Killary!!!!! 

Forced out of the running by a "Killary Kult" at the Democratic

National Committee.

Even Democrat Donna Brazile said so!!

She wrote a BOOK saying so!!  

Bernie supporters were NORMAL PEOPLE, Civil, Polite, etc,

unlike the Screaming Fanatics on the Killary side.

But Bernie is Anti-Trump for Unknown reasons AND an Idiot.

I've seen one WEIRD Interview with Bernie in 2017.

What a Limp Idiot!!!  Oh my Gawd!!!!!

That guy is a Half-wit and WAAAY Out to Lunch!!





To the Trash Barrel, Bernie.


But "Poor Bernie" is actually RICH BERNIE!!


And his wife is a WRECKING BALL!!    




The Demosnots had SO LITTLE to offer!!

Almost NOTHING!!









I don't have Putin figured out, but he's a Real Statesman!!

He is one of the FEW Real Statesmen on the World Stage. 

He surprised the people who put him in Power by turning out

to be a Strong, No-Nonsense Man - not a Yes Man, not a Pushover!!

He began by firing Lunkheads in the Russian Government, who

didn't belong there in the first place.

In Government, his decisions have been WISE.


He is probably very WARY of American Lunkheads in the American

Government, so he's being very Cautious.

In that sense, you could say that he's Anti-American.

But he's Justified in having that attitude!!

And Trump is trying to Drain that Swamp!! 

Time will tell.


Note that Putin has graciously allowed Whistleblower Ed Snowden

to remain in Russia - for 5 years.

I don't know what will happen after 5 years.

But it was a Humanitarian act on Putin's part, and Snowden is grateful.

Snowden says that No One has pumped him for "Intel" that he

learned while working for the NSA.

(And Putin is Ex-KGB - Secret Police!!) 


Snowden is free to travel around Moscow - not locked up in a Room,

riding the Subways, visiting Computer Stores, treated with respect

and admiration by Customers in Computer Stores - and elsewhere.

(Most average Russians don't recognize Snowden on sight. It's mostly

in Computer Stores where they recognize him and like to talk to him).


Yes, Edward Snowden is a Hero because he exposed some highly

Illegal activities of the US Government - not the Super Secret,

Top Secret, Military Secret, Politically Secret, Sensitive stuff.

And no SPIES were exposed, which would endanger their Lives!!

And no LOCATIONS were exposed!!

And no SOURCES AND METHODS were exposed!!   


He knows a LOT, but he's NOT spilling the Beans, he's a Patriot,

and he's not GOING to spill the Beans, as he's said many times.

He told the Media and others:  "Forget it!!  I'm not going to reveal

anything except for the massive ILLEGAL spying done by the NSA."


He's not opposed to "National Security Spying".  Of course not!!

He's talking about the spying on EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN -

including Children.

Spying and Wiretapping without justification.

Without a Warrant.

Collecting Massive Profiles and Data on everyone.  


Trump was wrong - and Naive, and Misinformed - when he said

that Snowden should be executed for Treason.

No.  Snowden is the OPPOSITE of a Traitor.

He EXPOSED the Traitor!! 

Q.  Who was the Traitor that Snowden Exposed?? 

A.  The US Government under OBOZO, etc.

(I don't think Snowden exposed OBOZO, but he's a Traitor!!)   


Note that Snowden also worked for the CIA.

He KNOWS what he's talking about.

The CIA is mostly a Gigantic TRAITOR!!  

(Some CIA people have become sickened at what that Organization

has been doing to this Country, and have Quit in Disgust, or become

Whistleblowers after Retiring, and revealed a few things that it's

been doing to HARM America!!

Snowden is probably aware of some of those things since he used

to work there.)  


I think Trump respects Putin, and Putin respects Trump.

Neither one of them is a "Do-Nothing Politician".

They're both Men of Action.  

Trump's desire for better relations with Russia is a GOOD Idea.

It would make the World a SAFER place!!!!

JFK tried to do the same thing!!

(Although JFK's ideas went too far.  JFK was naive.)      

We'll see what happens.      





All Garbage - in multiple ways.

(Stupid, Nasty, Ignorant, Uncivilized, etc.)

Two small Examples of HUNDREDS of Examples: 


**  December 2016.

2 Homos, "Married" to each other, traveling on a Jet Blue Flight,

harassed Ivanka Trump (Trump's Daughter), travelling with her kids,

BEFORE Trump had become President, claiming that her Father was

RUINING THE COUNTRY, and that she should be flying on a PRIVATE

Plane - not on a Jet Blue Flight!!

They were EVICTED by Airline Management, FUMING and


Just more Nasty Lunatics!!  


**  Approx December 2016.

On a different Flight, a Nasty Bitch asked the Passenger next to her

who he had voted for - in Nasty, Demeaning Tones.

He replied:  "I voted for the Better Man."


ARM REST!!  YOU DISGUST ME!!........"  Etc.

She caused such a Ruckus that Airline Management EVICTED her

from the Plane, but had to Physically pick her up and carry her off

because she refused to leave, claiming that the Funeral she was

planning to attend, overrode their Eviction Orders!!

IE, She was more important than their Silly Rules!!  

The Passengers applauded her Removal. 

Just another Nasty Lunatic!!  





Unbelievably STUPID and NASTY!!!!!!!!

Unbelievably UGLY!!!!!!!!

Round the Bend and Outa Sight!!  TOTALLY, DUDE!!!!

Lives on the Fringes of Civilized Society. 

In favor of VIOLENCE against Trump Fans and Supporters!!

Was planning to CRASH the Deploraball (Inauguration Ball)

at the Hotel Ballroom, and Blind the Guests, Ruin their NICE

Clothing (Expensive Evening Gowns, etc), and create a STENCH

of Human Feces and/or Vomit!!

Something went wrong with his plans, and the Animal Moore

apparently didn't show up.  

In charge of Move-On.org - a Weird Super-Leftist Collection of

Weird Super-Leftist Lunatics.  

Hails from Flint Michigan where they had a Water Quality issue,

recently, that SICKENED many people with LEGIONAIRE'S

DISEASE, and KILLED about half a dozen Citizens!!

Many remain sick and injured, last I heard, and are expected

to DIE in the near Future from the Disease. 




A Few Definitions

What is a "Globalist"??

What is a New World Order Participant??

What is the United Nations?? 

What is Antifa?? 


Why are they HORRIBLE??

Why are they CORRUPT TRASH??


ALL of these People and Institutions are EVIL!!!!

ALL of these People and Institutions are CORRUPT and ROTTEN!!!!

ALL of these People and Institutions are COMMUNIST SCUM!!!!


(Most of the UN is TRASH - but not all of it.

It needs to be EVICTED from the USA, and the USA needs to drop out

of the UN.)



They will ALL be SCRUBBED from the face of the Earth or from the USA!!!!


*  A GLOBALIST is a BLOOD SUCKER with no Conscience

who sucks the Lifeblood out of a Country and its hard working Citizens,

sometimes causing the Collapse of that Country, with Starvation, Wreckage,

Theft, Murders, Suicides, and Anarchy accompanying and following the


A Globalist is a Criminal on the Bottom Rung of Biological Life, lower

than any other form of Life.

Example:  George Soros, NAZI Collaborator during WW2, sending

thousands of Jews to the Gas (his own Friends and Neighbors), and

stealing their Property, while posing as a Christian.

Today, Garbage Soros is a Multi-Billionaire, still trying to destroy

Civilization and Innocent Lives, funding Killary in 2016,

funding Antifa, funding Black Scum Matters, funding violent muslums,

funding any organization opposed to Trump, opposed to Liberty,

Democracy, Health, Wealth, Common Sense, etc.

In the James Bond Films, they used Garbage Soros as the model for the

character who played the Head of Spectre - the supremely Evil man

who led a supremely Evil Gang of Rotten Eggs!!


*  A New World Order Participant can be the same thing,

and is a COMMUNIST,

and goes along with Insane Ideas to CONTROL other Countries,

and DICTATE Insane Laws and Rules to these Countries,

without the Permission of their hard working Citizens.

A Synonym for "Communist" is "A New World Order Participant". 

A Synonym for "A New World Order Participant" is "A Communist". 



SIGNIFICANTLY, down to about 10-20 Percent of its current Level.

They say the Earth is Over-Populated (TRUE), but their methods for

reducing the Population show that they have NO CONCERN at all

for the People they supposedly want to Help.

The Recipients of their "Caring" are often just Dirt, Rocks, Jungle,

Trees, Fish, Snakes, Predators, Sand, etc, but usually NO PEOPLE.

Preserving the Natural Environment is a Good Thing, for the most

part, but if it hurts the People, what's the point???

ENORMOUS SECTIONS OF LAND are preserved already!!

They're Federal Land, State Land, Federal Parks, and State Parks.

Much of it is located in the American West. 

About 80 Percent of the State of Utah is Federal Land!!!

Large tracts of Land in Minnesota are protected State Land, such

as "The Boundary Waters Canoe Area" (BWCA).

The BWCA is fine with me. And it's a Good Thing if you're a Camper

or a Canoer.  Don't take it away, but don't add to it, either. 


They're impacting Population Growth through POOR HEALTH, 

WARS, Poisonous Vaccinations,  GMO Foods, reducing Child Births,

reducing Marriages, reducing the attractiveness of the Opposite Sex,

LYING, Legal Drugs, Propaganda, etc!!


Some want to WIPE OUT all Humans, and some apparently want to

wipe out All Life.


Some want to REPLACE All Human Workers with Robots - Robots that

use Artificial Intelligence using Built-in Computers.


Some want to eliminate Human-Controlled Cars, removing the Steering

Wheel, Accelerator, and Brake Pedals, and putting a Computer in charge.

These are "Driverless Cars" with Built-in Intelligence, and that can be

controlled from a Central Location, transmitting Radio Signals to the Car.

The Human "Driver" in the Seat would be merely a Passenger, unable

to deviate the Car from "Approved" Destinations, unable to Stop and

Pause, unable to "Get out of Dodge and head for Alaska" unless someone

at Central Control approved it, unable to go for a Sunday Afternoon Drive

in October to see the Fall Colors on the Trees, unless someone at Central

Control approved it !!

Etc, Etc!! 

This concept is now being promoted under the Guise of SAFETY.

However, it also removes the Freedom to travel where you want to, and

what Route you want to take when travelling to your Normal Destinations,

such as to Work, to the Grocery Store, to your Friend's House,

for your Vacation, etc. 

The Car can also STRAND you at Home or elsewhere, refusing to Start.

And it can Drive you to the Police Station to be Interrogated for some

imaginary Crime, or a Crime committed by someone else, or for Questioning

about your Political Beliefs about "Tolerant Ted" (Big Brother). 

After all, if you don't Like Tolerant Ted, you could be a Danger to Society!!

Remember:  Big Brother Tolerates you!!    


Some of these Monsters simply want to see the United States and Europe

CRIPPLED or DESTROYED, as well as some other Countries.

The European Union (EU) is an attempt to DESTROY EUROPE!!!!  


They are Horrible because they believe in INSANITY, making people POOR,

making people SICK or UNHEALTHY, making people STUPID, making

people PASSIVE, making people CONFUSED, making people UNPATRIOTIC

and PASSIONLESS for their own Countries and Cultures, and eliminating

Normal Freedoms such as the FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF THE


the RIGHT TO PRIVACY, etc, etc, etc.


Note that OBOZO said while he was a Fake President:

    "Nobody's Listening to your Phone Calls."

Complete BS!!!!!!


The NSA listens to EVERYONE'S Phone Calls, and the CIA does almost the

Same Thing, essentially Duplicating the NSA Spying!!

And they can listen to your NON Phone Call Conversations in your Home,

in your Car, in your Garage, in your Backyard, at your Desk, in the Woods,

if you have newer Cell Phones, newer TV Sets, etc.

In some cases, they can WATCH YOU without your knowledge.

And they can TRACK you and LOCATE you if you carry a Cell Phone!!

And they have Very HIGH TECH Equipment to do it!!!!

Big Brother knows where you ARE, what you're SAYING, what you're

DOING, how you're REACTING, what you're THINKING, what others

in your Home are Saying, what your Phone Call Friends are Saying,

where you're Going, when you'll be Back, etc, etc, etc.

And it's all STORED in Gigantic Memory Banks!!!!


*  What about the UN (The United Nations)???  

The UN is mostly a Rotting, Communist, Pile of CRAP!!!!

The UN seems to think that it's in charge of the USA.

Some Leftists ALSO seem to think that it's in charge of the USA. 


The Pile of CRAP that constitutes the UN is NOT in charge of the

United States of America. 


I will be at your House, Leftists, every evening at Dinner Time, to

explain this to you.

I expect the Meal to be Hot and Tasty!!

Do NOT serve me any Fish, Broccoli, or Cauliflower!!

I will later choose the most comfortable Bedroom, and use it to

spend the Night.

As you can see, *I* am in charge of the USA (including YOU) - not

the People, and not the UN!!

You don't get a Vote, and you don't have a Voice!!


RAWEESH from Pakistan might show up a few days later to spend

a few Weeks. Or Months. Or Years. At your house.

But he can sleep on the Floor.

He prays Loudly every 20 Minutes all Day Long.

Including Meal Times.

Be sure to have plenty of Curry on hand to make the Foods he likes.   

You don't get a Vote, and you don't have a Voice!! 



*  What about the Group of Thugs known as



Many of them are Extremist COLLEGE "PROFESSORS" of

Basket Weaving, Gender Studies, Women's Studies, Anti-Capitalist

Studies, Horrible Founding Fathers Studies, All White Men are Evil

Studies, The Confederacy was Evil Studies, Money is Evil Studies,

Trump is Hitler Studies, Hitler is Trump Studies,

Socialism is Wonderful Studies, Punch a NAZI Studies,

Kill Trump Studies, Punch Trump in the Nose Studies, Etc.


They admit and STATE that they plan to overthrow the Government

by any means necessary including VIOLENCE and RIOTING!!

That's TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They also HATE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They want to DESTROY America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    


They are as DUMB AS A ROCK,


as Hostile as a RATTLESNAKE,

as Honest as a USED CAR SALESMAN,

as Compassionate as JOSEF STALIN,


as Anti-Intellectual as POL POT, 

as Civilized as VLAD THE IMPALER, 



They are very VIOLENT, and will hit you on the Head with a

Baseball Bat, or a 2x4 Piece of Wood, or a Heavy Steel Lock, they will

spray you in the Face with MACE - blinding you, etc.






WEAR A HELMET AND GOGGLES, and carry a Weapon if you're

around these Animals - these Violent DIRTBAGS!!

If you need to carry a Pistol to defend yourself, DO SO!!

And be prepared to SHOOT!!

You might need to do so if attacked, or about to be attacked!!

They often attack from BEHIND!!!  


Note:  Their Favorite Victims are Women!!

Many of the Antifa Thugs are SISSY BOYS who Cry when Hit.

Most Women don't hit back.


Their other Favorite Victim is a University Lecture Hall.

They prevent Speakers from Speaking like the Genuine COWARDS

that they are!!!!  You know:  The LITTLE PEOPLE.  


Over HALF of the Antifa members live in their Parents' Basement!!

And those Parents have Government "Jobs"!!!

Over HALF are the Male Offspring of Government Workers!!!!


Including ALL of the Antifa Scum, 70 Percent live in their Parents'

Basement!!   SEVENTY PERCENT!!  Grand Total.



JOBS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



PARENTS' BASEMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



NASTY VIOLENT SCUMBAGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Since they're Trump Haters, they're probably DEMOSNOTS!!!!

Parents and Basement Sissy Boy Thug Crying Demosnot Creeps!!!!

They're also heavily PSYCHOTIC, as you may have noticed!! 


PLUS the Psychotic Basket Weaving "Professors" who seem to think

that we and they Live in a Lawless Jungle, and that they can do anything

they want to!!  GAG ME!!!!

(They actually SAY SO!!) 


What a PATHETIC Collection of Stupid, Hateful, Ignorant, Sissy Boy, 

Basket Weaving CRIMINALS who go around hitting MOSTLY Women!!!!

And then RUN AWAY!!!   





Meryl Streeptococcus,

Leftist Feminist Lunatic,

Trump HATER, 

Reputed Queen of Women's Rights,

and Reputed Defender of Women and Girls against Sexual Assault,

and a Public supporter of the Traitor, Liar, Thief, Rapist Helper, and

       Murderer Killary Klinton, 

and a Reputed Actress Person, 

and a Reputed "Moral" Person, 

and a Defender of a Child Rapist (Roman Polanski), 

and an Admirer of another Rapist (Harvey Weinstein), 

and a PUBLIC attacker of Donald Trump,

and a Vicious HATER of Donald Trump,

and a HIJACKER  *AGAIN*  of an Awards Ceremony, to spray

her Venom and Hate for Trump in a SIX MINUTE SPEECH in 2017

at the Golden Globes Awards (I didn't watch the show of Perverts

and the Perverted Handlers of their Victims),   

and has publicly supported known Pervert, Rapist, and Sexual Assaulter

Roman Polanski more than once,

and one time gave Polanski a STANDING OVATION

in 2003 at the Academy Awards Ceremony,

even though it was already Public Knowledge that Polanski was

a Rapist of Underage Girls, and was later Jailed for it.

The Rape and Drugging that he confessed to (a 13-year-old-Girl)

occurred 26 YEARS earlier (1977).  


Polanski admitted to ONE Rape of an Underage Girl, done

in 1977 (a 13-year-old Girl), having DRUGGED her first!! 

Polanski is currently in Jail for that one. 

Polanski even Raped a 10-Year-Old Girl on the Beach in Malibu!!

Polanski even Raped a 10-Year-Old Girl on the Beach in Malibu!!


Incredibly, Polanski won an Oscar at the Awards Ceremony

in 2003 for Directing some Film - 26 Years after Drugging and

Raping the 13-year-old!!  


For Harvey Weinstein, another Hollywood Mogul, there are now

around 11 (ELEVEN) accusers of Sexual Assault as of 2017.

The number of his Assaults is probably FAR HIGHER than Eleven!!!!

He probably Assaulted HUNDREDS of Women, Children, and

Teens, and a few Men (evidently being a Bi-sexual).   


The Leftist Criminals at the New York Times decided not

to investigate Weinstein in 2004 - something that's part of

their JOB!!  To Investigate and Report!!

Are the New York Times Staffers or Owners, Sexual Assaulters



Criminal-Defender Meryl Strep once called Pervert and Criminal

and Child Molester and Casting Couch Expert and Humiliator

Harvey Weinstein her GOD!!!!!!!!!   


At an Awards Ceremony!!!


(One of the issues with Weinstein isn't just his Raping activities,

but his bizarre and Twisted HUMILIATION of Actresses, done

to the Max!!!  Done beyond the Pale!!!  Not "FUN"!!!

Seriously Perverted Mental Anguish - not "Adult Fun and Games"!!!

Serious Pain and Serious FEAR!!!!

And Serious HUMILIATION!!!!   

Light Years beyond some "Fun and Games"!!!


"Perversion" isn't Illegal.

It's not necessarily Immoral, either.

What's Illegal and Immoral is FORCING this stuff on People -

especially on Children and Teens, and on Young Women who

can't get an Acting Career unless they allow the Polanski's and

Weinstein's to Rape them and/or Humiliate them, and perform

Unprintable Perverted Acts on them!!!


Consenting Adults???  NO!!!!

NOT Consenting Adults!!!!

Many were KIDS, and others were FORCED and TRICKED

into doing things they really DID NOT want to do!!!!

Children who were the object of Weinstein's Pedophilia, Raping,

and Humiliation.

Children and Young Aspiring Actresses.   


The would-be Actress Hopefuls went along with it (most of them)

in order to get a Part in a Movie.

A few did not, and ran away. And kept running!!

Running away from Hollywood.

Those that didn't go along with the Extremely Perverted Activities

were unable to get work in Hollywood. 


Then there's the Heavy Pedophilia........

With Girls and Boys!!!

Then there was the Crotch Groping of Men.......

By Weinstein and others.  

Weinstein was a Real CREEP!!!!

Hollywood has been a Homosexual, Pedophilic, Humiliating,

Serious Bondage and Torture, Imprisonment, Raping SWAMP

and DUNGEON of Psychopathic and Sociopathic MONSTERS

hurting mostly Women, Children, and Teens, and a few Men.

Weinstein, Polanski, and some others need to be EXECUTED!!!!!


Oh, and by the way, they all HATE TRUMP!!

They're all Liars, Scum, Democrats, and Killary Fans!!!!

What a POLLUTED  SWAMP!!!!)       


As of 2017, when interviewed, Trump Hater Strep remained silent

on her support for Child Sex Abuser, Roman Polanski, saying only

that she was SORRY that the Child Sex Abuser was in Jail.

(That was for Drugging and Raping a 13-year-old Girl).


Yeah....  Poor Roman Polanski.  In Jail for Drugging and Raping

a 13-year-old Girl.  Not to mention Raping a 10-year-old Girl

on the Beach in Malibu.

I can certainly understand why Meryl Strep, the "Liberal" Lunatic

Trump Hater, would give a Child Rapist a STANDING OVATION

at the 2003 Academy Awards, even though it was Public Knowledge

that he was a Child Drugger and Child Raper.

Reason: Some Trump Haters are Stupid, Lunatics, Nuts, Crazy, Nasty,

Slimy, and many, like Strep, admire and praise Child Molesters!!     


Proof of Meryl Strep's actions?? 

Video Tapes of the Ceremonies and a News Article!!

Mainstream Televised Videos on Network Television. 

I've seen the Videos multiple times!!


There's Meryl Strep in a White Gown!!

Standing, Smiling, and Applauding the now-convicted Child Rapist

Roman Polanski at the 2003 Academy Awards Ceremony in Hollywood!!

The Drugger and Raper of a 13-year-old Girl, and the Raper of a

10-year-old Girl !!!!




This is one of your HEROES, Trump Haters:

Meryl Streeptococcus Trump Hater!!!! 

A Piece of GARBAGE who endorses a Child Rapist

Piece of GARBAGE, 

who Raped Girls as young as 13 and 10 (TEN)!!

And he first DRUGGED the 13-year-old!!

The Rapist won an Academy Award that year, and

Garbage Meryl Strep gave the Child Rapist a


And they all KNEW about one Rape, and maybe all of them!!

They KNEW!!!


If you shake the Hand of a Trump Hater in Hollywood, you

really don't know where that Hand has Been!!!!

And what it's DONE!!!

And WHO it's done it to!!! 

Trump used to do some "Fun and Games" Groping of ADULT

Women, Models, Wealthy Women, etc, and they didn't complain.

The Hands of the Trump Haters in Hollywood may have been

Raping Children and Teens, Raping young Actress Hopefuls,

Humiliating young Actress Hopefuls, etc!!!



Do ALL Trump Haters praise Child Molesters???

Do ALL Trump Haters Drug young Girls before Raping them???

Do the Trump Haters Molest each others' Children???

Do the Trump Haters Swap Kids and Molest them???


The Lying Lunatic Groper Al Frankenstein, claims that what

Trump has done is WORSE than what Groper and Pincher

Frankenstein did!!  

Groper Frankenstein claims that Trump Sexually Assaulted those

unnamed Women!!   HUH?????

And how would Frankenstein know what Trump has done???



Any Groping that Trump did was ALLOWED and INVITED

by Adult Models, Movie Stars, Wealthy Women, etc.


In 2005, on tape (Access Hollywood), he said: 


"They let you do it." 


I think it was meant to be a PRIVATE Comment.

They did NOT Complain - unlike Frankenstein's Gropees!!

(Frankenstein's Gropees were PISSED!!)

They apparently DIDN'T MIND Trump's fooling around!! 

They were HAVING FUN with Trump!!

They were LIVING ON THE WILD SIDE with Trump!!

They were Living "LIFE IN THE FAST LANE" with Trump!!

That's NOT Sexual Assault!!


Was he "Bragging" about his Good Luck??

I don't know.  Maybe.

If he was bragging, so what?? 

The Pathetic "Moral" Leftists BRAG about their supposed

"Moral Behavior"!!  GAG ME!!

What's Immoral about having some FUN with Consenting


What's Immoral about BRAGGING about having some FUN

with Consenting Adults???



Have ANY Men ever bragged about Sex??  

Have ANY Women ever bragged about Sex??

Do any WOMEN with large Chest Endowments ever BRAG

about it - with Low Cut Shirts and Blouses??

With WIRE BRAS??   

With HALF BRAS??   

With NO BRAS??


Or with SHORT SHORTS??   


Trump did not "Sexually Assault" any Women - unlike

Groper Frankenstein, and unlike the Half-Witted claim of

Bernie Sanders, which he made on CBS in December 2017!!

And Retardo Bernie called for the Resignation of Trump

based on that 2005 tape where T mentioned some mutual

fun, as if Groper Frankenstein had already resigned

(he had NOT and probably WON'T), getting his little

brain all discombobulated with Fact, Fiction, and Fantasy,

still with that Smug Grin of Ignorant Empty Headedness,

foolishly thinking he was Victorious because he knew that

the Boiling Point of Water is 98.6 Degrees (COUGH!!), and

July 4th will be a Day later this Year due to the Leap Year,

Daylight Savings Time, Trump, and Global Warming

in Antarctica, drowning all the Pigeons and Polish Bears///.  



(Oh, you're so smart, Little Bernie (cough)!!).      

(It looks like we're also lucky BERNIE SANDERS didn't win!!).


(Yes, obviously I made up part of the "Bernie" remarks.

But Bernie Sanders is so FAR round the Bend with his

Anti-Trump Comments that it really makes one wonder

what PLANET he's been Living On!!!!!) 


(Are there any SANE and NORMAL Democrats in that

Retarded, Corrupt, and Crumbling Party?????  Good grief!!!)      



These were "LIFE IN THE FAST LANE" Women having fun - not

some guy's Wife or a Political Fan posing for a Picture with

their Senator at the Minnesota State Fair, or a USO Entertainer

ASLEEP on the Plane, or resisting his Advances on a USO


(She said "No, Al.  We do NOT need to practice the Kiss!!"),

which was a Fake Kiss anyway, with her turning away at the

last moment - as part of the Comedy Act for the Troops.

But he gave her a 50-Megaton Kiss ANYWAY!!

A Tongue-in-Mouth Kiss!! 



A Sloppy Kiss from Mr. FISH LIPS FRANKENSTEIN!!!!!     



The Lying Lunatic Groper Al Frankenstein is STILL LYING!!!!

Groper Frankenstein is a PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

Totally UNFIT to be a Senator or even a DOG CATCHER!!!!


How about "Frankenstein for Road-Kill Catcher"?? 


Groper Frankenstein LIES ABOUT TRUMP!!!!  

Groper Frankenstein LIES ABOUT HIS PAST BEHAVIOR!!!!

(I've read that even Frankenstein's Female Accusers are now

up to 7 (SEVEN)!!  ----December 2017.)   





Then the Swampy Democrats state that the Democrats are so

very MORAL and BETTER than Trump and Republicans because

"At least we Apologize for our Mistakes!!"


OF CRAP!!!! 

The so-called "Apology" from Groper Frankenstein was

NO APOLOGY and partly DENIAL!!



("Some of the allegations against me are simply not true." he said.

"Others, I remember differently...." he said.)  

And partly just EMBARRASSED, he said.

He was SHOCKED, he said.

He was UPSET, he said.

He was PROUD of his use of Power to be a Champion for Women,

he said.


Groper AL!!  What a Guy!!  What a Groper!!


He knows who he REALLY is, he said.

He's never done anything AS A SENATOR to bring dishonor to

to this fine and venerable and old and fine and honorable and

and venerable and stately and honorable and fine and old

Institution, he said. 

Groper AL says:  Trump has BRAGGED on tape of his History of

Sexual Assaults. 

        (No he DIDN'T!!   And why bring Trump into it???

        Why change the subject, Groper Frankenstein??) 






So, F never accepted any blame, as Dems never do.

Like Sociopath Killary:  It couldn't have been HER Fault!!!!

And Groper Frankenstein:  It couldn't have been HIS Fault!!!!



(Was the Groped/Kissed Lady lying or mistaken?? 

LeeAnn Tweeden??  No way!!! 

She made a Video describing the episode.  Very sincere.

Very DETAILED.  I know that some Women Lie about these

things to get Money, etc.

But she was NOT Lying!!!!! It was from the Heart with all kinds

of details, words, locations, actions, etc, etc - and Sadness.

She could not have been Lying - AND she had nothing to

gain Financially or otherwise, except Satisfaction.

And don't forget the PHOTO of Groper Frankenstein!!!!!

Yes, it was a Joke Photo, BUT it shows where his immaturity

Lies and his Hopes:  Age 15 with High Hopes, showing off

for his 15-yo Friends as a Joke!!

Unfortunately, Groper Frankenstein was in his 30's, or thereabouts,

when the picture was taken.)     


Trump has done NOTHING to Apologize for!!!! 

That's why he hasn't Apologized!!!

Trump has done NOTHING WRONG!!!!

Trump doesn't owe those Women an Apology!!!

Trump doesn't owe those Women ANYTHING!!!

They were just having FUN!!!!!!!


(One of Trump's Girlfriends said that he SHOWERED HER with

Gifts and Compliments!!!!)


One UGLY Leftist Female admitted that Trump BACKED OFF

IMMEDIATELY when she said she wasn't interested, many

years ago.


Another "Accused" Trump of asking for her Phone Number

many years ago!!!!


So what did she do???

She GAVE IT TO HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She GAVE TRUMP HER PHONE NUMBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      


What a Clump of SLIMY  STUPID People!!!!


Lying AGAIN!!!!


Claiming that Groper Frankenstein Apologized

(NO HE DIDN'T), and that Trump's actions were

WORSE than Groper Frankenstein's


is just more SLIME from the Democratic Swamp!!!!


And who knows???

The Frankenstein Piece of Garbage might change his Mind

and decide to NOT Resign, based, of course, on the many

requests from his Constituents (cough)!!

We'll see what happens with Smiling Groper AL!!



GROPER AL!!!!    Still LYING!!

GROPER AL!!!!    Still DENYING!!

GROPER AL!!!!    Still SMILING!!



GROPER AL!!!!    Still in CONGRESS!!

GROPER AL!!!!    Still hasn't LEFT!!

GROPER AL!!!!    Still GROPING???  

GROPER AL!!!!    Still SQUEEZING??? 

GROPER AL!!!!    Still PINCHING???

(Other Men's Wives and Girlfriends.)

(Single Women, Married Women,

     Unattached Women, etc, etc.)  

GROPER AL!!!!    Still a PIECE OF CRAP!!

GROPER AL!!!!    Still a PIECE OF SHIT!!

GROPER AL!!!!    Still Blah Blah Blah!!

GROPER AL!!!!    Still SMILING!!



GROPER AL!!!!    Still DENYING!!

GROPER AL!!!!    Still LYING!!

GROPER AL!!!!    Still in CONGRESS!!

GROPER AL!!!!    Still hasn't LEFT!!



                               TROUGH LIKE A PIG!!






Trump DID NOT MOCK ("Imitate") a Disabled Reporter, who

worked for the New York Times, at a Press Conference.  

That's ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He did his usual Hand Waving thing in response to a question, 

it turned out that the Questioner was Disabled, Trump had no

way of knowing it, and some people interpreted it as Mocking

the Reporter.

Trump does Hand Waving ALL THE TIME!!!!!

And he will CONTINUE to do it!!!!!


Trump was imitating the apparent HELPLESSNESS of the Reporter,

but he didn't realize that the Reporter was Disabled.  

The only people who knew the Reporter  was Handicapped were

the other REPORTERS!!


And by the way, the Golden Globes Ceremony (which I Never

watch) is supposed to be about the MOVIES - not Politics.

Apparently the Actors don't know it or don't care.

Most Actors aren't terribly Bright!!

Being able to ACT does not make one an EINSTEIN!!

It's just ONE TALENT!!   


And by the way, Meryl Strep is NOT a Mind Reader!!

And by the way, the Reporter was LYING or EDITING - trying to

change a story he had written in 2001. Trump was calling him out

on it, where the Reporter was trying to change the tenor of his story,

and Trump was apparently accusing the Reporter of acting Helpless

and Innocent in his Question - IE, being Irresponsible.....

Trump picked up on some SLIPPERINESS on the part of the

Reporter, so he did his Hand-Waving thing.

That's all it was.


So, what does Meryl Strep do after Trump explains himself??

How does Meryl Strep show the WORLD that she's so VIRTUOUS

because SHE would never Mock a Disabled Reporter like Trump

supposedly did??

She Chews him out and refuses to believe him!!!! 

She acts like an IGNORANT HYPOCRITE at the Globes, Hijacking

the Platform of Moviedom into her Personal Political Bullying Platform!!!!!

Strep bullied Trump by saying:

"When the Powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose."

(I agree). 

She talked about "The Instinct to Humiliate" by powerful people -

evidently still referring to Trump, claiming that he mocked a

Disabled Reporter, and that he has an Instinct for it.

(He did not and he does not). 

(It was Hollywood's Harvey Weinstein who Humiliated Actresses!! 

ALL the time!!  And molested Children!!

Trump does not have some "Instinct to Humiliate".

What a load of Crap!!) 


That's Strep on ATTACK , condemning the Attackers!!

Slamming and Humiliating Trump and possibly others.

It's STREP with the Instinct to Humiliate, but she's Nailing the

WRONG MAN to the wall!! 


She should have been attacking HARVEY WEINSTEIN!!

Weinstein was a MONSTER!!!!!    (Women and Kids!!).

But he's her "GOD", she said in one Speech.


She should have been attacking ROMAN POLANSKI!!

Polanski was a MONSTER!!!!!   

(Kids!! As young as TEN, Raped!!).

But that's her HERO!!!! 


She should have been attacking all the Pervs and

Child Molesters in Hollywood, or simply accepted the Award

and sat down!!


But she didn't!!  Instead, she stupidly attacked TRUMP!!

And all the Pervs CHEERED and APPLAUDED her

Half-Witted Movieless Ignorant False Political Speech,

Virtue Signaling their Gross Hypocrisy, while Strep's

"GOD" has fled the Country, and her HERO is in Jail!!!!!!!!!


(Strep's "GOD" is Rapist Harvey Weinstein,  she once said.)  

(Strep's HERO is Rapist Roman Polanski.  Standing Ovation.)  


Meryl Strep's "GOD" has fled the

Country, and her HERO is in Jail!!!!!


(How often do you hear about THOSE situations from the

Dishonest Media???  Hardly ever.)  


Fortunately, that program, and all the similar Hollywood

self-awards programs had Dismal Ratings, as people have

begun to turn off Self-Congratulating Ceremonies with

10 Tons of Unwanted and Uninformed Politics tossed in!!!

As well as Boycotting the Weird and Plotless Movies


Apparently, the talented Movie Writers have QUIT!!!


The OLD Movies were pretty Good!!

The OLD Studios were pretty Good!!  

The OLD Directors were pretty Good!!  

The OLD Producers were pretty Good!!  

The OLD Movie Stars were pretty Good!!  

The OLD Writers were pretty Good!!

The OLD Stories were pretty Good!!  

The OLD Plots were pretty Good!!  

The OLD Mysteries were pretty Good!!  

The OLD Thrillers were pretty Good!!  

The OLD Comedies were pretty Good!!  

The OLD Theaters were pretty Good!!

The OLD Popcorn was pretty Good!!


The NEW Hollywood is TRASH!!  


What a Bunch of LUNATICS!!!!


Whenever Hollywood has a comment about Trump,

consider The SOURCE!!!


What would a LUNATIC know about President Trump???  


For that matter, whenever CNN and the other Clown Networks

make a statement about Trump, or show a Video Clip, you can

usually assume it to be a LIE or a HIGHLY EDITED Clip.






Like Trump dumping the Fish Food into the Koi Pond in Japan.

News Flash:  He had been scooping small portions into the water,

like his Host, Prime Minister Abe, then Abe dumped the rest into

the water, and Trump then did the same.

Politely following his Japanese HOST.

He didn't just Dump it all in right away, as CNN implied. 

He did as his Host did - dumping it in LATER.

Spoon by Spoon, then dumping the remaining portion.   



Another Smarmy Video Edit by the Baboons at CNN to try to

Smear Trump by implying that he's a Dolt.

But what do you expect from the Criminal Baboons at CNN???

Remember, Demosnots:  CNN is LYING BABOON GARBAGE!!      


And have a good LAUGH!!




And by the way: 

CNN:  The Most Trusted Name in BABOON GARBAGE!!


CNN:  The Headquarters of the  BABOONS pumping out GARBAGE!!


CNN:  Where the "Employees" get



(Does ANYONE watch CNN


(Does ANYONE watch MSNBC


(Does ANYONE watch CBS


(Does ANYONE watch ABC 




CNN and all the other Clown Networks and Newspapers are LYING GARBAGE, trying to remove Trump, and trying to cover their BUTTS for all of their PREVIOUS  LIES!!!


Even an Anti-Kremlin Journalist

(Russian ex-pat) said that the US

Media's reporting on Russia is

Unhinged, Ignorant, and Paranoid!!


Americans are grossly misled by the

US Media with LIE after LIE after LIE

after LIE after LIE after LIE after LIE

after LIE after LIE after LIE after LIE

after LIE after LIE after LIE after LIE 

after LIE after LIE after LIE after LIE

after LIE after LIE after LIE after LIE, 

and IGNORANT Comment after 

IGNORANT Comment!!

Not that Americans care.....



the Facts, and they know DAMN WELL that they're

doing it!!!!

They are NOT "Mistakes"!!!

They're Intentional. 


They sometimes "Admit" that they made a "Mistake" (cough),

then place the "Correction" somewhere as a TINY BLURB,

and often don't even call it a CORRECTION, but label it

something like "MORE INFO", or vaguely retract a story

by saying: 


"MORE INFO:  The story we ran yesterday, and placed in

some Online Editions, about one of the Administration's

Officials, was apparently not entirely true, although we

had been told by 3 Highly Placed Officials that it was

absolutely true.  We stand by our Respected Reporters,

and note that MOST of the story was true, which is why

we are still the Most Trusted Name in News, as all

Americans, and all people around the World,

and all the Frogs and Mosquitoes, Agree and Love us!!"



The story said that (COUGH.....) Trump beats his

neighbors Dogs,

hits his Wife, pees on the Carpet, killed the local School

Teacher, drinks Whiskey all Night, drowned the Cats,

makes Bathtub Gin at home,

chews Tobacco,  

plays Hillbilly Music at Full Volume all Night,

watches reruns of Hee Haw,

can't remember his own Phone Number,  

can't Add any numbers in his Head,

Smokes Cigars in Elevators,

has a Picture of Hitler in every room of the House,

and was born in New York City.

(It was actually a Profile of a CNN Producer.)


The so-called "Correction" (cough) stated that MOST of

the story was correct. BULL!!  They got 1 (ONE) Fact right.

The "3 Highly Placed Officials" were 3 Custodians at the

DNC who were last seen wearing 3 New Pairs of Boots,

the Custodians have never even SEEN Trump and have

never met his Neighbors or Friends or Wife, etc.

The "Correction" (cough) appeared on Page 39 of the CNN

Online Edition in a Side Column in small print.

You know: Small Print.  


This is the ROT and GARBAGE from CNN - the MOST



Trump might be thinking of SUING some Networks, and

I think he should do it!!  Definitely!!

They have Freedom of Speech.

And Trump has the Freedom to SUE for Slander. 


One Alternative is to have their FCC Licenses pulled.

That would be even MORE effective!!

They're just LYING SCUM - not "NEWS" Outlets!!

They are in VIOLATION of their FCC License!!   





When I use the term HE or SHE, when referring to

Top Demosnots, Top Mainstream News People,

Top Google Execs, Top Facebook Execs, and Top

Twitter Execs, I'm just Guessing.

I don't actually know if they're Male or Female.

In some cases, I don't know if they're Human Beings,

or Animals, or Plant Life, or Holograms, etc.

For example, I don't know if Groper Frankenstein

is a Man or a Woman or an Animal or a Green Plant

or Seaweed or an Oyster or a Lab Experiment or just

something the Cat dragged in from the Alley.  


Please excuse any Mistakes in Gender, Biological

Category, Illusion, Computer-Generated Impression,

Test Tubes, Jungles, Cats, Alleys, Slime, Protoplasm,

Moss, Mold, Venus Fly Traps, Bacteria, Viruses,

Germy Saliva, Snaggle Teeth, Satanic Practices,

Mental Institutions, Costumes, Delusions, MMPI Results,

etc related to CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times,

Democrats, Garbage George Soros, Killer Killary, etc.  

Thank you.   








Evidence and Proof are like CASH!!  

   Claims are like worthless IOU's.


  Claims are like that Suitcase of IOU's

   that the Dumb-and-Dumber guys

   filled out to replace all the CASH that

   they spent on their trip, trying to find

   the owner of the suitcase full of Cash,

   and buying some expensive items on

   the way - like a Pricey Sports Car!!



   As worthless as a Claim with no



Show us the Evidence, Leftists!!!!

Show us the "Cash", Leftists!!!!

Show us, Leftists!!!!

Show us, Democrats!!!!

Show us, Historians!!!!

Show us, Scientists!!!!

Show us, CNN!!!!

Show us, MSNBC!!!!


(I have not downloaded the MANY HOURS of Videos

of these Scumbags in Action, but you can probably find

them on the Web.

Even the 30 Second Clip of Meryl Strep standing and

applauding Child Molester Roman Polanski at the

2003 Academy Awards Ceremony should be out there

somewhere.  I watched it - several times!!

I just don't remember where I saw it.

I SAW the Evidence, and I HEARD the Evidence.)   


Without Evidence, you don't have a


Without Proof, you don't have Proof!! 

Without Evidence and Proof, you don't have any CASH!! 

Without Evidence and Proof, you don't have any Credibility!! 


Without Evidence and Proof, you don't have ANYTHING except your Word!!

Your Word is WORTHLESS!! 




"When but the Poor have cried, Caesar hath Wept."

(Maybe Caesar WAS a good man after all.....) 


"When but the Leftists have cried, I have Laughed!!"

(And they're not Poor!!)

(They cried for the wrong reasons, and showed a

  terrible lack of Good Judgement!!) 











TRUMP IS BRILLIANT - far smarter

than the Unfunny Carping Little Nitwits on Talk Shows who try to Politicize

Everything and criticize Trump every

Day and Night - LYING every little

step of their SMARMY little way!!!!



Watch your Feet, Carping Little Nitwits!!

Go to HELL, Carping Little Nitwits!!!! 

Go Fuck Yourselves, You Carping Little  Nitwits!!!!


The Demosnots PAID for a Fake Dossier

on Trump to try to Blackmail him, and

make it appear as if the Russians owned

Trump via Blackmail!!

As if the Russians helped Trump to get

elected, and would keep his naughty

little Secrets if he would Play Ball with

Mr. Putin, thus Poisoning Trump's

reputation, and turning him into some

kind of Semi-Pervert with weird ideas of

Revenge, etc, etc. 

Not anywhere near the Level of Kiddie Porn or Child Trafficking, but Smearing  and Disgusting just the same,

where Voters would go "Eeeeeewwww.....".

"He's no President......".

"Is that how he behaves on trips to Foreign Countries???".

"Does Putin OWN Trump???"   

But it was ALL BS!!

ALL BS!!!!



The Russians would NEVER reveal their

BIG SECRET that they OWN Donald Trump!!!!

It would have been a

SECRET WEAPON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The whole "Dossier" Story is Laughable FICTION!!

If it were true, it would be TOP SECRET!!

The Russians would SECRETLY tell

Trump what to do!!

And the Russians would look

INNOCENT, hiding behind their Secret

Blackmail Info!!!!


Making the Dossier Public, PROVES

that it's a FAKE!!!!

Proves that it's a FAIRY TALE!!

Proves that it's a FANTASY!!


And Proves that the Demosnots don't

have a CLUE about how the Intel People

work, how they Blackmail People, how

they CONTROL People thru Blackmail,  etc!!

(Plotting Demosnots are STUPID AMATEURS!!!)  


(FBI Director Hoover used to Blackmail

Presidents all the time!!

That's how he kept his Job, year after

year after year.) 


HINT:  They keep the stuff SECRET.

And they THREATEN to release it if

the guy doesn't Cooperate!!

They do NOT Publicize it!!!!  


If the stuff is PUBLICIZED, they can't

use it to Control the guy anymore.






SECRET       SECRET       SECRET       SECRET!!!       

SECRET       SECRET       SECRET       SECRET!!!       

SECRET       SECRET       SECRET       SECRET!!!       




You keep the stuff SECRET in order to

CONTROL the guy!!!

It's called BLACKMAIL!!! 

You don't RELEASE IT to anyone!!!!


Some "English Spy" isn't going to get hold of

a Top Secret Dossier being used by the KGB

(old name) to Blackmail Someone!!


The "Dossier" is as Phony as a 3-Dollar Bill!!!


And if the "Dossier" were True, wouldn't

that help Killary to get elected???

Wouldn't that HURT Trump???


How would the Russians be Helping

Trump by giving the Dossier to someone,

and risking its Publication, thus HURTING him??


If it's released, it HURTS Trump!! 

If it's released, it HELPS Killary!!

So how were the "Russians" helping Trump??????  


It's more ridiculous Demosnot GARBAGE

created by HALF-WIT AMATEURS who actually

think they're "Big League" because their Feet

finally reach the PEDALS!!


Little Debbie and all the other Retarded Children actually

BELIEVE that they're Grownups!!



     And it shows that the 2016 Demosnots were ASSHOLES!!

     Trying to Frame and Defame Trump with LIES!!

     What a bunch of LOW-LIFE  SCUMBAGS!! 













And ASSHOLES!!     




You Damn LIARS and SCUMBAGS!!      

And ASSHOLES!!      



Some of you, like some of the Congressmen, are so VILE and DISGUSTING, you're almost

IMPOSSIBLE to watch and Listen to!!

Which is one of the reasons I DON'T 

watch ANY Mainstream News, except

for short NAUSEATING Clips made by

someone to prove a Point. 


Why are these Bags of Vomit still on


Even the SHORT CLIPS of these

Smarmy, Sneaky, Smearing, Sneering, Smug, Stupid, Sarcastic, Looney, 

Dripping with Bacteria, Proud as Punch

of some Imaginary Victory over Trump

or Rationality - where 2+2=31 in their

Sick and Delusional Little Minds,

and acting like Childish ASSHOLES!!

(Like Little Chucky Schumer and his

Kid's Gang of NASTY 8-Year-Olds,

with an Ego so Big that his Head can

barely scrape thru the Soiled Dungeon

Walls of Congress, and IQ's so LOW

that the Needle got stuck at "1/2"

(A New LOW!!!!) and they had to grease

the Walls for Chucky's HEAD, and buy

another IQ Machine with MINUS



Why does even Fox News interview that

Inflated Putrid Bag of Snotty Ego, whose Head barely fits thru the Doorway??????

Whose Komodo Dragon Mouth of

Dripping Bacteria burns holes in his

Rubber Pants>>??


Alfred Hitchcock was Subtle!!

These Freaks are making Noises like

stones tossed at Tin Roofs, with Dragon

Slurps in between, and the constant Squeaking of Fingernails on a Blackboard

as they walk thru Doorways!!


And these are Trump-Hating Democrats!!

Then there's Michael Moore, the Torn-

Jeans Half-Wit Low-Class


from Flint Michigan,

where the Democrat Admin recently delivered INFECTED WATER

to its Citizens, and Water Inspectors declared the Water UNSAFE TO DRINK,

and quite a few people came down


from the BAD WATER, 

and some of them DIED!!!!! 

He's the Pseudo-Transgender who marched in the Billion Women's March

against Trump in DC, and might even

have worn a Pink Pussy Hat (I don't



By the way, those marching "Women"

were SUPER NASTY, shouting F Bombs

("FUCK YOU!!!!") at Reporters and

Bystanders, and not having a CLUE why

they were Marching.

It was just a FEM-GAGGLE of RUDE,

NASTY, and STUPID Women.

And the Leader has now been accused

of Harassment by another Woman

who worked for her!!



I saw the Video - multiple times.    


Filled with VILE and NASTY Women!!   



If you're still an OBOZO Supporter,

you're a TRAITOR!!!!



OBOZO himself was an IMPOSTER, 


MUSLUM, and tried to WRECK this Country, and is STILL TRYING to WRECK this Country!! 


(But if you're a Self-Hating Gay Man, and a regular

Customer at Chicago's "Man's World" Gay Bar and Floor

Show, "married" to another "Man"(??), with something

LARGE located between his/her Legs as seen on Videotape,

and a Face like a Gorilla, you can expect almost



By the way:  I have 2 (TWO) copies of his Phony "Birth

Certificate" on my Computer, which I downloaded from  

www.whitehouse.gov  years ago, and it's as Phony as a



(Probably removed from there, now.) 

They FINALLY uploaded a Copy, after YEARS of

Foot Dragging, then uploaded a SECOND Copy

(a "Corrected Copy" of an "ORIGINAL" Document -

a "Corrected Copy" of a Photograph!!!!) when

Computer Experts pointed out some problems.

Problems like "SEVEN LAYERS of Data" in a PDF which

should have ONE LAYER, where things like Signatures

had been Pasted onto Layers - Signatures that were

missing from the so-called "Original", or were the wrong

NAMES and had to be changed via Cut and Paste!!

Etc, Etc, Etc. 

Third-Grader Work??

Seventh-Grader Work??


ALL the PDF Experts said it was a Job done by UNQUALIFIED  AMATEUR  FORGERS, completely

unaware of the LOW QUALITY of their work, and of the

TRACKS and TRACES they left behind that even told the

Experts what TOOLS they had used to Forge the BC!!


Maybe they should make and sell Voodoo Dolls or

"Witch Doctor Medicine" made from Chicken Toenails!!

Maybe they should have held Sacrifices to the gods on

the White House Lawn with Spears!!

And Awards of the Finger Bones to OBOZO Staffers to

push thru their Noses!!   

Probably Hobbies of the BC Forgers.



My copies, which I downloaded months after the first

Copy was uploaded, have only ONE Layer because the

OBOZO Forgers had learned about their 7-Layer Cake

Problem from Independent Media, and Flattened the

PDF into ONE Layer, then uploaded the 1-Layer Version.

That's why the BC PDF was uploaded TWICE by the

Obozo Communist Muslum Criminal White House.


The FIRST Copy was an Obvious Forgery, and the

SECOND Copy was a slightly Less Obvious Forgery.

This after **YEARS** of Stalling and Refusal by the

OBOZO Criminals to produce a simple Birth Certificate

of OBOZO, which was created during the Week of his

Birth, and signed by his Mother, the Doctors, and the

appropriate Officials - not some Computer Generated

Document that can easily be forged by a 7th Grader,

or younger --- a Forged Computer Document that OBOZO

DID eventually supply to the Requestors - not a Copy of

the Original Birth Certificate.

They have still not done so since the current Document

is a Clear and Obvious FORGERY, and the TRAITOR


Big surprise, eh???  


OBOZO was NOT born in Hawaii.

He was Foreign Born.

He is not a "Natural Born Citizen" - not born in this

Country, or at a US Embassy Overseas, etc. 


He was born in Indonesia, and I have a Copy of the

purported Indonesian Birth Certificate.

He attended a muslum School for muslums only,

in Indonesia, and his White American Mother listed

his Religion as Islam on his School Application.

I have a copy of his School Application.  


OBOZO was never a Legitimate President.

He was INELIGIBLE to be President, as well as a LIAR.

He should be Arrested and Executed for his Crimes.

His Mother has been dead for several years, his father

was some unknown african Drifter, and no one would care

what happens to the Piece of Crap Liar and Traitor,

anyway, except other Democrat Liars and Traitors.    




      And by the way: 

      The Democrats were easily able to throw some of their

      Sexual Abusers under the Bus because they KNEW

      "where the Bodies were buried"!! 

      They KNEW who did what to whom!!

      They had been COVERING UP their Crimes for



      Congress had a SLUSH FUND for Paying Off the Women

      who had been Attacked by Congressmen!!!

      MILLIONS OF DOLLARS were Paid Out!!!!

      For Victims of Democratic Congressmen!!

      Often for Attacking KIDS!! 


      Congressional PAGES (Youngsters) were Attacked.

      KIDS were Attacked.

      Various WOMEN were Attacked. 


      Democratic MAYORS, too!! 

      Over a Dozen resignations, etc, involving Pedophilia!!

      Homosexual Pedophilia.  2017.

      Boys as young as SIX YEARS OLD.    

      (Last count:  FOURTEEN BOYS and some Men.)


      Not to mention the TENS OF MILLIONS that Harvey

      Weinstein paid out to Kids and Parents!!

      The Friend of the Democrats!!


      So the "Accusers" of Trump go on some Talk Shows

      and claim "He asked me for my Phone Number

      15 Years ago!!".

      OH HORRORS!!!


      But WAIT:  She's UGLY!!

      And she's a Bean-Counter Speck Arranger Nit Picker Type!!

      Trump would NEVER be attracted to an Ugly Old Biddy

       with a Chip on her shoulder like that!!!!

       NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       Trump likes BEAUTIFUL  CAREFREE  HAPPY  Women!!!

       GENUINE Women with GENUINE SMILES!!


       Not the Smarmy Sarcastic Fake "Pseudo Smiles" of these

       Demo Witches!!  Get Real!!!

       They are NOT Trump's Type!!!! 

       These Witches are OBVIOUS LIARS!!


       Happy Calendar Year End, Demoslobs!!

       Happy Rape Parties, Demoslobs!!

       Happy Murder and Satanism, Demoslobs!!

       Happy Child Molestation, Demoslobs!!

       Happy PISS PARTY, Demoslobs!!      


      Bottom Line: 

      Where there's a SWAMP, there's a Democrat!!



      there's a Democrat.


      Where there's some Half-Wit declaring "Victory" over

      Trump for some Cooked-up Phony Baloney Story,

      there's a Democrat.    


      Where there's a LUNATIC, there's a Democrat. 


      Where there's a LIAR, there's a Democrat. 


      Where there's a TRAITOR, there's a Democrat. 


      Where there's a PEDOPHILE, there's a Democrat. 


 Where there's a DEVIANT, there's a Democrat. 


 Where there's a PERVERT, there's a Democrat. 


 Where there's PISS, there's a Pissocrat. 


 Where there's an UGLY WOMAN with a CHIP on her  

 Shoulder, there's a Female Democrat who fell out of the

 UGLY TREE, and hit every Branch coming down.

 (News Flash:  It's not Trump's Fault!!) 


 Where there's a Deep State Government Agent trying to

 BRIBE Women with Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

 ($$$$$$$$$$) to claim that Trump Raped them,

 there's a Democrat.

 OR.......  Just Money-Grubbing Power-Hungry Pieces

 of CRAP with no Political Affiliation at all who want to

 get rid of Trump because Trump is RUINING their

 Devious Plans and Plots. 

 We have the Videotapes!!!!!  YES!!

 We have the Videotapes of the BRIBERY Attempts!!!!!   

 We have the Videotapes of the BRIBERY Attempts!!!!!   

 We have the Videotapes of the BRIBERY Attempts!!!!!   

 We have the Videotapes of the BRIBERY Attempts!!!!!


 Trying to BRIBE Women to CLAIM that Trump Sexually

 Harassed them or Assaulted them!!

 $200,000!!  Even as High as $750,000!!      


 Be careful, FBI Traitors!!!!

 Does the phrase "Uranium One" mean anything to you??

 It DOES???  I thought so!!

 Does the phrase "Payoff in Millions" mean anything to you??

 It DOES???  I thought so!!


 You might be headed for the WOOD CHIPPER if you

 keep this up, FBI!!!!!

 AND Krooked Killary!!!!

 AND Huma!!!!! 

 AND Anthony Wiener!!!!! 

 AND the DNC!!!!!!!

 AND Raper Harvey Weinstein!!!!

 AND Groper AL Frankenstein!!!!!

 AND Madonna - who said she's thinking of Blowing Up

          the White House!!!!

          (They'll SHOOT YOU full of Machine Gun Bullets,

          you Stupid Hypocritical Bag of Piss!!)     

 AND Liar and Cold and Pathetic and Slanderer and LIAR

            and DOUBLE LIAR Jim Acosta of the Communist

            News Network who couldn't tell the Truth if his

            Toilet depended on it!!!!!    

 AND all the other Swamp SCUMBAG MONSTERS!!!!!    


 Where the LIES get BIGGER and BIGGER and BIGGER,

 there's a Democrat!!!!



 and BIGGER,

 there's a Democrat!!!!


 (Although Harvey Weinstein WAS/IS a Sexual Predator,

 protected by the Democrats in Hollywood!!

 Even by Bacterial Meryl Streeptococcus!!) 


 (Although Groper AL Frankenstein WAS/IS a Sexual

 Predator, protected by the Garbage Democrats!!)  


 And by the way, Women FABRICATE Sexual Assaults

 ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 known this for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

 They do it to GET BACK at some Guy!!!

 Did he DESERVE IT???

 I don't know.

 I would GUESS, "Maybe.....".   

 I would GUESS, "Not Necessarily!!!!".   

 I would GUESS, "Probably Not!!!!".   

 I would GUESS, "NO - he did not!!!!".


 Why FABRICATE when you can use the TRUTH???????    

 Why FABRICATE when you can use the TRUTH???????


 Why not just hit him with the TRUTH???     

 Why not just hit him with the TRUTH???     


 And by the way, unlike the Demosnots,


 I don't LIE, I don't FABRICATE, I'm a DECENT Person,

 and I don't like PISS!!       




 What is this attraction to PISS that the Democrats have??

 Where there's a Democrat, there's PISS!!!! 

 Where there's a Democrat, there are BAGS of PISS!!!! 

 Where there's a Democrat, there are JARS of PISS!!!! 

 Where there's a Democrat, there's Michael Moore with

 his BAGS of PISS at the Inauguration!!!!

 Where one of the very UNFUNNY AL Frankenstein's

 FIRST SKITS on Saturday Night Live involved a Fictional

 Homeless Man with ORANGE URINE!!


 Frankenstein was chastising all of us for not doing enough

 for Homeless Bums in Central Park - instead of being

 Funny on a Comedy Show.


 Bringing HIS POLITICS to a Comedy Show - as Usual!!

 Criticizing us!!   

 And Obsessed with PISS - as Usual!!




 PISS!!!  PISS!!!  PISS!!!  PISS!!!  PISS!!!  



 "This man lives under a piece of plastic, here in the Park,

 he has a hacking Cough, and his Urine is Orange. 

 We'll be sending him the Home Version of our exciting

 Television Game!!    [That part was funny....]

 Back to you in the Studio, Bob!!"  


 That was AL Frankenstein in the 1970's, before he became

 "Senator" AL Frankenstein and Groper AL Frankenstein.


 "Orange-Urine Frankenstein" on SNL.

 Late 1970's!!      

 Just another Democrat obsessed with PISS!!!!

 PISS!!!  PISS!!!  PISS!!!  PISS!!!  PISS!!!  

 PISS!!!  PISS!!!  PISS!!!  PISS!!!  PISS!!!  

 PISS!!!  PISS!!!  PISS!!!  PISS!!!  PISS!!!  









 LIAR PISS!!!   






 Then they throw Bags of PISS at people during the

 Inauguration of Trump!!!


 Then they Fabricate some Kakameemee Story about

 Trump hiring a Hooker to Piss on a Bed that the Traitor

 Communist OBOZO slept in!!!   




 Stay AWAY from me, PISSOCRATS!!!!! 


 (New York City is mostly a Leftist/Liberal/Democrat City.)

 (This show was LONG BEFORE 9/11/2001.)

 (The New Yorkers turned out to be apparently Nice People,

 but unable to run a Big City, very well.)

 (Mayor Guiliani was a Republican - a Rarity -  and I thought  

 he did an excellent Job of handling the 9/11 Events and  

 Recovery. Many others did excellent work, as well.)




Now hear this:



* Leftist = Democrat on this Website. 

* Liberal = Democrat on this Website. 

* Most Leftists (Democrats) and all muslums are


* Some Leftists and all muslums are Violent THUGS!!



   Due to the Level of Violence being committed by

   Leftists and muslums against Innocent People,

   I am issuing this Warning in Self-Defense:

   I FIGHT BACK!!!!   HARD!!!!   

   If you Scream at me in my Face, or get Physical

   with me (Hitting, Blocking, Stealing, Smashing,

   Waving your Hands or Fingers in my Face), 

   I will pound your Face into Raw Hamburger,

   and leave you Bleeding and Moaning on the


   unable to Stand Up,

   unable to Walk,

   unable to Assault me again,

   unable to Injure me further or Kill me,

   unable to call your vicious friends over to Assault me,

   unable to Talk,

   unable to Drive,

   unable to Dial a Phone,

   unable to Type,

   and unable to Eat. 

   You will be Unrecognizable, and you will NEVER

   fully recover from your Injuries and your

   Grotesque Appearance.

   You will NEVER go out IN PUBLIC again

   with that "RAW HAMBURGER FACE"!! 

   And you might accidentally be killed. 

   This applies to both Men and Women.


   You wanna Punch a NAZI??

   You will end up in the Hospital Emergency Room!! 

   You might end up in the MORGUE!!  


* Muslumism is a Violent Gang - not a Religion.

* The muslums sell Women at SLAVE AUCTIONS in

   North Africa!!  And Men, too!!  (I've seen the Video.)

   Women are regarded lower than Dogs. 

* The muslums are MURDERS!!

* The muslums are STUPID MANIACS!!

* The muslums are trying to DESTROY Europe and the USA!!

* The Mainstream Media is filled with Scumbag LIARS!! 

* The Mainstream Media mocks Holidays with the Family.  

* Most Blacks are killed by other Blacks!!

* The Black crime rate is OFF THE CHARTS!!

* White women are Raped by Blacks and muslums!!

* Many Politicians and Hollywood Execs are Pedophiles!!

* Some Politicians and Others are SATANISTS!!  

* Some Politicians and Others practice CHILD SACRIFICE!!  

* The Pharmaceutical Industry is filled with CRIMINALS!!

* The FDA is filled with CRIMINALS!!

* Most of Today's Vaccines are DANGEROUS!!

* Some Vaccines Kill or Injure Kids and Others!! 

* Doctors and Researchers are NOT PUZZLED by

  Vaccine Injury, or Vaccine Death,

  or Vaccine Miscarriages!! 

  Good Grief!!

  And subsequent shots are even MORE Dangerous if the

  Victim had a Bad Reaction the First Time!!

  Allergies are SKYROCKETING, and Vaccines are the cause!!

  Some of them are LIFE-THREATENING!!


  They're Auto-Immune Responses!!


   Some Kids DIE IN THE CAR on their way home!!!!!!!

   But the Parents weren't WARNED of the Response!!!! 


   The Doctors know it, the Nurses know it, the Clerks know

   it, and some of the Parents know it!!!

   Nurses and Clerks who refuse Vaccines (such as the

   Flu Shot) are usually FIRED!!     

   You can get POLIO from a Vaccine!!     

   You can get CANCER from a Vaccine!!     

   You can get TYPE-1 DIABETES from a Vaccine!!     

   You can even DIE from a Vaccine!!     

* Some American Judges are CRIMINALS!!

* The American Government, at the Top Levels, is filled

   with a SWAMP of LIARS and CRIMINALS and 


* Oswald did NOT kill JFK!!   NO EVIDENCE FOR IT!!

* Democrat Lyndon Johnson was a CRIMINAL!!

* Democrat Killary is a Murderer!!  Bill is a Rapist!!

* Democrat Obozo is a Major Criminal!! 

* Democrat FDR was a Major Criminal!!

   He BAITED and TAUNTED the Japanese Government

   into attacking Pearl Harbor, killing around 2,400 people.   

* Leftist CNN Lies almost CONSTANTLY!!

* Leftist CNN is GARBAGE!!

* The Democratic Party - and the New World Order and

   the Globalists - is the Party of Perverts and Pedophiles -

   and MUCH More!!

   Youtube and Google Management are the same.   

* Many Leftists are LIARS!!

* Some Leftists IDENTIFY with their opposite Gender.

   For example, some Adult Male Leftists IDENTIFY as

   Little Girls, and are being allowed to Shower with the

   Girls in Schools, in order to not hurt the Feelings of the

   totally messed up Weirdo.

   Also allowed to use the Toilets and Changing Rooms

   with Girls because he IDENTIFIES as a Little Girl.

   And it's all LEGAL!!  


  Some Weird Silly "Men" Identify as

  Women or as Little Girls. 


  News Flash: 

  I Identify as a 50-Caliber Machine Gun!!


* Many Leftists are messed up WEIRD ZOMBIES!!

* Many Leftists don't have Families, or aren't involved

   with their Families!!

* Many Leftists can't Count or Think Straight!!

* Many Leftists can't FIGURE THINGS OUT!! 

* Many Leftists are VERY STUPID!!

* Many Leftists are VERY IGNORANT!!

* Many Leftists are CRIMINALS and TRAITORS!!

  They're a CANCER on Society!!!  Some Republicans, too!!     

* ALL Leftists squirm away from the Truth, and Change

   the Subject, if they respond at all!!

   MOST of the time, a Mentally Messed Up Leftist will

   REFUSE to answer a simple Question from a Reporter,

   such as "What are you Protesting??". 


   Leftists can't handle the Truth!!  Seriously!!


  The TRUTH is POISON to a Leftist,

  and causes an HYSTERICAL Reaction!!


  How to POISON an Extreme Leftist:

  Tell him the TRUTH!!

  Hysteria, Anger, Denial, Screeching,

  Lunacy, and Pain will follow.


  Antidote:  Tell him a LIE!!

  Calm and Stupidity will follow. 




  How to IDENTIFY an Extreme Leftist:

  1.  Tell him the TRUTH.   Or.......


  2.  Ask him how to make an Egg Salad

  Sandwich (in a Normal, Modern

  Kitchen).    Or.......


     3.  Ask him how to make an Egg Salad

     Sandwich while out in the country,

     Living Off The Land (No Grocery

     Stores, no Cars, no Cell Phones,

     no Silverware, no Plates, no Bread,

     no Eggs, no Chickens, etc.) 


   Here's a News Flash for Extreme/Wacko Leftists:

   Asking a woman out for a DATE is not the same thing as

   a muslum RAPING someone, or a Politician engaging

   in Pedophilia and Child Trafficking!!!!


   They are LIGHT YEARS APART (Not Alike)!!


        Here's a News Flash:

        Leftist "Male" News Commentator on TV,

        giving a really PATHETIC opinion of

        Trump on some Afternoon "People" Program. 

        (My Analysis of the Dweeb):

        You can smooth your Eyebrows, Hon, but you still look

        like a Weird Narcissistic Preening Peacock of Defective

        Tinker Toys, assembled in the Dark, proud of some recent

        secret THEFT from a Trump Fan, totally Fudged Up, with

        all the Maturity of a Two-Year-Old, confident with your

        change of Dry Diapers, Dumb as a Doorknob, Nasty as

        a Bag of Old Urine, and ready for your Mommy to pick

        you up after the Interview, and take you home to your

        familiar surroundings of your Winnie the Pooh Teddy

        Bear and Automated LIKES on Fakebook over some

        Stupid but Vicious Anti-Trump Comments based on

        reading Sidewalk Cracks and counting Insect Legs on

        injured Insects.


        Maybe YOU can tell that poor Leftist Girl, who wants us

        all to "Live off the Land instead of Voting for Trump"

        how to make an Egg Salad Sandwich out there in the

        Wilderness......  (Hint:  It won't be Easy!!!!  She would

        get VERY Hungry - and so would you!!!

        After 12 hours or less, you would both be heading to the

        QUIK MART,  by CAR, to get some FOOD and WATER!!

        After 24 Hours or less, you would be heading to the

        nearest MOTEL-6 for a Bed and a Shower, etc.).


        She had trouble with one of the first steps

        (Get some Chickens),

        and had to be prompted by the Reporter, 

        but figured out all on her own why you would need


        ("Chickens Lay Eggs" she correctly said).

      "Then you do the rest." she said.

        The Rest.......   Then you do the Rest........

        Whatever that is, you just do it.  The REST.

        You know..... THE REST.

        Just do THE REST.    

        You do THE REST after getting some Chickens and

        gathering some Eggs from the Chickens (prompted).     

        Finally, you have your Egg Salad Sandwich!!   


        She was a Nice Girl  (RARE!!), but mostly CLUELESS!!

        Location:  LAX Airport Terminal, OUTSIDE the Doors,

        protesting Trump or something with signs that said

        "NO"  and  "RESIST"  and stuff like that.

        The Poor Girl was being badly MISLED by her Friends

        and Acquaintances (or whoever they were), taking

        advantage of her General Naivety and Ignorance, and

        taking advantage of her Innate Goodness, and her

        willingness to try to Help a "Good Cause".


        Unlike most Leftist Protestors (almost ALL of them),

        she was a Good, Decent Person (extremely RARE), she

        actually SPOKE with the Reporter (extremely RARE),

        and she actually proposed a SOLUTION for this Country

        (Live off the Land), even if it wouldn't work AT ALL!!!

        Go back to the 1800's???  Go back to the 1700's???     

        Go back to the 1600's???  Go back to the 1500's???

        Go back to the 1400's???  Go back to the 1300's???


        No Cars??  No Cell Phones??  No Chocolate??

        No Radios??  No Television??  No Email??

        No Electricity??  No Light Bulbs??  No Internet??

        No Stoves??  No Refrigerators??  No Microwaves??

        No Popcorn??  No Washing Machines??  No Dryers??

        No Hot Water??  No Showers??  No Baths??  No Toilets??

        No Airliners??  No Cruise Ships??  No Helicopters??

        No X-Rays??  No MRI's??  No Medicine??  No Arm Casts??

        No Antibiotics??  No Pain Meds??  No Aspirin??

        No BandAids??  No Sterilizing Alcohol??

        No Nail Scissors or Clippers??  No Nail Polish?? 

        No Ambulances??  No Plumbing??  No (Invisible) Sewers??

        No Movies??  No Glossy Magazines??  No Cameras??

        No MP3's/CD's/Tapes/Phonograph Records??

        No Hairspray??  No Orlon/Dacron/Nylon?? 

        No Ballpoint Pens??  No Pencils??  No Flashlights??

        No Nylon Tents for Camping??  No Sleeping Bags??

        No Silverware??  No Vitamin Pills??  No Typewriters??

        No Guns for Protection against the Bears, Skunks, Snakes,

        Raccoons, Wild Dogs, Wolverines, Cougars, Porcupines,

        Criminals, etc??  


        (We had Porcupines in Idaho, and one attacked Rex, the

        College Mascot Dog (a German Shepherd), and either killed,

        or nearly killed, the poor Dog!!  (I don't remember the outcome.)

        I heard the Intense YELPING in Pain from the Dog, under

        the Stadium Bleachers!!

        Someone rescued Rex, but it probably required a Vet to

        stop the Pain and properly remove all those Quills!!

        How would the "Live Off The Land" Girl do it???

        Even with "Help" from a Clueless Friend??

        Writhing in PAIN!!)


        What would this Girl do if Attacked by a BEAR????

        She would DIE!!!!

        Bears DO Attack People and KILL them!!!!    

        They KILL PEOPLE!!    


        She didn't know how to make an Egg Salad Sandwich

        without the help of Civilization and a Helpful Reporter,

        but by Golly, she knew that Trump was an Awful Man,

        and if we would all just get back to the Earth and Live

        off the Land, World Peace and a better America would

        surely follow!!


        She was a rare NICE GIRL, but she wouldn't last 2 Days

        out there in the Wilderness, trying to "Live off the Land".

        In fact, she probably wouldn't last 12 HOURS without a

        TON OF HELP from Civilization and a Helpful Person

        who had done plenty of Camping, willing to teach her

        for a Year, or so.


        Without a Car, she wouldn't even be able to get to a

        Motel-6 to get a Shower, a Bed, Running Water, etc, etc.       

        Without a Car, she wouldn't even be able to get to a

         McDonald's or a little "Family Restaurant" to finally

         get a decent Meal. 


        But maybe YOU could call your Mommy, and she could

        deliver a couple of Egg Salad Sandwiches.....

        Then you could bash Trump some more, with Smarminess

        and Smug Coyness, so FULL OF YOURSELF (Ugh!!!!)

        then head for your Toy Box and pick out a Toy that you

        haven't used lately, and play with it until Jammy time!!


        Then ask God to punish Trump for all the Horrible things

         he's supposedly done to this Country - awful, terrible,

         horrible, rotten, miserable, bad, destructive, countless things

         that will hurt future Generations and Animals and Gerbils

         and Fish for Grillions of years to come!!! 

         And claim he's a Racist and he hates Women and he plans

         to kill all the Gays and burn down all the Forests.

         Just look at all the horrible things you say he's done, and

         what an Embarrassmentment he is is to to this this Country;;

         Just ask the Penguinsuins!!  And the Infians!!

        Does he have Transgenderistist Phobia Narcolepsy???

        Is he a Global Environmentalist Change Denier Person

        Carbon Tax Anti-Weather Communist Cello???

        Does he DENY that Summers are warmer than Winters??? 

        He might be Irrational and Reckless and Irrational and Reckless

        and Reckless too!!  And also!!!  


        You should make them Impeach Clump and all those Russians!!!!

        Yep Yep Yep!!!!   Peach Clump!!!   Yep Yep Yep!!!!  

        Snopes says he has TWO Navels!!

        Run by a LITTLE "Man" and a FAT LADY with 4 CHINS!!

        Yep Yep Yep!!!!   Peach Clump!!!   Yep Yep Yep!!!!  

        Wat mor do U knead, O Weird ones?????????????????   




   (I wouldn't complain!!  I'm not the Brightest Bulb in

   the Pack!!  But I have a DAMN GOOD REASON for



   These people are WRECKING OUR COUNTRY!!)


   (They say that ANY Publicity is better than NO

   Publicity.   Not in this case!!!! 

   These "people" are SLIME!!!   SCUMBAGS!!!


   Murderers, Perverts, Liars, Thieves, Horrible Abusers,

   Wretched Slime, Harmers of Helpless Children,

   Cannibals, Devil Worshippers, Etc. )




* Boys are Boys and Girls are Girls. 

   There is no Large Group of a Third Gender.

   A tiny Handful of a few "Transgenders" does not mean

   that there are Millions and Millions of these Freaks.

   And Normal Humans do not need to change their

   Lifestyles, their Behaviors, their Speech, or their Public

   Restroom Policies to accommodate these unfortunate Freaks.

   Home-School those Kids, and think about Surgery and




   GO AWAY!!!!

   Don't use Public Restrooms!!

   Visit the Bathroom at HOME before you leave the


   AND Wear a Urine Bag.



   Don't use Public Restrooms!!

   Visit the Bathroom at HOME before you leave the


   AND Wear a Urine Bag.


* Political Correctness is POLITICAL GARBAGE!!

   Political Correctness is POLITICAL INSANITY!!

   Say what you want to say, and don't submit to the

   Moronic Tyrannical Prison of Political Correctness.

   Don't be intimidated into Silence. 

   It's for Weaklings and Morons.  Prisoners!!

   Don't be intentionally Rude, but don't walk on Eggshells.

   Don't tell the Neighbor Lady that her new Hairdo is

   Atrocious, and that Dress makes her look fat.

   Don't do that!!  It's VERY rude and unnecessary!!

   Why ruin her Day??  Her Week??

   She spent a LOT of Money on that stuff!! 

   But don't twist your Brain into a Pretzel over other Subjects

   like Homos, "Climate Change" (Gag me!!), Diversity

   (Gag me!!), etc - important current topics. 

   (Yes, the Climate Changes, sometimes!!  It's been going on

   for BILLIONS of Years.  Diversity is a POISON!!)  

   If you don't like what I say, that's TOO BAD!!

   If you're "Offended", I DON'T CARE!!  

   If you Label it "Hate Speech", I DON'T CARE!!

   (Some People and Ideas deserve to be HATED!!).   

   (Hatred is a Normal and Valid Emotion!!).   

   (Some People deserve our CONTEMPT!!).   

   (Some People deserve our PRAISE!!).

   I have Free Speech and so do you.   

   I have Free Emotions and so do you.   

   I have Free Thoughts and so do you.


   And by the way:  Many of today's so-called "Liberals"

   are STUPID REPRESSIVE JERKS, projecting

   their Attitudes onto Others!!!!!!

   They are the OPPOSITE of what they pretend to be!!







   In short, many Liberals are just GARBAGE!!

   Many Liberals are just a TYRANNICAL RABBLE

   filled with SCUM and EVIL!!

   My Liberal Friends are probably NOT like the ones

   I'm describing.


   I encourage everyone to play "I'm Dreaming of a 

   White Christmas" and "Let it Snow" at Max Volume

   while driving thru an "Extreme Leftist" Neighborhood

   to drive the Tyrannical Moronic Rabble CRAZY!! 


   They'll probably have POUNDING HEADACHES,

   be FOAMING AT THE MOUTH like Wild Animals,

   and SCREAMING IN HORROR like Donald Sutherland

   in the 1978 remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

   when he discovers that his friend Nancy is not a

   POD PERSON like him and everyone else, Emotionless

   and Uncaring, except for his Piercing Pod Scream of

   a Duplicate Pod which alerts all the other Pod Dupes

   to the presence of a REAL HUMAN with Normal

   Feelings and Compassion for others.


   Be careful, though:  The Leftist Pod People might surround

   your Car and SCREAM and SCREECH at you, just like

   they did during the Trump Campaign when they tried

   to get Killary-Pod elected instead of Normal-Trump.

   Beware of trucks coming from Santa Mira - with Pods.

   And don't go to sleep!!


   They're already here!!  Don't you understand???

   They're already HERE!!!!  And YOU'RE NEXT on their

   List to DIE!!!! 


   They'll suck out your Life, kill the REAL You, and replace

   you with a Duplicate POD!!!  With NO FEELINGS!!!!



   Donald Sutherland as a Screeching Leftist Pod Person

   who's located a Trump Fan or a Normal Person.

   (1978 Remake of the Movie).     




     Wake Up!!!!!  And tell the Globalists and Leftists

     and Criminals and Communists and Perverts and

     and Weirdos and Tasteless "Artists" to take a Flying

     Leap and GO TO HELL!!


     Modern "Art": 


     that they claim is "Art", on display in Trash Dumps

     (Art Galleries), always titled "UNTITLED",  

     which sometimes sells for MILLIONS of Dollars to

     Deranged Leftists.

    This absolute JUNK, created in 5 MINUTES, and looks


     BY A 2-YEAR OLD, sometimes sells for Multi-MILLIONS

     of Dollars!!!!!!! 


     You think I'm JOKING??????????

     Check out some of this LUNATIC RETARDO INSANE

     TRASH for yourself!!!!!


     One of the "Art" displays consisted of TWO USED



     OF WOOD, or something, on Display in an Upscale

     "Art Gallery", offered to the Visitor as "Art".

     It was fairly typical of the Trash displayed as "Art".

     Some of these Trashy pieces of Dumpster-Ready Trash

     were for Sale with Price Tags in the Hundreds of

     Thousands of Dollar$$, and even MILLION$$ of




     And MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for "Ketchup on Wood",

     possibly created by a Monkey on Drugs.

     Note:  The title of the Trash was "UNTITLED". 


     Here's my "Art", clearly FAR  SUPERIOR to the

     meandering lines of "Ketchup on Wood", which was

     officially known as "UNTITLED".

     I have decided to sell it, although I really hate to part

     with it, and will donate the Proceeds to Charity.

     For a List of my favorite Charities, please send $500

     and 25 Box Tops to PO Box Dave-100, Battle Creek,

     Michigan, 00001. Due to heavy demand, please allow

     360 Weeks plus Postage and Handling for Delivery.




                    One of a Series of Themed Artworks  

                              Artist:  Dave Morton  

                              For Sale:  $11 Million


              Media:  Computer JPG.

              Delivery:  Email Attachment.  

              Conversion:  The Buyer is permitted to convert

              this work of Art into a Photograph on Framed


              Please contact the Museum's Representative

              at the Artist's Studio, or write to marspyrs@aol.com

              for Contact and Payment Information by December

              10th, 2017.

              Payment must be made in US Dollars.

              Discounts available for recognized Galleries

              of Modern Art.

             Artist's Signature on Framed Canvas:  Add $50,000

              plus Shipping and Handling.  

              Art Gallery Buyers Preferred. 

              Serious Inquiries only, please.

              Artist's Description:

                   This Fine work of Art is a Manifesto of the Latency

                    of the French/Corinthian Fusion, and the highly

                    Derivative Pseudo-Binary experiments of

                    Flambeau and Gyros, with their Under Hued

                    Subtleties and the opposite-Themed Dark Tonal

                    Coloring of the Sub-Base Notion Paths of the

                    evolving direction. (Cough) 



* Joe Biden (Democrat)     (Creepy Uncle Joe). 

  Joe Biden (former VP and Democrat) is a Groper of

  Adult Women AND of Little Girls, and is CREEPY!!

  He also likes to Sniff the Hair and Stroke the Hair and

  Face of Unrelated Little Girls (not a Niece, not a Grandchild,

  not a Daughter, not a Neighbor, etc).     

  (I've seen the Videos.)  

  His Nickname is "Creepy Uncle Joe", per people in


  People in the know don't let their Little Girls pose with

  Biden for Photo Ops, or they whisk their Kids away from

  him, or SLAP Biden's hand!!

  One Little Girl walked away from Biden on her own.     


* Al Frankenstein (Democrat). 

  Al Frankenstein (Minnesota Senator and Democrat) is a 

   Pervert, a Groper of Adult Women (Butts and possibly

   Boobs), and a Forced Kisser (Tongue in Mouth) of one 


   (I've seen 1 Photo and 1 Video.)

   One Incident with Photo (USO Tour)

   before Frankenstein became a Senator: 

           Probably just a Juvenile Joke w/o touching.

           The Mainstream Media might be right. 

           But WAY too Juvenile for an Adult Man!!

           More like the behavior of a 15-Year-Old Boy.

           No Groping in my opinion, in that case. 

           BUT Groping in many other cases.   

           AND a 50-Megaton Forced Kiss.  Pathetic.

   He continued this behavior as a Senator. 

   Multiple Incidents:  He's a Perv and a Groper of Women

   who weren't in a Party Mood, weren't Movie Stars,

   weren't Models, didn't expect to be Groped by a Local

   Politician - and a SENATOR, no less, proudly posing with

   THEIR Senator, THEIR Political Hero, THEIR Good Guy,

   in Washington, or at the Minnesota State Fair at his Booth,   

   only to have him squeeze their Butt!!

   You can have your picture taken with Al Franken at the

   Minnesota State Fair, but if you're a Woman, you get

   your Butt SQUEEZED or PINCHED!! 

   You thought he was an Honorable Man!! 

   He's a US  SENATOR!!   

   Not some Drunken Guy at a "Girls Gone Wild" Event!!

   Frankenstein is a Groper and a Pervert!! 

   Our Perverted Democrat Senator, taking Liberties with

   other Men's Wives and Girlfriends IN PUBLIC!! 

   Etc, etc.  Disgraceful!!

   Joe Biden is WORSE, but Frankenstein should be slugged

   by some Husbands and Boyfriends!! 

   (One man almost DID slug Joe Biden!!).    


   Note:  MANY Democrat Congressmen do this!!!

   And some of them Grope and Stroke Little Girls posing

   for Pictures with the Pervs.

   Not just Frankenstein (Women) and Creepy Joe Biden 

   (Women and Little Girls)!!     


* Bernie Sanders (Democrat): 

   I retract my favorable comments about Bernie Sanders,

   who is now acting like a Disgraceful, Traitorous PIG,

   throwing Verbal LIES at Trump, with no Evidence,

   and who rolled over like a Limp Wimp when Killary

   STOLE the election from him!! Incredible!!

   A Disgusting COLD FISH and a PIG!!

   Move to Socialist Venezuela, Burning Man, and eat

   your Pets and Zoo Animals - like THEY do!!

   It's a Socialist HELL of Starving People, now!!

   Go live in the HELL of your Political Philosophy, Commie!!

   And by the way, PROVE your Ridiculous, Obscene

   Statements about Trump!!

   LIAR!!  You're just another PIG, Bernie Sanders!!    


* Many people need to be SUED, Executed, or Locked Up!!


* Democrat FDR Died before he could be Executed for

   Pearl Harbor!!

   Democrat FDR was a Mass Murderer!! 




* Every time the Mainstream Media says something about

  Trump, it is PROBABLY A LIE!!

  Don't believe it unless you can VERIFY it!!

  They are Guilty until proven Innocent because they LIE

  most of the Time!!   


* Every time a Congressman says something about

  Trump, it is PROBABLY A LIE!!

  Don't believe it unless you can VERIFY it!!

  They are Guilty until proven Innocent because they LIE

  most of the Time!!   


* Every time a Democrat says something about

  Trump, it is PROBABLY A LIE!!

  Don't believe it unless you can VERIFY it!!

  They are Guilty until proven Innocent because they LIE

  most of the Time!!   




Note:  It is not in my DNA to fight against our

Government, or against the Pharmaceutical Industry, etc.

AND I have other things I NEED to do. 

AND I have other things I WANT to do.  

I have other HOBBIES and INTERESTS.

Like Mozart, Computers, Aviation, Astronomy,

Photography, Ham Radio / Shortwave Radio, etc.  

I DO NOT want to do this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm doing my small part because I see a NEED,

I hate to see people LIED TO, and I hate to see people


I check things out VERY CAREFULLY!!

I do DEEP research when I do it!!

But I can also usually spot a Charlatan at 1,000 Feet

because they all have the same attributes.


Just look at some of the Creeps in Government!!

Or Facebook!!  Or Twitter!!  Or Amazon!!  Or Google!!

Or the New York Times!!  Or the Washington Post!!


Or Discovery!!  Or History!!

This Country is DRENCHED in LIARS and CRIMINALS!!!!  


Do you realize that real News and truthful Posts are


Do you realize that some people - and their Families -

are being threatened with DEATH?? 


And that this has already Happened???    


Their Owners are SLIME!!!!  And they LIE CONSTANTLY!!!!

Really ROTTEN people!!!! 


Do you have ANY IDEA how rotten John McStain is???

Do you know how many Sailors he KILLED when he was

in the Navy, due to "Recklessly Showing Off"???  Etc. Etc.    

Do you have ANY IDEA how rotten Lyndon Johnson was???

Do you realize that he played a Role in JFK's Assassination,

and also had Others Murdered??


Do you realize that Obozo people have RAIDED people's

homes at 5:00 AM --  Innocent People??

Terrified the entire family??  Ransacked the place??

Searched innocent people for Weapons IN BED??

STOLEN CLOTHING - Suits and Shirts??



From Completely Innocent People who have done NOTHING WRONG???    


Have I ever been fooled in the past??  Yes.

When I was a kid - and even older - I was fooled by

people here and there - usually with no serious

consequences, fortunately. But I learned.


I used to take almost everyone at their word.

That's probably because I was raised in an Honest

environment where people didn't Lie.

I wasn't raised in a Swamp!!

But it turns out that we're surrounded by a Swamp

and the Creatures lurking in it.


GOD, I hate LIARS!!!  Liars who hurt people in some way. 


I only know a PORTION of the Truth.

But I'll tell the Truth here, to the best of my ability.

I will not Lie.   Perhaps it will help someone.       






                     Mysterious Disappearances

                       (One of the topics.  Click.)  






Summer 1945:                      Summer 1945:  Rocket Plane.

Planning to Surrender??       For Kamikaze Attacks on our Ships.

Defeated??                           They had a Jet Powered Version, too.

NO!!                                     Planning to Surrender??  Defeated?? 


       *  Japan's Superb Readiness for an Invasion - 1.

       *  Japan's Superb Readiness for an Invasion - 2.



Japan was Never Defeated!!

The Generals in charge were NOT planning to surrender!!  

The Emperor Surrendered and forced the Generals to Surrender!!

Emperor Hirohito was more of a Pacifist - a Non-Belligerent man. 

By August 1945, Japan was a MILITARY POWERHOUSE!!

They FEIGNED WEAKNESS in order to trick us into launching our

Attack, planned for November 1st.

In reality, they had THOUSANDS of Kamikaze Fighters in Caves and

under Bridges and in Schools, Jet Fighters, Rocket Planes, etc, etc.

They had ENORMOUS Production Facilities utilizing "Home Workers",

etc, and an Elaborate Communication and Re-Supply Organization.

Japan even had the ATOM BOMB!! Tested in North Korea!!    

BUT.....  The Emperor "Surrendered" in August,

the Generals and Diplomats then Surrendered, and America claimed

that it had defeated Japan. TOTAL BALONEY!! 

We would have been SLAUGHTERED!!

But Japan would have been severely wounded too, so the Emperor

Surrendered in order to save Japan from more destruction. 

In Essence, he said "It's not worth it.  We need to save Japan and our

Culture, then rebuild and compete in the World Marketplace."

His Message worked.

And within a few Years, Tokyo was a Modern City again.          




              Pearl Harbor Warning in November 1941



              Sneak Attack??  Caught by Surprise??  At Dawn We Slept??


              Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Honolulu Hawaii, was attacked by

              the Japanese Military on Sunday Morning, December 7th, 1941, 

              about 8:00 AM.

              It was a warm and peaceful Sunday Morning in the Tropics.

              FDR claimed it was a Sneak Attack - a Surprise - "Sudden".

              He correctly blamed the Japanese, but he didn't blame HIMSELF!!  


              Hawaiians knew in NOVEMBER that an attack was imminent.

              Hawaiians knew on November 30th

       that an Attack was Imminent.  

          A WEEK before the Attack!! 

          A FULL WEEK before the Attack!! 


              They even knew the approximate DAY:  December 5/6/7 on the

              following Weekend - Friday/Saturday/Sunday.    

              Reported by TWO Hawaiian newspapers including Honolulu (Pearl). 


              Didn't President Roosevelt (FDR) know about the warning??

              Hawaii knew the Japs were coming but the PRESIDENT Didn't Know???

              The Commander in Chief didn't know about the Threat???

              His Military Advisors didn't TELL him???

              His Naval Intelligence Groups didn't tell him???        

              His Army Intelligence Groups didn't tell him???

              The Pearl Harbor Officers didn't tell him??

              His SPIES didn't tell him??

              The SHIPS AT SEA didn't report the Japanese Fleet on the move???     

              Our Allies didn't tell him (Britain, etc)???   



       WERE COMING!! 

       That was his JOB!!


       Democrat FDR was supposed to be aware

       of all threats and keep us SAFE !!

       He was AWARE.

       But he did NOT keep us SAFE. 


          FDR received Japanese Message Decrypts every Day,

          hand-carried by an Army Major to the White House.

          And he received Info from our Spies, British Spies,

          Ambassadors, Ships at Sea, etc, etc.


          FDR knew that 1:00 PM Washington Time on Dec 7th,

          was 8:00 AM Honolulu Time (Pearl Harbor) on

          Dec 7th, and that the Japanese Ambassador had been

          given orders from Tokyo to deliver a Message at EXACTLY

          1:00 PM Washington Time to FDR.


          And the Japanese Embassies in the USA had been ordered

          to DESTROY all of their Messages, and DESTROY their

          Crypto Equipment on Dec 6th or 7th.

          And FDR knew it!!

          Gee!!  I wonder what those orders could mean???         



          FDR KNEW  *WHERE*  AND  *WHEN* !!  

          Hawaii knew and the Top Washington Leaders knew!!

          From MANY Sources!!