How I Beat Crohn's Disease

by Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)

Edited by Dave Morton

(Updated September 9, 2004)



In 1992, at the age of 46, and after decades of constitutional abuse, Crohn's Disease hit me with a debilitating vengeance. Crohn's Disease is a serious illness consisting of a chronic inflammation of all or part of the intestines. If it's severe enough, you can die from it. The symptoms vary in intensity among sufferers, but for me, it involved great pain, general fecal incontinence, dangerous weight loss, and a necessary self-imposed confinement. Additionally, it caused fatigue, depression, pervasive weakness, and was a destroyer of my life's quality.


When I first went to the Doctor for treatment of this condition, the GI (gastrointestinal) specialist immediately and reflexively put me on a 6-week regimen of the steroid Prednisone, and then followed this with large, daily doses of the sulfa drug sulphasalazine. A testament to the toxicity of these dangerous prescription drugs is that I began 8 full years of a misery so complete, absolute, and progressive that I began to wonder how life could be borne at all.


I was in hell.


Around 1998, in the 6th year of this constant and unending torment, I started having periodic bouts of partial bowel blockage that would compel me to drive myself to the hospital emergency room, literally on the verge of screaming. Again, there was more Prednisone, which merely took the edge off my continuing torture.


I felt I was dying. I was constantly ill and beset by sores, rashes, and open lesions. My weight was in a downward spiral. Moreover, my hopefulness was destroyed by a platoon of Doctors and specialists making every indication that everything that could be done, was being done, short of surgery to remove large sections of my bowel.


Driven to distraction, and curious that diet was not even mentioned in the course of years of my unsatisfactory treatment (except to do nothing special regarding my diet!), I began to research my medical predicament on my own. I was immediately shocked to discover that there is a whole other nutritional community out there that had much better information on my predicament than I had! It was common knowledge to every holistic MD, every herbalist, and even every giggling high school girl clerking the local health food store that Prednisone and sulphasalazine were, assuredly, bad for the gut in the short and long term.


This seemingly credible community advises that the "Gut" is the first and most important line of medical defense. A sick gut at any location is in fact made only worse by painkillers and steroids! Also, they inform that relatively disease free guts were under constant attack by antibiotics, much too liberally prescribed, chlorine in the tap water, and other needless environmental insults that our un-enlightened flesh is heir to.


These drugs make the individual sicker because, despite the fact that they can reduce the trouble causing inflammation and make one feel a little better - they throw out the proverbial baby with the bath water. In fact, they make the disease worse. In the first place they too blithely kill the very necessary good bacteria along with bad bacteria. In the second place, the Prednisone suppresses the entire immune system so the whole individual is vastly more prone to opportunistic disease and infection of all  types.


The "good" bacteria are symbiotic animals evolved to live with us - in our gut - and it is the best defense we have against a plethora of parasites, toxins, and infectious microbes. The ever-present Candida, for example, proliferates when not held in check by the gut's good bacteria. Candida produces colonies of yeast that take up parasitic residence in the lining of the colon. These little bits of yeast not only decrease the functionality of the affected gut and provide for more illness, they are also absorbed into the blood stream to take up residence in the liver, spleen, kidneys or even the vagina. These harmful disease germs, liberated by the prescribed drugs, are not good friends and neighbors. The result of this yeast mess is a "leaky gut".


Candida proliferation can also cause other problems: Osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, Fibromyalgia, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, and arthritis. The list just goes on and on.


It is no stretch to say that a healthy gut pre-supposes a healthy individual, and that a healthy gut is the first line of defense in a program of total health. As an aside to the reader, perhaps it is the bowel and not the cardiovascular system that should get the obsessive attention that the heart and lungs, surely, do.


Eventually returning to the hospital for the usual appointment, I confronted my HMO doctor with this new information, and explained to him how it seemed to completely dovetail into my own, vast, experience with what I must now identify as the "Prednisone Lie". Each of the 6 times I had been placed on the steroid Prednisone, I was told that it would "beat back the Crohn's disease" and that after a few weeks of "healing"  (ha!) I could come off the dangerous steroid, and although the Crohn's would probably return, it would "not be as bad." It was a lie - well-meaning or no.


I had noticed that after any of the subsequent Prednisone treatments that the Crohn's disease would actually be worse! Sulfa drugs and steroids were making my disease more severe. There was no healing whatsoever, nor any real remission. I would anticipate the Prednisone for some small temporary relief, ignoring the probability that I would actually feel worse after the Prednisone. Was there not some other treatment?


At this point, I began to beg the Doctor for anything that might help. He looked me right in the eye, and, apparently oblivious to what I had told him, suggested a steroid enema!!!  I hung my head and walked out of his office. He asked me where I was going. Not breaking stride, I muttered that maybe it was he that was in need of that steroid enema...


I've never been back to the doctor again for treatment of my Crohn's disease.  Instead, I went on a campaign of intense research, open-minded evaluation, and "what-the-hell" experimentation born out of pain and desparation.


Now, I know that "what-the-hell" experimentation is exactly what the medical community uses as an excuse to demonize food supplements; however, I would not have had to experiment at all, if more doctors had not dug in their arrogant heels by refusing to pursue cross-training in alternate nutritional disciplines. Good reader, I was driven to experimentation!


Searching the web, reading books on alternate medical methods, hanging out at the local health food store, and trying all sorts of different herbal and dietetic regimens put my doctor's reluctance into an unsettling new light. I can understand how any MD might be loath to have an association with many of the more far-out "crystal squeezing" and "aura examining" approaches. Most of these approaches are likely born of arguable quackery. But I was very disconcerted to discover that some very mainstream advice my doctors should have been giving me - could have been giving me... they were not. All of the things that they should have been telling me would not compromise best practice, denigrate their science, or get them in trouble with an insurance company.


For example: My doctors could have told me that the sulpha drugs they gave me kill the little critters that produce Vitamin K - another side effect of their anti-symbiotic process. Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting. Vitamin K is crucial for people with colitis or the more serious Crohn's. As I am a prone bleeder, which my doctors knew, they should have been telling me to take a supplement for K - like Alfalfa, a quality source. They said NOTHING about Vitamin K. This is hardly a Best Practice for the patient's treatment.


Another example: Everyone with a gut disease such as mine should take a supplement of chromium picolinate daily to increase the number of insulin receptor sites. This is an easily implemented aid in sugar metabolism to facilitate a digestion system already under extreme stress. This is not snake oil, good reader: this is science with citation. Not a word from my HMO Doctors about chromium picolinate, though...


Still another example: Acidophilus should be taken daily to help replenish the good bacteria that the sulpha drugs wipe out so indiscriminately. Not one of the 8 or 10 doctors that I've had over the last 8 years even mentioned one of these things. And believe me, I asked. More importantly, I listened.


I still have Crohn's disease, but it is now just a minor inconvenience when it rears its ugly head. It is no longer the life threatening, agony inducing, and quality-of-life destroying condition that it had been for so much of the past decade.


What did I do? I'll tell you what I did, but it would be irresponsible of me if I did not tell you what I am not. I am not a doctor. I am a retired Army Helicopter pilot who can read, study, and use a scientific approach. I have no special qualifications. So, consider this only as a good faith report from the field on an approach to Bowel disease that worked for one human being: me.


Moreover, I'm not shilling for any health food companies or getting any compensation for suspicious endorsements. Nor am I grinding any kind of personal axe.


Please try to use as many of the following recommendations as you can. Check with your doctor if you want to; In fact, I encourage that. I've listed them here in what I believe is some kind of importance,  but if you only want to try ONE, do not pass on the Bovine Colostrum.  That was the corner-turner for me!




1. Colostrum

Colostrum is a miracle substance. It's that initial shot of Colostrum in its mother's milk that gets the newborn antelope or zebra from the surface of the savanna and, within minutes, running with its mother from the hyenas and lions! Without it, it is barely be able to stand and would die almost immediately. Colostrum is a promoter of immune enhancing qualities facilitating natural chemical health mechanisms. These mechanisms cover the anti-viral, the anti-bacterial, the anti-inflammatory, and the anti-fungal. Additionally, Colostrum is a potent anti-oxidant. This is only the tip of the iceberg of this extraordinarily efficacious stuff!


This is not new information. Humans have long known the benefits of bovine Colostrum as a quality promoter of natural health and real healing. The upper castes in India have been using the substance for thousands of years, and this is remembering the strong vegan contingent that India supports. In other words, even a vegetarian can consume it with a clear conscience. And don't worry about the calves getting shorted their share of Colostrum: There's always enough Colostrum since Nature makes more than enough.


The kind I take is called "New Life" Colostrum. I chose this brand because my research indicated that I could have some assurance that I was actually getting what I was paying for. This should always be a concern when buying a consumable, as we shall see.  


New Life Colostrum is packaged as gelatin capsules, which should be taken on an empty stomach to facilitate their release in the intestine, rather than in the stomach.


Unlike some of the harsher therapies I endured that required massive doses for weeks or months to see barely perceptible improvement, the Colostrum worked overnight for me!


That's right, ladies and gentlemen: this reporter thinks that the average individual could expect at least a 50% and as much as a 70% improvement in their colitis or Crohn's, overnight! I say this based upon my own experience and that of several others. Typically, a 70% to 90% improvement is seen in 72 hours, in the few cases I'm familiar with. A sample of a few is not science, I know. Still, it happened to me and others!


Making no attempt to dispense medical advice since I'm not competent to give it, you should slowly wean yourself off the Prednisone and stop taking sulphasalazine the day you start taking the Colostrum. Three days on Colostrum would be a good test, and if it does not work for you, you can go back to your old medications. But this reporter predicts that you will not go back. Prepare to be amazed!


Note: Please check with your doctor before discontinuing any medications (especially Prednisone), or starting any new ones. Prednisone, and other cortisone-based drugs, must NOT  be discontinued suddenly!! Dosages must be slowly reduced to avoid serious complications


Prepare to feel better. Prepare to have your depressions fade away because Colostrum safely promotes the production and enhances the longevity of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Serotonin and dopamine are  Nature's very own feel-good drugs. If you could buy them on the street they would be illegal. Colostrum helps the body make the stuff. And instead of lying around and drooling with the usual drug treatments for depression, eat Colostrum and feel compelled to get up and boogie!  I did! I predict that you will, too!


Note: There is one WARNING associated with both bovine and goat Colostrum.  There is some evidence that Johnes' Disease in ruminate animals can be transferred to humans via milk and Colostrum, and supposedly can cause Crohn's Disease in humans.  The opposing view is that Johnes has several characteristics or markers not found in human Crohn's, and therefore cannot cause Crohn's Disease.  The Johnes microbe is initially transmitted from the animals' udders that are contaminated with feces.  For this reason the big Colostrum providers are being very careful with cleanliness and animal testing, but some small, unscrupulous, no-name provider, might not be as careful.  I believe the vast majority of people with Crohn's are like me and had the disease long before ever trying Colostrum.  If Crohn's actually does come from dairy products, then I had to have contracted it from milk, or milk products such as cheese and ice cream, since I didn't consume any Colostrum until I took it to treat the Crohn's.  I don't know if there are actually any documented cases where a person started taking Colostrum and then contracted Crohn's, but just to be safe I recommend the following: 


a.  Take Colostrum only if you already have Crohn's -- don't take it if you are otherwise healthy.

b.  If you take Colostrum for Crohn's, take it for just the first few months to get things under control while the slower therapies  like "diet change" and "supplementation" have a chance to work.  I actually stopped taking Colostrum, long before I ever heard of Johnes' Disease, because I didn't really need it.

c.  Go back to Colostrum only if you have a flare-up.

d.  Buy Colostrum only from the two or three major brands -- like "New Life" (bovine Colostrum) or "Garden of Life" (goat Colostrum).


2. Flax Seed Oil & Fish Oil

Flax seed should be ground fresh in a coffee grinder, and then consumed right away with something cold. (Heat degrades flax seed oil). This is a very inexpensive way to get the required amounts of the Omega-3 fatty acids, present in flax seed oil. The research that I've done indicates that if healthy people ate 3 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed every day, they might never develop any kind of bowel disease, MS, or cancer. This is because Omega-3 promotes good flora and fauna in the gut. One of these "good" bugs converts lignans into two of the strongest cancer inhibitors known to man. Plus it supports the structure and function of the Myelin sheath to combat MS.


Fish Oil is a superior form of Omega-3.  EPA and DHA (the two forms found in fish oil), each have magical properties.  EPA is the precursor to the beneficial prostaglandin-3 (see "Fat Facts" paper) which reduces inflammation, platelet stickiness, and allergic reactions.  DHA is the "brain food for babies" fatty acid.  Every pregnant and nursing mother should take supplemental DHA.  


3. Red Wine

One small glass of red wine, once a day with a meal. That's one, 4-ounce (4 oz.) glass. Not two glasses because you're a big guy. Not an 8-ounce glass. Not a couple of indiscriminate pulls from the bottle. A small amount of dry, dark red wine facilitates the gut in a manner that complements the Colostrum. The reader can see how close to the top of the list wine is to get an idea regarding its effectiveness.


4. Bee Products

Bee products??? It is at about this point in the essay where the reader may go, "uh-oh," and begin to wonder if we're all going to join hands and start chanting or something. You know, begin to "channel the trans-dimensional warp energies of the crystal squeezers..." I know I did. I thought bee products were so much New Age crap - until I actually tried them. Then I discovered them to have such a positively profound effect on me that I now see Shirley Maclaine in a whole new light!


Seriously, these bee products, seemingly, have magical properties. They certainly have on me. This becomes understandable when one has even a quick look at their science. I'm going to talk about three: Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, and Bee Propolis.


Royal Jelly - Not only a very good and usable vitamin supplement, it is also loaded with esoteric substances that enhance the immune system. These substances are found nowhere else on earth, and they cannot be synthesized in a laboratory. Additionally, royal jelly has acetylcholine in it, very effective in the treatment of MS as it protects the nerve's myelin sheath from further damage. Purchased freeze dried in capsule form is the most convenient, but it can also be acquired in a fresh form, mixed with honey. It can be used to sweeten things, of course, but never anything hot. Heat degrades the royal jelly.


Moreover, royal jelly is a positive attitude adjuster in a manner similar to Colostrum. For me it seems to enhance and complement the positive effects of the Colostrum to achieve a real synergy with it!


Bee Pollen - Never buy a hard-pressed bee pollen tablet... the tablet is heated in the process and the pollen is degraded. Order granulated bee pollen from a trusted web location, or get it at a quality health food store. Try to be assured that you are getting what you pay for... Anything 'good' has a sociopath trying to counterfeit it...


Mix the bee pollen with anything cold, or eat it raw like I do. Don't be surprised if you have a minor spiritual epiphany, or maybe not.


Bee Propolis - Bees, as the reader well knows, live in tightly packed and efficient communes with individual members flying out to all sorts of hazardous environments in busy search for their pollen. These environments are fraught with all manner of biological hazard and fungal infestation, but these infections just don't seem to make it back to the hive. This meticulous housekeeping is achieved with a substance that the bees make called - propolis. This substance actually keeps the beehive more sterile than an operating room.


Not all bees search for pollen. Some of the bees are assigned to go to different plants and trees to collect a cocktail of different substances that they turn into propolis as another result of their strange kind of bee alchemy. This propolis is smeared over every square centimeter of the interior of the hive. All the bees brush up against this substance and so become immunized. This substance is antibacterial, anti-fungal and enhances the general health and fastidiousness from individual bee to the entire hive.


Finally, if the reader is dietetically reactionary, conservative, or reluctant to try them, consider that everybody's FAVORITE conservative, Ronald Reagan, swore by them as a major contributor to the excellent physical health that he enjoyed - forgetting for a moment the difficulty he had with Alzheimer's.


5. Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the few fats that is good to consume. It is not in the same class as hydrogenated vegetable oil which the body treats like an ecological disaster - pasting the vicious substance on ones artery walls in the form of a thick plaque and leading to a HOST of other medical problems... Hydrogenated vegetable oil deserves a critical essay all its own.


Numerous people already appreciate olive oil consumed cold, as in a salad vinaigrette; however, it is even more important to use olive oil for frying and baking because it and Macadamia nut oil are the only true mono-unsaturated oil (Omega-9). Poly-unsaturated oils (Omega-6) like corn, soy and safflower, when heated, produce a toxin called lipid peroxide that causes CELLULAR DAMAGE. And don't be fooled by claims that canola oil is mono-unsaturated. That is only partially true. This is because all vegetable food oils are a combination of mono unsaturated to poly-unsaturated oils at different percentages with a small percentage of sat-fat thrown in.  Olive and macadamia nut oils are 76% and 80% mono respectively, with less than 10% poly.  The percent of mono in canola oil is 54% with 37% poly -- so I guess, technically, it can be called a mono-unsaturated oil at 54%; however, that undesirable 37% poly looms large and is available to turn into a toxin (lipid peroxide).  Next the true poly-unsaturated oils soy and corn are at a mono to poly percentage of about 60/25%, making them VERY toxic when heated. Now consider safflower oil with a whopping 80% of its content available for toxin production! Throw in some PCBs and free radicals, and the reader is on the way to crank-case oil!


Never eat cottonseed oil! Homo Erectus was never meant to eat cotton. Besides, it is necessary to soak cotton with several times the amount of insecticides as most crops, especially any other "fiber" crops. Yet, the cotton seed is allowed to slip through without meeting the more rigorous toxicity standards that food crops have to meet. Inexplicably, it does wind up in our food.


One might wonder: What if one uses canola oil cold, before the poly-unsaturated oil (Omega-6) is turned toxic by cooking heat. Well, the problem now is in order to fully utilize the all-important Omega-3 in our diet, we want as close to a ratio of 4:1 as possible. That's 4 "Omega-6" to 1 "Omega-3."  Because the cheap Omega-6 is found EVERYWHERE, the average American diet is an unbalanced ratio of 20:1. One begins to see that one wants to make a concerted effort to eliminate poly-unsaturated Omega-6 from their diet. So, use OLIVE OIL for everything.


6. Filtered Tap Water

For drinking and cooking, use tap water filtered with a reverse osmosis process. Stop drinking and cooking with plain tap water. Also, never use distilled water: It contains no minerals - minerals that you need. Tap water is really only clean enough to bath in, anymore. Tap water has become such a noxious cocktail of animal hormones, hormone mimics, antibiotics, fluorine, and chlorine that it could be the eventual death of us all - a "death" presently indicated by E-coli 0157, created by over-use of antibiotics, and which no synthetic drug on Earth can kill.


7. Chromium Picolinate

Take at a dosage of 200 micrograms daily. Buy a good brand in a health food store or a trusted location on the Web. Avoid brands that contain dicalcium phosphate: it blocks the use of several other key vitamins. Also avoid calcium carbonate: some forms of calcium carbonate contain Lead!


As with "Tums" and some other antacids, the carbonate inhibits the acid secretion in the stomach that is required for some vitamin use and mineral absorption. The human body does not absorb the calcium in "Tums" as the ads say. The stomach acid that is required for the body to utilize the calcium is neutralized by the carbonate, rendering the calcium useless to the body. In another time and place one might say that getting the necessary calcium via a Tums tablet is a rank obfuscation - a lie by another name.


Most people with digestion problems suffer from too little acid anyway, not too much acid, especially as the sufferer gets older. Tums may be a detractor to health. I've sworn off them completely, and I'm not looking back. But then, I don't get indigestion anymore, anyway.


8. Acidophilus

I've found the non-dairy forms of acidophilus to be the best.  I try to avoid recommending certain brands, but if you don't mind paying for the most expensive probiotic on the market (but definitely the best) then try "Primal Defense" powder by "Garden of Life."


9. Garlic

Kyolic Garlic is good. And isn't it interesting how sulpha drugs are harmful to the gut, but sulfur FOODS like garlic and onions are natural antibiotics that sooth and help heal the colon?


10. Green Foods/Algae

There are numerous, good green-food formulas along with various combinations of green foods like spirulina, corrella, and blue green algae.  Again, if you want the best (also the most expensive) meal replacement, green food like "Living Fuel Rx" is the complete package.  Living Fuel Rx (green food), Primal Defense (acidophilus), fish oil (Omega-3 fatty acids), and freshly ground flax seed can stop Crohn's in its tracks.


11. Herbal Tea

 I recommend drinking tea, but only the "herbal" teas because black and green teas have extremely high levels of fluoride.   


12. No Refined Sugar   

Never use refined sugar. The hazards of refined sugar are well known and well documented.  Once thought safe as mothers milk, if discovered today might even be labeled as a hazardous food substance - right up there with the dreaded MSG (monosodium glutamate). Refined sugar is too much, too fast, too soon and causes a pancreatic freak-out of insulin production every time it is consumed.


Similarly, avoid the sugar substitutes Saccharin and Equal (aspartame). Use "Stevia" extract, instead. It has no calories and is "glycemic zero." It can be found at numerous locations on the Web. It is a great substitute for "Equal" because it's natural.


The reader is reminded that Saccharin, Equal (aspartame) or refined sugar - like aspirin, hydrogenated vegetable oil, Pepsid AC - and a thousand other ubiquitous everyday items that seem innocuous - are not harmless at all. They are not found in nature, so they put a huge strain on a confused liver and digestive system that for 2 million years of evolution on the Serengeti plains as a hunter/gatherer, never saw anything remotely close to a Tylenol or a Twinkie.


If the reader feels they must continue to use sugar, then use a sugar with a low glycemic number like fructose or Tupelo honey. They should be kept to a minimum; however, especially if you have heart disease because even low glycemic fructose causes you very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) to increase which can exacerbate heart problems.  I don't mean to insult the reader's intelligence, but let me explain a little bit about the glycemic numbers, how they pertain to sugar, and like Paul Harvey, a little bit of the rest of the story...


The lower the glycemic number of the sugar article, the less insulin has to be arduously manufactured by special bodies on the pancreas to deal with it. Insulin, remember, maintains a thin range of the level of raw sugar in the blood... the lower that glycemic number, the better. Less is definitely more. And hear it first here... insulin makes you fat!


Low glycemic fructose is number 32 on the official scale while refined white table sugar is at an astonishingly hefty 92! Any wonder why your kid is bouncing off the walls with hyper-activity or is sitting around lethargically getting fat? Both are due to the same substance. A reaction to that is to give that hyper active kid more drugs to cool them out, and put the fat kid on an unnecessary diet, but that's a digression and a whole other paper...


The rest of the story? The reader must use caution in a sugary subterfuge of real corporate chicanery. An evil trick the 'wholesome' juice manufacturer (like Ocean Spray) will employ is to advertise the health benefits of "100% Juice" sweetened with fructose. The only problem is that the sweet substance that they are using is a cheap concentrated grape juice, which still has a high glycemic value of close to 90. In other words, Ocean Spray's "fructose" is almost as bad as table sugar, even though it is still, technically, 100% juice.


13. Multiple Vitamins/Minerals

Taking a quality Multiple Vitamin or Mineral is essential. A vegetarian multivitamin is what I would recommend.


·    Vitamin E - Your trusted grocery store / drugstore multi-vitamin likely uses a synthetic form of

     Vitamin E called DL-alpha tocopherol. The "L" portion in the "DL" cannot be used by the human body,

     and is, in fact, a synthetic substance.

     Always buy the slightly more expensive, natural form, D-alpha tocopherol, or even better, Natural Mixed


     Sure, you spend a few pennies less for the "DL" form,  but your body can't use half of it. So, what's the

     point in buying it?


·         Vitamin B12 - 99.9% of all multivitamins usually have between 10 to 100 mcg of B12 in the form cyanocobolamine, which is OK, but you should take an additional 1000 mcg of methylcobolamine B12 in a sub-lingual form (under the tongue).  Methyl  is the form that your body uses - the cyano form must be converted.  Don't be afraid of that big 1000 mcg dose: An even larger, 5000 mcg tablet is available.


·         Calcium -  Calcium citrate is the preferred form, although there are many other good forms: amino acid chelates, asporotates, etc. Avoid the suffix "carbonate" and "bone calcium".


·         Magnesium - Use magnesium citrate, magnesium glycinate, etc. in accordance with the Calcium suggestions, above. Avoid the oxide form.


·         Chromium picolinate, or Polynicotinate.


·         Potassium - Use as in calcium above. Avoid the chloride form.


·         Selenium, copper, manganese - Use as in calcium above.


·         Phosphorus - If your multiple vitamins contain any appreciable amount of phosphorus it is no good. There is already abundant phosphorus in even a poor diet, and too much phosphorus throws off a delicate calcium balance otherwise regulated by the body.


Still reading your bottle? How many of the inferior forms did you find? Do you feel betrayed?


Returning to the subject, most conscientious young women are going to try to avoid the bone-weakening disaster of osteoporosis, as well they should. They are not going to get the job done, however, by taking a grocery store multiple vitamin, copiously consuming any kind of dairy product, or by eating any quantity of Tums. In effect, they are throwing their money down the drain, and even causing themselves physical harm.


Calcium carbonate (remember the "bad" suffixes like "carbonate"?), the variety of calcium found in TUMS is not "something your body needs anyway". In order to absorb calcium at all, the body must utilize copious amounts of stomach acid. However, if the required acid has been neutralized by the carbonate, the calcium cannot be absorbed. The only thing that IS absorbed from the carbonate is the Lead - and is that something your body needs anyway? I think not... This deceptive, misleading, and plainly fraudulent practice is rife in the food industry. Any wonder why this writer gets so angry and depressed and, up until just recently, was so ill? Consider now, the much, but inexplicably, lauded dairy industry!


14. Less Milk (And Other Dairy Products)

At last and finally, we come upon the most successfully campaigned razzle-dazzles of all time. It's a cruel, dirtily fought campaign of bald-faced lies, clever obfuscation, and crass influence peddling. Behold the men behind the marketing who knowingly and inaccurately pontificate, "Milk does a body good."


Dairy is an inefficient and unhealthful way to try to get calcium -- primarily because the percentage of magnesium is too low.  You need at least a 2 to 1 (Cal/Mag) ratio, and many holistic types feel it should be closer to one to one.  Also the pasteurization process destroys any good bacteria and healthful characteristics along with the bad bacteria. 


At least raw milk is better for you than pasteurized, homogenized milk - if you can find it! The raw milk people say that the good bacteria protect you from the bad, and the protein and cholesterol have not been damaged.  I suggest you research for straight raw milk info.


So, the dairy industry gives pause and has us beg the question. Why consume a food like milk that is not good for you (lactose intolerance, bad cholesterol, homogenization atomizing the fat into perfect little plaque scales to plug up the reader's arteries... Don't get me started... After a very young age, milk is more indigestible and is an overall detriment to health. Never drink milk again, and never look back.


So... Got milk?  I sincerely hope not...



That's more than enough regarding my struggle and relief from my Bowel disease. It is a relief that I hope I was able to share with you if you are a fellow sufferer; at least 1 in 10 of you are.


Truly, I was living a hell on Earth until I discovered Colostrum. In turn, the nutritional community that turned me on to Colostrum has turned me on to a host of other quality-of-life enhancing substances that I can take with a lot more safety (and a lot more effectively) than Prednisone or sulphasalazine. These new nutritional substances have been a true corner turner for me!


I now understand that old cliché, "A new lease on life," as I never have before. In fact, it's no longer a cliché: I have that new lease on life. I think the suffering reader can have it, too.


I also have a new appreciation for irony. How is it that the 8 or 10 doctors attending me - who  saw me suffering for almost a decade - could fail to even hint at the relief that I had to find by myself?  How? Why?


The implications of that are puzzling, disappointing, and more than a little troubling...



Fat Facts

Flax Seed